Thursday, September 26, 2019

Sex For Toy Testing

Every sex toy reviewer has a process as to how they go about reviewing a sex toy. Some do it solo. Some do it with a partner, which works best when the toy is marketed to and can only be used effectively for review purposes by a couple. However, since most sex toys are made for masturbation and foreplay, reviewing a sex toy alone is the best. Primarily because it eliminates focusing on a partner's pleasure, which can be a distraction if that partner is not the test subject. Reviewing it alone makes you the sole collector of the information, therefore better focused on the details to help readers and viewers of the review.

I revealed details of my review process before in a couple of posts. Namely when I reviewed the Kiiroo Titan, and most recently when reviewing We-Vibe's Vector. This gave me the idea for you readers to see if possible the exact videos I have used for my review. Hence this post from my Facebook page:

So now there is a playlist on my Pornhub account featuring as many videos as I could find that I have used to masturbate to for my sex toy reviews. And yes, for various reasons, be it the studios, scenario, or porn actor's habits, some criteria in the video go against what I stand for. So the way I'm able to watch them is by following the rules of my poem "When I Masturbate". Using my imagination to think of those criteria being more up to my level or synonymous with my traits.

Such as how most of the porn on that list is straight porn, which much to many jaded gays chagrin, I have stated that there is nothing wrong with such a fantasy, as long as you don't try to impose upon a self-proclaimed sexual orientation in order to make it a reality. Hence why I've fantasized that the guy having straight sex is putting his cock in my male ass, then shooting his cumload deep inside it. Or imagine a pornstar I've never seen with a black person having sex with my sexy chocolate self.

So click on the "link between the teasing gifs "Sex For Toy Testing" and see the scene those gifs are made from and more to get deeper into my sex toy review process. You'll see what along with the sex toy contributed to my orgasm.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Sex Toy Review: We-Vibe Vector

The folks at We-Vibe have long been kind in recognizing me as a voice in the sex industry. So when I had a question about their new prostate massager, Vector, they extended that kindness by sending me one for review, and to find the answer myself.

Before even receiving my Vector, at my day job at The Pleasure Chest, I led quite a few customers away from LELO's remote-controlled prostate massager Hugo to We-Vibe's Vector. Simply by stating 3 key differences between the 2 remote prostate massagers that work in Vector's favor:

  1. BIG price difference. An unjust price difference taking into account the next 2 differences;
  2. We-Connect app makes the Vector able to be controlled beyond the usual 30 ft. limit of remotes, and create your own pattern;
  3. The Vector is adjustable. Making it more easily to truly hit one's prostate. Or g-spot if one chooses to use it vaginally.
Now that I have received a Vector of my own, I am please to announce that all of these differences have been proven correct. And pleasingly so.

As a little revelation of my review process, when I'm reviewing a sex toy, I masturbate while watching porn. As I have said in the past, it is usually straight porn. And whether I'm using a sex toy or not, I try to make my masturbation session last as long as the 1st male ejaculation in the porn scene. This is where the adjustability of the Vector comes into play.

For my adjusting the Vector stimulated my prostate so much that I didn't even make it to 18 minutes of the 28 1/2 minute scene I was watching before I orgasmed. So this toy hit the spot that good.

To backtrack, the question I asked about the Vector was as to whether or not it responded to the FeelMe app. In hope of perhaps another great masturbation session like I had with We-Vibe's dual stimulator Nova. Unfortunately, the answer to that question is NO. However, based on the outcome I mentioned while watching the porn I used to test the Vector (pictured above), I am not at all mad.

All that said, I highly recommend We-Vibe Vector. Any sex toy that can make me lose the control I have taught myself to have over my orgasms while watching porn I believe is definitely a toy worth investing in.

Vector by We-Vibe

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Sex Toy Review: Gläs 7" Curved Glass Dildo

There are really no special features to the Gläs 7" Curved Glass Dildo. that make it unlike most products of its kind. It is not electronic. The solid glass is compatible with all lubricants. It is accepting of heat and cold for temperature play. However, it should not be exposed to extreme heat or cold for that will cause it to break. No better than any other glass dildos.

So the reason I am writing this review is because after posting about my purchase of this dildo on my Instagram, I quickly received messages from followers reiterating what had kept me from trying out a glass dildo for so long.

Their concerns was over breakage.

The fact is though that this dildo is solid glass. Borosilicate glass to be more exact, which is fracture-resistant. It will not cause a trip to the emergency room like a glass bottle or jar which can break and shatter from the tightness of the anus and rectum. Many more females than males seem to be more aware of this. Hence why glass sex toys tend to be more marketed to females, which leads to the only negative I have in this review about this product--- their unnecessary gender-specific marketing.

For this dildo is called a "Curved Glass G-Spot Dildo". Meanwhile, with me being a cisgendered male, I do not have a g-spot. I instead have a prostate, or p-spot. And while the smoothness made the dildo go in easy, the curve of this glass dildo stimulated my prostate just as effectively as it is marketed to stimulated a female's g-spot. So the only male that would try this product is one with enough knowledge of sexual anatomy to think outside of this product's box when it is presented to him. Therefore, like most gender-specific marketing, this company puts themselves in the position to lose patronage they should be willing to gain.

