Sunday, January 31, 2016

Why Gays Huff Poppers

Besides peer pressure from gay males making you believe if you don't do it, then you won't be desirable; Besides seeing so many gay males doing it at sex parties and backrooms, which transfers to their private spaces; Besides gay porn reaching such a low in the ignorance they teach new gays and further the social death of old,...EVERYTHING HAS A ROOT.

And gay males using poppers is no different.

The problem is it is a rotting root.
For the reason so many gay males do poppers is the same as with any other drug. They're trying to escape. They're trying to escape the voices of their anti-gay oppressors past, present, and future that still lurk in their minds while doing a gay act.

This is now becoming such an epidemic that gay males' actions today show that poppers, which was once believed to make it easier for bottoms to have anal sex, is now used for every part of gay sex. From blowjobs, to topping, and even voyeurism of gay sex. So it's not the just doing the act of gay sex they're trying to numb themselves to their unnecessary shame of. It's also the unnecessary shame of viewing gay sex. So as much as many will refuse to admit it, as much as it is enabled by various aspects of the gay community, this enabled escapism, this enabled cowardice is now becoming the greatest drug epidemic within our community due to how long it has been enabled by our community.

This acceptance and enabling of poppers show today's gay males who act as if they're more of a man than the gay males of the past to be total frauds unto themselves. Because before some huffing addict(s) influenced others into using poppers, many gay males of the past still got through anal sex with a big enough smile on their face for homosexual sex to continue.

So what is wrong with so many gays today???!!!

There is obviously something wrong when we start telling each other to have a chemical high when we so much as not just make out with our same sex partner, but watch same sex happening. And treating the acts of foreplay and sex themselves as if their high will never be enough.

Sex itself is enough of a high when taken the way nature intended. If you can't feel that, then why fuck???

For so many gays acting like they need poppers to have gay sex further justifies every right-wingers claim that gay sex is unnatural. Therefore, every popper-user is making us our own worst enemy. Undoing all of the progress gay rights activists (who are not substance-abusers) have been doing for so long to show right-wingers that our being gay and the sex we have is natural. Well, how well are you sending that message if you can't get through sex without huffing on a chemical that's lethal if directly ingested orally, and will destroy your brain cells definitely (and maybe your lungs) over time?

Regardless of how many gays over time have enabled the use of poppers by passing it to a "fuck-buddy", or advertisers and retailers making its intended illegal use of huffing go under the radar of legal authorities by prettying up the name by calling them "cleaning solvents" or "electrical contact cleaners", the use of poppers is still a slow mental and physical suicide for anyone using them. Since the chemical fumes are dangerous, especially if inhaled that closely.

The reason they use the terms "cleaning solvents", "video head cleaner", or "electrical contact cleaner" is to escape criminal prosecution for selling an illegal substance. Because if used for their original purpose, cleaning solvents are not illegal. HOWEVER, the reason you would you walk into a sex shop to buy cleaning solvents ---huffing, is illegal. Thereby making someone requesting them by the terminology that makes the intent for that illegal use obvious (poppers) also illegal.

So "cleaning solvents" and "electrical contact cleaners" is a bullshit words for "poppers". I bring this up because the term "cleaning solvents" was recently used to tell the cause of death of gay porn actor King B is to lessen the reality of how many gay males live lives where such a death can easily be either abruptly repeated, or is slowly but surely happening now. And as far as we know, King B. may be the only porn actor to die from using poppers. But ask yourself this:..

...What about all of those porn actors who causes of deaths were never told to the public?

For if no details were given, we can easily rule out a transportation accident as cause of death. That therefore leaves, illness they never wanted told publicly, murder in a place that tarnishes their image, or drug overdose (including poppers) which further justifies the negative stigma about the porn world. In short, death that was in some way the result of their own bad choices.

Anyway, defenders and enablers of this gay self-destruction from poppers are the first to say that no study has been done to prove the long term effects of using poppers. Such a defense is a cop-out excuse for them to not even try using the brain cells that poppers have left for them to use. For you don't need to read a study from someone else to tell you the truth. Nature gave us eyes and a brain to observe things on our own, and take note of consequences for certain actions on our own. With that said, the only person who can't see how older guys who have used poppers for years have many instances where things don't register someone whose brain is either also at that bad point, or are on the road to that same bad point of brain functionality.

Once I came out to myself and lost my virginity, I believe I subconsciously made a credo for myself that made me not want alcohol, drugs, or any subastance during sex. Even though I have made no secret of my experimentation with drugs during some early sexual escapades, in the end, what has made me be so against substance abuse during sex is realizing how I feel about myself and my body as a man who has gay anal sex. The best words to sum those feelings up are:

I love my dick. I love my ass. I love having men I'm attracted to play with my dick and ass. I love licking, sucking, eating out, and fucking their dicks and asses. And I do it all with no shame. Because for the most part, I'm gay. Therefore, such cravings are my nature, which is a part of nature overall.

