Saturday, December 28, 2013

Sexy Suspender Slingshot Seduction

This outfit seems to have been doing something to people. For this is what I was wearing when the guy from "Potential Rapist(?) At The Cock" tried to close me up in the bathroom. Now, while that tale showed a guy's mental illness via lack of self-control, there are most positive stories to tell.

One recent Friday, I went into The Cock. I know the bartender, and he asked me if I wanted to go-go dance. I said, "Sure". While thinking I would just wear the little underwear I had on, I then remember that I had the Suspender Slingshot from Undergear still in my coat pocket from when I wore it at the $2 Tuesdays at The Cock that week. So I decided to wear that instead. The result was totally unexpected. I wound up making more money in tips than I've ever made go-go dancing at The Cock (and possibly any place else). And at no point during the entire night, did someone try to pull my dick out to suck it like the White and Latino go-go boys have become prepared for. I have done so in the past, it seems they were so mesmerized by that outfit, that it slipped their mind that night.

The following Monday, I went to The Cock for Playpen Mondays where you get a free shot if you strip down to your underwear. Well, being the exhibitionist that I am, I don't really need a free shot as reason to drop trou. However, when I did drop trou, what was under my clothes?...After a good wash,

the Suspender Slingshot.

After awhile I did my usual venture to the backroom to study guys' behavior, and if I wound up in some action, not go looking for it. I was concerned that what I was wearing was going to get unwanted attention, which it did. With guys putting their hands on me when there's more than enough room to motivate themselves without touching anything or anybody. Anyway, after getting over that hurdle, I found myself standing next to a short gorgeous, well-built Latino. We looked at each other for a moment, then I felt his eyes still on me. I looked back again, and this time, gave a smile.

We slowly started easing towards each other, and the next thing I knew was we were making out. Once his hands went to my ass, he would not stop grabbing it. We were rubbing crotches and let me tell you that outfit is not made for hard-ons. So I was without a doubt popping out of it. He then started to undo his pants, and once his cock was out, I went down to suck it. After working it a good bit, I stood back up with him reaching in his pocket. He then said, "I want to fuck you." So his hand reemerges from his pocket with a condom in it. I let my action speak louder than words to say, "Go for it" by taking the condom, and  putting it on him. Good thing since this is The Cock, that I not only also carry condoms (in my sock), but I also carry lube. I had a variety of lube packets in my sock. And on this night, the lucky winner to be used wound up being Spunk Lube.

I got on my knees on the sofa back there, and let him pound me. And never the lazy bottom, I made sure to give him a break, and grinded his cock. As much as he was loving it, this did as it usually does, and made him pound me harder when I finally decided to give control of the thrusting back over to him. He came, and afterwards told me that I had an amazing ass. And I replied that he had an amazing dick, when truth be told, his whole body was amazing.

Later on in the night, I saw this White guy. He was also short with an amazing body. I never follow guys into the backroom, but this time I did. Well, it seemed that I was too late. He had made eye contact with a White guy in his underwear, and started making out with him. Normally, I would have just bowed out, and move on. But even though they seemed quite into each other, something seemed off, and made me stick around. Maybe it was the fact that while they were fooling around, the White guy I followed back there saw me for the first time, and froze for a bit. Well, for whatever reason, they soon went their separate ways, and while the guy I followed back there was leaving, he stroked my arm. Now, me and him started making out. And like the Latino before him, once he felt my ass, there was not much letting go.

He then asked for me to go to the bathroom with him. I went over to the door, and while we waited, he spoke to me for the first time, and with a European accent asked if I had a condom. I told him I did. Then the door finally opened. But there was more than one guy in there. One of the guys was someone I knew, so he let us in. I'm not much into public bathroom sex, but I made a concession for this guy. It turned out that there were 4 other guys already in there. One of the 4 was bouncing between the other 3 and me with my new playmate. My new playmate was trying to include him, but I had no interest in him. I put the condom on my playmate's dick, and he leaned his back against the wall while I rode him. The guy bouncing between the 2 groups kept trying to make me kiss him, which I fuckin' hate. I mean, if I moved my head not once, but twice before, take the damn hint! So I continued with my new playmate. Then at one point when he slipped out, I went on to suck his dick. He said he wanted to cum. So he came in my mouth. And being the cum pig that I am, I loved it.

After a good rinse, and a drink of soda, I kept to myself the rest of the night. Well, I think that after taking 2 passionate cocks up my ass, I earned a rest to stay to myself, and do my Kegels to maintain my ass tunnel's tightness. During that time, I reflected on that European's accent, and how he wasn't a face I had seen there before. Which led me to realize that with the exception of a select few, the usual White American regulars on any given night are racist as hell.

I also reflected how both of my playmates were shorter than me, and both topped me. Which I liked a lot. For it went against the porn-induced expectation that my taller Black self was going to top them.  

Once the lights came on for the bar to close at 4 A.M., this tall Black guy was talking to a guy next to him, and looking at me. He then started talking to me complimenting me. None of the stereotypical bravado, aggression, or invasiveness that made me write "Black Guys, I Don't Owe You A Feel, OR A Fuck!", or its follow-up post. He presented himself as a kind and civilized gentleman. He invited me back to his place. But he was enough of a gentleman, that when I told him that I had to be at work at 10 in the morning (which I did), in his promise to have fun with me for only 30 minutes, he never said his true intentions that I could feel in his energy to fuck me senseless. My concern with that idea of 30 minutes was that it might not be enough time for one or both of us to be satisfied. Since I for one know that as I've said before that when I bottom, I'm a power bottom. And when a cock is good, I'm an insatiable power bottom. So after the goodness of both the Latino and the European, I very much wanted, and could have easily taken more dick. But I had to be responsible and get home so I could get to work in less than 5 hours. We did exchange numbers, plus he lives very close to the bar, so it's not impossible for us to actually make this happen someday soon.

