Saturday, June 27, 2015

Fucking The What Out Of Me

I recently went to the Rainbow Playground up in Queens for a Tuesday night CumUnion party. As soon as I arrived, I found myself watch by a couple of guys. Both were good looking and had nice bodies. So why was I hesitant, and stand-offish? It's because I'm humble enough to not be arrogant about the compliments I get on my looks. So their pursuit of me was a bit overwhelming. Plus, it had been quite awhile since the last time I was at a sex party there. So I needed to feel the vibe, and find my comfort zone in this space uncommon to me.

Once I settled into that comfort zone, I found myself standing as the right angle in a right triangle between those 2 aforementioned guys. The place was so dark in that particular area that I decided one of these guys were going to get me. Top or bottom, someone was getting it. So it was decision-making time.

There was a short well-built Latino, and a light skin guy who was either Black or Latino. I chose the former. After all, I liked him from the moment I saw his silhouette. And as I walked towards him for a better view, I like him even more. Plus, I suspected he was more of what I needed. Time would only tell if I was right.

We started feeling each other up. We reached for each other's cock, and groped each other's asses. We did it so much that not I, or any passerby voyeur could tell who was going to be the top and who was going to be the bottom. I'm sure many assumed  the general straight perception we are brought up with. So because of the inches difference in height with me being taller that I would be the top.

Well, I'm glad I was wrong.

Her took me over to this mattress, and had me suck his cock. And if you didn't already know, I LOVE to suck dick.. Just don't make it the all of the sex we have. Make cocksucking foreplay. With that being the case, I was not disappointed. Because I knew my mouth was worshiping that dick looking a tad too big for his little frame was doing so to prepare it for worshiped by the tightness of my ass. My ass, which had been too long without a cock inside it for a satisfying amount of time.

Uh, remember that saying "Be care what you wish for". Ummm, I got what I wished for. We fucked missionary, doggy, side saddle, Y. I remember throwing my ass on his dick  in missionary, and even more so during doggy style. As the time of his in me seemed usually long for a sex party fuck, I became more verbal. At one point during doggy style, I buried my fists into the mattress and started thrusting my ass onto his cock while he was thrusting into me. Both parties moving like this doesn't usually work because they have to both be on the same exact beat and rhythm. And as it turned out, not only were we on the same rhythm. But we were actually following the beat of the electro-dance music playing.

Electro-dance music, which I hate. Because that music was why I had no idea how long he was inside me. It's because that fuckin' song never seemed to goddamn end! I just assumed we were at it for about 20 - 30 minutes, which like I said, is unusually long for a sex party fuck. That's the amount of time you have sex with a hook-up, or your significant other. Not at a sex party. And trust me, that is merely an observation. Not by any means is it a complaint.

After realizing we were at it for so long, I did the unthinkable...I stopped him. It wasn't because I was so tired of fucking. Because like I said, I needed to bottom, and 20 - 30 minutes at a sex party should definitely scratch that itch good. The oddness of it is because when I bottom, I'm a power bottom. And as good as his cock was, you would think I'd be writing this blog post with his dick still thrusting and throbbing in my ass. So what stopped me? It's because I had numerous moments during the sex where I felt something that maybe those of you readers who are more expert bottoms can enlighten me on.

During the sex, I had a few instances of feeling something in my dick ready to shoot out. I was not stroking my dick, because as usual, I was too busy either holding my position, or even more likely, enjoying touching on him. So I was repeatedly trying to figure out: was I about to piss? Or was this guy's cock so good that he was literally fucking the cum out of me? To the point that I could ejaculate hands-free?

Repeatedly asking myself this started to fuck with my rhythm, so I stopped the sex, and told him I needed a break. Afterwards, I went to the bathroom, and pissed - but not much. So my expert bottom readers, I'm asking you, what does your expert experience tell you what was going on with my body? Because if such an instance happens again, if it's a cumshot my dick is craving to let loose, I want to let it go, and fall into my own jizz - the aftermath of a hot fuck.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Porn Says It's NOT Sex Ed...Our Behavior Says...


That has long been the porn industry's stance when accused of playing a part in our society's bad sexual behavior, including poor body knowledge and detrimental expectations based on gender, ethnicity, size, and color.

