Saturday, April 30, 2011


In either real-life and with porn actors you're a fan of, does a person you once viewed as HOT, suddenly become viewed as "TAINTED" when you learn that they've been with someone that you for whatever can't stand? Thereby lose their attractiveness?

Answer here or in the comments section.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Taken In By Seduction

Last night, I went to the opening reception for the erotic art exhibit, "Seduction, Queer Visions of Masculinity" at P.J.S. Exhibitions. Unknown to me until I got there (but considering their talent, not at all surprising), 3 artists who drew me in the past had some of their works on display and the artists themselves were in attendance at the opening reception.

I know I've posted this picture here on this blog a number of times before. Well, if you 're new to my blog, let me inform you that it was done by Anthony Gonzales. It was done at the 2006 NY Erotic Art Fair, which was my first time modeling for sketch artists. He mentioned wanting to be there when I posed at the Leslie/ Lohman Erotic Drawing Studio recently, but was unable to be there. Considering how talented he is, I do hope to both be called back, as well as have him in attendance to see what he comes up with based on his position in the studio.

Speaking of position in the Erotic Drawing Studio, at this opening reception, that was one of the beautiful things about coming face to face with Rob Clarke and Chuck Nitzberg. I was able to recall from their drawings where in the studio they were sitting. Another beautiful thing about meeting them as well was finally being able to put a face on the person who (1)created those sketches that were done of me, and (2) showed their individual artistic talents and styles in doing those sketches. And I'm bestowing these compliments to them in return to theirs last night as to how one of the things that made me a good model was the fact that I was able to stand still, which is no easy task, and according to them has not always been the case with some models.
None of these were featured there, of course. But this should be a small indicator of the range of talent in sketches, paintings, and photos you're missing out on if you're in New York City and don't go see this exhibit for yourself. For other artists whose works that I know of that are on display include Robert W. Richards, photographers Michael Alago and Kim Hanson. Now, you can add others like Bill Donovan as a favorite for his collection of penis paintings that used various types of colors and paints.
And that just names a few of the great talents that were on display. So make sure you see this before it ends on May 15th, 2011.

Seduction, Queer Visions of Masculinity 
@P.J.S. Exhibitions
238 West 14th Street
New York City
Tuesday - Sunday 11 AM - 7 PM

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Space Invaders 4: F**ked Up Straight Girls

I have nothing against females in bars/clubs with an intended patronage of gay males. Especially if those females are lesbians. While I don't think it should be a factor, I think it might be my bisexuality that makes me so welcoming to females. However, while other gay males scoff at the sight of any female walking through the door or a gay male bar or club, my welcoming nature to females is quite often tested. And not by lesbians...

...Instead by straight females.

I have found straight females who come into gay bars/clubs catering to males for the most part to be some of the most rude creatures on the planet. Mainly because they so often come in with the queeniest of gay males. And since you are known for the company that you keep, most of these queenie-acting gay males are rude, acting as if they have some degree of entitlement where you must move if you are in their path, and realize that they are there even if your back is turned. Now how am I suppose to know that they're there? Their scent? Well, in that case I'll be more than glad to move because their sense of entitlement...makes them wreak of bullshit. And the females that are their fag-hags are no better. Now, with self-esteem that low that they would want me to move for that reason, it's no wonder the guys or these straight females are not liked. The bar staff only pretends to like them because it's their job to do so.

I however, am in the position of being able to be brutally honest.

Recently, I went to The Cock and found not 1, but 2 straight females whose behavior totally made this a post for my "Space Invaders" category. It was Wednesday where they have the Best Ass Contest, and this female was obviously drunk off her ass. She entered, and she was a welcomed addition by both the host, Logan Hardcore and the first . But as the night progressed, she made a total spectacle of herself. Dancing on what is considered a stage at The Cock by doing everything from taking off her top to smacking mercilessly on the go-go boy's scrumptious ass. And yes, I'm jealous, because being the ass-man that I am, and the ass that he has, I should be spanking it - but not like a psycho the way she was. Anyway, she then she looked over at me, and noticed my jumpsuit, which was actually the same jumpsuit that I wore in my promo pic for my poetry reading of "The Industry".
She told me that she liked it. As her drunkenness progressed she came over again, and decided to play with my zipper. I allowed it. That is until she played with my zipper just as recklessly as she smacked the go-go boy's ass earlier. For this time, her recklessness resulted in one of my chest hairs getting yanked out by the zipper.

