Wednesday, November 26, 2014

I'll Fix That Bitch...With A Porn Cover?!

During a recent Friday night outing with friends, they told me of how they came across a DVD that had me on the cover on's porn section of the website. I reminded them that I was on the cover for one of my movies. Its title was "The Booth". The picture of me had lousy coloring, which matches how the lack of chemistry between me and the scene partner I wound up having sex with made it a lousy scene.

Well, it turns out that wasn't the DVD they were speaking of. It was a compilation DVD. Now, I am aware that there is a compilation DVD out there with one or more of my scenes on it. I've know of this DVD for at least a couple of years now, but I'm not on the cover. I told them this, and they responded by telling me that the compilation DVD they were speaking of was new.

Sunday, I finally got around to going to TLA Video's website to search for this DVD. So I typed my old porn name, "Tre Xavier", and a line of thumbnails pop up,...with the first thumbnail being of this compilation DVD my friends mentioned, with a picture of me and Shorty J on the front. A photo I fondly remember being taken the day we shot our scene together for the movie "The Interview". I then clicked on the thumbnail, and when I put the mouse over the image, it showed the backcover. And what do you think I found?

It turns out...I was large on the backcover as well.
Surrounded by a bunch of screenshots. Enough screenshots to conclude that at least 3 of my 10 scenes from my porn career are on that DVD.

Also, not only is it new. TLA Video isn't shipping it out until December 5th. So my friends were right, it is new. Not the scenes, but the compilation. Because the scenes that I saw screenshots of on the cover are from movies I did 7 or 8 years ago. That point must be made clear because some might think that everyone on that DVD is still in the business. Meanwhile, I can definitely tell you how for myself, that is damn sure not the case. I officially bid the porn industry "adieu" a little over 5 years ago.

Moments like this is why I've been urging guys for years that if they want to get in the porn industry that this is what they have to expect. I knew all of the following facts beforehand, but this is the first time I'm actually experiencing it myself. Facts like:
     The fact that you have no control over your image.
     The fact that you have so little control that if the studio owning it allows use of your image, while the studio gets paid, you will never get a single penny for that photo, or your scene.
     The fact that the industry is so plagued with self-serving fuckheads that they will never consult you as to whether or not they can use your image. So if you want your porn persona to disappear, it will never happen. For your desires in the situation are irrelevant to them.

Keep in mind that since my departure from the porn industry, I have been very vocal about the shadiness of it by telling fact like that, as well as the poor social skills of director Tyson Cane. For this reason, I suspect that my being so vocal about those shortcomings is why my image was used. This is not me having a case of overblown ego and paranoia. It's because both the front and back cover photos of me are from photoshoots I did with Tyson Cane. And I know as much as the industry tries to downplay my existence, for mainly them, my name has become synonymous with citing the wrongs of their industry. So I think my image showing up on that DVD cover was way more than just a "he's a hot guy" reasoning. I suspect it was more a "I'll show that bitch for getting on a high horse about us - let's make his past with us a fact he can't escape!" reasoning.

Well, I'm blessed in regards to the fact that I have never tried to hide my porn past. In fact, I've used it to get me on the road I am on now. Such as my presently working at the high-end sex shop, The Pleasure Chest. Working there gives me less reason to need that past buried. Probably an unlikely scenario if I was still working at the law firm of Kenyon & Kenyon LLP. So the only weird part of it is how my co-workers can so easily see my endowment...and Tyson Cane's caking on of make-up and excessive photoshop for porn actors in his movies.

So am I mad about this. Truth be told, with all I have said, I'm one part flattered, another part pissed (simply for the motive I suspect is at play), and another part glad that contrary to Tyson Cane's size-queen antics, the world now sees that I actually do have a nice-sized cock. One that a good number of guys have before & since found addictive and pleasurable. ;-)

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Sex Party Etiquette: Don't Play Condom Police

I recently attended a Hot Milk NYC sex party, and something happened that really annoyed me.

As soon as I walked in the door, I saw this short, older guy with a fit body wearing a jockstrap. He looked at me with a welcoming stare. And looking at his body, I immediately told myself, "We're gonna fuck."

After I got checked in and undressed, I went to the play area. He was immediately all over me. He obviously was into being hardcore, with grabbing, pulling my ass cheeks apart, and pulling on my nipples. I was getting turned off, and stopped him. So for a moment, I thought that my initial summation of what would transpire between us wasn't going to happen after all.

I decided to go take a break and get a drink. He was there, and seeing my ass in my jockstrap, he came over and whispered to me, "Damn, you have a nice ass.

"Thank you", I replied.

"Yeah. Man, I'd fuck the shit out of you."

Since it's been so long since I bottomed, if he changed his aggressiveness in the next few minutes, I would have been more than willing to see if he was all talk. Well, my wish came true. About his degree of aggressiveness at least.

