Monday, December 26, 2016

Cock Tastes Good! Natural or With... JO's Gelato?


I anticipate tasting all the flavor can be found in his skin's varying textures. The taste of his balls, then all the way to the head of his cock. Loving his cock even more so when the guy is so super horny that his cock head is engorged. So ready to pump in either my mouth or ass that any light in the room that hits it causes it to shine. And once his cock is in my mouth, I can suck it feeling my jaw muscles getting a massive workout,.... and still keep going. Never once desiring to huff on poppers to "make it easier" to do so. Because I love the natural flavor of cock just that much, and have no intention of confusing my brain from taking in the messages of how good and clean that man's cock is.

I'm getting hard and salivating just thinking about it.

Now, while many (like I) love sucking a clean cock with its natural flavor, we might not understand, but must accept how some are not such enthusiast about the natural flavor of a man's cock. It is for this reason that flavored lubes are made.

From time to time, I come across samples of flavored lubricants. If I know I'm going to a sex party, I often will put some on my cock and ass cheeks. Never the asshole. Because the sugar in most flavored lubes, and flesh do not mix.

Anyway, in preparing to tag-team a hot bottom in a 3-way, I dossed my cock with one of the flavors from JO Gelato collection.
It was either Tira Misu or Crème Brulee. I put it on about 90 minutes before arriving to the apartment of the host who was the other top. So by the time we started foreplay with the bottom sucking on my dick, that lube was so deep in my skin, my dick most likely tasted as if it was meat marinated in one of the aforementioned flavors.

I wasn't aware that the lube was even noticeable until after the other top and myself had tag-teamed, D.P.'d, then tag-teamed the bottom to orgasm. For as we all laid there sweaty and exhausted, the bottom talked about how he loved sucking on my tasty dick.

Being the observant writer who is as in tune to words as I am, I noticed the bottom using the word "tasty" specifically when talking about my cock. This is by no means a contest. After all, the bottom did seem to enjoy sucking both of our cocks, and he's been pleased sucking on mine with its natural flavor before numerous times when we met up at the MilkChocolateNYC party on nights when it is held in Queens. However that, plus my own inability to lie unnecessarily made me confess to what gave me that "tasty" edge over the other top.

As always, I tasted the lube before putting it on myself. So I know for a fact that it does taste quite good. So for those who are not fans of tasting the natural flavor of cock like I am, and would prefer feeling like you're sucking on a sweet dessert, then I highly suggest JO's Gelato collection.

Seeing how it has gotten such great reactions from guys (yes, "guys" plural, because I have used it more than once), my goal now is to find more at a decent price. So I can accommodate those playmates who prefer a flavored lube over the natural taste of my cock. To my credit though, most seem to prefer the natural me.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Introducing X-Rayed Sex

In case you don't know, a few months ago, I did an interview for the Glam Award-winning Tumblr blog, Thotyssey. Now, as the blog's author Jim Silvestri tries branching out with the blog, he's allowing for a sex column, and I have thrown my name in the hat to be the column's author. In using that column to be an extension to the mission towards sexuality with this blog, I have titled the column,
"X-Rayed Sex".

My first topic for the column examines why in interracial relationships with a black male is the black male so often the top. Is there a perception to blame? If so, who or what gets the blame? Why won't we question this matter? Where does this ordained role for gay black males leave black bottoms? And who (regardless of color/ethnicity) wins in the end?

All of these questions will be answered in that post. So please, check it out:

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Should You Blow into a Blowhole?

I was given a new toy to try out. It's a male masturbation toy called Blowhole. It's meant to cause an orgasm by stimulating the head of the penis more than anything else. I have been given other toys that are a great deal larger
LOOKS - I have been given other toys that are a great deal larger, and obvious. So one thing I like about the Blowhole is its subtlety. For most male masturbation toys are very in your face about what they are. However, with the Blow Hole, if left out, no one will ever know what it is unless you tell them, or they own one themselves. For the Blowhole looks like a simple cup. A cup someone would use for pens and pencils.

TECHNOLOGY - I like the app it can connect to, RemojiThe app lets you change the speed and/or intensity of the vibration. It can be distracting in solo play. However, when play includes watching a guy masturbate as part of couple or group play, the addition of Remoji can make for a fun time.

SENSATION - The soft interior with grooves makes the initial various vibrations of the Blowhole feel great. I must say "initial" because the Remoji app makes it a game in providing more settings. The more you use it, the more settings you will unlock.

SURPRISE - I've avoided the Fun Factory Cobra Libre because of it only stimulating the head of the penis. I never thought such stimulation would be enough. The Blowhole proved me wrong.

However, the Blow Hole has turned me on to the possibility of such a toy being a good male masturbation choice. With that said, being able to include the Remoji app in your play gives the Blow Hole a definite edge over the Cobra Libre as a penis head masturbating toy.

So with all that said, I definitely recommend the Blowhole. It's good enough that my normal routine when I want to jerk off is to pull out and dick, and get to stroking. The Blowhole has actually from time to time made me stop, and consider adding it to my self-pleasure play.

Yes, it's that good.

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