Monday, June 30, 2008

HX Awards 2008 - My Highs, My Lows

I went to the HX Awards this past Monday. Last year was my 1st time going, and I went with a friend. This year, I went solo, knowing that I was going to be running into some of the new faces that have entered my world within the past year, so I wouldn't be spending too much time looking like a lonely wallflower. I ran into Jeff Eason of He was making the rounds taking photos, and we kept running into each other.

I also ran into Lady Clover Honey and her friend, Howie. Through Clover, I came face to face with actor/director Casper Andreas ("Slutty Summer", "A Four Letter Word"). Let me put it this way - there are some people who you see on a TV or movie screen and you think they are gorgeous, but when you meet them in person, you think to yourself, "Oh my gosh! -


I believe I've said it before that I love passing the compliments someone gives me on to someone else. And just how people say I'm a combination of good-looks and talent, I have to pass that on to Casper Andreas. Although, I never said it to his face, because (1)I'm quiet when meeting people for the 1st time; (2)how can I say something when he's with someone who I'm not sure is his boyfriend or platonic friend. If he was his boyfriend, it would have been a bit rude to say, "Hi, I'm Tré. I must say your man is both talented, and I have to say - scrumptious; and (3)I was in awe of the fact that I came in contact with someone of a more mainstream talent that I admire, because that doesn't happen too often. Not even when I was in mainstream entertainment myself.

While meeting Casper Andreas was one high point of my night, another was seeing Daniel Nardicio win the Spirit Award. I admire anyone who (whether willingly or incidentally) creates something to undo the repression of sexuality that so many levels of government try to impose upon us, thereby overstepping their bounds. That's why when Daniel asks me to go-go for him, or get tied to a cross and allow my dick to get sucked by horny party patrons - Brother, I am soooo there, using certain body parts to tell the government what they can do with themselves. My pointed hard-on is my flipping the bird, and my bare butt is telling them to "Kiss it, Bitches! And don't miss not one bit of each cheek."

Keep up the good work, Daniel.

Now with every high, there must come 1 or more lows. In this case, it was seeing Perez Hilton win for Best Blog. While I don't really know the other blogs nominated to a great degree, but considering that Perez Hilton has become notorious for outing celebrities, it makes me concerned about the degree of humanity within New York's gay community.

I hate to get on my soapbox here, but this must be said.

I never have, or ever will be OK with celebrities being outed. Mainstream entertainers are trying to obtain recognition for their talent as mainstream performers, not their sexual orientation. They are not porn actors, like myself, who get paid to put their sexual orientation on display (which is why I hate the whole gay-for-pay genre). So anyone who forces a mainstream entertainer into being recognized for their orientation against that entertainer's will is a person beneath being considered human. And anyone who supports such acts puts their character in jeopardy of becoming the same.

I really hope that Perez Hilton winning that award was a sick joke played by voters, and not a sign of a severe lack of humanity within New York gay community that him winning that award based on gay New Yorker's true sentiments would indicate. Maybe it is a joke. Because Perez sent in a videotaped acceptance speech, and after a while many of the audience started booing. I'm hoping it because they wanted the trifling thing that he is to get off the screen, and not only because of his incessant rambling.

I wrapped up the night by going to the after-party at Barracuda. Where Miss Drag Queen of the Year Award Winner, Peppermint turned it out for a 2nd time, as if Peppermint would do anything else but. The 1st time was actually the final perfomance at the HX Awards.

Well, there you have the highs and lows of my night at the HX Awards. Let's see what happens next year. Until then....

Thursday, June 26, 2008

As Pride Rolls In, My Thanks

I wanted to take a moment to say THANKS to so many of you for your support in regards to my posting about the lack of Asians in American gay porn. The overwhelming response was totally unexpected, and one thing I really enjoy seeing are comments by people within the industry. So often I feel as if I'm the voice of many in the industry, but the only one with a backbone to say what needs to be said, risking my porn career in the process. I was glad to see others take the same risk by making those feelings public that industry big wigs could be threatened by by being inept human beings.