So that makes my night having a Latino, then a White guy, then a Black guy propositioning me. All I would have needed was maybe a Middle Easterner and an Asian, and I would have definitely had the United Nations if not topping me, at least courting me.

Well, I still want to be a gangbang bottom for an international group of tops. Hence why I immediately made that ethnic connection. But you've got to admit, without even trying, I was getting there.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Nude Dude Review #1 - Tenga Flip Hole

My 1st video-recorded sex toy review. The goal of any good sex toy is to get me nude by the end of the review. Does the 1st toy I'm reviewing succeed? ....Watch and see.

And please don't mind the belly. I broke 2 rules prior to recording this:
1) It was the Friday after Thanksgiving
2) It was not too long after eating some more of those Thanksgiving leftovers.

But I promise you, I am and will be back in tip-top shape for the next review. Enjoy.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Hearing Lust Can Warm You Up

If you live in NYC, or any city across the globe with a public train system where crowded trains are a constant, then the inspiration behind my erotic poem, "J Train Lust" is not foreign to you.

On my way to work 2 Fridays ago, a handsome guy got on the train. To avoid him reading my eyes and seeing how handsome I found him to be, I looked straight down at my own feet. But along with my feet, my peripheral vision caught sight of something else.....This guy's crotch. A slight bulge in the crotch to be more precise. This sent my sexual fantasies into overdrive, and once I transferred to the F train at the Essex Street stop, I pulled out the journal I use to jot ideas down, and started writing. And the result became the poem:

I've also been having some winter sexual fantasies. Like many Blacks, I'm not a big fan of the cold. However, I would endure fucking in the cold (clothed or naked) if the right playmate came along. So considering the body's temperature is 98.6 degrees, that makes sense for my other erotic poem I'm definitely presenting will be entitled:

So if you're in NYC this Friday, come out to Titillating Tongues to hear these stories told.

I normally go for sexually ambiguous with my erotic poetry. But this month, the poems I'm presenting are DEFINITELY GAY.

However, I'm often the only gay male representation of presenters. So gay guys should come out to show we gay males have some solidarity in not only parties promising scantily-clad staff, but in the arts with clothed participants as well. Plus what you hear here comes early enough to be a prelude to the nudity you lust for later. 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Dear Condom Police & BBBH

As with all of my blog posts, these subjects are in my head all along, but it takes one incident too many to be the straw that broke the camels back. Therefore, making me need to speak out.

This past Monday at The Cock, 2 guys were in the back fucking. Some busy-body patron came over there as if he's never seen such a thing at The Cock (of all places) even though he's there just about every week to say loudly, "Are they fucking?!" Then he continues with, "Are they using a condom?!" So with this he tries to use the light of his cell phone to see if they were. He proudly told another patron that he was being the Condom Police, especially since World AIDS Day was just the day before. Which I say it doesn't matter if it was the day after news of the new super-strain of HIV was discovered, it's still none of this busy-body bitch's business.

To continue, after the couple was done, the busy-body went over to them, and asked them if they used a condom. They said that they didn't, and they were boyfriends. The busy-body turned to the patron he was commenting to before, repeating that he was being the Condom Police and added that since they were boyfriends it was ok. Which I had already figured they were because I actually saw them walk in together. However, this busy-body goes back to that patron again less than 2 minutes later whispering how he doesn't really think they're boyfriends. Well, if they weren't boyfriends and you were this couple, wouldn't you say whatever you felt it took to make this busy-body bitch go away and stop intruding upon your playtime with whomever? Many might. I however, would have told him straight up to go plug his mouth with a dick and mind his mother fuckin' business.

But here's some degree of hypocrisy for you...

Not too long after talking this crap about the couple, later on I find the busy-body making out with the couple. The very same couple that he claimed he thought lied about being a couple to shut him up. This doesn't speak well for his attempt as the Condom Police. Nor does it speak well for the couple's self-respect, individually or as a whole. For when the fucking was happening, I was standing in between this busy-body and the couple, but way closer to the busy-body. So if I heard the busy-body, so should they.

Now, don't think I saw all this because I was being a busy-body myself. No. I saw this because I always take note of everything going on around me. Even while having my own fun, which I did.

Some might forget my history on the matter of condom use, and try to call me a hypocrite. Well for them, here's a reality reminder check you need to cash fast....

I have never pledged allegiance to the Condom Police, or BBBH (BareBack BrotherHood). I have never shoved condom use down your throats. Nor have I with barebacking. I have always been about choice. It is the reason the photo to your right has it's message, as well as the blog post that introduced it. And my stand on condom use remains the middle ground I have proclaimed for quite awhile now. That position being:

Barebacking and condom use is a matter of choice. And while it is unnatural to have a barrier between you and your sex partner, with HIV, and all of the STDs and STIs out here, one should consider condom use.

This stance is much to the chagrin of some people. Such as the little troll who attended the last discussion I moderated about gay porn being the gay community's educator and indicator. Who because of his claim of being a counselor felt that gave him the right to talk over me (the moderator) after I (as moderator) gave him the floor with no interruption. All because he wanted me to play Condom Police, instead of the middle ground I just rehashed. Now, here's the possibility of hypocrisy from another member of the Condom Police...For I'm not 100% sure, but he looks very much like the same guy who played commentator in my "Sex Party Etiquette: Who Hired The Commentator?" when I was trying to have sex with what turned out being a popper-addicted Asian.

With all of the extremism from the Condom Police, as well as the BBBH in mind, I have this to say to both parties:

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Facebook Double Standard Strikes Again

The attitude of White entitlement is something that has been around for centuries now. The signs are definitely evident here in New York City. Even if you don't want to admit it.

