Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Hair Down There Preface

What are we coming to with our bodies?

As adolescents, one of the 1st physical signs that we crave the sight of is pubic hair. For males it says, "Puberty has arrived. I'm on the road to becoming a man."

But somehow, it is now treated by many trends to be ugly, uncomfortable, and therefore needed to be erased. Such as by straight guys who claim that they shave their pubes because them having the nature-given marking of pubic hair itches their shaved or waxed girlfriends. Well, here's the male being the same dumb-ass he was in the Garden of Eden all over again. Because if the female wasn't being dumb enough to shave or wax her pubic hair off for whatever reason, then the male wouldn't wind up being a bigger dumb-ass by following her and shaving or waxing off his. Because as I've said numerous times on this blog, the follower of a fool is a bigger fool than the original.  Hence why I look at the followers of this trend with a raised eyebrow, because neither gender obviously has no idea how ridiculous they look bare there. For nature instilled in us to equate pubic hair with adulthood, which is why it looks so strange to those of us who respect the human body's natural appearance, instead of following man-made trends.

Seeing males now follow females in shaving and waxing their pubes makes me think back to an incident from the end of my grade school years when back in the 6th grade, my graduating class had their graduation trip be to go to a dude ranch. One of the features of this dude ranch was a swimming pool. There was a room for the boys, and a room for the girls to put our stuff in, and change when went to either went to the swimming pool, or horseback riding. Of course in order to change from one outfit to another, you have to get totally naked. So when a great many of us boys were in the room changing, the boys didn't want to full on stare at one another's dicks to avoid being called "a faggot". After being bullied and called one for many of my grade school years, I was teased about being the one to watch out for. Not to get off track, but truth be told, my self-denied homosexuality at the time wouldn't surface around them anyway. For the bullying over other matters that I endured from these practically all Black kids, in turn contributed to my racism against other Blacks, males especially that I've greatly overcome, but still have a little ways to go.

Anyway, instead of checking out cock somehow the boys got in a conversation over pubic hair, and who had it and who didn't. So some of the guys who had some growing in flashed it for the rest of us to see. One boy flashed it so fast that I thought that he just had some kind of scratch across that area. But my point is those boys who had any pubic hair growing in were so excited about it that they were willing to break the homophobic rules of male interaction instilled in us as a children by showing it to any male in the room willing to see.


Because again, pubic hair is one of the 1st outward physical signs that an adolescent is taking the steps towards becoming an adult. So why have so many females and now males signed on to this idea to eradicate that God-given trail to mentally walk us to our sex partner's genitalia?

I gave totally shaving off my pubic hair a try once. I had to have been in my early to mid 20s. I was at work, and went to use the bathroom. Stepped up to the urinal. Unzipped my pants. Pulled out my dick. And when the back of my hand rested against me, I literally jumped and gave a small gasp. Why?

Because I had forgotten that I had shaved my pubes.

And for the 1st time in over a decade since my pubic hair had grown in, when the back of my hand touched me as I held my dick to take a piss, instead of feeling hair,... I was feeling bare skin. Bare skin as if I had reverted back to childhood. And being that I take such pride in my adulthood, after that day, I told myself to never, never, never, ever completely shave off my pubic hair again.

Now, in my being against clean-shaving and waxing of pubic hair, it would be hypocritical of me to not admit to my own trimming of my pubic hair. And to be honest, I must. Because as an erotic model, one of the things that I've done photoshoots in are bikini underwear. Well, what you don't know is that if I was to go to such a photoshoot au naturel, you would see hair hanging out of my crotch and in between my legs. Because my pubic hair grows down to the top of my inner thigh. But even with such being the case, I refuse to rid myself of the natural trail on my body that says, "Dick down below", or "Follow the hair to cock" as it leads you to my body's erotic version of Wonderland.