Being that it is Pride Week here in New York, my having to say this comes at the right time.

Because accepting ourselves and each other as gays inside and out is what Pride Week is all about. We are to have pride in ourselves, and that helps to find the inner and outer beauty in others, no matter what body type, creed, or ethnicity.

That is the reason I come off with such venomous anger in blogs about racism in the American gay porn industry, because the pushing aside of other ethnicities shows the producers and directors lack of pride and insecurities about themselves and their own sexual prowess, so other ethnicities with skin color or facial features that stray too far from them are considered a threat that they need to shut out and treat as if they don't exist. And if they do acknowledge someone with such a difference, it's only to present a token figure in the mix. That is not only showing a lack of gay pride, but an even more extreme lacking in human pride.

I want to see that gay and human pride shown in some American-made porn. The big names are obviously too out of touch to show that pride in truth, with their participation in some Pride Week events. And although most porn is done on the West Coast, I sadly have to make that same claim about some movie and management companies in my own backyard of the East Coast.

Maybe they'll get it right someday, but until then, I urge you to go to your pride events and praise those who truly show the meaning of pride. The same way you support me as I try to show my pride, and for which I greatly appreciate you for being.


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Portrait Of A Corporate Meltdown

There's a video I want you to see if you haven't already. For whatever reason, with Blogger, it comes up with erros because of certain words in the embeding code, and it won't let me post it. So go to this link, and see it for yourself. Because ome people may find this video amusing, and it is....

....until you realize that the guy in the video could be you, or practically anyone you know.

This is a clear picture of the meltdown that Corporate America is bringing into so many lives. Although this video is said to be fake, the man's display of lost control is something I sense to possibly explode in so many people around me at "KLLP". And I sense it just walking down the streets of New York City. Especially when I'm surrounded by people who are obviously deep in the corporate world. It is an extreme darkness I even see in myself, while as A Mail Clerk, I'm a low-man on the totem pole. And this is why I use this blog to vent my anger. An anger I have to bury almost everyday, so it doesn't surface, and I become just like that man in the video ---- or worse.

I have mentioned in some previous blogs my disdain for the corporate scene, but never got into details about some of the reasons for that disdain.

The hypocrisy, which I'll display with a small example. I clearly see everyday when I walk around the Financial District of Downtown Manhattan where corporate people always make demands of how they want something fast, fast, fast, and now, now, now, YET when it's time for them to move fast, fast, fast, and now, now, now they are too often the most slothful creatures on the planet. Hence the reason so many corporate jobs now include gym memberships in their benefits package. Because while their pockets are getting full, so are their stomachs at the expense of the lesser paid person who usually has even more common sense and humanity and doing all the physical work that could ward off that increasing bulge.

Another reason for my corporate disdain is the humanity that I said the lesser paid person tends to have, and the CEOs tend to lack. I'm not saying that all people at the top are void of humanity. But it is obvious that there are way too many who are with the increasing problem of things like outsourcing forcing American employees of big corporations to lose their job, then wind up sometimes homeless. It takes an extreme lack of humanity to already be rich, but be so greedy for more that you'll take a job away from someone in your homeland who needs it, and give it to someone in another country for a lesser rate of pay.

What bothers me also is the fact that every year, colleges have graduates hungry to be a part of that disastrous corporate machine. Even at the firm I work at, we have summer associates come in every year, most with the same uppity attitude. But with a future that seems to be plagued with such inhumanity, my question to these people is: What do you have the right to be uppity about? Are you making more money? Sure, but at what price. You're so busy trying to stay ahead in the game that you're hardly ever home with your significant other/spouse and/or children. And that lack of family union is increasing more and more everyday due to corporate greed. Be that greed for money, or status that can lead to the money.