One of those that don't want to admit it is Facebook, and whoever was the White (or non-White) sell-out who recently reported for posting this update:

White guys with an attitude of #WhiteEntitlement disgust me putting their feet on poles in a #NYC #subway car, or take over seats like they're in their home or office. Then have the fuck-faced audacity to get annoyed when you want (or need) them to move.

Look you fucktard faggot mother fucka! You DON'T own the fuckin' subway train! And you are NOT at home! You need to learn your space and limitations - the same way throughout history, #racist Whites have reminded OR robbed it from others!

Exhibit A - there is a reason Native Americans are called "Native". 

And I am more than aware that there are guys of other colors/ethnicities who try to assimilate. And for them I say as I've always said...The follower of a fool is a bigger fool than the original.

For posting this honest fact about signs of White entitlement in New York City, I was blocked for posting on Facebook for 12 hours. Of course you know that whoever reported me will never have to nerve say it to my face. For the anonymity allowed by Facebook in reporting someone is how they got computer bold enough to write the report and send it in the first place.

Well, in response to this, I wrote this message to Facebook telling them why they were wrong to take such an action:

The reason you were wrong for blocking my statement is because it was based on your own racism. I'm sure had I had been White, you would have had no problem letting that statement go through. It's the reason why numerous news reports show anti-Black, anti-Asian, anti-non-White hate speech with a Facebook page attached to it.

Furthermore, it was NOT hate speech. I was speaking on a bad attitude derived from an ethnicity's history in the USA, which as a American, I should be allowed to do. It's called, FREEDOM OF SPEECH. That is NOT "hate speech", but I'm sure you consider it as such when most of the staff is probably White, and are probably guilty of the very action I'm speaking of.

Now, don't say it was my use of the words "faggot", or some curse word. For I will catch you in the lie there as well. For I see the words "niggas", "niggers", or "niggaz"  on Facebook all day long. Of course you have no problem with that. And you'll wash your hands of it especially if a Black person said it, because that's the loathsome thing you think of us being anyway.  Then I advise you to take the same stand on my saying "faggot", for I myself am a gay man. BUT both of those words have a negative meaning for me that goes beyond the people most consider those words to represent. And if it's any curse word that you have a problem with, AGAIN HYPOCRISY. For there are so many curse words flying around on Facebook now that sometimes I myself am shocked by what I see.

So this blocking is bureaucratic, hypocritical mess on your end. It's not the first time I've heard of it being done by you. And I'm finding it a shame that your own insecurity in character made you feel the need to do so. Thank you.

Well, you know what they say....You can't keep a good man down. And I wasn't down. For while I was banned from posting on Facebook, I did what I've been wanting to do for the past couple of days now.

I wrote not another erotic poem. But a love poem.

It's entitled "So Many Songs". More on that whenever or wherever I'll debut it. I just mentioned that to show that something good and positive came out Facebook's douchebag attempt to pretend to be my Mother and give me a "time out". Maybe if they learn from real parenting themselves they wouldn't be doing such overcompensating by virtual parenting, and hating the truth. Just saying....

Monday, November 25, 2013

Potential(?) Rapist At The Cock

On Saturday night, I posted this status update on Facebook:

What sparked this update were numerous run-ins I've had over time with overly aggressive and obsessed patrons, primarily at The Cock. But one recent run-in is someone you need to be warned of.

He's over 6 feet tall. Light-complexion Black or Latino with a goatee. His hair length can be described as that of a small afro if he's Black. And since I admit to being a lousy judge of age, I'll say that he's probably late 20's to late 30's. Also, on both occasions, he was wearing a polo shirt and loose fitting jeans. Any artist that comes up with a composite from that, email it to me, and if you're right, I'll edit this post to include it. Because after you read this, you'll see this guy is someone to be cautious of.

I have repeatedly said that my ventures into a backroom are more about observing sexual behavior. Hooking up should it happen, is just a fringe benefit to it. And this night was no different.

I went into the backroom area of The Cock shirtless. My being shirtless plays an important role later, so take a mental note of it. While I was back there, the guy I described earlier pulled on my jeans mumbling desperately, "Let me get a feel! Let me get a feel!"

He pulled on the waist of my jeans so hard that the hard cotton seam in between the legs of my jeans was uncomfortably digging into the center of my perineum. Almost like a wedgie, which digs at the sides. After this, I walked away from him, and out of the backroom area. He followed me. Everywhere I went, he followed me. I went over to the DJ, and they saw me yelling at him. After this, to avoid a violent reaction like the last obsessed nutcase evolved into, I went to the front to security. Security told us to stay away from each other. Not a problem on my end since that's what I've been trying to do all along. The guy tried "apologizing" to me in front of security, claiming he misunderstood. What was there to misunderstand?! I said NO! Mainly because he tried to pull my jeans off of me by pulling them through my crotch and over my fuckin' head! Plus anyone with sense knows that his "apology" was all a show for security.

The problem is he didn't stay away from me. He stalked me for the rest of the night. Staying a "safe" distance away.

Fast forward to this past Tuesday, I went to $2 Tuesdays which I once reviewed. Since the exhibitionism of The Cock allows it, I was walking around in the sling outfit pictured on the left. I went in the bathroom putting my pants back on at one point. And saw someone standing in front of me.

It was him again.

He actually tried talking to me asking me how I was doing, like all was cool between us. Well because of our last encounter, I was not entertaining this obviously socially inept dipshit's attempt at conversation. Then he decided to ask a question that caused blast after blast from me towards him...

He said, "Why don't you want to talk to me?"

I paused, and began seething with anger at him having the fuck-faced audacity and his being so socially inept that he would ask me that question considering his behavior towards me during our 1st encounter. Behavior that gave me a taste of what a rape feels like. So I told myself that he doesn't deserve my diplomacy. Hence why I replied to him,... "Because you're a FUCKIN' ASSHOLE!"

He then continued trying to "explain his side". Then he went back to that crap he said before saying, "I misunderstood, and I apologized to you."