The possible tragedy of clean-shaven and waxed pubes are the things it might indicate about the person craving to see them, as well as those willing to wear them. For those craving to see clean-shaven or waxed pubes, it could be a clear sign that you are dealing with someone with the potential to be a pedophile. If you think I'm reaching with such a summation, hear my explanation. If as I said earlier, pubic hair is the first physical sign of leaving childhood and going to adulthood, then it makes sense to conclude that an adult wanting to see that hair removed from his/her sex partner is craving to see the pubic area of a child, and not an adult. The fact that he/she wants that view in adult form indicates a potential for the worst sexual behavior of pedophilia. So the adult with a bare pubic area may very well be just a tool used to walk that very fine line. So you see, this summation is not a far stretch. And the only ones who would dare say I'm reaching are those who crave that view, and those with low enough self-esteem to accommodate that craving.

 Now, with all that said, I do hope this idea of clean-shaving and waxing of pubes goes away soon. Especially, in males. Because I like seeing guys tease me with that natural road sign to what I'm lusting to take in me. And being someone who won't ask for what I wouldn't give to you myself if possible, I've given you over time pictures that tease you with my pubic hair. Even in some scandalous male swim bikini shots. And the reason I tease you with my pubes is because we are all adults here. And I have the God-given markings on my body to prove it with pride.
So the question now is,... do you have yours?

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sexy Terrace, Sexy Rain

It has been raining quite a bit here in NYC lately. But that wasn't going to stop me from meeting up with this guy. We've seen each other online before, flirted, and mutual placed each other on our lists, with no meeting thus far. However, this time my psychic sense could tell something was different. Even though it had been months since we last saw each other online, I knew that this time, it was not going to be all talk. I knew this time,....we were going to fuck.

His profile said we was a versatile top, but tonight I had no interest in taking advantage of that versatility. My focus was on the part of his self-description that said "top". That's why the looping image that guided me through the streets on my walk to his place was the picture from his profile of him naked, with a zoom on his 3/4 hard cock. For his cock was the compass directing me where to go.

Once there, he greeted me with a smile. He looked even better in person. I love when that happens. Because it was only drizzling outside, I never used my umbrella. So he took my dry umbrella, and put it aside. Took off my jacket and started kissing me. He held me, telling me how sexy I was. And the feeling couldn't be more mutual.

I always let the other guy be the guide of where to touch. Because leave it up to me, my Aries impatience will take over, and I'll feverishly rip his clothes off, we'll start fucking with his rags hanging off of him, and I'd rip the rags off until he's completely naked while he's thrusting inside. So instead, I let him grope me. Once he went to my ass, being the ass-man that I am, I went to his. And his ass was so nice that you would re-think my original stance on his versatility, and try to fill and fuck his ass, but I didn't tonight. He was holding me close enough to him that my thigh grazed his crotch, and he was already getting hard. What I wasn't aware of was how big his hard-on was. That is until he guided my hands to feel it. He obviously went commando today, because his dick was unrestrained by underwear. So I got a handful of cock that felt like a fire hose was being inflated in his shorts. And there was a fire to put out, ----our horniness. But this hose was not going to put out the fire by spraying water. This hose needed to spray cum.

Would you believe with all that build, we didn't fuck right away? Instead he offered me a drink. I never know how to answer that question. So I asked for the easy thing, Vodka Cranberry. He gave me a regular glass full, then made his own drink. We cheered, then he went out to sit on a sofa on what turned out to be a terrace, and I followed. We then engaged in conversation. At one point, he noticed that I wasn't done with my drink. He said that he wanted me "relaxed". Now, we all know he didn't want me relaxed. It was my asshole he wanted relaxed. Well, knowing this, I finished off my drink, and we started making out again.

In the midst of our making out, he took one hand away from holding me, and undid his pants. I was kissing him with one eye open because I wanted to finally see the unveiling to the outdoors of the thick dick I felt through his shorts earlier. Once unveiled, I said, "Wow!"