The porn industry has long been very hypocritical and schizophrenic about their part in our sexual knowledge and behavior. They take credit when it suits them, namely financially. Such as if a movie incites a number of couples to admit that a porn scene inspired them to do some great feeling sexual position, then the porn industry is ready for their close-up. However, if porn incites one or more of the elements mentioned in the 1st paragraph, which paints them in a justifiably bad light, then they try playing victim. Painting the person who calls them out to be "using them as a scapegoat", and take the "Porn is a fantasy" defense. Regardless of how much evidence their accuser(s) presents to prove their point. Including how at the beginning of many porn DVDs, you will find a warning notice that you should read carefully. For it says:
Did you notice the 2nd sentence? Notice the word "education"? And this was not the only porn company using the word "education". Yet even with that said, I expect very much that same avoidance behavior from the industry in regards to this post. But I have faith that by the time I am done, you will understand my points of view, and have a much better sex life for it.

Why do we need this discussion? For as great a country as it is, we live in America, which has a great flaw like most countries of being sexually oppressive, repressed, and misogynistic. Such a prime mainstream example of this sexual oppression, repression and misogyny is how 11 years ago, Janet Jackson's exposed boob from a wardrobe malfunction during the Super Bowl Halftime Show made phone lines blow up, and her banned to attend the Grammys, when all she did was own the titty. Meanwhile, her male performance partner, Justin Timberlake, the one who removed the part of the costume that exposed the titty, was still allowed to attend The Grammys.

With so many examples such as this still happening 11 years later, it's proven that we Americans are not having the discussions about sex, nudity, our bodies, and respect of the opposite sex's bodies like we should. So where are we going to get those lessons from? The one thing that appears to be the most open about sex ---pornography. And which gender is the main connoisseur of porn? Males. And what are females and gay male bottoms taught to do during sex? Let the penis-inserting male take the lead, and no matter how poorly skilled he may be, just grin and bear it.

While porn does appear to be the most open about sex, it doesn't teach you how to take care of a woman's body (or that of a male bottom). For most producers/directors are only living vicariously through the male porn performers they instruct to pound an orifice, and know nothing their damn selves. Why? Because most of them are overcompensating males. Overcompensating males who also have the same male ego prohibiting them from taking the time to learn about their partner's body, regardless of gender. Case in point, considering how most of the blowjobs I've gotten that on a scale of 1 - 10, I would rate a 5 or lower, it's obvious that most male egos won't let them do right to their fellow man with the same equipment. So you know they can't do right to females who have different equipment.

This brings us to the point of this post.

I have witnessed and conducted many conversions with male customers at The Pleasure Chest needing to enlighten them about the female body. Undoing the ignorance porn has decided to not include in a scene because in their eyes, it's "not sexy enough to matter". Well, if it matters to your partner, guess what? It does matter. Such as:.

How many times has a guy tried shoving his penis, dildo, or vibrator in your butt (or the latter 2 in your vagina) with only spit, or even worse, nothing at all? Or put lube on the object to be inserted, but none on and in you? And in spite of the pain and discomfort, you said nothing, and allowed him to come back for more? ...Too often most likely. The reason for this is most likely because we've taken our cues from porn. Porn which unknown to viewers has either the inserted object and/or performer lubed up off-camera, or the recipient of the insertion has a body abused and stretched out enough that lube is almost irrelevant to entry.

Who can blame either party for taking their cues from porn? It's not like most of our parents are going to give advice on anal sex, or how to use a sex toy. Heck, parents are reluctant enough to give do's and don'ts of vaginal sex. With that said, it's not a bad thing to expect porn to take responsibility. For they are showing a part of sex we aren't readily taught. So they shouldn't half-ass showing it to us.

Porn seldom, if ever shows the use of lube on a sex toy, or in anal play. Meanwhile, there are ways to make putting on lube sexy. Especially when dealing with a sexual geek like myself, or someone into medical play.

For I love feeling the flesh of where my penis will soon lay. Whether it's with the barrier of a condom is a personal choice that I will address later. Anyway, for people who share my sentiment, arousal starts even before entering our sex partner's body. It actually starts the moment the person inserting the object reach for the lube, with the person being inserted into also aroused by the anticipation. With that being the case, I don't understand why porn dismisses the application of lube be it to a finger, penis, or a toy like it is irrelevant, and won't light a spark in the viewer when it obviously does.