In any case, for all males concerned about a glass dildo, as long as you are dealing with solid glass, like borosilicate, no one of any gender has reason to fear breakage from a glass dildo.  The only fear would be if you chip it by dropping it or cracking it by putting it under extreme weight. Otherwise. I think males into anal play should start putting more thought into investing in a glass dildo such as this.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

I'm Not A Racist, ...But My Boyfriend Is

Ever have an attraction to someone of a different color/ethnicity, that either leads to or has the potential to lead to a tryst, maybe even a relationship. Then later on down the line, whether the tryst happens or not, you see that person in a new relationship. One that allows 3-ways. So you see them at a sex party, backroom, or cruising bar, and of the many prospective playmates you see them talk up...

NONE  OF THEM share your ethnicity and/or your shade or darker.

If you are a person of color who has been part of interracial trysts, relationships, and 3-ways, especially if you're medium to dark complexioned, then this is probably not a new scenario to you at all.

The reason I must say medium to dark complexioned because when it comes to color, we are still painted as the "undesirables" in society, and the gay community. A recent incident regarding racist remarks from a former manager at Manhattan Monster in NYC makes that very evident. And those racist remarks were made by a light-complexioned Latino. What's even worse is that such an incident enabling this ignorance of racism and colorism is not unique to just Manhattan Monster. It's practically in every gay bar in New York, and other major cities. It's just that Manhattan Monster finally had people brave enough to put those actions on blast.

I bring up this incident because along with gay media, gay porn and gay nightlife are both teachers to the newly out, and a reaffirming source to gays as to who should be considered "ideal" based on their body build, ethnicity, color, and light and darkness of that color. So now you know a likely source of the racism displayed by your adored's significant other that has prevented you from ever experiencing each other.

Another reason to bring up that incident is because this racism and colorism is not practiced only by whites. It is also practice by Asians, light-complexioned Latinos, and Middle Easterners of all colors.

Case in point, one night at The Cock, a light-skinned Latino was eyeing me for quite awhile. A Black guy approached him to dance, and the Latino quickly obliged. The second that happened, his dark-complexioned Middle Eastern boyfriend intervined to break up that dance. Not too long after, a light-complexioned friend of mine that I was chatting with started talking to the Latino just as he was making his way to me. So I was standing right there. The Latino's Middle Eastern boyfriend saw this. And in his rabid insecurity ran over to pleasantly talk to my friend, including exchanging introductions. All the while, totally acting as if I was not even in the space. That is until I startled the Middle

The person you once had adoration for should ask themselves some questions. Questions like:

  • Why am I with such a person?
  • Am I really that desperate to say I'm in a relationship. So desperate that I'd settle to lay each night with a living and breathing cesspool of narrow-mindedness about who is beautiful and sexy?
  • Have I lost that much self-respect? Or if this is not my 1st such relationship, did I ever have that self-respect?

Well, they are already a fool for taking up with such a person. However, if you don't lose that adoration for them, then you're a greater fool than they are. Pity is a way more valid emotion to feel for them. For the ignorance that they have committed themselves to has without a doubt lessened their beauty inside and out. And it's a beauty that shouldn't be resurrected in your eyes until they wise up.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Sex Toy Review: Thruster Mini

I recently bought the Thruster Mini by Velvet CoCK. I must admit that the accordion like neck made me a bit hesitant. This hesitation was to no fault of Velvet CoCK's designing. It was actually because of a previous purchase I made of an anal sex toy with a similar design.

For that other toy also had an accordion design in the neck, which in me caused a pinching of my rectal walls. An unkind sensation that I said in my review that I submitted to The Pleasure Chest would happen to anyone with a rectum tight enough to engulf the entire shape of anything entered into it. With that said, what made me give the Thruster Mini a try was the fact that unlike that other toy, the thrusting part is not meant to be put inside the body.

The Thruster Mini is made of silicone, so it will not harbor bacteria after cleaning, and can only be used with water-based and silicone-based lubricants. Do not use silicone-based lubes on a silicone toy. For it will destroy the toy, thereby void the warranty. It is also water-resistant, which means it can be taken into the shower, but it cannot be submerged into a tub.

The insertable part of the Thruster Mini's shaft is 5" long. A length which is quite comparable to the length of the highly respected Aneros' prostate massagers. Add to that the ability for the shaft to be bent up to 30º, I became hopeful that the Thruster Mini would do that thrusting towards the prostate. And it did not disappoint.

For in the XTube video below, about 3 minutes into it, I assume the missionary position. What you of course can't see is that due to the angle at which I held the Liberator Bon Bon that the Thruster Mini is in, the Thruster Mini did in fact stimulate my prostate. Hence the quivering orgasm seem by the end of the video. So if it was able to be curved to hit my prostate, there is no doubt it can be curved to hit a female's G-spot.

LeNair Xavier Gets Thrusted powered by XTube

With a present retail value of $149, the Thruster Mini is by no means a cheap sex toy. However, I do recommend it for both males and females. Anyway, it does say "Unisex" on the box. Making this one case where a sex toy company did not lie about the usefulness of their product, and that gets many stars in my book.

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