Without delay, my hands went right to playing with it. Admiring the thickness of the shaft. Feeling the flesh of its head against my fingertips. And seeing how he had a circumcised dick sensitive enough that while most circumcised guys only moan from it, he actually moaned AND had little twitches when my finger grazed his frenulum. I felt my mouth watering to show him my oral prowess, so I went down on him.

Now, I was face to face with it. The attraction to him was so intense, I found myself wanting to put every last inch in my mouth. Even if that meant tasting pubes. I sucked his cock, and yes I'm blowing my own horn to say how good I was. I was so good that he throbbed in my mouth a number of times. Enough that I feared being too good. Because I thought he was going to shoot while in my mouth and not while inside my ass. I think he realized it as well. Which is probably why he guided me off his cock and back onto the sofa.

He then started taking his clothes off, then he laid me on my back and took off mine. So then we were both naked. And that's when it dawned on me that we were still on the terrace, I couldn't recall what building was across the street, but I didn't care. I then started to ask myself, "Are we going back inside?"

Once he started wetting his cock with a spit-lube, and putting it against my asshole, I got my answer. We were going to fuck right here on this terrace.

I've spoken numerous times here about my tight hole, and how it takes a lot of lube and 2 tries to get in. So explain to me how he slid his cock inside me with spit-lube on one try? I think we should blame that big glass of Vodka Cranberry proving me right in how it was meant to more so relax my asshole. Oh well, at least there wasn't that smell and it didn't give me a headache like what so many weak bottoming gays use,...those mother fuckin' poppers ---which I loathe.

So now he was fucking me missionary. His dick was the best kind for me. One that feels so good fucking me that I have to consciously remember to use my ass to fuck his dick in return. For you may also recall, when I bottom, I'm not one that just lays there. For my rule is "even as a bottom, I don't get fucked, we fuck each other".

We later changed positions. He wanted to spoon with me. So we laid there with his cock inside me, sliding back and forth, with me reaching back to massage his thighs and ass. Even with the tight grip my hole had on his dick, at times his dick still managed to slip out. I guess the alcohol I drank worked its magic, because he slipped back in effortlessly. While we were fucking it started to rain. Loud enough for us to hear, and enough for us to be hit with some drops. But we kept fucking anyway. I knew our elevating body heat would turn those tiny cold drops into steam as he said things to me like, "Oh, Baby! I love you ass!", "You feel so fuckin' good", and "God! You're going to make me cum soon."

And I replied, "And I love you dick!", "If you like it, own my hole. It's yours!", and "Cum when you're ready. Because I can take your dick for hours".

And I wasn't lying. Like I said before, his cock felt just that good. Our sexual chemistry was so intense that he laid the kind of pipe, and I gave the kind of ass that makes you think you're in love after first fuck. Then the time had come for him to cum. That's when I could feel his already thick cock widening my hole even more than it already had just by him fucking me. It throbbed repeatedly, longer than any guy had before. And my classic routine of tightening my sphincter to milk a guy's dick of every last drop of man-milk made it throb and him moan even more.

At some point, the rain had stopped. But as we laid there a couple of minutes, the rain started again with little drops falling on us. We were done fucking, so you would think that as soon as those drops started falling on us that this time we would get up and run inside. But that was not the case. Instead, we still laid there spooning and basking in the afterglow of the intense sex we just had. As his dick slowly went flaccid, enough to slip out of my ass, we stayed spooning. as his cock now slipped to where it laid on my left ass cheek.

Once we finally got up to go back inside his apartment, the temperature outside seemed to suddenly drop. He began wondering how we were outside in that cool air. His question caused a flashback that interrupted the Kegels I was doing. For my sphincter twitched from remembering the milking I did of his dick just minutes before, and how I could easily do it again. I jokingly reminded him of how hot a fuck we gave each other, so our body temperatures were just then coming back to some level of normalcy. Afterwards, we took a shower together. We lathered each other up. I had to fondle his cock one last time. It was still looking quite large to be going flaccid. And I also grope his now wet juicy ass. We dried off, got dressed, and he walked a block with me as I headed home, because he was going to a nearby deli.