Well to all those so eager to be in the corporate world, know that it is our God-given human need to show humanity and have family unity, and voiding yourself of it only leads to immense frustration over its being void in your life. A frustration that is most likely clearly on display in that YouTube video. Will you be the next to lose control? If you don't realize what I'm saying here, you just might be.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Behind The Compilation, "Mouth In Action"

So the lyrics say, "A kiss is still a kiss".

I disagree. Especially when you're in doing it in a 69 position with a pornstar that you've lusted for ever since the 1st time you came face to face with him. Well that kiss with Jason Dean from "69 Fuck Street" during that 5-man orgy was my inspiration for the 85 second video clip, "Mouth In Action" that is presently running on my stats and bio page of my website.

One day that 69 kiss with Jason Dean just flash in my mind, then I started to realize, I had some good atypical oral adventures in my movies so far. A 69 kiss, a foot-job on Jake Corwin that leads me up his leg and to his dick, and licking Shorty J's armpits. And while those were things I would never do normally, I had fun doing them. So I decided why not highlight that fun for you guys. While I admit that since licking Shorty J's armpits, I have taken that into my private sex life, in fact I did it this past weekend. The foot-job however - has yet to be repeated, and it probably never will.

Now, let me recall why that 69 kiss with Jason Dean was such a strong motivation in highlighting my atypical oral adventures.

It goes back to when my major crush on Jason Dean started.
I had just won Will Clark's Porn Idol contest in the summer of 2005. The following night, I went to Will's weekly Porno Bingo event, a number of porn actors were there including Kyle Douglas, Jason Dean, Frederick Ford, and Alex Collack (who was a Porn Idol judge and couldn't stop singing my praises during and after the contest). After being introduced to the crowd as the Porn Idol winner, I went to the back of the bar for a bit. Kyle Douglas and Jason Dean were hanging out back there. They congratulated me on my winning Porn Idol, and asked if I was planning on using my win to somehow advance myself into a career in porn. That's when I confessed the fact that I had already done a movie. So Jason Dean asked, "Oh, what movie did you do?"

That's when it happened.
Before that question coming directly from him, my eyes were bouncing back and forth between him and Kyle Douglas, but now they were solely on him. And with my eyes being on him, I noticed his white tank top that fit so well it looked as if the company that made it had him in for a custom fitting session so that it would cover his well-developed chest like a 2nd skin.

I started telling him that I did "Oh Boy Escorts 2" for Tyson Cane Videos, then I caught myself doing what some straight guys do to women with big breast. I was looking at his nipples poking in his tank top like they were his eyes while talking to him. Then I had to tell myself, "Tré? Oh Tré? PICK-YOUR-HEAD-UP!!!!"

When I did "69 FUCK STREET", I had no idea who my scene partners were going to be, but needless to say I was overjoyed to know Jason Dean was coming in to be in one of them. Although, I had never seen any of his movies, so I had no idea if he was a top or bottom (on-camera at least, which at that moment was pertinent info to brighten my day). It turned out being that it was a group scene and he (like me) was a bottom. DAMNIT! I was so hoping that my asshole would get a taste of Jason Dean's cock. Well, my asshole didn't, but my mouth did during the foreplay before and while cameras were rolling.

Once the sex started, while we both were getting fucked, I could sense an opportunity was coming for us to interact. After all, this was Dark Alley Media directing. If you ever seen one of their features, do you really think 5 guys on a bed with 2 pairs fucking isn't going to somehow have the 2 tops and/or the 2 bottoms interacting? I don't think so. So at some point, my head wound up upside down over Jason's and I took full advantage, and that's the kiss you saw in the clip. It started without the cock between us, then again with. Either way, it was mouth action I was more than willing to give, and I hope I'll show you some oral performance in the very near future that show just as much enjoyment on my part.