Can you say, "Mother fuckin' OUCH!"?

Needless to say, for obvious reasons that was my last dealing with her.

The other straight girl at The Cock that night came to me out of nowhere. She had this strange look in her eyes. And she immediately started pushing up on me. I looked at her and said, "Hello".

She then responds by saying, "I want you to fuck me."

I replied, "Excuse me?"

She repeated, "I want you to fuck me."

This had me wondering as to whether or not they brought back the Ashton Kutcher show "Punk'd". And if they did, then I had so much waaaaaay better celebrity status than I thought that I was chosen to be the latest target of a prank. But sadly, such was not the case. What's so sad about it was because this girl was for real. I don't know whether she wanted me to take her to the bathroom, back to my place, or hers. But either way, she wanted my cock in her hungry pussy. The problem being that my cock was by no means hungry for her in return. I won't say because she was ugly, because she wasn't. She just wasn't the type of female that could spark the straight part of my bisexuality like Sofia Vergara could. It was her approach. And I let that be known to her.

I told her straight up (no pun intended), "No."

She asked, "Are you gay?". Well, besides the fact that we are in a gay bar, I felt she approached me because just like a gay male can find another with "gaydar", her wanting to be fucked made her able to find a guy in a gay bar who is (no matter how small) some degree of straight.

Anyway, I replied with the truth, "Actually, I'm bi. But I'm alot more gay than straight."

"So what's the problem?"

"It's your approach. Even if you were a guy, I require to be approached with a little more subtlety. You know, lead up to it."

She then left me alone. But she came back, not once, but twice. So that 2nd return made it 3 times that I had to turn her away. And being that I have a "3-strikes" rule, I had no choice but to make it CRYSTAL clear that she was bothering me.

She came up to me, once again with a glazed look in her eyes leaning into me. I made myself totally unresponsive. And I finally made it clear by calmly saying, "Can you stop?"

She tried to play innocent by replying, "What?"

I said, "You're being intrusive upon my personal space, and I don't take well to that." Which is true if you recall what almost happened in my last "Space Invaders" post.

Still trying with the innocence tone, she said, "Why are you being so mean to me?"

"Excuse me?! You've been invading my personal space from the moment you approached me. So to respond to you like this, ...I'm actually being very polite." Which is true as well, because her gender was her saving grace.

She mumbled something, but when I saw she moved with just enough room for my small frame to squeeze by, I took advantage, and walked away. Feeling sorry for her, but knowing that it had to be done.

When I told my friends of this incident, they had various takes on it. All of which made sense. Some say she wanted a challenge. Others said she was either high or drunk. Well, whether it was one of those, or some combination, she crossed a line for me. For I hate when people show low self-esteem, and approach me to be the loathsome self-serving creature that enables you to continue being as such. The way 2 guys took the previously mentioned annoying straight girl into the bathroom and did God knows what with her. Maybe got high with her? Maybe fucked her? Either way, they took advantage of her low self-esteem, and her theirs.

Now was I horny? Yes, as always. My horniness is so always on that back in 2006, I had a back spasm that had me laying up in bed for a week, but was causing myself more pain when I orgasmed from watching porn and beating my meat. But I didn't want to satisfy my constant horniness like this ---with someone so down on themselves that they would make themselves a "proof-fuck" to show themselves that they're attractive. When the truth is such actions makes them less attractive.

I LOVE having females around me. I have great admiration for their ability to read body language, and give a listening ear for one to vent. But it's actions like these from these straight girls that provoked the poem I working on about sexism in the gay community to be more specifically targeted towards welcoming lesbians into gay male-dominated environments and not straight females. I am by no means saying all straight females in a gay male-dominated bar/club are going to make fools of themselves, therefore make themselves invaders to a gay men's space. For the straight women that are my friends have enough class to not go that route. Unfortunately though, those seem to be becoming more and more a minority.

So my advice to straight girls like these mentioned here....EASE UP ON THE BOOZE AND GET THE CLUES!