On my walk home, the fact of where I just had sex really started to sink in. I was on a terrace. Not a bedroom. Not even a living room like at the start of "Red Light". But a terrace. A terrace that, while I didn't hear anyone, could have very easily had an upstairs or downstairs neighbor sitting out there listening to our dirty talk and sex moans. Or the building in the distance to the left of the terrace in my direct line of view could have had someone with binoculars watching us. Yes, that's a stretch, but not at all impossible. Being the exhibitionist I am with no shame of mine or my partner's sexual prowess, nor shame of displaying our orientation, I could care less who heard or saw us. What fascinated me was the fact that I always wanted to have sex on a terrace, and in the rain. And my wishes were granted without even trying or expecting them to happen.

The next day was my performance at "Titillating Tongues". On my way home, I found a text message came while I was in the subway en route to the venue. It was from him. He wanted another go at me soon. Maybe this time, we'll fuck in the bedroom. ;-)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Spoons In The Dark

If this isn't your 1st time at this blog over the last 2 weeks, then there's no doubt in my mind that you saw me promoting my appearance at the monthly erotica salon event, "Titillating Tongues". As I said in promoting it, I was going to unfamiliar territory to you. For you may have heard me sing in videos I've made, but never singing an original song of mine live. And you've seen videos of me dancing, maybe even seen me go-go dance, but not doing a planned striptease.

When I first walked in, I was sitting alone, so I decided to sing the lyrics to my original acappella song, "Spoons In The Dark". But there was a problem...

...My mind went blotchy.

I couldn't remember my lyrics fully. What made me even more pissed with myself was the fact that I left my song lyrics at home. However, my saving grace was having the song on my smartphone. So I was prepared to run either to the bathroom or outside to listen to it. But it was a saving grace that I didn't need to use, because once I told myself to relax, the lyrics came back to me. Evidently, this was just a moment of performer's anxiety brought on by this new undertaking in my post-porn life.

There was a 15-slot open mic where people had 4 minutes for their presentation, while featured performers like myself had 10 minutes. Being quiet and unassuming, I sat there very attentive to each performer. After all, it is good karma. And boy did it ever pay off.

I opened my mouth to sing "Spoons In The Dark". They were struck by my voice, then by the harmonies of my background vocals on a CD. THEN the segue into "Come To Me" by JC Chasez for my striptease, which samples the 80's hit, "Sunglasses At Night" by Corey Hart.

So that sitting there quiet and unassuming beforehand made them never see me coming.

One flaw I did notice in my performance was that I was the women. Yes, I'm bisexual, but the problem with that is that the lyrics are obviously about me missing nighttime spooning with my boyfriend or husband. Not my girlfriend or wife. But I know why I was smiling. It was because I was happy. For this may have been my 1st time since porn that I performed on a stage where there was no contest pressure, no rules restricting me so I would get paid, and no fake "happy-to-meet-you, I-love-you" face in order to get go-go boy tips. I was performing, on my own terms, and I was truly enjoying it. This brought forth a high that drug and alcohol addicted music artists are looking for. Well, on this night, I found it.

Unless you read the blog posts promoting the night, you had no idea what I was planning on doing. And that includes the host Aimee Herman and producer Mike Geffner. I didn't let them in on it until they reminded of the fact that they were recording, and I replied by asking where would the video be shown. It was one of those cases where you know the answer, but ask anyway, because I've been to their site and read enough of their Twitterfeeds to know the answer was YouTube. And considering their prudishness towards nudity, especially male nudity, even on age-restricted uploads, I'm wondering if you'll be able to see the striptease part of my performance.