By the way, based on that kiss, wasn't "69 FUCK STREET" the perfect title? I think so.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

He's Not Anti-Black, He Just Plays So On TV

I was going to save this entry for later, but due to the success of my piece on racism in the gay porn industry against Asians, I felt I should let out all of my emotions on the racism issue that I've been keeping inside once and for all. While these tales show a lesson to be learned, they are some fun tales about some "fun" I've had with a couple of former pornstars.

I have often wondered who is to blame in the issue of racism in the American gay porn industry. And if you've followed my blogs on this issue, you have probably come to the right conclusion.

At first, I was wondering was it the actors, considering the fact that if you go to a studio's website and fill out their application, one of the questions you're asked by the major studios is what is your preferred race of scene partner. I'm sure that I am not the only one who has misunderstood that whoever you see a guy paired with on-screen doesn't necessarily mean that's his main type off-screen, but it is quite believable that a porn actor would most likely sight his off-screen type as one of his choices. Well, I've had 2 off-screen encounters with former porn actors who based on what you've seen of them on-screen, you might be just as surprised as I was to find out that they were into me.

The 1st guy I met at a sex club, but at the time I had no idea that he did porn. I just saw this gorgeous man who was my height and build and I could decide whether I wanted to fuck his ass or his dick. As it turned out, he fucked my ass in the bathroom. It was quite reminiscent of the 1st scene from the movie RAW with Jack Ryan fucking Sergio Anthony with Sergio looking at himself in the mirror.
Needless to say, that scene gave me a flashback. Now I wasn't watching myself get fucked as much as I was watching the rhythm of the guy's body movement while he pounded me. The funny part is how I discovered that he did gay porn.

Sometimes in making a porno, through the magic of editing, the cumshot is not done at the same day as the rest of the sex. Such was the case with my 1st movie, Oh Boy Escorts 2. When I came back to do my cumshot, I look at an issue of Latin Inches. In it were pictures from the part of the movie QUARTERBACK SACK when Josh Weston gets gangbang by a Latino fraternity. I saw one of the guys in the pics, and thought to myself, "He looks familiar. No fuckin' way, he looks like the guy -".

The guy from the sex club.

When I got home I went online and ordered a used copy of QUARTERBACK SACK to confirm my suspicions. What I was looking for was mainly the guy's body movement, and I also got treated to a view of the guy from in between his legs, which I knew from when I licked his ass.

Both of which matched. So the guy from the sex club turned out to be none other than Jonathan Diaz.

Now I would have never suspected that Jonathan would want to fool around with me. Besides Josh Weston, the only other guy I've seen him have sex with was Frederick Ford in THE HARD WAY. Maybe it's naivete or me being insecure, but from those 2 movies, I would have never thought he'd be into a Black guy.

The 2nd was Tony Bishop, who I am now good friends with, and doesn't mind me telling this story. I met Tony a couple of years ago at a group of seminars for sex workers called Rent U, and we didn't say much to each other. He was there with Brandon Aguilar, and I knew Brandon from his working for Tyson Cane, and was one of the guys I was giving a blowjob during the stage show at the NY Gay Erotic Expo 2005. Since then, I ran into Tony's profile on MySpace, got added to his friends list, read his blog, and made comments on it, as well as his profile page. He would make comments on mine as well, and send me emails calling me "sexy". I thought that was just him flirting and never took it to heart that if we ever met, anything would happen. After all, we both went to a sex club after the Gay Erotic Expo of 2005, and never said a word to each other. He was hanging out with 2 other blond-haired guys from the Expo, and once again, I never suspected that he would have interest in me.

I got hit with reality when within one of the emails we exchanged, he gave me his phone number. At the time, we both were living in Jersey City, so I called him up thinking maybe we would just hang out. During our conversation, he propositioned me with what pretty much comes down to "your place or mine?", and I became tongue-tied by the surprise. And why wouldn't I be surprised by this? I haven't seen most of the movies he's done, but I do know a good number of his scene partners, and all of them are White. In fact, from the Gay Erotic Expo, to the sex club, to Rent U until that moment, besides Brandon Aguilar, everyone I've seen Tony interact with was White.

