Friday, December 26, 2008

My After Party Of THAT Christmas Party, Part 1

You may recall my telling you that I was attending my day job's Christmas party last Friday, which I did. I save minute details about that for Monday, but for now, let me update you on what happened after that party.

I've seen the guy I met at the NY Jock Party, Steve, just about every weekend since then. He emailed me about possibly getting together last Friday night. I replied telling him that the party might not end until about 10 or 11 PM. You see, every year the invite says one time, but they always extend it, and this year was no different. The invite said it would end at 10 PM, then during the party, they announced extending it until 10:30, then another announcement came on extending it until 11 PM. So I wasn't wrong at all with what I told Steve.

The firm gives a car service to everyone, with you usually winding up sharing with about 2 other people going along your away. Last year, I was totally annoyed by my 1 fellow passenger, so unless I was sharing a cab with one or more of the few cute attorneys and/or paralegals for us to go to his place to do a meeting between our cocks and asses, I would rather ride the cab solo. At the time, it seemed unfortunate that I wound up doing the latter, so I told the driver to take me to 28th Street and 10th Avenue so I could go to Max Scott's birthday party at The Eagle. Along the way, I called Steve, but got a voicemail, so I hung up. He must have saw my number under missed call, so he called me back a couple of minutes later. I told him where I was headed. He said he was in upper Manhattan, and to my surprise, he said he would meet me there. You see, Steve lives quite a bit more closer to The Eagle than Upper Manhattan, so learning he was so far from the Eagle instead of being at or near home made me prepare for Steve to be a no-show. So if I was going to get lucky, it was going to have to be a patron at the bar.

When I showed up at The Eagle, Max Scott saw me just as I was about to pay to get in. It turns out I didn't have to pay, because if I chose to, I wasn't going to be a patron, I was going to go-go dance instead. So even with all the dancing I did at the firm's Christmas party, I chose to go-go dance. I did a set, then Mike Dreyden arrived and gave me a break. While standing around on a break, who walked in but Steve. I told him that he just missed me dancing on the stage, but I'll be on the bar in a little bit. He said he couldn't wait to see that. After feeling him up a bit, to feel that nice plump and smooth ass of his, I later learned why he was so eager to see me on the bar.

I got up on the bar, then Steve asked me to turn around. He then asked me to squat down, and when I did, he buried his face and tongue right into my ass. The bar patrons looking on were totally in awe. And they should be, because Steve's rimming always makes me eager to get my hole filled, even when I'm in the mood to fill a hole myself.

Steve had never been to The Eagle before, so he explored the upstairs while I continued working the on the 1st floor. At about 3:30 we decided to leave, and have our own fun. So as it turned out I was going to get lucky with a patron at the bar after all.

And from there the adventure to be concluded tomorrow continued....

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