Prelude To "F**Ked Up Straight Girls"

This question is a prelude to my next blog post:

Has what you witnessed in the behavior of straight females in bars for mainly gay male patronage been FOR THE MOST PART, good or bad?

Answer here

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bryan Slater's Bum....YUM!!!!

This past Wednesday, I attended the Will Clark Show featuring Porno Bingo at Pieces Bar. The week's pornstar guest caller was Bryan Slater.

At one point during the evening Bryan came up to me and said, "Hello. I feel like I know you in a cyberspace kind of way." This was most likely because of comments I've written on his Facebook page, and most recently I did send him via Twitter the link to my recent blog post about my posing for the Leslie/Lohman Erotic Drawing Studio, because he has done so for them as well. So that was a common thread between us. But even with that common thread and various comments, I was still surprised that he knew of me enough to present himself.

During the evening there was an auction held for Bryan's jockstrap. I've been part of an auction myself during my last appearance at The Will Clark Show this past December. Well, another common thread between me and Bryan Slater is that we share the same auction winner.

Since I've been so busy lately, I haven't been able to give you the erotic tale to inspire a horny weekend like my loyal readers have gotten used to. So I hope this post can't do the trick...somewhat.

Because while displaying the jockstrap up for auction, Bryan got on the pool table. With camera in tow, I started taking pictures. And being the ass-man that I am, even though Bryan Slater is beautiful all over, this 2-minute slideshow clearly shows where my focus was.



One of 2 things is happening to me at the moment. I am either:

(A) working on another poetry series, or;
(B) working on a bunch of poems that I may not ever present as a series, but do seem to have a common theme.

Whatever the case may be, the common motive with each poem is to CHALLENGE the gay community to better itself by undoing things that are holding us back from progressing.

If you've read this blog enough, then you know I have stated a common 3 "-isms" that are halting our progress. Those "-isms" being: ageism, racism, and sexism. And there is a poem that I have either already written, am currently working on, or plan to write that deals with these subject matters. And while these poems will challenge the gay community to better itself, they also come with the challenge of me presenting them to the intended live audience so that the right people at least hear the message. If they actually listen to the message is up to them. Either way, without coming anywhere near the intended audience, there is no point in presenting them live.

I wrote a poem addressing racism in the gay community because I have always felt that racism within the LGBT community is the BIGGEST halter of our community's progress, at least here in the U.S.A. It may be one of the other "-isms" in other countries, but racism is definitely the biggest halter of progress here in America. As if we're back in pre-Civil Rights Movement America, the racism of gay Whites heading media and entertainment outlets starting the domino effect that in turns sparks racism and separatism led by Blacks, Latinos, Asians, Middle Easterners, etc. has caused me to need to take on the challenge of presenting my poem about racism in a room very predominately white. In fact, I may find myself to be the only Black person in the room. Even better would be to have a great many of those Whites be members of gay media, entertainment, and nightlife.

I am presently working on a poem about sexism in the gay community. When I speak of sexism, I am referring to how I have so often seen gay males scoff at the sight of females in a gay bar dominated by males, just by her simply walking through the door. In fact this past week, I was at Splash Bar and discovered (at least on that night) females were NOT allowed in unless they were in the company of a male entering the bar. I admit that straight females in a bar full of gay males can be pests (I will address this matter soon in a blog entry), but this kind of rule makes our sisters in the fight for gay rights, lesbians outsiders as well. And I'm sure some lesbian bars and clubs have the same kind of rule in play towards males. For this reason, I have the challenge of my intended audience for this poem being a room full of gay males and lesbians with the desire to live in a single-gender world. A world that is unseemly because we wouldn't so much as exist without the presence of the other gender. So this poem will challenge them to challenge their issues that make them have such an unreal desire.

I intend to write a poem about ageism in the gay community. What is making me unable to start is because (1) I want to finish the poem about sexism, and (2) while I will no doubt be addressing the disregard the gay community has for its older members of all colors who brought us this far, while media outlets presently act as if the younger White members are doing all the work, I'm not sure if I want to also address ageism in regards to older guys dating much younger men and what it says about both parties. Either way, the challenge here is to have the audience filled with mostly young gay men and women to teach them to respect the older people in our community. For they are the ones who have brought us to this point where we don't have to live in silence.

