Monday, December 26, 2016

Cock Tastes Good! Natural or With... JO's Gelato?


I anticipate tasting all the flavor can be found in his skin's varying textures. The taste of his balls, then all the way to the head of his cock. Loving his cock even more so when the guy is so super horny that his cock head is engorged. So ready to pump in either my mouth or ass that any light in the room that hits it causes it to shine. And once his cock is in my mouth, I can suck it feeling my jaw muscles getting a massive workout,.... and still keep going. Never once desiring to huff on poppers to "make it easier" to do so. Because I love the natural flavor of cock just that much, and have no intention of confusing my brain from taking in the messages of how good and clean that man's cock is.

I'm getting hard and salivating just thinking about it.

Now, while many (like I) love sucking a clean cock with its natural flavor, we might not understand, but must accept how some are not such enthusiast about the natural flavor of a man's cock. It is for this reason that flavored lubes are made.

From time to time, I come across samples of flavored lubricants. If I know I'm going to a sex party, I often will put some on my cock and ass cheeks. Never the asshole. Because the sugar in most flavored lubes, and flesh do not mix.

Anyway, in preparing to tag-team a hot bottom in a 3-way, I dossed my cock with one of the flavors from JO Gelato collection.
It was either Tira Misu or Crème Brulee. I put it on about 90 minutes before arriving to the apartment of the host who was the other top. So by the time we started foreplay with the bottom sucking on my dick, that lube was so deep in my skin, my dick most likely tasted as if it was meat marinated in one of the aforementioned flavors.

I wasn't aware that the lube was even noticeable until after the other top and myself had tag-teamed, D.P.'d, then tag-teamed the bottom to orgasm. For as we all laid there sweaty and exhausted, the bottom talked about how he loved sucking on my tasty dick.

Being the observant writer who is as in tune to words as I am, I noticed the bottom using the word "tasty" specifically when talking about my cock. This is by no means a contest. After all, the bottom did seem to enjoy sucking both of our cocks, and he's been pleased sucking on mine with its natural flavor before numerous times when we met up at the MilkChocolateNYC party on nights when it is held in Queens. However that, plus my own inability to lie unnecessarily made me confess to what gave me that "tasty" edge over the other top.

As always, I tasted the lube before putting it on myself. So I know for a fact that it does taste quite good. So for those who are not fans of tasting the natural flavor of cock like I am, and would prefer feeling like you're sucking on a sweet dessert, then I highly suggest JO's Gelato collection.

Seeing how it has gotten such great reactions from guys (yes, "guys" plural, because I have used it more than once), my goal now is to find more at a decent price. So I can accommodate those playmates who prefer a flavored lube over the natural taste of my cock. To my credit though, most seem to prefer the natural me.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Introducing X-Rayed Sex

In case you don't know, a few months ago, I did an interview for the Glam Award-winning Tumblr blog, Thotyssey. Now, as the blog's author Jim Silvestri tries branching out with the blog, he's allowing for a sex column, and I have thrown my name in the hat to be the column's author. In using that column to be an extension to the mission towards sexuality with this blog, I have titled the column,
"X-Rayed Sex".

My first topic for the column examines why in interracial relationships with a black male is the black male so often the top. Is there a perception to blame? If so, who or what gets the blame? Why won't we question this matter? Where does this ordained role for gay black males leave black bottoms? And who (regardless of color/ethnicity) wins in the end?

All of these questions will be answered in that post. So please, check it out:

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Should You Blow into a Blowhole?

I was given a new toy to try out. It's a male masturbation toy called Blowhole. It's meant to cause an orgasm by stimulating the head of the penis more than anything else. I have been given other toys that are a great deal larger
LOOKS - I have been given other toys that are a great deal larger, and obvious. So one thing I like about the Blowhole is its subtlety. For most male masturbation toys are very in your face about what they are. However, with the Blow Hole, if left out, no one will ever know what it is unless you tell them, or they own one themselves. For the Blowhole looks like a simple cup. A cup someone would use for pens and pencils.

