Wednesday, December 31, 2008

This Year, These Tests, Our Growth

This year has for some of my friends been a year that has truly tested their faith and patience. For myself, it has been a year of tested faith and patience as well. But in seeing the silver lining in that dark cloud, I see that it has also been a year of growth. Growth to knowledge of me in the blogsphere and public, which I appreciate you readers for because the words I put here can hopefully inspire goodwill and inner-freedom. And the more you get the word out of my presence, the more that message can spread.

It has also been a year of growth within - which is ALWAYS more important. Your comments whether I agree or disagree help in that inner-growth, and I hope I have done the same for you. And I hope we will continue to do so for each other in 2009 and beyond. If not in the form of this blog, then we'll have some form of entertainment to become our tool - our weapon of choice to celebrate the right, right the wrongs by exposing them, and exposing the parts of ourselves that are a danger to repress.

We are all human, and no matter where you are on the globe, or what shade and shape of skin you're in, you are all my brothers and sisters. And for that, I love you all, and wish you a

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