With such heavy topics on the agenda, you might be surprised that I have also included one about size-queens in this group. I have always believed that size-queens (be they straight females or gay males) are their own worst enemies because of their weak-mindedness that makes them believe porn-induced fallacies. This is the one poem that can be presented anywhere gay men are. I may even present it here on this blog soon. The challenge of presenting it to a live audience is to get a room full of size-queens who are willing to confront the lessened pleasure their bodies will give over time because of their being size-queens, as well as well-endowed males who have experienced that lessened pleasure from size-queen self-abusive sex practices. This is of course another uneasy audience to wrangle.

The hard part about presenting these poems in a series is because (sadly enough) it is highly unlikely to wish for people who meet all of the criteria of what I desire in an audience for each individual poem to be in one room together. Which is why while I GREATLY appreciate Men of All Colors Together for allowing me to present my 1st poetry series, "The Industry", I can't go to them for this one. For the simple fact that their membership in no way entails my intended audience for any poem except maybe the poem taking size-queens to task. So while writing this, while I've decided that the poems will become a series, our community is not in a place of togetherness where they can be presented collectively. THAT is a challenge, hence the necessity for this series with the appropriate intended name, "LeNair Xavier: CHALLENGER".

If there is a way to make this happen, will you help me?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

For MOC Blog: Poor Perspective Porn...Not Worth A Penny

I wrote a post for MOC Blog telling reasons why less gay males are PAYING for porn, and are instead preferring FREE amateur sites like XTube to get off. Of course, being me, I name examples of companies whose practices have made this so, but I don't neglect on telling youhow these companies have contributed to this matter.

Keep Being U2B. FREE,

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Erotic Drawing Studio Synergy

Yes, I keep saying it but....I LOVE MY POST-PORN LIFE!!!!

And I'm not repeatedly saying that to convince myself that I am. I keep repeating it because I didn't think it was possible to actually feel this way.

I've mentioned in some previous posts how I was scheduled to pose for the Leslie/Lohman Erotic Drawing Studio. Well, that time has come and gone, but it didn't go without me have a great story to tell about the experience. The good thing about it is that this was a bout of exhibitionism where (unlike with porn) no drama ensued. This was all FUN.

When I started to write this post, I asked the Erotic Drawing Studio's Director, Rob Rosen if he could contact some of the artists to give me pictures of their sketches. And I am very happy to report that Chuck Nitzberg, David Wolfe, and Rob Clarke were gracious enough to donate pics of their sketches to me to use in this post. So I advise you to check out the links connected to their names to see more of what they do.

While posing, I had some funny moments happen to me. And since I wasn't moving, they were all about thoughts that ran through my mind. And I'll include a sketch of which pose I was doing when each thought came about.

The first funny moment came about during this pose:
While my focus point during this pose was a piece of tape of the wall, out of the corner of my eye, since he was sitting in the front, I noticed how detailed the artist, David Wolfe's sketches were. The pose was timed to be for 20-minutes. But I saw David had stopped drawing, and sitting there with his arms folded.

I thought to myself, "Why did he stop? Did he come this far in it just to give up? What the f-----?!"

That's when, because I was still posing, I moved only my eyes to really look at what he had done. Only to see that he was actually done before the allotted 20-minutes.

Some of you know that I draw as well. In fact, there were designs on that jacket and some other clothes I've worn that were designed and painted on by me. But I will admit that I am no where near as good as some of these guys. Because if I was drawing, to be as detailed as David was, there would be no way I would be done in 20-minutes. But I was so focused on holding the pose that I forgot about the simple fact....he's not me, and I'm not him. So there are creative skills he will have that I won't, and vice versa.

The next funny thought came about during this pose. I thought it would be a difficult pose to hold for 20-minutes, but I challenged myself to do it anyway. While doing so, I told myself to (as always) find a focus point, and not to move. The funny thing is that recently I went to my Mom's house, and "Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs" was on the television, and while on the modeling stand, this scene where the Tyrannosaurus Rex shows up popped into my head:

I couldn't for the life of me get that little porcupine-looking creature out of my head, and I was on the verge of busting out laughing while on the modeling stand. Luckily, I kept my composure. Now, I can roll on the floor and let out all that pent-up laughter.

