Friday, January 2, 2009

No Feel Or Pic Of Dick Required

At my last appearance at Will Clark's Porno Bingo, I had a pleasant exchange with the winner of the final round named "Manuel". I was especially pleased because he wound up winning the copy of the Starz book series that I was interviewed for, ULTIMATE STARZ. Not only that, but who turned out to be cute.

Recently, I received an email from him. He mentioned how when he saw I the guest for that week that he'd do an online search for info on me. I was as I should have been very flattered by the fact that he not only research me, and liked what he saw, but he liked it enough to come out and see me in person. What heightens my flattery is the fact that I'm sure quite a few stayed away because it was freezing cold that night, and instead of watching me strip, they opted to make some heat of their own by either stripping with their significant other or by beating their meat to a porno already within their grasp.

He also stated in the email that I had a nice butt, and that he was a bottom. He found it weird to be a bottom who likes asses. I told him that although I'm newly versatile off-camera that I've always been an ass-man. Yes, you read correct. In fact, I've always been such an ass-man that my rule was and still is that if you're a good-looking guy with a nice ass, I'll give you my ass to get fucked (especially in missionary) with no feel or pic of dick required. It's an exchange of pleasures. You give me the pleasure of groping your ass, and my thanks will be by giving you the pleasure of being inside mine.

This sexy guy also questioned as to whether he's a bottom by nature or circumstance, and that he admits to topping a few times, but not with the same confidence he has as when he bottoms. First off, he's short like me and many big tops prey upon guys like us assuming we must be bottoms. That was me once upon a time, but even from that night I lost my virginity, I knew I would one day have a tight asshole wrapped around my dick and I would love every millisecond of it. Plus, one must take into consideration how much less performance pressure in on a bottom. While a bottom's performance does entail the responsibility of douching, it doesn't really include maintaining a hard-on like it does for a top. And that hard-on is a must for sex with a male in the supposed aggressive role whether the sex he's having is straight, gay, or bi.

That pressure may very well be why some guys topping at sex parties and clubs hate to be touched while their fucking. As much as they don't mind being watched, they don't like the added pressure from being touched by possibly undesired hands that they have to take time away from focusing on the ass they're enjoying and giving pleasure to in order to confirm. I've seen myself start losing a hard-on the second a hand touches me, then when I realize it's a guy I'm into, I stop losing it, and regain it. However, if it's a touch by someone I'm not into, one thrust too far back from me, and my limp dick slips out of the ass I was enjoying. And it's not easy to get back in 1-2-3. Most likely because that unwanted intervening shook that aforementioned confidence it took in me to become a top.

Based on my experiences as a total bottom, and my wish to be versatile as I am now and beyond, my assessment of my studly juicy-assed Latino fan is that he needs some more practice as a top, because a bottom who loves ass, most likely craves to fuck ass. And what I forgot to mention is that he did say that he wouldn't mind hooking up some time. Based on these pictures he sent me, and OK'd my posting them here, I'm kind of craving to take him up on his offer, and not just being a savage on his ass. BUT allowing him to be a savage on mine. I can definitely see myself in missionary position massaging that plump butt while he's sliding that hot and sweet pinga in and out of my eager hole.

So I'm leaving you today with a slideshow of asses that inspire this post. The song is "So Deep" by Jim Verraros, which I've said before should be a bottom's sex anthem. As for the pics, I know some of these guys personally, some I've had sex with, some I don't know personally, but have seen pics of their cock (which for this post, I'm ignoring the sight of for them to qualify), but most I don't know but just a pic showing that cute face, nice body, and beautiful bare ass will have me on my back with heels pointing to heaven should a meeting ever come to fruition. No questions asked. No feel or pic of dick required. Every guy you see in this slideshow can just "plug it in, plug it in".

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  1. Woot! to the bottom's anthem. I love that song, and it made me wanna bang Jim Verraros even more.
    Despite the fact that I'm a top, I still managed to really relate to this entry...mostly because, also being short, people assume I'm a bottom as well.
    Although I never thought of topping as such a tough task, I do see what you mean. I wouldn't usually be opposed to a third guy touching me while I'm fucking, I have been known to snap if he tries to play with my ass. I mean, honestly...


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