I told him, "I don't care at this point. Because if you did that to me once, then I'm sure you did it to someone else."

Then if this fucktard hadn't already shown himself to be dumber than a bucket of rocks, he made it worst by doing  the oldest trick in the book a sex offender does to avoid taking responsibility for their actions. He said, "Well, you were walking around here in your underwear. So what was I suppose to think?"

My seething at that point should have had my mouth foaming. I said, "That does not justify you grabbing on me the way you did."

Keep in mind that in this exhcange me an him are talking about the 1st encounter, and not me at that moment. Which if you recall in that 1st encounter, I was not in my underwear. I was instead shirtless. My point is that if you're going to try avoid taking responsibility for your lack of self-control by blaming my exhibitionism, then keep the facts straight as to how much exhibitionism I actually displayed.

This did not end there. I was kneeling down pulling my jeans over my shoe. And though as much as I have made my lack of interest known, what does he do next?...He tries to close the bathroom door. Now, I might not be a trained dancer, but I can move like one. So I leaned over on one hand, and kicked the door out of his hand, and it went back slamming against the wall, which he found amusing. Then a patron walked in. So now you should be wondering, what would he have done, or tried to do if he had I not stopped him from closing that door?

Some might think I should have some fear considering his size over me. Well if I had any, I wasn't feeling it. For if I had any fear of him, it was greatly replaced by rage and overshadowed by another fear. Fear of myself. For one of my greatest fears is my dark side surfacing. You may have read of its surfacing on one and two prior occasions. And I will attack like an animal in the wild in protecting my personal space. So when that personal space is my body - it's understandable that not only can I become verbally and physically violent, but actually homicidal. And your adult age, size, or gender is of no importance as to how disposable you are, or my method in doing so.

After I left the bathroom, he continued following me. He sat on a bar stool next to me, and tried to continue talking to me. I exploded in front of the bartender, go-go boys, and other patrons looking him right in the eyes, which is actually quite dangerous for me to do. Knowing this is why I wrote this Facebook update with this old photo the next day:

With hindsight being 20/20, my lashing out in front of the bartender was my subconscience making sure my dark side didn't reach the violent stage it could easily reach at this point. Because I knew the bartender at the least would stop this, which he did. But again, it did not stop this guy's obsession.

Some of you are probably thinking that as a gay Black man at 42 years of age, I should be glad someone is that interested in me. Well, let me tell you, I'm not. I don't care how lonely you may be, no one should (or will) be happy with that kind of attention. For this guy shows all the signs of a potential rapist. That is if he hasn't raped someone(s) already. For as I told him when I didn't accept his supposed apology, "...if you did that to me once, then I'm sure you did it to someone else."

As you can see, I can handle myself in a situation. I am writing this because I know not everyone can. So for the sake of those who can't, until he gets some professional help that gets results, a red flag needs to go off if you see this guy approaching you. Composite artists, do your thing...

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Fucking The Mirror

Gays and lesbians hooking up with and/or dating their look-alikes. A sad, but true occurrence in the LGBT community. You see, the natural order of things is that couples tend to look like each other over time. Because you've grown to become one. So it only makes sense that looking like each other from the start is too much you too soon.

By fawning over the former look-alike couple, The Jarics, Falcon Studios made asses of themselves. And since the follower of a fool is a bigger fool than the original, those of Falcon Studios' fanbase that found nothing wrong with this made bigger asses of themselves. I never saw a scene of theirs, and to this day have no interest because of them looking so much alike. For only someone sick finds beauty in someone fucking their mirror image. For there is a big difference between loving oneself, and overcompensating narcissism, which is what hooking up with one's look-alike is.

The idea of Bel Ami's Peters twins fucking each other was wrong in so many ways. 
Hence why once that video of them fucking each other surfaced, my lust for them was done. For horny and lustful as I may be, I live my life looking at the big picture. With that said, I know that their fucking each other is born out of the same issues that makes gays and lesbian look-alikes fuck each other.

So I realize there is a reason that some gays go for their mirror image. And it's not because of acceptance of themselves like some might make a feeble attempt to argue. It's actually ---- Well, I'll let this poem do the talking from here on out...

Saturday, November 16, 2013

'Make Me Pay' Before I 'Wet Your Flesh'

On Friday, I debuted the poems I mentioned in my last blog post. I didn't do videos this time. Instead, I audio recorded them, and uploaded them to SoundCloud.

Brief backstories for these poems (namely "Make Me Pay") are told in their introductions, while more detailed ones are also in my last blog post. As for the lyrics, I've included them in each recording's description.


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Back Titillating With A Vengence

I've become a regular at Mike Geffner's Inspired Word erotica open mic event, Titillating Tongues. Hence why I created a category on this blog dedicated to it.

Usually within a week after my appearance, I'm back at work on something new to present for the next month. However, after my appearance in September, such was not the case. I instead worked on more personal non-sexual material.

I've come to use erotic poetry as a way to address social woes that effect us all. I sometimes tell them from a gay perspective, and other times I've made it sexually ambivalent. The latter is better since as I've said before, Titillating Tongues is an event open to all sexual orientations. Well, this time I'm doing both.

Make Me Pay - We've all had those repeated trysts, hook-ups or booty calls with a friend with benefits, or fuck-buddy (whatever words you want to use) who we know we shouldn't be bothered with because of something they do. Be they a drug/alcohol abuser, a criminal, a gang member, whatever.  However, after allowing ourselves to have sex with them just once, the chemistry between you two makes the sex  so good that you can't say "No" in spite of his flaws. And when the sex is bad, your conscious mind says, you're done. However, your subconscious mind decides that the next time will be better...And it turns out being right. But what isn't right is the fact that you gave in the first time. So you subconsciously use some kind of BDSM in sex to punish yourself for that giving in. Well, that's the story behind "Make Me Pay".