For later, he came back at me. He was calmer, not as physically aggressive. Being appreciative of this change, plus feeling that bare ass while making out with him, I got tired of waiting to fuck. So we laid on this blanket on the floor. But I wasn't the bottom. He was. For he grabbed my cock, put it inside him, and rode it for a little bit, but I wasn't comfortable. So we changed positions. He got on all fours, and I fucked him from behind. While I was topping him, he went down to lay his stomach, and I fucked his ass, with his soft ass cheeks hitting against my groin. He then changed position again. This time making me do a pile driver. Each position made my dick get rock hard feeling his ass while fucking his hole. During all of this, the area was getting darker and darker because of guys crowding around, whose attention was most likely brought onto us because of this guy's verbal bottoming.

Immediately after, this guy, a total stranger, came up to me and asked, "Did you use a condom?"

It took every fiber of my being to not pimp-slap that fool. So me proceeding to the bathroom to do my ritual washing of myself after sex at a sex party whether I used a condom or not in addition to being sanitary, became a means to distract myself from this guy's intrusiveness.

For who was this person to ask me if I had used a condom? My best friends don't even ask me that question when I tell them of my sexual escapades. So with this guy being a total stranger, you know he was out of line. Plus after his previous attempt to touch me earlier, my kind removal of his hand made it obvious that I wasn't interested in him. Well, if there was any hope of me changing my mind, that intrusion by trying to play Condom Police put that possibility on permanent lockdown. For him being a stranger asking me if I had used a condom made him go from being a somebody to a NOBODY.

Even if he knew who is was from this blog, then he would have known that I stand by my sentiment that condom use is a matter of choice. So if I used a condom, that's my choice. If I didn't use a condom, that's my choice, too. And God forbid something happens after, then I will have to deal with the fallout. And I have made it my reputation to publicly own my fuck-ups. However, no matter what possessed him to ask me about my condom use, he was way the hell out of line.

Keeping the fact in mind that we are adults, and condom use being a matter of choice, if you're going to host a sex party, you can state whether or not you want safer-sex, barebacking, or both at your party. And as adults most would and should comply. In your home, yes. Doing at a venue, if you're going to assign people to be the Condom Police, then you're going too far, and shouldn't be a sex party host. For rules about condom use should be reported by the patron who was approached or initially unknowingly entered by a rule-breaker, and no one else. Not an eyewitness, because that eyewitness could simply be an envious queen wanting the dick/ass they've been denied because of that patron having sex telling them "no", or because of their own shyness to approach the person.

So I know some of you are still wondering as to whether or not I used a condom. Well, if I put it on blast that this guy being a stranger made him out of line, and that my real world best friends don't even ask such a question, then it's safe to say that you shouldn't even bother asking. For no disrespect, but you, my virtual friends are just a step above a stranger. So my silence on the matter is not out of shame. It's merely me guarding my personal space.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Don't Tell Me Not

Don’t tell me not to talk about sex
All of you fuck, and my talk is not so much to boast
Dirty as my talk might sometimes be
It’s meant for you to learn the most
As we live in this repressive society
Where “sex” is such a dirty word
That even couples need an arbitrator
So that their desire of one another is heard

I also talk about sex to undo the brainwashing
That we for centuries have been told
Sexual roles based on gender, orientation, and ethnicity
Can finally be broken from their poisonous mold
To see a woman’s vagina is a cherished passage for passion
 The sexuality spectrum has more colors than initially figured
And a Black male has the smarts to be a man
And not imitate porn playing “gorilla nigger”

So don’t tell me not to talk about racism
Showing yourself to be a racially insensitive bitch
For you wouldn’t want me to tell you to be quiet
If the power dynamic suddenly switched
Where my black skin made me perceived most beautiful
And intellectually treated to be the superior
Meanwhile, no matter how smart and beautiful you are in the eyes of God
I say you’re shit on the sole of my shoe, and inferior

You were hoping I was one of those Blacks
Weak enough for you to guilt into silence
Calling me “another angry Black man” to dismiss me
…But that only justifies my verbal violence
The only reason my violence is verbal and not physical
Besides you talking computer bold, instead of face to face
Is due to my faith in the God to whom I pray
So this is the point you should be on your knees
For it’s because of Him you see another day

So don’t tell me not to talk about God
Showing yourself to be insecure and unsafe
For if I’m not force-feeding you about religion
Only one thing makes you want to silence talk of my faith
You want to bathe in your arrogance
Believing all you do and have is all thanks to you
Like your every breath, every accomplishment, and wish come true
Well, if there’s a Judgment Day, you’ll be shown the truth

So don’t tell me not to talk about matters
That are staring us all in the face
For your insensitivity and lack of compassion
Is making your every breath a disgrace
So when God a.k.a. Karma beats you down
Taking away a loved life, material wealth, or physical prowess
Though none of that will be wished upon you
I will not shed a single tear
For I will become a link in the chain of insensitivity that you birthed
So it finally becomes clear
That if you do not stop trying to silence my truths

You will have plenty of comeuppance to fear

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