In the meantime, since live performances sound different from recorded ones, I leave you with the original recording on "Spoons In The Dark". It is as I said before, a cappella. For with the exception of the rain and thunderclaps, every sound you here is ME. The vocals, the finger snaps, the beat box - ALL ME. Enjoy.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

10 Reasons Why I Am Single

After 10 years on the social scene, sexually active, and out as a predominately gay bisexual, I have never been involved with a guy for more than 1 month. So I decided to take a look at myself and make a list of what I've done to make myself single. These are 10 of the reasons I came up with so far....

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Anticipating Titillating

In just 6 days from today, I will be a featured performer for this month's Titillating Tongues at the Huron Club of the SoHo Playhouse. Singing a song I wrote, and doing a striptease to "Come To Me" by JC Chasez.

I'm looking very forward to entertaining you. So I hope if you are or plan to be in NYC on May 22nd, that you're buying up tickets to sit and witness a night of some sexy entertainment by myself and others.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Halted Rep By Comings In Sex, Life & Love

Lately, I've been either promoting, writing, or rehearsing  for some kind of deadline. It is the reason why this blog has not been able to live up to its reputation of tackling the hard topics so many gay media sources aren't man enough to address. So my Facebook and Twitter posts have been the source of my venting. And even though they say that they agree, I have received complaints about how those Facebook and Twitter posts come off as me either "always complaining" or being "angry". Well for those who agree with what I say, yet complain that I complain too much and/or come off angry, there's a question I have for YOU:

While you're agreeing with me, and not only are you saying nothing, but you're also hobnobbing with the culprits I'm speaking of, if I don't say something, then who will? Who will shed light on the wrong doing so that a change comes about. Because as we can see, it certainly won't be YOU, or your "friends".

Now with that said, I THANK ALL OF YOU who appreciate what I do, what I stand for, and support those things by your repeat trips to this blog. I check my blog stats often, and your support does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. And to show my appreciation, let me update you on what's been occupying my time so much. As they all relate to what this blog was created to show an appreciation for ----SEX, LIFE & LOVE.

The recent post, "Me and Titillating Tongues" told of my upcoming appearance at the erotica salon "Titillating Tongues" presented by The Inspired Word. I am presently rehearsing both the a cappella song I wrote and the burlesque routine I'm choreographing to perform for that night. That night being Tuesday, May 22nd from 7 - 9 PM at the Huon Club which is within the SoHo Playhouse.

All of my other featured appearances have come with a suggested donation at the most, but there is a $10 cover for this event. If you are in NYC, or plan to come here on May 22nd, you can get your tickets HERE.

I look forward to seeing and meeting as many of you as possible.

On May 20th, the very Sunday before "Titillating Tongues" I will once again be participating in AIDS Walk New York. I don't need to tell you that while great advances have been made since the discovery of HIV/AIDS, the battle for a cure is not over. And since so many of you repeatedly read this blog, I would greatly appreciate you showing your love for it by sponsoring me as I walk.

So please help me get this closer to over by make a donation by going to

After 10 years out as a predominately gay bisexual, dating, but never having an actual boyfriend, I have decided to look at my love life and put together a list to show why I am single. This will be a video blog posting that will have a transcript available should any legitimate media source be interested in acquiring it.

So now that you know what I've been up to that has been keeping this blog from living up to its reputation, I hope you will continue your support in all that I do as you have thus far. THANKS AGAIN.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Me-e By-y Mister-Mister Jones

For the 1st time in a long while, on April 22nd, I had a photoshoot. It was with Mister Jones of Jones Model & Talent Management.
You may recall my working with Mister Jones on photos before. Actually, it has been coming up on 3 years since the last time I worked with him. Back when I was still going by the stage name, "Tré".

This quick slideshow shows the pics that are Flickr slideshow-friendly.
But there's more, so I advise you to read on after....

While some of these shots are possibly NSFW (not safe for work), the entire collection definitely includes some shots that are NSFW. So to check out the entire collection, click HERE.

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