Sunday, December 7, 2008

Exhibitionist Add-A-Day

My weekend started with the news I must report that after 3 weeks into its 5-week run, I was voted out of Go-Go Idol at The Monster. My disappointment with not proceeding is only because as big a city as New York is, there aren't many venues that feature or include the same variety in body types in ethnic men as they have in the White men they hire. Instead it's almost a requirement for ethnic men to be muscled-up, so I was glad to represent the void of ethnic go-go boys (especially Black and Asians) who are simply well-toned.

At least now with Go-Go Idol out of the way, I can once again spend my Thursday nights editing my weekend posts meant to inspire some weekend horniness in you.
Speaking of weekend horniness, I had plenty of tools of outlet over the weekend. First on Friday night was the pool party Baña. My kink for wet hot guys was quickly satisfied after I checked in. I bought a new pair of swim trunks that arrived in the mail just in time. They're from a division of Greg Homme called 3G ActualWear.

It seems pornstars were part of the pleasing sights working at Baña with Mike Dreyden working the clothescheck naked wearing only those reindeer horns and ears you see in that pic. But before running into Mike, the guy greeting me when I first walked in, besides being a total hottie, he looked very familiar to me. It turned out being Jake Havoc.

Once I realized that, while I'm not a size queen but fascinated by a thick member, I thought to myself, "Damn, you got a thick one! I wouldn't mind finding out if you could put a pounding on me that makes you deserve that last name."

Well, I didn't get that thick one. BUT I did have a run-in with someone who I recently met who has a member possibly as thick. Steve from the NY Jock Party. In fact, he's the one who took the photo of me and Mike Dreyden. So I had some playtime with him, as well as my past conquest from "Nice Work, If You Can Get It (And Some)". To not monopolize each other's time, me and Steve went our separate ways for a bit which led to my playtime with my past conquest, and a very hot makeout session with a group of new guys. When me and Steve reunited, we put on a hot show in the VIP Room, and left open the possibility of our previous plan to hook-up on Saturday, even though it was technically Saturday already when we parted ways.

After Steve's hook-up invitation, I had some other options thrown my way to consider for my Saturday night. Such as Dnaiel Nardicio's DList Radio broadcast from the D train, and a hottie's birthday party. As usual, I stuck to my "first come , first served" rule, or in this case "first come, first serviced". Especially since after planning a time via email I told Steven that I would be "Ready, willing, and able - to get fucked senseless." And to my delight, Steven took full advantage of my invitation to my ass. Let's just say if the makers of his bed ever want to make an X-rated commercial for that bed, me and Steve should be the star of that commercial. Especially considering how at times me and Steve wound up airborne from his fucking me so hard, with only our mouths and not the bed were making a sound. He took some pictures of me, and I used the camera on my cell phone to take some of him. Now with an ass like that, you know I was groping it like crazy while he pounded me.

Believe it or not, after the fuckfest I had, I still had enough energy to get myself over to a prior commitment of the benefit for Theatre Askew, "Holiday Heat" . There was erotic art there available for a silent auction. One artist's name was very familiar to me. It was Anthony Gonzales. He drew pictures of me when I posed at the Erotic Art Fair a couple of years ago. I found him to be extremely talented, so whoever won the auction for his pieces, I can defintely say that they are so lucky.

Now tonight, Daniel Nardicio is bringing back for one night his TigerBeat Underwear Party to The Cock. Since I already planned on going there, I don't feel bad about missing his DList radio broadcast. But guess who designed the underwear I plan on wearing to close my weekend horniness? Why it's Greg Homme. Maybe he'll read this and make me a spokesmodel. Wouldn't that be cool. And don't you wish you were going to be there to see me wearing this:

If you're not there, your loss is going to be somebody else's gain. Especially since I have already put in for a day off the following Tuesday. I guess these plans show that the weekend may be over, but my exhibitionist spirit isn't.

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