TECHNOLOGY - I like the app it can connect to, RemojiThe app lets you change the speed and/or intensity of the vibration. It can be distracting in solo play. However, when play includes watching a guy masturbate as part of couple or group play, the addition of Remoji can make for a fun time.

SENSATION - The soft interior with grooves makes the initial various vibrations of the Blowhole feel great. I must say "initial" because the Remoji app makes it a game in providing more settings. The more you use it, the more settings you will unlock.

SURPRISE - I've avoided the Fun Factory Cobra Libre because of it only stimulating the head of the penis. I never thought such stimulation would be enough. The Blowhole proved me wrong.

However, the Blow Hole has turned me on to the possibility of such a toy being a good male masturbation choice. With that said, being able to include the Remoji app in your play gives the Blow Hole a definite edge over the Cobra Libre as a penis head masturbating toy.

So with all that said, I definitely recommend the Blowhole. It's good enough that my normal routine when I want to jerk off is to pull out and dick, and get to stroking. The Blowhole has actually from time to time made me stop, and consider adding it to my self-pleasure play.

Yes, it's that good.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Night of 1,000 Cock Colors

I recently went to an underwear party. The underwear party had a backroom. The mostly white patrons quickly paired or grouped off with other white guys. Not caring much about the look of the person, just as long as they were in the "socially acceptable" color range of pale white to caramel brown, and in the category of having a slim, average, or athletic body. Such being the case, it would have easily been discouraging to any black male to see many white/light guys quickly except whites who would just as quickly reject blacks. Leaving black guys like myself to overcompensate for the feeling of discouragement by allowing themselves to be looked upon as a fetish object by these white/light guys "wanting some #BBC (Big Black Cock)".

Well, I for one was not settling for that. Because 1) my cock is proportionate, not #BBC, and 2) even for those who believe it is #BBC, I was not going to entertain their blatant fetshizing of me for the color of my skin. I'm better than that. So I had faith that my sticking to my guns was going to pay off....


On my ventures to a bar's backroom, I'm looking to observe. Not looking, or even expecting action. However, I am welcoming to some action if someone has the face, body, and/or spirit to spark my interest. At this underwear party backroom however. much like at a sex party, I was looking to hook-up.

I walked through the crowd to see if there were any displays to inspire me, and for the aforementioned racism, I didn't see anything. Then a good looking white guy came up to me. We stopped, looked at each other, then kissed. After we kissed, with no command or demand from me, he immediately went down on me. It felt good. There was another guy nearby, and he got in on it. This guy obviously was looking to suck as many hot guy's cocks as possible. Then an Asian guy came over, and that same guy started sucking his dick.

Now, this guy doing all the cock-sucking wasn't bad at it. That's why I had started to get hard. However, he wasn't great, which is why every time he started to suck on me, I would get hard, but never got fully erect. Hence how this tweet came to be:
He kept sucking more so on the other 2 guys. Then he focused on the 1st guy who joined in, the Asian focused more on me, and me on him. I went down on him, and soon after, he was getting me back on my feet to turn me around and bang my ass from behind.

He was muscular, and such smooth skin. I was so eager for him that with just a spit lube, he got in. For it had been about a month since the last time I bottomed. So my hole was not hungry, but horngry for a hot guy's dick. And this Asian guy's hotness definitely made him qualify. And the way he banged into my ass, even more so.

We were standing at first, then I saw there was room behind a sofa. So I leaned on the back of it while he thrusted into me. Unlike in a previous post, where I said that because of porn portraying black guys as always being tops, a black guy bottoming was not something gay males thought they should want to see. Well, somehow we got some people coming to watch us. Not many, but enough. And I figured that it was because that while they were watching a black man bottoming, they were seeing something that (again, thanks to gay porn) they had never seen before... An Asian as a top, and I surmise that would make us more of a spectacle was the fact that it was an Asian topping a Black guy.