Now you're probably wondering if the sex ever happened, and if so how was it?

Well the sex never happened that night, and no night since. I won't go into why, considering the fact that I always found him to be attractive. I will admit however that we did get far enough that I was surprised to find out how thick his dick actually is.

But that was then, and since then, like I said, we've become good friends. Good friends to the point where sex between us now might be a bit weird.

Earlier, I admitted to being a bit insecure. When you see as much racism in the American gay community as I have, you don't think you're all that beautiful. And I'm actually glad about that because it's what keeps me humble about my looks, and is probably why those who aren't humble, age so horribly that they can't get complimented as looking younger than their true age even by a blind man.
Now while I may have my insecurities in my life outside the industry and off-camera, I don't have them when presenting myself to porn producers and directors - the people to blame for the racism in the adult industry. I don't blame the actors as much, because those examples were just the 2 I had the most intimate run in with. There have been others who were of a less closer call, which brings me to realize that a good number of actors are not like Pierre "Bitch", I mean Fi----. NO, I mean "Bitch". But way too many studio heads who run the big companies obviously are just like him making people feel that if their skin is anything else but white or near white, they are not beautiful.

Like I said, off-camera, if I meet you in person - I'm an OK looking guy, but to a studio head - due to the rampant racism I've seen, I have to know for myself and exude the presence of how MY BROWN SKIN HELPS TO MAKE ME FUCKIN' GORGEOUS. And I won't ever, and nor should you, let anyone convince you of otherwise.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Asian Studs - Still Ignored, Damnit!

Look at these hot Asian guys. They reminded me of a blog entry I once wrote.
It was entitled "Stop Ignoring The Asian Studs". What bothers me is how long ago I wrote it, and still have to make that plight. The date on that entry is December 8, 2006. That's exactly 1 year 6 months and 1 week ago today, and for no change to as of yet be seen of how their sexiness is ignored is a damn shame.

To the porn producers and directors:

Is it just me, or must I stress AGAIN how much it would show not just good, but great business sense to represent your buying public?

I personally hate, HATE, MOTHER FUCKIN' HATE the fact that Blacks, Asian, Indians, etc. have to break off and do their own thing that features solely their ethnicity because so many white American gay porn moguls are too lame-brained to include them, treating them as if they are not even on the continent. Now, while I say Blacks like myself have a raw deal, at least I'm humane enough to realize how Asians have it even worst.

It might not be just my humanity that annoys me about this. It may also be the fact that I've experienced 3 Asian men in my life - all as tops. So since I have no complaints about their sexual performance, and I walked away from each tryst with a smile on my face (including the one who made me wince at first because he was taking my much needed-to-be-rid-of virginity), I would like to see that pleasure given to someone in a porno for the ethnically open-minded to enjoy.

Maybe I'll be the lucky recipient.
After all, recently at a night of Will Clark's Porno Bingo, there was an Asian guy there as one of the representatives for the beneficiary wearing a swimming bikini that showed off a physique that included the type of ass I love to grope while being fucked missionary. With Ben Marksman of Knight Stick Films there with me, I urged Ben to give him a business card, because I would love to watch that hottie fuck. If not me, then I would beat my meat to him doing someone else while wishing it was me. Now he has yet to call, but if not him, someday I'll spot an Asian hottie who will.

Now the reason I emphasize the fact that there have been 3 Asians is because I need to point out the fact that it wasn't just 1 who I got lucky in choosing and he knew how to pound my ass ever so right. There were 3 out of the 3 to give me great sex. That's 100%. So based on my experience, it's not like Asian men are lacking in their skills. They have beautiful bodies, and those that are tops have dicks that hunger to fuck a tight hole just like any other top of any other ethnicity. Just because he has a cock bigger than what most Asian men are believed to have, Brandon Lee should not have been the only one then, and no other Asian top in American gay porn since.

