Thursday, October 29, 2020

Which Responds Best To The Sounds of Sex?...Lovense or We-Vibe

Even before my exploration into interactive sex toys with Kiiroo, I have always wanted my vibrating sex toys to vibrate in sync with the sounds of sex in the porn I was watching. Mainly those toys that I use anally, which are many.

So when the technology for such vibrating sex toys evolved to having app connections that make the toy vibrate to music, it was only a matter of time before I put my own spin on it.

You see, I was never impressed by the idea of a sex toy vibrating to music. Probably because for me, I want the vibrations to be connected to who I'm fantasizing about. So as much as I'm a Prince fan, and love the song "It" as a song to play during sex, I'm not going to masturbate to its vibrations because I never had a masturbation fantasy about Prince. 

I will admit though that song does work well for that sex toy feature.

Anyway, it took awhile, but eventually I realized that while I didn't want to use music for the syncing vibration with audio feature like it was marketed, I could practice what I always preach....I came up with my own way of using that feature.

The idea probably came to me thanks to Kiiroo. For their Titan syncing with porn is pretty much what I was looking to do with the sync-with-audio feature of my anal toys. Luckily, I had 2 anal sex toys to test my theory with. The Hush by Lovense and the Vector by We-Vibe.

So what were the results of my tests?

Trust me, I love both brands and butt toys. However, when it comes to the sounds of sex, Lovense beats We-Vibe by a wide margin. Hence why I now also own a Lovense Edge, which was after the Hush that I used for this video:

In my testing, I found what gives Lovense the edge is their sensitivity feature. That sensitivity feature makes it more responsive to non-musical sounds, such as those in the title of my compilation: body slaps, bed squeaks, and moans. That is why you were hearing me moan over the sounds of the video. I was feeling (and enjoying) the Hush vibrating in my butt in perfect synchronicity to those sounds in the porn. Hence how I wound up coming close to the same time as Marco Paris.

With We-Vibe, whether the sounds of sex are in an audio track or by using the microphone to hear porn you have playing, you can see the app picking up the sound. However, the app picking it up does not transfer as well to the Vector, if at all. And the changing it from "bass", "mid-range", or "treble" didn't change that much. I figured if anything that the Vector would pick up the sexual sounds if you set it to react to mid-range or treble, but no such luck. For it seems the We-Connect app is meant for picking up the bass, mid-range, and treble of music only.

This review is not condemning We-Vibe's Vector. It is just simply pointing out that it's audio-responses do not respond to the sounds of sex. Everything great I said about the We-Vibe Vector in my initial review of it still remains true.

With that, I leave you with the video compilation that I made for the purpose of this test. Appropriately titled "Body Slaps, Bed Squeaks & Moans".!AklovIuy4VIKgbZdX-5_R21xPtOx9w?e=Q8pNRG

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