The next funny thought came about when I got into position for this pose:
Once again, I got in position, and told myself to find a focus point. During the evening, I've used things from a tape on the wall to labels on the bottom of a folded chair. This time, I had something that at a glance was way more detailed - and  it was. As I got in position, my eyes immediately fell on a painting in the hallway. The funny thing is what it was a painting of....Jesus on the cross.

I thought to myself that since I'm going to be here for the next 20-minutes, I might as well make good use my time here, and say a prayer. So I said, "Dear God, please help me to hold this pose for the next 20-minutes. Lord, please keep my head up, and don't let me nod off in front of all these people. And since I'm already taking a risk by being butt-naked up here asking this much of you, I won't ask you for help with the final pose, because I may be buying myself a golden ticket to hell if I do. So I'll just ask that one prayer. Amen."

That  final pose of the evening that I mentioned in the prayer was a masturbation pose. I was a bit worried if I could pull this off (no pun intended), because this was a first for me. The last time I did an entire jerk-off session while being watched was while doing one of my live shows for back in 2005 - 2006. There was the host and his helper monitoring the request of viewers online, but even then, I was jerking off to whatever porno was playing unseen by the camera. Now, it was never discussed if I used any thing besides my imagination as a way to get me off. And the fact that I used my imagination while in a room full of people is what made this an adventurous first for me. I could have asked if I could use something, but being an Aries and loving to challenge myself, I decided to go it totally solo - with the only prop around me being the chair that I was sitting on.

To prepare myself, I put on one of the videos on my cell phone to get me hard. But I didn't hold the image in my memory. It was have been too confining a fantasy. I also bought along some Wet® Synergy that I got from The Wet Platinum Man. I put some on my cock, and took a leap of faith thinking that it would last me for the entire 25 minutes of the pose, and put the bottle back in my bag, then went and sat on the chair. Well, it turns out that my leap of faith paid off, because the Wet® Synergy lasted for the entire pose.

I've noticed that I've become better at displaying my exhibitionism since retiring from the porn industry. Because when the drawing studio's director was keeping time and announcing how much time we had left, I paced myself to be ready to shoot my load not long after he said, "One minute".

During my time in porn, if I felt like a director was putting a time strain on me, my balls got rebellious, and said, "Don't rush me, bitch! I'll let go of this man-milk when I'm good and damn ready!"

On this night however, my body said, "One minute? OK, here's your cumshot. Enjoy." Noticing this, I've come to the conclusion that there's a certain energy on a porn set that my subconscious mind never approved of, which explains the long time it took me to give a cumshot. But it was in TOTAL approval however of the energy in that drawing studio, because it didn't come too soon, nor did it come too late.

One thing I did not expect to occur was for one of the co-founders of the Leslie/Lohman Gay Art Foundation, Charles Leslie to stop by. Rob introduced us. And while I don't know how long he was there, I do believe he was there long enough to see me give the artists a "happy ending". So I did good.

What fascinated me most of this experience was to see during the breaks, the variety in interpretations of me by the artists and the individual artistic styles. Varieties that you can see for yourself. For one reason or another, in my past times of modeling for sketch artists, I never got the chance to see that variety. But getting to see it made this experience the most fun. So much fun that I DEFINITELY wouldn't mind doing it again.

And if they want me with a partner, that's a possibility as well. ;-)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What qualities do you look for when you're dating someone?

I look for integrity for obvious reasons. I look for a sense of self-awareness because I have no intention of playing a parent to someone. I look for a sense of humor, even about himself, because I laugh at my own screw-ups all the time, and he should do the same with himself.

What might surprise people is the fact that he doesn't necessarily have to have a job. Some years BEFORE The Recession, I once dated a guy who was unemployed, and I had no problem with his state of employment because he was striving for something. So the reason we stopped dating had nothing to do with him being unemployed, because he had another quality that I want - he was driven to go after his dreams. Our ending things however had everything to do with him being what I call an "emotional coward".

FYI - someone who constantly communicates via text messages OR always wants to escape to an FDA-approved drug for emotional issues is such a person and is NOT relationship material.

