Sunday, April 26, 2015

Skivvies & Naked from April - May

If you're in NYC, there are 2 chances for you to see me LIVE
in my skivvies, or TOTALLY NAKED
this week.

First, here I'll be one of the models. Bringing much needed color to the underwear modeling world. A world that I am still boycotting by going commando most days, as I suggested in a previous post.

Next, as I joked last year, I am the "Susan Lucci" of this contest. For I have entered every year, and never won. Even with that as the case, I am still going for the title of Mr. Nude York.

Just because it's a long shot for a room of mostly White boys to praise the equal beauty of darker skin doesn't mean we men of medium to darker complexion should stay in the crowd merely as patrons voting White. For it tells the racists of that crowd that their narrow-minded view of the color of male beauty is correct when it's not. It also tell them that you don't see yourself as beautiful, so why should they, which is sad. Especially when we're in the multi-colored mecca of New York City.

So I hope to see you out and about with your support. Thank you.

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