Whatever the case, they were irrelevant to me. Regardless of his background, I was getting my ass plowed by a guy who gave me some good dick. This great start of action made me need to drink. So I got a soda, danced a bit, then went back to observe some more.

This time, I saw some guys gathered around for some reason. I never focused on what they were watching. I walked over, and this Latino checked me out. He was good-looking, and a bit muscular. I returned a glance, and he started feeling me up, and I returned the favor. I immediately went down on him, Not too long after, I could feel his cock throb a few times in my mouth. At which point, he lifted me back to standing, then turned me around. He then asked for a condom. And since I always carry my thigh pack prepared for such events, I gave him one. While he put the condom on, I used that as a chance to put a little bit of Pjur Backdoor from a sampler bottle in my pack on and in my ass.

He started pounding me, and I realized we were behind the same sofa the Asian and I were fucking behind earlier. A few guys came around and watched. This time however, a few stayed. One of them who stayed was a hottie I saw earlier who was with another hottie I figured was his partner. My uncertainty about ethnicities made me unsure as to whether this hottie was Latino or light Middle Easterner, but his partner was definitely white. The unsure hottie had his cock out stroking it as he watched me bottom for the Latino. While bend over taking that cock, I reached for the unsure hottie's dick, and he didn't stop me. In fact, he moved in closer and more in front of me. So while getting my ass pounded, I sucked his cock.

This seemed to draw more of a crowd. Shocking due to the aforementioned perception of blacks in a predominately white event to only be tops, which was thrown out the window by me bottoming. So I guess what got their attention was that I once again, gave them something they hardly ever see.... A black guy using both ends to fuck with neither guy being black as well.

The last time any of them might have seen that in porn was if they saw me in "69 Fuck Street" in the 1st scene of the movie where I'm the bottom in a 3-way scene with Duke Rivers and Jake Corwin.

So they were probably stunned to see that such a thing could happen in the real world.

To be honest, I never really found myself in such a 3-way too often. However, in the past I recall the spontaneity of it making it hard trying to make my sucking rhythm match the rhythm of the fucking from behind. Well, I found it. And many were watching.

After a certain point, the Latino fucking me from behind stopped. So I focused on the unsure hottie, who had a massive cock. I stood up after a bit, then we started kissing. I then saw his white partner get behind me. I wasn't sure if he was going behind me to watch, or to be next to get inside me, but I started feeling on him inviting him to be the latter. And he took me up on my offer.

So now, I was back in the same position, but with a couple. Again, it was drawing attention, and it was many of the same faces still there watching. So with the white hottie being bigger than the Latino, I think their shock intensified by seeing me take a pounding again with an even bigger guy. Then the white hottie stopped. I then stood up, and the unsure hottie turned me around. Finally taking the turn that all my sucking was inviting  and preparing him for.

Not only was he tall, and well-built with a huge cock, but to top it all off, he fucked hard. All of the weight of those muscles banged into my ass, while his thick dick opened up my hole even more than the previous 3 tops. In fact, it seemed like every top thus far was getting thicker and thicker to prepare me for taking him in.

And as I'm writing this I realized something... Being topped by 2 guys is a tag-team, but being topped by 3 or more at a time is a gangbang. So I had just took on 3 consecutive dicks, This means that I had my 1st experience as a gangbang bottom. No wonder after that ass-pounding, I went and got a real drink.

After I got my drink, I went back to the dancefloor. To get in some exercise by dancing, as well as sweat out the alcohol as I was drinking. While on the dancefloor, a Latino tried flirting with me, even though he was already with a dark-skinned Middle Easterner and a white twink. This Middle Easterner seemed to be his partner, and along with the twink wanted no part of me. So the Latino who started off reaching out for me had to resort to acting uninterested. So I wrote them off as another stereotypical dysfunctional gay relationship, and in the great words of Robyn I kept "dancin' on my own". But at least I wasn't hanging out with misery looking over my shoulder.