I have long been a supporter of condom use being that of personal choice. I have also never been a fan of the magically appearing condom. Especially in movies that tease viewers that a penis is going into a vagina or anus without a condom. I've even hated it in some of the movies I've done.

The reason why I have such a disdain for it is because of the porn industry's in-fighting over unprotected sex is mucked up with hypocrisy. For how can the condom police of the porn industry slam studios for not using condoms when the condom police studios act ashamed of their own condom use by having that magically appearing condom? Say what negativity you will about porn studios showing sex without condoms (as I have about the unhealthy look of some models), we must at least agree to give them a pat on the back for owning their unprotected sex practices, while many condom studios act ashamed of their safe sex practices.

Condom use can be sexy. In fact, some years ago, I was in a bar contest produced and hosted by former gay porn actor Will Clark called "Porn Idol". One part of the contest was to put a condom on someone in sexy manner, with a judge holding a banana to be used in place of a penis. Well, just as we contestants got creative, porn can too.

For instance, the one to be penetrated can put the condom over their mouth, and roll the condom down the male's shaft. But besides that, the sexual geek in me loves the feel of a penis in my hands, hard or soft. If porn didn't do so much oral sex on the male performer that he loses interest and his erection, then condom use wouldn't be such a chore to show. Porn should instead focus more on creating the erection, then putting on the condom immediately after.

FYI, a sign the overdone oral being the case is most likely proven by the fade in between the no-condom oral sex and the "magically" condom-covered penis. Fades in porn scenes are often a sign that something went wrong.

With all that said, these missing actions from porn need to be included way more often than they presently are. For porn may be a fantasy, but (unless it's a drawing, painting, or cartoon) it takes real living, breathing human beings to make it happen. Refusal to acknowledge and behave accordingly to this fact makes the porn industry need many a couch trip.

Therefore, until porn directors gets those couch trips, we need to stop taking porn's lessons for the sexually selfish, overcompensating male to heart. Instead, we need to listen to our bodies, as well as listen to your sex partner's words and body. And if you hear your partner's words and body telling conflicting messages, it's likely because they're following some culture's rule that makes them refrain from being honest. Since that happens too often, we need to break the chain by giving them the chance to be honest. So since communication is the foundation for any healthy relationship,...simply ask your lover.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Muted Sex

I recently ventured to the sex party, CumUnion. I hadn't checked my clothes for 10 minutes before I found myself some action. That's not me bragging. It's just me stating my surprise at how fast it happened since I need to sense real chemistry before I allow something to happen for me. And I did.
I was walking past this structure that guys fool around on. I saw a crowd surrounding someone. This bothered me as usual because my personal credo at sex parties is that (since I'm usually the party starter) should I see a couple of guys getting it on, and I decide to watch, I'll only watch for only a minute to get inspired, then leave to see who I can make my own fun with. So that was my plan, but it didn't turn out that way.

The group as it turns out were staring at a guy standing upright positioning himself to top a guy laying on the structure. The top appeared to be a light-complexioned Latino. At first, all I saw was the back of him. He was tall, slim, and 2 beautifully round and lightly tan-lined cakes for butt cheeks. He must have seen me out of the corner of his eye. For that was when he turned around, and kept following me with his eyes. I knew what might happen if I got any closer. So I reached into my sock where I was keeping my condoms and lubes, and dressed up my dick. Once I got closer, what I thought might happen happened.

He looked at me and while he was inside the White guy laying on the structure, he reached for me, and put me behind him. He was letting me in his ass. So I was right to prepare myself. I put my cock inside his hole, and it felt so good. I started thrusting into him, which made a fuck-train as my little self made his taller self thrust into the even taller White guy. The Latino's ass felt amazing around my cock. Meanwhile, the ass felt great in my hands while I massaged it. All that plus the sight of his soft ass cheeks doing a slight squishing as I thrusted into him made my dick stay hard.

He soon stopped trying to top the other guy. Instead, he laid next to him on the structure for someone to top him. One guy seemed to try, but nothing came of it. Then the Latino's eyes fell on me again. He was waiting for me. Once I entered him in this position, it was me and him. There were still a lot of guys around us, and we started out kind of putting on a show. Then something in his reaction to me changed, and I followed his lead.

