Friday, January 9, 2015

In Lust With....Bel Gris

It's been quite a long while since I posted anything for this category of my blog. And based on you object of my lust, you can see why.

Bel Gris is a Spanish straight porn actor. For those of you thinking I'm a hypocrite because of how I feel about the porn industry after my time in it, I've always said that my feelings about the industry makes me picky about the porn I watch. I must see a genuine attraction between the performers. I must feel that they're exhibitionists, and not prostitutes in front of the camera.

With that being said, as a man who loves watching sex be the adults straight, gay, or bi, I definitely feel I'm getting what I want watching Bel Gris in action.
Watching his rhythmic thrusts makes me wish those woman's pussies were my tight asshole being filled with his big, thick, uncut dick.
An uncut dick which inspired a recently post on one of my Tumblr blogs.

And I love watching his long dark hair flow because of either his hard plowing, or a woman eagerly riding his dick. It reminds me of the El Salvadorian I got it on with in my homemade video, "Why It's WE Fucked". Me riding his cock, and his pounding my ass made his hair flow the same way.

Lastly, who can resist how Bel always shoots a massive cumload. Definitely not a cum-pig like myself.
I'm always having fantasies where we live in a STI-free world so he can without care either feed his cumload in my mouth, and I would most definitely swallow. Or my tight hole would milk his big cock, and that cumload would shoot so far up my ass that it would take days to come down.

So on that note, I'll leave you to your "seducing straight guy" fantasy. Because writing this blog post has put me in the mood for another about Bel Gris. ;-)

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