A little white later, I went back to the backroom. After my last go-around, I was really no longer looking to hook-up. Now, I was in my usual mode in a backroom to be an observer open to a chance encounter. As I made my way through the crowd, I saw this medium-brown Middle Easterner who was checking me out on the dancefloor simultaneously as the aforementioned incident happened.

There was a about 1 or 2 guys between us, and we caught each other's eyes, and we smiled at each other. I knew he was with someone. A good-looking well-built dark-skinned black guy, who didn't seem to mind our exchange of glances. So I made my way over to the Middle Easterner and started making out with him. During a break from kissing, I did officially introduce myself to both of them. Then the Middle Easterner wanted me to go down on him. So I gladly obliged. Soon after, he picked me up from squatting on the floor, and turned me around. And you know what that means....

I was about to bottom again. So this was Cock #5. He fucked my ass standing up with slow thrusts. Then when my peripheral vision saw a space on the sofa behind us, I suggested we continue there. I asked if he wanted me on my back. He replied being fine with whatever position I wanted. So I chose missionary. He continued his slow thrusts, which kept teasing my ass because his dick felt so damn good. And there were moments when he did pound it, and that made me moan louder, and wiggle my toes.

At one point, his partner came up behind him, and fucked him while he fucked me. Too bad I only have 2 hands, and they could only reach so far. Because I wanted to grope both of their bodies, while the Middle Easterner gave me his dick, and his thrusts into me came from his partner thrusting into him.

The Middle Easterner and myself had moments of stopping, and just looking at each other. And once he got hard again, he wanted more. In between one of those moments, his partner took a turn on me. So I was finally getting to learn for myself what the Middle Easterner got during that 3-way,and their other encounters of his partner as the top.

I thought we might all be done with each other. The black guy had left to play elsewhere, and the Middle Easterner was slouching on the sofa stroking his dick. But one of our glares at each other had him inviting me over to him again. His thick dick laid there fat anticipating my ass wrapped around it again. So I straddled him, and we went back and forth between his slow thrusts revving up my hard rides and grinds. His partner came back, and saw the whole thing. When we were done, neither one of us had come from all of this. I just got up, and stood there for a second to catch my breath. I was sweating like a pig. His partner saw my sweat, and told me how hot watching us fuck was to him. I looked back at him, and noticed him being just a tad sweaty as well. He replied telling me that it was from watching me and his partner.

After this go-around, I really thought we were done. I walked around the backroom again. Found a Latino playmate who grinded up against my ass while I jerked off, and made me cum. Then I thought I was passing the Middle Easterner. We smiled at each other, and no passing by was allowed. Instead, he pulled me to him, and turned me around, and fucked me again. After awhile, I heard a moan I never heard from him before. Then his cock slipped out of me.

I turned and asked him, "Did you come?"

He replied, "Yes. Sorry." Apologizing because we did just fucked me raw.

I told him, "Don't apologize. There's none required. Because from the moment I let you inside my ass, making your hot cock shoot a load was my total goal. So thank you."

And he said, "And thank you."

Again, his partner was there to see all of this. After this point, it was officially over. For that was when we all said our goodbyes. And soon after, I called it a night myself.

When I said earlier that I was looking to hook-up, it was much like the night I lost my virginity ----when I was looking to hook-up with one guy, and wound up in a 5-man orgy, but bottoming for only 1. This time however, in a sea of many guys, I was again looking for 1 guy, but this time wound up with 7....6 of them in me. It's 7 because in the midst of all of this, there was a hot bottom I got to top.

The next morning, the Middle Easterner's jizz was oozing out of my ass making my hole wet. Due to my tight hole maintained by Kegels, if I bottom bareback, and a guy comes inside me, I can't do like a pornstar, and squeeze out the jizz. To be honest, I' have never tried, nor do I have any desire to do so. I like knowing my top's sperm are spending some time swimming around inside me after a good fuck.