Someone I'm dating must find ALL sex beautiful. We may have a gay relationship, but he can't find straight, bi, or lesbian ugly. Straight sex is how we all got here, so he's a fuckheaded fool not to admire that. For if he doesn't admire it (or women in general), then he doesn't admire his own being.

Lastly, he CANNOT be an atheist. I have a strong belief in God, and while I admit to not being a saint or religious fanatic (far from it), my belief in God motivates the strength in my life's convictions. And he must share in having that moral compass with me.

how big is your dick? How does that compare to your friends?

I could very easily tell you my penis size, but I won't. Because the 2nd part of your question is rude and intrusive.

For I don't know the size of my friends' penises, and even if I did, since I'm the one who made a name for themselves through adult entertainment, AND NOT THEM, how my penis size compares to theirs is none of your business.

My blog may make me seem like an open book....but maybe I'm not, so ask away ;-)

Friday, April 8, 2011

The Right Party Weekend Minus Rites XXXII

From the list of parties I was considering attending in place of The Black Party in my blog post, "Black Party, Smart Parties", I did attend a couple. Now, when deciding to write this post, I had to figure out which party (or parties) gave me the best story to tell.

Well, while the Friday party I went to was quite a trip. So much so, that while I had the energy, but wasn't comfortable exhausting it, I used Saturday to rest instead of play with more cocks and asses. But that rest paid off, because on Sunday I released all the horniness I felt on Saturday, AND on Sunday. So I will admit, that on Sunday of Black Party Weekend, I was a MAJOR SLUT.

As I said in "Black Party, Smart Parties", I went to Michael Brandon's INappropriate Behavior Party to perform my volunteering duties. A friend recently told me that me saying that I'll volunteer at a sex party, that there will be very little volunteering going on.

Well, let me tell you one damn thing!...He's right.

Is it my fault that when I'm supposed to be monitoring the bathroom and making sure people go in one at a time, that there aren't enough guys around for me to concern myself with monitoring the bathroom over because they're all fucking on the bed? Or when I am at that post, hot guys start playing with me? Not at all my fault. But I do my best. Heck, I've even been fucked from behind while standing at my post doing my job at one party.

Anyway, the party started at 6 PM. I got there around 6:40, and unlike most sex parties that are filled with wallflowers by this time, I could see through the blinds that there was already action happening. Once I got undressed, and went in, I saw a 3-man ass-eating train with Michael Brandon in the middle, and a Latino whose name I can't recall was the caboose. I watched for a bit, then went upstairs. Only 1 guy was up there, so I came back down. I went back to watching the ass-eating train. It broke up, then I got in the action with the guys there.

Ian Jay was there, and I sucked his cock for a good bit, then the Latino came by, and I wound up sucking on him as well. Now being the ass-man that I am, and both of them having nice asses, I groped and massaged both of their asses while sucking their cocks. I also sucked on a big guy's cock in the midst of all this.

Shortly after, the crowd downstairs was thinning out until there was the Latino, a shorter guy, and myself. The shorter guy started eating the Latino ass, and I couldn't blame him, because like I said, the Latino did have a pretty hot ass. So I stood and watched, then saw the Latino look up at me. When I got closer he grabbed my cock and started sucking it. After that the Latino fucked the shorter guy, then we all went upstairs.

Upstairs, Ian Jay was on all fours on the bed sucking on the big guy I was sucking on before. The big guy was standing next to the bed. The Latino came up and started fucking Ian. And it was HOT! So HOT that after he was done, I ate Ian's ass, and took a turn fucking him. I had to stop because Ian's ass (inside and outside) was going to make me shoot a load so early after my arriving to the party. Ian sucked the big guy a bit more, then the Latino came back. But this time, after doing a few thrusts into this 2nd Round, the Latino looked back at me, and said, "Fuck me."

I came up behind him, and started fucking him. Next thing I know, slowly I feel their 2 bodies moving forward and I followed to where Ian is now flat on his stomach, the Latino is on top of Ian, and the Latino is being thrusted into Ian by me thrusting into him. Now take note that Ian Jay was the tallest of us, and little ol' me was the shortest at the top of the pile. But that wasn't the only way that the 3 of us formed a spectrum of some kind. A vanilla white guy followed by a caramel brown Latino followed by my chocolate self also made us literally, a "fucking rainbow". Once again, where are the porn cameras when you need them?