I most definitely would like to see one of these American companies step their game up and feature an Asian top within a mixed cast no matter how big his dick is. The big American gay porn companies make America look like an even more behind civilization on this issue of sexuality because they show America as finding Asians even less sexy than Blacks (who already get repeatedly shunned), instead of showing all ethnicities as being just as sexy as the other.

Well this is my statement to show that not all Americans are that ignorant to who is beautiful in this world. There are other Americans like myself who know that there is an entire world of beautiful people with physical traits unique to their ethnicity. We find those differences sexy, and long to see those differences sexually interact for our porn viewing pleasure.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Barebacks and Falling Stars

I've been holding off on addressing this long enough, but I saw something recently that made me say "Enough is enough" on letting it slide without voicing my feelings.

I said in a recent post that I would stop blogging about racism in the adult industry with the intent of imposing change. I have to say that I have to take that statement back. And I don't feel bad about it, because (1)I never gave my word on that matter, and (2)this outcome of racism MUST be addressed.

In practically everything, we as humans are always searching for the next level of a thrill. And in gay porn, the next big thrill seems to have become barebacking, and in an age where HIV/AIDS is still a strong presence, that just shouldn't be. I will admit that it is probably inevitable that barebacking would be the next big thing in gay porn, but it could have been held off by the most simplest thing where once again, the obviously mostly racist directors helming productions from most of the biggest names in American gay porn are to blame.

Simply using the variety of beautiful ethnicities that make up our most beautiful country. That variety is what makes it the most beautiful, but these directors are denying the world of seeing that beauty. And in turn, they leave room open for something that should NOT be "the next big thing" right now, become the "next big thing" before it's time. Like I said before, it was probably inevitable that barebacking would become so popular in gay porn. But if these racist directors weren't so close-minded to portraying White or near-White as the only sexual beauty, then they could have made the variety of ethnicities we have in this country being sexually united as a long overdue "the next big thing", and bought some time for the popularity of barebacking videos to happen when HIV/AIDS is closer to eradication. Thereby celebrating the HIV/AIDS crisis near or actual demise.

The premature popularity of barebacking videos is not the only consequence of racism that has come to my attention. Another consequence is the use of White models that have no business in front of a camera until they get themselves together. It may seen like I'm about to repeat myself since I already addressed this issue regarding actors like Kent North and Danny Roddick. But you're wrong. Their emotional ailments were within, and did not make their way on the outside that it was obvious to the buying public, but their producers and directors should have known something because of the behind the scenes interaction. The model I'm speaking of now is a clear sign of the lack of using models of color causing a magazine that is suppose to have a good reputation, risk it by using a model marketing him as being back by popular demand, yet he is clearly in the layout not looking as well as his former self. Many who I have discussed this with suspect as I do that drug use (specifically crystal meth) is playing a part here. And that's a shame.

I'm sure we are not the only ones who see this. So my question to this magazine is, are you that racist and stereotypically gay that just because you see a White male with a great physique that you would overlook the obvious rings under his eyes and wear on his face that were not as prevalent in his previous pics and video. Now when this magazine uses a Latino or (on the even more rare occasion) a Black model, you see no such imperfections on them. Those imperfections for men of color by this magazine are obviously not allowed.

Now if you have realized that I seem to be acting out of character by withholding the name of the model and more importantly the magazine, it is because I know this model as an acquaintance, and have no ill will towards him. Also, to withhold his name yet reveal the magazine's name may still create a trail that leads to the model's identity being revealed.

Regardless of my withholding names, the bottom line is that evidence shows that this racism is destroying a form of entertainment many of us value immensely, because the people in charge of these magazines and movie companies are making the gay community look like the shallow creatures mainstream media makes us out to be. While there is nothing wrong with finding your ethnicity beautiful, there is something wrong with NOT finding that same beauty in others. And shame on the producers,and directors of these porn companies and the investors full in the pockets but empty enough inside to back them.