Normally in my poetry, I give a solution. But this time, do I stick to that program, or am I changing it up to tell a tale of hot sex that you can relate to, but have to figure out an individual solution for your individual situation? You'll just have to come by to see and hear for yourself.

Wet Your Flesh - There's really no big explanation of the backstory here. This poem is simply about initiating oral sex as foreplay, but also giving your partner the option to make it all he/she wants to do. Also, most talk of oral sex focuses on working the front, while rimming is something addressed in passing. Not in this poem. There is just as much talk about oral play to the backside as there is to the front.

The reason for the title of this post is because I feel the honesty of those personal poems I did during my month away from Titillating Tongues has trickled into these 2 poems. So I'm going to be more honest & direct than I've ever been, or ever thought possible. And for erotica, that means possibly more raunchy. This has me quite excited to see the audience reaction.

So if you're in NYC, come see for yourself on November 15th.
The Gallery at Le Poisson Rouge
158 Bleecker Street
Cover: $10
Sign up starts @ 7 PM
Show goes from 7:30 - 9:30 PM

Friday, November 1, 2013

My Staff Picks For The Pleasure Chest

For November, The Pleasure Chest is promoting Staff Picks. We are by no means required to tell why they're our picks. I just felt that since I have this blog, I could give you a more detailed reasoning for mine.

VixSkin Mustang Dildo - I have said in past blog posts that I am not a big fan of toys. That's why whenever you've seen me use a toy in a XTube video, it was the only time I've ever used it. It was the thrill of entertaining my porn-viewing audience that got me through the video, not me being thrill by the toy necessarily. However, since working at The Pleasure Chest, I've been coming across a variety that's starting to change my mind.

Let me start by admitting that I have never played with a VixSkin Mustang dildo. This is on my Staff Pick list as more of a wishlist item. It became that way because one day walking along the sales floor, I decided to touch one to see why they cost $119.95. I was so shocked by the initial real-feel silicone (called VixSkin™ silicone) that I literally jumped. That made me decide that if I was going to play with a dildo, then I want a VixSkin. With their wide variety, I chose the Mustang because it's long enough go deep if that's your pleasure, and it's not too thin or too wide. Now, with that price also comes a realistic choice of colors, plus that real feel I mentioned earlier including detailed texture like veins from an erection, and a soft top with a firmer middle like a real cock makes it worth it. So the age-old expression, "You get what you paid for" does come to mind. As well as VixSkin's own slogan, "worth every inch".

So in short, my reason for this staff pick is because if I'm going to play with a fake dick, then I need it to feel like one. In a variety of ways that can (for a time) fool my body's sense of touch. But remember should you buy this or any silicone toy, use water-based lube. For odd as it may seem, silicone lube breaks down silicone toys.

Durex Extra Sensitive Condoms - I've used quite a variety of condoms over time. Some are introduced to me by me purchasing them out of my own curiosity, while others are by the rare appearance of a name-brand at a sex party. Well, Durex Extra Sensitive Condoms were introduced to me by the latter. I was topping a guy at a sex party, and a Durex condom was what I had pulled out of my sock.

First off, it didn't have a thick packaging, which was great. For you need to conserve your energy for fucking, not overexert yourself opening a condom wrapper. Second, I have the same love/hate relationship with condoms as any other guy. So while loathing the thought of lessened sensation, I was pleasantly surprised to like the feeling once I started fucking the guy. And since I'm that geeky and proper (even at a sex party), I was holding the condom wrapper in my hand, instead of throwing it on the floor like most guys do. So once I was done, I look at exactly what kind of Durex condom I had just topped the guy with. And that's how I discovered it was Extra Sensitive.

Unfortunately, Durex Extra Sensitive is not sold on the website. So you would have to stop by your nearest Pleasure Chest store to pick them up.

Any TENGA toys - I have slowly but surely been becoming a fan of Tenga toys. I first came across a Soft Tube cup through The Pleasure Chest. And in a recent training session, I was given the masturbation sleeve, Tenga Egg with the Surfer interior. Both of these gave me orgasms with convulsions.

With that being the case, I put any Tenga toy on my Staff Pick list because in addition to those 2 based on experience, I'm now adding to my wishlist a Tenga Flip Hole. Or would that be 4 Tenga Flip Holes?

Because you see, the Tenga Flip Hole comes in 4 colors.
White, Black, Red, and Silver, and each color....
....has a different interior.

And variety is the spice of life.

SPUNK lube - No matter how much we preach about safe sex, it's time to be honest....We all wish we lived in a condom-free world. So for many of us, cum could forever be our lube. Well, if you're the Condom Police, SPUNK lube can help along that fantasy of such a sexual utopia. And if you're a member of the BBBH (BareBack BrotherHood), it's a nice, useful toy to add to your reality. And if you're somewhere in between, it will please you, too.

For it really does look like they found a way to take jizz, preserve it to stay opaque (since cum turns clear after being outside the body for awhile), and pack it into bottles and packets. What makes it even better is the fact that it actually works.

Most likely because it's a hybrid (silicone/water) lube, SPUNK does last you. I wish bars and sex parties carried SPUNK instead of that crappy free lube that dries and absorbs into your skin almost instantly. But again comes that age old saying, "You get what you paid for."

So I hope you like my Staff Picks. So much so that if you live outside of a city where a Pleasure Chest is located, that you'll go to the website and order one or more of my picks. However, if you live in NYC, it would be best to stop by one of the 2 stores. Now should you buy one or more of these items, let them know it was my advice that piqued your interest. And if you come to the Upper East Side location at 1150 2nd Avenue (between East 60th & East 61st Streets), feel free to ask for me by name. I'm not there all the time, but if I am, I'll be glad to assist you. And if not me, there's always other equally or more qualified staff able to assist you. Take care.

