Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Come Play With Me in THE PLAYGROUND

I've had quite a busy schedule lately. Between my shoot with Knight Stick films on the November 18th, my dancing for Daniel Nardicio's Horn Of Plenty party on the 21st, and now this past Sunday the 25th, I go-go danced at Splash in their new weekly event, THE PLAYGROUND. You may have seen it originally promoted on my update page, and my MySpace and DList bulletins as "HARD Attack Sundays".
I was quite nervous because I never did anything like this before. Most of the interacting with fans that I've done so far has been where they proposition me. For this event, I mostly have to proposition them. So all the bringing out of my personality that I've claimed doing Will Clark's events has done for me is now being put to the test more than ever before.
I was the 1st dancer to arrive. Later on I met 2 of my fellow dancers, and they proved to be the variety that the night's promoter, Bobby Austin said he wanted for the night - there was something for everyone. You had the little African/Native American/Venezuelan mutt that I am, a tall hot Asian, and a tall hot Latino. The 3 of us bonded quickly, probably because of our being nervous about the newness of the situation. Although, it was a slow night probably due to it being the end of the Thanksgiving weekend where many are either en route to, or resting from returning home, we did quite well for ourselves. So I'm looking forward to doing it again this Sunday.

Now, while I said "the 3 of us", it pains me to mention that there was a fourth dancer. What pains me is that this 4th dancer is like me, a porn actor, and unlike me, an escort. While the night was slow, my code of ethics made me stick it out until the end, whether I made money slowly or quickly, because I threw my name into the hat to be chosen. And it was circumstances that made it a slow night, not the bar or the promoter, so bailing for me was not an option. This guy's "code" however was to bail because the money was coming slow, so he bailed and left after being there for maybe and hour and a half, if that, to go to the quick money of an escorting client. What annoyed me most about his actions is that it's too stereotypical of what many feel about porn actors - that being extremely arrogant, and an "every man for himself" mentality at any cost. I admit that to be in an adult performer requires some degree of sexual confidence, but not to the point of being vain like this individual was, and I try my damnest not to be. In fact, his actions show him to be so vain, that he probably thinks this blog is about him. Therefore, I won't stay on this part of the evening too much longer.

If anyone had the right to be that vain, it would have been the bartender that all 3 of us were drooling over. Early on in the night, I was dancing on the bar, and whenever I turned in his direction, I could not take my eyes off his ass. Need I remind you, I'm an ass-man? Since he had what a friend of mine would call "the ass of life", I was definitely on the verge of growing a woody right before every one's very eyes.

And speaking of nice asses, early in the night I was walking around with cards telling about the night. I went past one guy, and just by seeing him out of the corner of my eye, I thought to myself, "WOW! I'd like to give him way, way, way more than just a lap dance."

The hottie turned out being Jason Grey from Knight Stick Films' upcoming 1st feature, "All Out Assault". You may recall me mentioning meeting him at The Gay Erotic Expo. Neither one of us had any idea that the other was going to be there, so it was cool to see a familiar face among all those I saw that night.

So as you can see, my first night of dancing at Splash has some everything. Some hotness, some coolness, as well as some rudeness. And I'm looking forward to even more hotness and coolness for a good number of Sundays to come. And you can experience some of the hotness as well, if you stop by to get a lap dance from me or one of my fellow dancers. Compared to some other places, for only $10 a song, you can't lose.
So come play with us in The Playground. Sundays downstairs @ SPLASH starting @ 10 PM, 50 West 17th Street, NYC.

Friday, November 23, 2007

October 10th Porno Bingo - The Night In Pics

I hope you had a Happy & Safe Thanksgiving. Being that I like to send you off on to the weekend horny as hell. I thought I'd give you a little teaser blog entry before giving you the main entry to really make you a horny goat.

I went to Will Clark's new website,, where he has now combined all of his websites into 1. And I noticed that it said that the Porno Bingo photo galleries were update. For me, that means that the pics from the night I last appeared there (October 10th) are now posted. I won't post them all, but are some featuring me, and some scandalous others I mentioned in my blog about that night.

Here I am with the host with the most, Will Clark. Since a lot of whatever popularity I have stemmed from my involvment with his events, when he asks for me to make an appearance, how could I say, "No"?

Well, once we reached a decent enough amount, as promised, I did a striptease for only the shirt to come off.

Now, for pics of those that I referred to as the "scandalous others".