So in closing, I backtrack to the barebacking issue.
To those racist producers and directors, many of which speak against barebacking videos, my message to them is that if barebacking videos becoming "the next big thing" is not quite what you had in mind, THEN YOU ONLY HAVE YOUR RACIST FUCKFACED SELVES TO THANK.

Have a nice day.

Friday, June 6, 2008

The Word Of the Day Is "Sexual"...

.....or maybe you can say "avoidance".

That is definitely the case of many of these "gay-for-pay" actors out here now. While I can name names, I won't, but you can find a good number of these "men" I'm speaking of in past issues of Magazine. They are "men", instead of men, because they are such chicken shits at admitting to themselves and their wives/girlfriends and/or children that they're either gay or bi, but not totally straight that they have now resorted to using the word "sexual" to describe themselves.

Now I have no problem with terms that have open meanings. After all, I call myself bi-sexual which is about as healthy a open term you can get to describe one's sexual orientation. But to describe oneself as "sexual" is cowardice, and way too, too, too open a term.

This was not my original sentiment. Consciously, when I first heard a "gay-for-pay" porn actor call his orientation "sexual", I was so turned on I wanted to rip off my pants, plant my ass on his dick, and give him a ride that would have made him need days of abstaining to replenish just a decent amount of man-milk. Subconsciously however, something told me that something was wrong with that terminology of calling one's orientation "sexual", which is a thought that obviously ruined my deliciously raunchy fantasy. Well, after a talk with a friend on another matter, I finally realized what is wrong with that word.

A friend recently reminded me that the brain compartmentalizes, and that is how we learn. Therefore the same would hold true regarding sexual orientation, which makes some degree of labeling an absolute necessity. That's why it is vital to our sexual self-knowledge that we as adults define ourselves as either straight, gay, or bi. We are teaching our brain (as well as those of others) which gender we are sexually attracted to and that we have sexual relations with consenting adults of that said gender. The fact of the matter is that we are all sexual beings, including those who has sexual practices that are without a doubt depraved. So to call oneself simply "sexual" shows a lack of sexual self-knowledge and leaves the door open for the speculation that you may very well partake of one or more of those depravities.

For instance, since we are all sexual beings, if you call yourself just "sexual", you may be hiding the fact that you're:

a pedophile, so you really shouldn't be trusted to be alone with anyone under the age of consent;
a necrophiliac, so if we were working in a morgue or funeral home, it wouldn't be wise to leave you alone with the body, because when I return, I may very well find your dick in the corpse;
into bestiality, so if I leave you alone with my cat, you may take the term "pussycat" a bit too far.

Therefore to be honest about your sexuality, first and foremost to yourself lessens such misconceptions and shows a great deal of self-awareness. A clear sign of how honesty with oneself is a great power to have. And if these "gay-for-pay" actors weren't so busy prostituting their true selves, they would finally become a bit more empowered where it matters most - intellectually and emotionally.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pop My D.P. Cherry

Not too long ago in my "Word Of Advice" category, I became the one seeking advice on how to prepare myself to be a double-penetration bottom. I got some sound advice, including from the last 2 producers I worked with, Ben Marksman of Knight Stick Films and B.K. of Forbidden Funk Media who both want to put me in a d.p. scene since I'm so eager to experience it. But before that happens, there's a situation that hasn't been remedied.

While I've had people eager to give advice about double penetration, and email from fans wanting to penetrate me 1-on-1, I have yet to have 2 studs simultaneously fill my eager hole and pop my double penetration cherry.

Forbidden Funk Media read my blog seeking advice, and approached me with the idea, but they want me to get some practice in first. Now, if you don't already know, Forbidden Funk Media does leather fetish porn featuring men of color. Therefore, you can now imagine that if this scene comes to fruition for me, that my ass is going to be stuffed with not 1, but 2 big cocks that are going to fuck me primal.