Monday, October 14, 2013

PROOF I Don't Owe You A Feel Or Fuck

To close out my weekend, I went to the ManMeat (formerly known as Milk Chocolate NYC) after-hours sex party. It seemed that the Black guys there were wondering why I wouldn't play with them. Well, I already had reasons that pushed me to write "Black Guys, I Don't Owe You A Feel OR A Fuck!". And unfortunately, there were other "fine" specimens who were stupid enough to find my lack of interest hard to believe by confirming what I wrote with actions that cemented my views.

1)When you check your clothes, check your fuckin' hat, too! So many Black guys follow this that they all look the same in that dim light. And you can easily tell that it's a "Black thing". For if you take all of these ethnicities there, and how many of them are wearing caps, the percentage of Black guys is the highest by a very large margin. This may be a personal peeve for me. For I'm a common sense person, and I know that small as a cap may be, it can limit how much you can do with a playmate without having to worry about it falling off, getting in the way. But why are they wearing it in the first place? Some do it just because. But with so many in one ethnic group doing it, you can't help to surmise that it's a cultural thing. My feeling is why wear a symbol of a culture that's going to get in the way of your fun. Like I said, I'm a common sense guy, so I know I'm Black, the place is dimly lit, I'm not the only Black guy in the room, and that a cap takes away from your individual body outline. Therefore, if I go walking around with my hat on as a Black culture symbol, and others do the same, I can't easily be told apart from anyone else. And I pride myself on my individuality.

2)One Black guy was wearing not one, but TWO pairs of underwear. Yes, you read correct. TWO PAIRS OF UNDERWEAR SIMULTANEOUSLY. One of them sagging. Are you fuckin' shitting me? Call me "cocky" all you want. But do you really think I'm going to give my body to some stupid ghetto trash nigger who even at a sex party can't give the ghetto trash nigger concept of "sagging" a break?! And he looks at me weird when I back away from him, or move his hand. This made me so close to screaming, "Mother fucka, you look like you just stepped out another cheap ass ethnic porn video! Which makes you ghetto trash, which makes me too good for you! Stop following that stupidity, then maybe your chocolate stick can meet and fill my chocolate hole. For your individuality brings you further up to my level. But right now, your heart, your mind, your soul, and your dick are all too small. Thank you!"

3)It's been awhile since I bottomed. So I was so glad to finally come across someone who wanted to top me, and lay some pipe in my ass. It just happened to be a fit White guy. Maybe it was my hunger for cock in my hole, but as far as I'm concerned, he gave me the fuck of my life. And he could have gave it to me for hours. And this was just a quick Round One.

After that Round One however, there was this one muscular Black guy with dreadlocks who is known for having a big dick who wanted a go after the White guy. I never even saw his dick. I only knew it was him by the reaction of other guys he topped prior, and his joyful "Yeah"'s for hurting a bottom upon entry. Not asking my permission. He just went gunning for me as if it's my job to stay with my back arched and comply. For that reason alone, he was a TOTAL TURN-OFF to me. And don't think your big dick intimidates me. The fact that I've been double-penetrated should be proof of how it doesn't. But his ego...DISGUSTS ME!
He epitomizes EVERYTHING I hate about the images of Black guys put out in gay porn. From his no-ass having gym-body to his overcompensating ego and sense of entitlement because of this big dick. So much so, that he had the fuck-faced audacity to act like I'm the one with an attitude problem when I moved away from him. Well, he needs to cash this reality check, and if you know him (or someone like him), pass these words on to him:

You having a big dick, doesn't mean that every one who bottoms is to be at your beck and call. For not every one is dumb enough to be a size queen. So in addition to having a big dick, thinking we should be at your beck and call makes you A
 big dick. Thank you!

After instances such as these, you can't possibly think that what I said in "Black Guys, I Don't Owe You A Feel, OR A Fuck!" was me exaggerating. Unless, you are low enough in self-esteem to comply to them, Black guy doing this behavior, or a nigger shit bitch non-Black who imitates it. So let me close with reminding those of my brothers who happen to be Black like me that we as a whole need to better present ourselves in the gay community, and society overall. And that includes at a sex party. Because this behavior is not cutting it.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Hustlaball For Hustla's Fall

I will admit that there was a time I had enough issues with Hustlaball because of its racist performance roster that I had my own personal boycott of the event. Now while that racism is somewhat fading, some will try to say that I'm never satisfied. For I still have an issue with hearing that event's name. In fact, I think I always have. I just repressed my loathing.

You see, while I was in the porn industry, I tried to not be judgemental of escorts. Even though I was fully aware in my mind that their existence in the industry was lessening the beauty of the sex we see in porn movies. Once I decided to say the truth not only in my head, but also aloud, that's when I decided to leave the porn industry, and become publicly vocal about the ugliness of prostitution, or its sugar-coated word, "escorting".

This of course has led the naive that still surround themselves with these people to feel that I have (as someone once said to me) "been on a high horse" since my leaving the industry. Well, if I'm on a high horse for deciding to not surround myself with a bunch of people who are doomed for dead-end lives by dedicating themselves to having dead-eyed sex,...then I will make sure that since you're so low down that my high horse dumps its shit on you. As my way of saying goodbye before I ride off to a destiny worthy of my intellect.

So this post is calling out myself. Not for hypocrisy. But on my long-overdue maturity. How my eyes have been opened as to how Hustlaball still should be boycotted. If not for racism, as I'm sure it still perpetuates the "Black guys as overly aggressive tops" belief, then simply for its praise of prostitution. For it still teaches our young gay males that drugs, alcohol, and prostitution are the way to acceptance by your fellow gay male. Leaving out the truth of how many old guys are not trapped in that world, which I'm sure very well contributed to the drug addictions, depression, then suicides that have killed some porn actors in the past, present, and future.