Despite the sexual racism I witnessed early on, and saw throughout the night, me bottoming for so many guys of so many varieties was not my goal. However, I am human, therefore flawed. So maybe subconsciously I made myself available to these guys as a means to say "Fuck you" to those sexual racists. You never know. Whatever the case, the end result brought a smile to my face. Especially considering the additional pay-off I got.

If you're a friend of mine on Facebook, you know what I'm talking about.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Go-Go Diversity at Playpen

Would you believe that the last time I did a party review was 3 1/2 years ago?

Why so long?

It's because after that review, I decided that unless a party offered the beauty of ethnic and color diversity in their go-go boy staffing that display what makes the skin rainbow in NewYork City so beautiful, then such a review would be a waste of my time. For there would be nothing to commend.

You see, you can claim to be "all-welcoming" and "find all colors beautiful" all you want, but if it's not shown in your go-go boys, then all you're speaking are words. And the age-old saying "Action speaks louder than words" has proven itself to be true too many times over for anyone to try disproving it.

Well now, after all this time, I have a party to give such praises to. That party would be the weekly underwear party, Playpen Mondays at The Cock.

Every visible body in a bar/club's staff should be reflective of the all of the various skin tones and ethnicities that make up that city. Thereby, making it beautiful. And thereby, telling patrons of all colors and ethnicities that all of them are beautiful. If any color/ethnicity is purposely dismissed from the canvas, then whoever is doing the hiring for that bar/club party is doing the job wrong. Unfortunately, that's the case of many parties in NYC gay nightlife. Hence why I venture to so few parties, and tips few go-go boys when I do go out.

I'm sick and fuckin' tired of NYC gay party promoters shoving only vanilla and caramel down my throat! Especially since too many of them act entitled, and either "hook" up with patrons on the job, instead of doing the actual job, which is to be rhythmic eye candy. Well, there's milk and dark chocolate out there to feast my eyes on as well. And when I go out, I want my eyes, mouth, and the rest of my body craving to taste the skin rainbow.
It's a sensation a bar/club's party (especially in NYC) should inspire in others as well by their go-go boy roster. And Playpen Mondays at The Cock is doing that for me now.

I say this because most NYC go-go boys are either white or light Latino. Occasionally, light Middle Easterners and Asians might get a shot at go-go dancing, but even those 2 are still too much a rarity. This leaves every other color and ethnicity in the skin rainbow totally ignored. Which primarily means Black males. Proof of that fact can easily be seen by a look at the Glam Award nominations for Best Burlesque Performer and Best Go-Go Boy.

Most NYC parties, if they have a black go-go boy, he's usually a tall, bald, gym-bod ---the racist white-ordained standard of a beautiful black male. It's a standard that has been way overdone by gay porn and nightlife. Well, just like all of these parties do a rotation of variety with their white dancers, they need to do the same with their non-white go-go boys. For such a lack of diversity incites fetishizing of a color or ethnicity. And NYC should be the last place anyone experiences that.

That's why I'm glad to say that Playpen Mondays at The Cock does do a rotation with that variety. There I have seen black go-go boys who are simply fit as well as gym-bodied, with hair and without, and closer to my 5'6" height as well as tall.

Due to the ethnic diversity that makes up New York City's population, a gay party promoter in NYC can't be so blind to the need to represent all colors of the skin rainbow. Nor can he be so self-involved in making money that he ignores the reality of racism that exist in this city, and our community overall thanks to gay media. So I commend the host, Kareem McJagger. Whether or not it was his intention, his actions show that he (unlike most in this city) is not the type of promoter who hires go-go boys based on how much he makes in tips.

For the racism of mostly white crowds will tip the white go-go boy most. And this past election has proven that we are not as beyond racial bias (sexually or otherwise) as many white-owned media outlets will try deluding us to believe. But a newly out black male won't see himself as a sexual contender unless the things in our community that inspire us to see ourselves as such dismiss those of particular shades, ethnicities, or even sizes. And our community is marginalized enough. So we have to stop doing this to each other. And that includes gay nightlife doing their part, which is where many gays' confidence in being out and proud begins. With that said, gay nightlife has a responsibility to praise all colors in more ways that just taking their money. That can't be said of many places I've ventured to in my homestead of New York City, but it can be said of Playpen Mondays.