After we stopped, I looked down at my watch to see what time it was and if I might be needed to volunteer. It turns out all the blowjobs and all the fucking that I just mentioned ----happened within 30 minutes of my arriving to the party.

At one point of the night, Michael Brandon was there naked on the bed, as was I. We started touching on each other. Next, a conversation began between my libido and my common sense started going on in my head. My libido said, "Oh, LeNair?"

"What?", my common sense cautiously replied.
"It's right there."
"What's right there?", totally aware of what my libido meant, but asking anyway.
"The MONSTER!", referring to the nickname given to Michael Brandon's big dick.
My common sense gulped out of fear and replied, "I'm scurred."
My libido egging on my common sense, "Oh, you're a pro. There's nothing for you to worry about. You know what to do. Now, go on. Make me proud."

To be honest, I have never seen a Michael Brandon movie. I've only seen him in action through trailers from a movie I won at Will Clark Porno Bingo during my early days in porn. But I still knew that Michael Brandon's cock was huge. But being the Aries that I am always seeking an adventure, to be this up close and personal with it, I went for it.

When I decided to come to this party, I told myself that one of 3 things were going to happen between me and Michael Brandon. Either (a)I was going to suck his dick, (b)I was going to get fucked with it, or (c)all of the above.

Well, I wound up with choice (a). And it STILL is a story to tell.

I started sucking on his dick. And with the combination of him being sexually-charged and my being a skilled cocksucker, I could feel his cock growing in my mouth---longer and wider. As it was growing, I tried my usual thing of putting my lips over my teeth to avoid accidental biting or scraping. Now, with the exception of my ass (which looks like I tied a not-too-wide dark brown mantle-piece on my back), my body is well-proportioned, and that includes my lips. But Michael's dick was so thick that I had to really concentrate on keeping my lips over teeth. Even so, I knew I was doing a good job, because his dick keep throbbing in my mouth. Although that throbbing was making my lips lose it's grip over my teeth, I still made it work.

After I was done, a couple of the other volunteers told me that the renter of the space who hosts the EDGE party that I volunteer for wanted to see me. I told him the volunteer that I was "preoccupied".

The volunteer said, "Yeah, I told him that you were 'entertaining' the host."

I said, "Well, at least I'm doing my duties. Keeping the people happy." And we both laughed.

Now, you have often read about me doing Kegels to keep my reputation for having a tight hole. Can someone tell me how to get my mouth back correct after stretching to take in Michael Brandon's Monster. Or should I just accept it's well-stretched for the next big-dicked guy that I have to show my oral prowess to?

I stayed at the party until about midnight, as it was winding down anyway. From there, the night-owl that I am was not done. So from there, I went to The Cock for their Sunday night party, Sperm.

Early on after I got to The Cock, a short Latino seemed to be cruising me. We exchanged glances, and I smiled a bit. But since I wasn't certain of his intentions, I didn't put myself near him right away. But I wound up near him anyway because of the desperadoes that I had to keep moving away from, since they were trying to cop a feel of me without even making eye contact. They just kept either creeping up behind me, or standing next to me looking like a zombie. Checking me out (like the Latino seemed to be) is one thing, but the "zombie stare" makes me feel that even if they're good-looking (which they weren't), that giving them a night of great sex might put me in a "Fatal Attraction" scenario. And sorry, but no one is boiling my bunny. (Thank God I don't have one)

As I wound up near the Latino, I could feel his presence getting closer and closer to me. Then I could feel his clothes grazing mine with just enough pressure for me to feel it. Then his hands grazing my ass. And that was when I decided to stop teasing him, and let him know that I was his to have some kind of playtime with. We started taking each others' hands and feeling each other up, but still not facing each other. We went at this for quite awhile, then I turned around and we started kissing, and feeling each other up some more. Then he took my hand, and started walking...towards the bathroom.