Anyone in the business that tries to tell you my claim is false is doing what many in that world do ---live in denial. For while I was in the industry, I've seen many performers do drugs before and/or after a show. Plus, the event is called "Hustlaball" for a reason. It's a gathering of hustlers a.k.a. prostitutes a.k.a. hookers a.k.a. whores. Which is why my most loyal readers may recall how I once got propositioned at Hustlaball by a patron,...while I was a patron myself.

Now, if you want to go to this event, that's on you. This post is just letting you know the self-destructive escapist world you are contributing your money to. If you can live with that, have at it.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

LeNair Xavier - Pleasure Chest....Salesperson?

I've mentioned a few times on Facebook and Twitter that I recently became a part-time Shipping/Receiving Clerk at the new Upper East Side location for The Pleasure Chest
Part of why I opted to be in Shipping/Receiving is because those of you who have met me in person might have realized, I'm actually quite shy. With my shyness not seeming to fade until my Aries passion for something gets fired up. Of course it's quite obvious though that I do have a passion for sex, and making sure everyone is truly happy and sane on their sexual journey. For I feel a great many woes across the globe could be eradicated if that sexual stress wasn't so prevalent in our lives. Thinking this is what partly inspired my poem, "Sex In Unison".

Anyway, last Saturday, this passion got put to the test. Because for a moment, I became a salesperson.

A guy walked into to the store, and it was all female salespeople staffing the floor. Due to his interest, the customer told the salesperson who initially approached him that he felt more comfortable talking to a male. And since I just happened to be on the floor at the time, the saleperson asked me to assist the customer.

Not a spoiler to the end of the story, but the end result was that I didn't make a sale. At least not that day. For he did say he would be back. Because with the variety of things I showed him for what he wanted, including much cheaper (but also satisfying) alternatives, what he decided on cost more than he was willing to spend that day. So it turns out that just as I can do via this blog, I did point him in the direction of what he wanted.

Even without making a sale however, I actually enjoyed talking to this gentleman. Asking him his desired goal, giving him options, and giving my viewpoint when asked - the key point in the work of a salesperson. With all that considered, should I consider offering myself to also do sales? For I like the labor of Shipping/Receiving, but I did like the interacting from sales. Hmmmm.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Black Guys, I Don't Owe You A Feel, OR A Fuck!

Whether it is at a sex party or even the backroom area of the NYC gay bar, The Cock, I have had one too many instances where Blacks guys seem to not take "No" for an answer. Though also unjust and intolerable, I'm aware that old White guys not accepting a "No" is because they've dedicated so much of their lives to their career that they lost the looks they had when they looked like the pretentious Whites we see today, sacrificing any real sexual social life in the process. So they have now become desperate. But what is the excuse of these young Black guys who are initially good looking, but become ugly by acting this way?

Before I continue, I'm sure some of you are ready to blame me for experiencing this by you asking, "Why go in the bar backroom, or a sex party if I know this might happen?"

It's a simple answer. It's because studying someone in the midst of the primal urge of sex, you get to learn who these people really are. For sex is so primal, many forget their filter, and you learn what they are capable of doing and saying, as well as the fucked-up mindsets they are governed by. Proof of this being that many single guys I found who knowingly avoid backrooms or sex parties, or always stand on the outskirts of the action playing the Cackling Hen commentator are the ones who have either experienced all that I am reporting in this post thus far and beyond, so they are no longer interested. OR they are the ones hiding the most, possibly even more heinous extremes of these behaviors.

Now, it's easy to let guys' compliments to me have me say that the reason for this behavior is that I'm "so attractive" that it casts a spell of some kind on them that they can't help themselves. Well, that excuse 1)makes it my fault, so you're blaming the "victim"; 2)rids them of taking responsibility for their actions; and 3)does not allow me to be humble about my looks, as I want and should be. Because at some point, as time moves on, so will this youthful appearance. And I refuse to act as if I don't know that.

So the one reason that makes sense to explain this behavior is that these Black guys make niggers of themselves by following some cultural credo that says to act this way. That because I'm Black, I owe them a chance to cop a feel. Or I owe them a fuck. Making whether I say "No" or not become irrelevant. And before anyone goes there, I am more than aware that there are also Whites, Latinos, Asians, Middle Easterners, etc. gay and straight who make niggers of themselves for following these racial entitlements and "'No' means 'yes'" credos. But here, I am speaking of my experience as a Black man that you can probably relate to depending on your own ethnicity or color.

Another reason is one that many don't want to admit to. Porn. For no matter how much you want to deny it, porn is still a gay male's teacher in how we sexually interact. With that said, it becomes obvious that the likes of the token Blacks from the big name White studios and most Black performers you see in ethnic porn are teaching gay Black guys weak-minded enough to follow that the overcompensating aggressive top behavior is the way to go. Which leaves other Blacks, Whites, or whatever ethnicity of the perceived bottom to comply without a fight, and tolerate the overcompensating rough sex from this top. It is for this reason that as much interracial sex as I have, I am unable to relate and find beauty in seeing it in porn, even if I top. For I have no intentions of lowering myself to being another nigger gorilla like Bobby Blake, Diesel Washington, one of the sell-outs in Chi Chi LaRue's "Blackballed" series, a FlavaWorks video, etc.

I expect better of myself, and so should my sex partner. That is IF he was wise enough to choose me to be me, and not the Black things he sees in videos. The problem is too many are looking for the latter.

YES, there is an overload of racist Whites in this country, as well as racist non-Blacks whose culture from whatever country they (or their parents) are from taught them to "marry White, because Black is whack".
YES, there is an overload of these same guys who are racist because of the influence of the racist Whites running gay entertainment (porn, nightlife, and media), but don't even realize they're racist sacks of shit.
YES, wrong as it is, porn teaches non-Blacks to be punished for their guilt of past and present sins of Whites and gay entertainment by having a Black guy fuck you so hard that you damn near puke out your innards.
And therefore YES, all forms of gay entertainment tell this weak-minded racist majority that if you feel you must have sex with Blacks that they're good enough for just a fuck, but not good enough for love.