This is the cheerleader I had the make-out session with. I'm not normally one to pat myself on the back, but in this case I must say, I do know a good-looking man when I see one. Don't you agree?

And the guy on the left is the one who made our 2-way kiss into a 3-way. Now you see why I said he shouldn't have stopped. Imagine connecting lips with these 2 hotties at the same time - 'nuff said.

Now, we did make enough money for me to drop trou. And to show solidarity, my make-out buddy to your right did as well. And you can see that pic in Will Clark's gallery on his website.

I told you I might get naked LIVE.For those who missed it, aren't you now sorry you did?

Fed The Knight Stick

When me and Ben Marksman first met as extras on the set of "Michael Lucas' Dangerous Liaisons" on February 13th, 2005, who would have thought I would be a featured performer in a porno with Ben as director exactly 2 years 9 months and 5 days to that day. Well, to my surprise that day was recently planned and came to fruition on November 18, 2007.

The Monday before the shoot, Ben, my scene partner Taino, and myself met to discuss things about the shoot. Afterwards, being that we were going in the same direction, me and Taino walked together, and exchanged emails. He emailed me and gave me his phone number so we could talk about our turn-ons so we could make it an easier shoot. I never got around to putting his number into my phone, so when he called me the next day, while I was trying to figure out who this was on the other end of my phone, I was also thinking, "Damn, this guy sounds sexy."

I won't go into too many details of what we discussed about what we liked, but I will say that what Taino liked - I enjoyed giving to him or having done to me.

Before the shoot, we took some photos, and Taino went first. The area we were shooting in for the pics and the movie was small so I was in another room out of the way. But when I last saw Taino, he was clothed. Then I was asked back to be Taino's fluffer. I walked in to see Taino totally naked. I knew I would eventually see him that way, but not with the immediate pleasure of being asked to suck his dick. I occasionally get kind of hard while giving a blowjob, but while sucking on Taino, I got really hard. And Taino felt it through my pants. Well could you blame me? You saw the picture from my previous post. Now, being the ass-man that I am, you know I was as happy as a pig in slop to have Taino's dick and my mouth and his plump ass in my hands.

During our Monday meeting with Ben, I figured by some things said that Taino wasn't into rimming. So I was pleasantly surprised while shooting our sex scene when Taino turned me around, put me up against the wall, and started eating my ass. In fact, that great surprise made me even more willing to give up my ass.

But for a moment, it was almost Taino giving up the ass. We all had a brief moment of me possibly doing as some of you suggested - I was almost a top in this one. Taino was cool with the idea, but hesitant because he said the same thing many of you keep saying about me, but I refuse to believe. That being how I have a big dick. I was actually willing to devote a good half-hour to prepping his ass to get fucked, because one thing I neglected to mention from our phone conversation is that Taino is for the VERY most part a top. So his hole would have been super-tight. And he would have definitely needed to get prepped because I'm sure I would have lost myself if I had got inside that tight hole, and hit my groin up against his ass. Instead, it was as it should be with his dick in my hole, and his groin hitting up against my ass, which I especially loved when he laid me down on my stomach, and fucked me that way.

Taino was such a rude fucker to me. And being that's what his character called for, I was loving it. Definitely when he called me "pussy-boy". I got so turned on when he said things like , "Yeah, you like that dick, don't you Pussy Boy?"

But because Taino had to play such a rude dominating fucker meant I myself had to really act here. Because for my normally aggressive bottom self, it meant I had to be totally submissive to this bad boy fucking my brains out. Well, one thing that made it easier, was how it wasn't acting was when I tell Taino how his dick is amazing. So YES, I was very well fed the knight stick.

Between the professionalism of Ben Marksman and Taino, I had a day on the porn set that I've been looking for all along. An ethnically diverse cast for one. A director who never took a shot at the sexual egos of me or my scene partners because he respected us as performers and fellow artists. And lastly, a scene partner who is enough of an organizer to take the time to learn what we can do to each other to make the shoot go more smoothly.

Will I do more? Only time and fate will tell that one. Who knows? It did this time, maybe it will again.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Show Your Rage Toward The Plagues

In the beginning of my last post, I made the accusation that some prominent studios have been procrastinating in casting me due to racism and ageism. I didn't feel it was right for me to make such an accusation without explaining to you specific instances that brought me to that conclusion about these porn studios.

