Thursday, September 15, 2016

Open Mic Exhibitionism, Virginity Giveaway, and Loathing of Clothing

Last year, it was quite disappointing to learn that The Inspired Word was ending Titillating Tongues. Because there are so few events like it in New York City offering a safe space for erotic artist to showcase their work.

Well, I am please to announce that  Titillating Tongues in making a return. Before, it was at Soho Playhouse, then Le Poisson Rouge. Now, it's out of Manhattan, and coming to the Brooklyn speakeasy, Hell Phone.

What's special about this return is that I was introduced to Titillating Tongues by Aimee Herman emailing me an invitation to be a featured performer, and I have been invited to be a featured performer again in this return, but this time by Inspired Word producer, Mike Geffner.

I know I broke new ground there with my debut and various other performances. Some of which included me stripping on the stage, which led to a mention in TimeOut New York. Well, I'm not sure I'll go that far this time around, YET. For I have yet to see the space, and learn what I'm working with. In the meantime, I do hope that if you're in NYC, that you'll come by, and check me and all of the other performers out. And maybe even take part yourself since their is a 15-slot open mic.

With all that said, the only teaser I'm giving are the titles of the poems to be included in my set thus far:

LeNair's Exhibitionist Credo
Overdue Virginity Giveaway
Strut of No Shame
Loathing of Clothing

So if you're in NYC, I hope to see you all on September 23rd.
Get your tickets HERE. 

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