But NONE OF THIS justifies you thinking I don't have a right to turn you down just because I'm Black. Because first of all, when you exhibit this kind of behavior,...

I am not Black like you. For you have made yourself NOT my "brother" or "brutha".

I am a human being FIRST. Therefore right or wrong, I am entitled to my choices. And you don't dismiss my right to choose by putting your hands on me after I have politely moved it. Thereby making it the right choice to dismiss you, and even do you bodily harm for invading the personal space that is my body. Regardless of where we might be, even if that's at a sex party, or backroom.

My dismissing you will never be because I "hate being Black" as one guy tried to tell me once. Otherwise, in a recent tweet after a sex party when I said that I felt like I topped the gay U.N., one of those many colors of bottoms was Black. And he got my attention by not following a porn credo. First, by being a bottom, then by loving my passionate, but non-abusive sex. But despite me overcoming my past racism against other Black males, the more Black guys keep up that negative behavior, and the more (unlike the guy from the sex party) the number increases of them imitating these nigger gorillas in porn, the more you will push me back to that dark place of being racist against other Black males. For it makes me border on asking myself, why should I stay in the light when you won't behave in a manner that shows I was right to bring myself there?

I've come a long way from what I used to be with that racism. So it would be wise to not make me go back there. Because as with any relapse, the next going to be worst.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Lights! Camera! Now FUCK!/How Lust Should Be

This past Friday, I presented 2 pieces for my presentation for the erotica open mic event, Titillating Tongues. One was my anti-porn/pro-exhibitionism poem that I mentioned before, "Lights! Camera! Now FUCK!", and the other was a short sexy song countering what we see in porn by stating what should be in porn. Hence why the song was entitled, "How Lust Should Be".

With the audio from that night, I made 2 slideshow videos using sexy photos to help tell the story of the pieces. Including photos by PhotoFreedom, myself, and the overly photoshopped work of one my former porn directors, Tyson Cane.

Now, if watching videos isn't your thing then simply read the lyrics to both pieces, and don't focus on the pictures. Either way, ENJOY.

Before I go any further, let me say that Titillating Tongues is a great event. Hence why I've been attending it just about every month for a little more than a year now. However, if you live in or are visiting NYC at the time of one, the event could seriously use some gay male representation besides myself as both performers and audience members. For since it is an event meant to be welcoming to all orientations, there is no excuse to cut our gay selves off. Especially when one of the things the fight for gay rights claims is to want entertainment that is more inclusive and accepting of homosexuality. Well, look no further. You have it here. So staying away makes our community seem untrustworthy by being overflowing with hypocrites. So let's show we're better than that, shall we?

With that said, if I'm able to attend the next one, I do hope to see you there.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Vote LogoTV For Hypocrisy

I recently responded to a former Facebook friend, Glenn Payne's posting of a request for dancers for a tv spot for the tv channel, Logo. I was to receive a phone call the next day to get more details. However, this never came to be. For about 18 hours later, I received something, but it was not a phone call. It was a Facebook message from Glenn. Telling me that their "standards & practices" say that they can't have anyone who has posed nude or done porn representing their "brand".


This rule of "standards" coming from a channel that airs "1 Girl 5 Gays" where they sit and talk graphically about sex. The channel that also airs "That Sex Show", which features a porn actress on its panel of "experts". The channel that has MTV as one of their sister channels, home of various shit-shows, like "Jersey Shore", but most notably at the moment, the Video Music Awards (VMAs).

In the past, I have given some harsh criticisms to Logo, primarily in regards to their being an American channel with a serious lack of ethnic diversity in their lineup. With that and me owning my criticisms and the consequences of saying it publicly being the case, I could have stomached their reasoning for not wanting me being because of those numerous criticisms. For in owning all that I have said and knowing human nature, people will retaliate in some fashion when you criticize them no matter how right you are. But if this was such a retaliation, I could respect them more for doing so with honesty. Instead of the pretentious, hypocritical bullshit rhetoric I was fed. For they didn't make me need to take back what I have said about them in the past. Instead, not allowing me to be a part of this tv spot not only reaffirms my past negative criticisms, but actually embeds them deeper in stone.

My offer of my talent for that tv spot was to extend an olive branch to Logo TV, and give them a chance to in some way undo my past criticisms of them. But instead, this response was them breaking the olive branch in 2 before I made it through the door.

Some might think that my viewpoint of my prowess as a performer is quite arrogant. Well, that is a viewpoint for those with low self-esteem, and a bad sense of self-worth. For performers need to realize how powerful a component they are in the equation of the finished product of any production....

For without performers, directors have no one to direct. Therefore, producers have nothing to produce.

I'm sure that those eager to see misery and woe in others to be company to their own misery are reading this thinking, "Oh, they hurt poor LeNair's feelings. YAY!...I mean, how sad."

Bitch, please! I am on a road upward. And trust me, not Logo TV, its brother/sister channels, and parent company combined are important enough to make or break the good path I am on. This spot with Logo was to just kill time along the way. So this venting is not because Logo gave me a road block. It's simply to expose the principle (or lack thereof) on Logo's part.

It is also to teach those who are so eager to get into porn that there are hypocritical ass-heads like those at LogoTV, who will incite you to go for porn stardom, then try kicking dirt in your face the first chance their guilt over loving porn and other displays of sexuality kicks in. And it is those in the sex trade who can't rise above those pretentious hypocrites that end up trapped in that world, then drinking, drugging, or directly committing suicide as a means to escape the pain of rejection. So I am exposing Logo's "standards" so that these wannabes are aware that this is what you face if you don't have an out when the light of your porn stardom fades.

For trust me, it most certainly will fade. So you better prepare for the hypocrisy that follows when it does.

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