I have gotten to the point where I am more picky than ever about my scene partners, because I don't want to see myself in a movie and be disappointed by my performance the way I was with "The Booth" and "Love Of The Dick 4", because I wasn't into my partner. So with such an undertaking as doing a d.p., my being into my scene partners is an EXTREME MUST. The way I lusted for Taino when I met him at the Gay Erotic Expo, I want to lust for both of those D.P. tops' cocks the same way. After all, (1)part of why I got into this business is because I love sex, and I want people to love watching me love sex; and (2) more importantly, it's my body. So with those 2 points in mind, why do a movie as a bottom if I'm not craving the dicks that are to go into me.

Now that on-camera fucking, so as for my off-camera fucking, like Bonnie Tyler's song "Holding Out For A Hero", I'm holding out for a couple of heroes. I'm holding out for 2 hotties just as hungry for me and each other as I will be hungry for the both of them. With New York being such a big city with a variety of ethnicities to choose from, I pose the invitation out there to you guys that makes me the vessel to sexually connect 3 of us -

- any local takers?

Monday, June 2, 2008

Gettin' Me All Wet

Where do I begin with this one?

Well, I'm moving to the Bronx after 2 years in Jersey City. I don't plan on being there long. In fact, I will most likely be gone before year's end. With a BIG THANKS to my step-dad, I started moving my things in the morning of Memorial Day after getting about 2 1/2 hours sleep after getting home from go-go dancing and fro-licking at Daniel Nardicio's "Ships In!" party. After we took some of my things over there, we came back to Brooklyn to the house I grew up in for a cookout in the backyard. I stuffed my face with a big pair of barbecue ribs, at least 2 hamburgers, and 2 hot dogs.

I called a few friends I haven't talk to in a while. I also spoke to my friend Andrew who was recently mugged and stabbed, and featured in the HomoDish section of HX Magazine here in NY. We agreed to meet up later at View Bar, and I was looking forward to seeing him for the 1st time since the attack. After all, he sounded great on the phone, so I wanted to see in person if Andrew's high spirit was still there. He arrived later than expected, but I was glad to see that he was still the same witty guy so many have come to enjoy being in the company of, even with his new red Mohawk.

I wear glasses, so I wasn't sure at first, but as I was arriving at View Bar walking down 8th Avenue getting closer to the corner at 22nd Street, I tried to make out to see if the 2 guys I saw standing in front of View Bar were who I suspected. It turns out I was right. They were Vin Nolan and Sergio Anthony. Once I saw them, I said to myself, "This is going to be an even more fun night than I expected."

When I get with Vin and Sergio, I always wind up in something that draws attention to me on days when I not a featured performer. That isn't a hindrance because it puts my name out there to more people in New York who don't know of me. So actually it's a welcomed surprise. Last time, it was me winding up stripped down to my skivvies on stage at The Cock. So what did hanging with these guys get me into this time?

I wound up in View Bar's Wet Underwear Contest with Manuel Torres as the evening's guest celebrating his birthday.

I had no problem with it. Me, Vin, Sergio, go-go boy Torrez, and a few more hot guys wet in a pool. If you remember my blog about my hot wet guy fetish, then you can figure out that in that pool, I was happier than a pig in slop. And Manuel Torres took some of the birthday boy advantages of the sight of those wet bodies that I would have like to have had. Some of those other advantages I wanted are things you can't do in a bar. Well, at least not one as open as View Bar ;-) Why don't I get treats like this on my birthday? Damnit!

We didn't win, but me and Sergio did get some good rounds of applause for our asses. So at first, the crowd didn't know my name, but they learned it after finding out whose ass they were admiring. which like I said - was a welcomed surprise.

So I'm just going for a peaceful night out to watch some shenanigans, and instead THANKS to Vin and Sergio, I become a part of the shenanigans. Well guys, what are you going to get me into next?

Hot Guys Fuck

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