I've said in the past that I don't do sex in public restrooms. Especially in a dirty dive like The Cock. But he took me to the other bathroom that actually had a door and the toilet wasn't right next to us, so I made an exception to my own rule because he was hot enough for me to do so. My only concern was the fact that the door didn't have a lock, so once in, he leaned his back against it. He took down his pants, and I started giving him a blowjob. For a little guy, he had a big cock. But after taking on Michael Brandon just a couple of hours earlier, my mouth was well-prepared. So I sucked on him until he was rock-hard. Then me being prepared, had some lube packets in my pocket, so I lubed up my ass while he got out a condom. And we went at it. And I knew all the haters outside the door could hear us because since he was leaning with his back against the door, when he was thrusting into me, you could hear the door banging. And this was whether he banged more vigorously, or I thrusted myself onto his dick more vigorously.

And the haters did show themselves. Queenie-sounding hating males at that. Banging on the door and whining things like "I gotta go pee", knowing full well that there's another bathroom with urinals just a few feet away. And as males, they don't need this bathroom. That is unless they really need to take a shit OR the usual, a hit of drugs of some kind. But I'm sure it was most likely the latter of those two, and/or they weren't getting any sex, so they didn't want anyone else to get any either. Well, maybe they could get some if they could keep their dicks hard enough to do something with it by not doing all those drugs. But anyway,...

...we ended things and parted ways, and considered continuing outside of The Cock. Because I enjoyed his dick, and he enjoyed my ass. For a moment there, I thought he was going to be the 1st trick I bring to my new place, but instead, we called it a night with each other, and had some individual fun with others.

What happened after? Enough to say that I did shoot a load by the end of the night. But was it at The Cock, or at someone's home?

That's for me to know, and you to ponder. Until next time....

Monday, April 4, 2011

Draw Me Naked/Q & A for Q

Next Wednesday, April 13th, I will be modeling at the Leslie/Lohman Erotic Drawing Studio. I announced this in a previous post, but I have a correction and a clarification to make.

I said in that post that I hadn't done anything like this since the NY Erotic Art Fair back in 2006. That was 5 years ago. The correction is that I had actually most recently did it 2 years ago for SPANK Magazine at their release party for their Sex Issue of 2009 where they had nude life drawing sessions.

As for the clarification I must make, unlike the modeling I did at SPANK Magazine's party where you could just walk in with a drawing pad and be considered an artist, the Leslie/Lohman Erotic Drawing Studio requires "experience in drawing from life", as it says on the webpage I included the above link, and when I announced this before. So if you are such an artistic person, I do hope to see you there.

Now, if you can't be there, at least you don't have to wait until next Wednesday to get a piece of me....

...Because in late February, I received an email from the author of the blog, "Neon - The Many Hot Men of Gay Porn". He complimented me on my blog, and offered me an interview for the magazine that he writes for in Australia called, Q Magazine for their "Q People" feature. The magazine as he puts it, is like Next Magazine here in New York. Unlike the Next Magazine article I was interviewed for, this piece was solely about MY life and MY stand on certain issues.

Let it be known that I exposed a great deal in this piece. Mainly, how far behind a society the American gay community is by way of its entertainment and media outlets. So feel free to pass it on to any American gay form of entertainment and media that you know of or are connected to. It's time for them to be put on notice of how the gay community being so "united" here in the United States has been exposed for the crock that it is to the other side of the globe.

This interview was a great deal more calming than what I found that Next Magazine article to be. So this is a case where I can say that I very much enjoyed doing the interview, as well as seeing the end result. Enjoy.

I THANK YOU WHOLEHEARTEDLY for your continued support.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Why Walk STILL In 2011

Yes unfortunately, since a cure for HIV/AIDS has not been found, it is that time of year again when I ask you to support my walking in AIDS Walk New York.

Recently on the AIDS Walk New York Facebook page, I wrote down my answer to the question, "Why do I walk?"

My answer that I posted on the page is as follows:

I walk because I've always felt that it's better to take a stand in life, or else life will surely take a stand on you. And my walking is my way of taking a stand against HIV/AIDS. So that the fear and the stigma of HIV/AIDS doesn't take a stand on me by doing nothing, and a cure will help to stop the fear, stigma, and disease itself from taking a stand on others.

With this in mind, I hope that you will take the time to donate to my page by simply following the directions in the picture above or by clicking the link below.

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