If every gay male made such a proclamation and actually meant it, then so many gay males wouldn't feel the need to use poppers for anal sex. For they would want nothing to distract the brain from receiving the message from the nerve endings in your dick and ass to give you the unmatched high of sex. For sex is such a great enough high all its own when done right that it needs no enhancement. And part of sex being done right means being done without the shame your oppressors (namely prudes, religious uptights, and homophobes) have impressed upon you. The reason we are having this epidemic of popper use is because in regards to feeling no shame over their gay selves, many gay males do the talk, but they don't do the walk. 

With that said, no gay using poppers has any right to criticize a popper-huffing gay-for-pay bitch in denial like Vadim Black (as he admitted to huffing on MTV's True Life). Because Vadim Black huffs (and dopes) out of shame of his gay self. 

And if you're huffing on poppers, you're huffing out of shame of your gay self as well.

With all that I've told about myself from my time in porn until now, I am by no means a prude, oppressor, or homophobe. I have your best interest at heart. I want you to have the most mentally and emotionally (leading to physically) healthy sex possible. If I am to stand by my credo, I cannot treat poppers as a thing to call a simple matter of choice like condom use, which may or not be done with healthy intent. However, no matter what you may have been told about doing poppers, short or long term, HUFFING ON POPPERS HAS NO HEALTHY INTENT OR OUTCOME.

It is for this reason that I have decided to never date a guy I know does poppers. It's bad enough tolerating the use of them from a one-night stand, a sex party or backroom tryst, but it's even more disrespectful coming from a significant other. For when you have sex YOU ARE SUPPOSE TO BE THE ONE & ONLY HIGH for your sex partner(s), and you theirs. And I have reached the point where I refuse to compete with a bottle that at it's smallest is a little less than 2 inches tall. Making it at least 33 times shorter than my 5'6" self.

So in closing, I'm glad to hear that British Parliament is proposing a ban on poppers. I don't know the exact motive. Maybe it's putting capitalism aside for the sake of people's sexual well-being. But based on all what I have said of the real reason gay males use them and the long-term effects I've witnessed, doesn't it tell you something is wrong in our community if the other possibility for this proposed ban on poppers is to make us gays unable to have sex? It means we've as a whole (including political shithead Crispin Blunt) have put out an image of us not being man enough to joyfully have sex without chemicals.

So every time a gay man considers huffing on poppers, as he's putting that bottle to his nose, he needs to think about how enabling and encouraging the use of poppers has shown gay behavior in such a bad light. Then at that point, STOP.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Inside Jack

Lately, all of my XTube videos have been of me masturbating. The twist is that I give you a view of the masturbating not from the traditional view of me sitting there with my dick in my hand, or putting it in a stroker. Instead, I give a view from inside the toy.

There aren't a lot of videos that do this. So trust me when I tell you, it's a process to make that shot happen. It was even more of a process this time around because all of the other toys have a big hole to work with. This masturbation sleeve however, Jack by VēDO, has a very small hole.

With that said, I'm not giving away how I got the shot. Just enjoy this 95 seconds of me catering to all of you sexual geeks who like to see the inner-workings of sex.

Inside Jack powered by XTube

Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Pied Piper of Sex

A few months ago, a friend told me that my posts on my blogs, Facebook, and Twitter make me like "a pied piper of positive sexual energy".

However, one must does one accomplish such a feat with a backstory path such as mine?

Going from growing up religious---> a 30 year-old virgin ---> a 30-something porn actor---> an erotic artist whose pride in exhibitionism makes him dog the porn industry?

Few can go through such extremes, and show reasons that are logical.

Well, it's my pleasure to announce that I'll have about 12 minutes to show those reasons for such extremes at an event called Queer Arts Organic. An event in  which I have been invited to be one of the 4 performers on that night, with my presentation titled
"The Pied Piper of Sex".

That night being February 10th, coincidentally is a date that plays a part in my story. So I'll be celebrating an anniversary that night. With that in mind, if you're in NYC, I hope you'll come to Dixon Place that night and celebrate with me. Your presence is the only gift I ask. I hope it's an easy gift to give. For the cost of admission is FREE.

Originally, I planned on writing my autobiography as a book. Recently however, I have been considering writing and performing it as a one-man show. So I am taking this invitation from curator Aimee Herman to be a part of Queer Arts Organic as a way to give my one-man show idea a test run. So goes another reason I hope for you to attend.

With hopes to see you soon,
LeNair Xavier

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