As you can see, if you want to get my attention for your party, and want to spread the word, then have a go-go boy roster whose rotation makes one word easily roll off my tongue....


It is for this reason that I'm liking the diversity of go-go dancers at Playpen Mondays at The Cock. So if go-go boys are a draw as to where you hang out, I recommend going there so you can see what a go-go boy line-up in New York City should look like.

And it also doesn't hurt that when you strip down to your skivvies, you get a free shot. ;-)

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Scum-Dump Trump

In the wee-hours of November 9, 2016 Eastern Standard Time 
The public's vote screamed "Hilary!" 
But the smaller electoral vote screamed "Trump!" 
Leaving the public to lose faith in the system 
Since Trump habecome our President-elect  

So to those who voted for Trump 
And those who voted 3rd party, and now complain 
I have some choice words for you 
That you need carved into your brain.. 

Every woman sexually assaulted 
Every black person called "nigger" 
Every Latino called "spic" 
Every gay called "faggot" or "dyke" 
Who are then bullied and beaten for that natural difference 
Their blood is on your hands 
Every transgender person called "freak" 
Every Muslim reading the Koran 
Every pregnant woman needing an abortion 
Every immigrant seeking the American dream 
Ostracized, taunted, and beaten 
For making a decision to save less their wallet, but way more their soul  
The blood of the unborn and unrealized is on your hands 
It's not all of the blood 
But if you have any resemblance of a conscience 
Even a tiny drop is too much 
And since you filled in that dot on that ballot 
I guess you have no conscience at all 

Now you might say 
Those acts of bullying are people acting on their own 
Well, the bully in them might have been dormant 
But the biggest cyberbully lit that ugly spark 
The cyberbully YOU voted to make 
The leader of our great nation... 
And his actions are to make him 
The ultimate validator 
For he should be the ultimate example of America 
But this Scum-Dump 
…named Donald J. Trump 
What is he the ultimate validator of? 

He is a validator of racism  
He is a validator of sexism 
He is a validator of misogyny 
He is a validator of sexual assault 
He is a validator of overcompensating machismo  
He is a validator of bullying  
Therefore, he is a validator of cowardice 
All signs of this were shown at his rallies 
And it has now poured and grown onto our streets 
Since he was declared the winner  
Declared winner by the electoral college 
NOT by the people 

So if you Trump trolls beg to differ 
About Trump being a true worthwhile leader 
Where was his "masterful" voice 
Telling these verbally and physically violent people 
To STOP this violence at his rallies? 
Where was his "masterful" voice 
Asking for them to peacefully disagree? 
Instead, he further incited them 
Giving them the greenlight to go ahead and be cruel 
So this long overdue call for calm is seen for what it is 
Like his Trump University settlement 
It's a crock to hide the crook 

And you know why he was silent for so long? 
To all of you who voted for Donald J. Scum-Dump Trump 
You are all his minions! 
You are all his bitches! 
Doing all of the dirty work 
He's not brave enough to do for himself 
It's like you're all employees for the Trump Organization 
And he's doing the something, yet nothing that he has done before... 
...He's not paying you shit! 
Much like he has done with his taxes 

Anyway, I said before that I guess you have no conscience 
Then why am I talking to you? 
It's because I'm hoping you have a human heart 
One that now feels regret 
After seeing the results of the choice you made that fateful day 
A day that has caused for the 1st time in my lifetime 
Marches in cities across the nation 
Repulsed by the government's decision of a president-elect 
For as I said before, 
The people's vote cried "Hilary" 
But those in government 
Protecting their take-from-the-poor-give-to-the-rich credo 
...It's them who cried "Trump" 
So please feel regret 
Prove to me, but more importantly to yourself 
That you are not such a narcissist 
A narcissist like the scum-dump 
Whose name is Donald J. Trump

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