He pulled me in close to him. Having me bend over to kiss him while I was thrusting into him. Quite difficult considering by me standing up only 5'6", him laying down while being at least 6' tall, and I'm already balancing myself on the balls of my feet. Still, in spite of the difficulty, we fucked like it was only us there. After awhile, the crowd annoyed me by not finding their own fun, and I left him to get some air.

We later ran into each other again. This time, it was more intense. We kissed. He put his arms around me. Tightly. The next thing I knew, I initially thought I was getting a kiss like those in romance novels that made the heroine feel like she was floating on air. I already knew he could kiss, but this was like,...DAMN! But then reality set in where I realized that kiss didn't give me a euphoria that made me feel like I was floating. Instead, this guy really lifted me up.

Once I realized this, I wrapped my legs around him, and he took me over to this exam table in the large playroom. He laid me down and got on top of me. He started lifting my legs, and I finished it. Because he was giving me what I wanted from the moment I laid eyes on him and saw those round mounds of an ass of his. A chance to bottom missionary. And after topping him earlier, I knew he liked his ass massaged during sex, so he wasn't going to mind me groping those butt cheeks as a reward for finally giving me his dick.

And the sexual chemistry was so great between us, that all he had to do was enter me for the sex to be great. No special moves. Just be inside me.

As he thrusted away, I became the verbal, dirty talking, reassuring bottom, you can see in my porn movies. Not overacting. Just that living in the moment enjoying the place sex with someone you're truly compatible with takes you. By letting out the primal spontaneous thoughts entering you through your tool for sex, traveling to your brain, and then out through your mouth.

In the throes of this passion, I realized that he wasn't saying anything. During any tryst, he never said anything. He only moaned and groaned in pleasure. That's when it dawned on me that he might either be deaf, or a mute. And at a sex party of gay males, his great looks were his means to communicate. Only a few would have the depth to realize that he never spoke a word. It never stopped me from wanting him. This was just an observation I caught during the sex. So from there we proceeded.

As he laid on top of me, he was so tall that his chest was over my face. I was so into him that even to my surprise, I opened my mouth, and put it over his hairy chest. And while slowly closing my mouth, I licked his hairs. I liked it so much that I did it a few more other times while we laid there. And when his nipple was part of the chest inside my open mouth, I would lick and flick his nipple with my tongue while closing my mouth, and ending my mouth closure with a suck on his nipple. From this, he would groan and hug me closer to him again. It was a sexual chemistry where we both knew we were not making love. We were fucking. But we held each other like we were one another's salvation.

Sight of this chemistry once again brought on-lookers and guys wanting in on the action. But this time, besides feeling helpless being pinned under him (which as you can see I made the most of), I kind of enjoyed the added horniness.

Even with whoever joined us, however they joined us, he did as I said before. He held on to no other playmate of his like he held on to me. Knowing this made me feel dirty if I had held someone else that way. Luckily, no one else there that night lit that kind of sexual fire in me. So I got away with that guilt not being put to the test.

At one point, I got tired of the show and the crowd, and did as I had done a few times before. I left to follow my long standing rule of going to the bathroom to wash off after every play session, While the chemistry made this rule seem for naught, the reality was that he was still a stranger. A stranger I had such great chemistry with that I got so lost in the making out that while I stuck to the washing off rule of mine, I forgot to ask him his name. This is always my way to make sure he's treated as more than just a hole to put my cock in, or a stick to put in my ass or mouth.

Even though he slipped away before I could finally try to get his name, I surprisingly didn't feel bad about not getting it. For I had the  memory of his reaction to me. A reaction that showed me that I gave him something he wanted. Something I think every man wants, but refuses to admit to, because we're taught to not want it, especially in a sex party or hook-up situation. That something was in my energy....Letting him know that he was more than just a fuck.

This tale is by no means saying that I may have found my future husband at a Cum Union party. Far from it. This tale is simply pointing out how this sexual chemistry is new for me. For yes, I have experienced this level of sexual chemistry before. What's different is the fact that never has it been achieved with the absence of speech., until now. So it makes me wonder....

What is it about this guy's soul that made him the exception?

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