One such instance is that after making contact with an important figure there, I have been told that when a role comes up that I'm a fit for, I'll be contacted. The problem is this - with so few Blacks in the mainstream porn companies, that is a lame excuse. Ben Marksman of Knight Stick Films said he wanted me in his movie, and he gave me a part within a month of us making contact at the NY Gay Erotic Expo.

Why? Because he wanted the diversity in his cast that really shows New York.

This other guy's company should also be striving for the same goal of showing diversity being that they are already established across the country, and should therefore be displaying a cast that pays homage to that. So to cast me right away would have been a step in the right and long overdue direction because practically all of their movies feature an all-White cast with a Latino here and there. And even then, some of their Latino actors can often pass for White. Therefore, because of the racial make-up of their casts, I have never seen one of their movies, but I was hoping to get a call from them to make me stop my boycott of them. And if I wasn't the Black guy to get cast, I would run out and buy a feature that features a Black actor who is not of the overrun norm in mainstream porn of Black actors being buffed, bald, and tops.

Another instance that brought me to justifiably insult another porn studio is my being asked to give in some footage of my past work.

What is wrong with this?

What's wrong with it is the fact that this director is believed to discover talent of people who have never been in front of a camera before. So why was I asked to show some footage of some past work when the fact that I have past work with various companies at all should be proof enough. Was this his way of making a "nigger" jump through hoops to please his ego? Or has he done this to others, be they Black, White, or whatever just to go on a power trip at the expense of their hopes.

Even though I found this suspicious, I still did it, and have yet to hear anything from this director. So do you smell bullshit? If not, then you are way more naive than I was. Keyword being "was". Hence the reason I am no longer trying to be bothered with this director, because there comes a time when you have to realize you're dealing with an egotistical asshole, and realize to yourself that they're not worth all that work. But more importantly, ACT on that realization.

In acting on that realization, I have returned from my over a year away from in front of the camera, preparing for my mind to work for a project I'm sure that I will be proud of. Because it shows the diversity of the porn-buying public, and not the plagues of racism and ageism that many big name studios have made millions of dollars off of spreading.

Now, I have found a way to show my rage towards these plagues. My question to you is - how are you going to show yours?

Monday, November 12, 2007

Feeling The Knight Stick

Just as I was about to call it quits with the porn industry due to all the racism and ageism from quite popular studios (you know who you bitches are) leading to bullshit procrastinations in casting me, someone who aims to show what it means to be a very sexual gay man was actually man enough himself to be true to his word by not giving me a bullshit delay, and took me on. More on why I'm flipping those other studios the bird in a future entry.

But for now, I have good news....

The new company I wrote about in my blog entry about The NY Gay Erotic Expo, Knight Stick Films, have cast me in one of their features.

And it gets better.

My scene partner is Taino, the hottie from Craig Sebastian DVDs "Around The House #7", that I mentioned in that same blog. And the reason I got paired with him is because the producer, Ben Marksman read that blog, and when he wrote me about working for him, he mentioned meeting Taino at the Expo. So since Ben knew I wanted to get fucked by him, I pretty much for once had a big say in choosing my scene partner. Most porn actors at my stage of the game (and beyond) never get to say that.

And come this Sunday, I'll find out if my eye for good-looking men once again works with my radar for finding a guy who knows how to give a good fuck.

Knight Stick Films movies are storyline-driven, so there is a real script involved. With my past as a mainstream performer (which includes acting), this will be easy for me. I won't give away the story, but Taino does manhandle me a bit before fucking me. SWEET! You know I don't mind, especially since pictures of Taino were the only ones I took that entire day at the Gay Erotic Expo. So here's to hoping he fucks me senseless.

If you read the comment from one of his other actors, Jason Grey, he spoke very well of Ben Marksman and Knight Stick Films, and it says a lot when I have to agree with him, and I haven't even shot a scene under Ben's direction yet.

Therefore to confirm my suspicions, this is a definite tale to be continued..... after this Sunday.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Getting Out The Kinks: Extensions, Ink

Since starting my "Getting Out The Kinks" series, I have brought to light some kinks that some of you never thought much about. Well, this one I'm sure some of you have, but have you thought about why you like it?

The "it" I'm talking about being tattoos.

For a moment there, I thought my previous post for the "Getting Out The Kinks" series was my last. Then one day, when I was looking for pictures of Justin Christopher to use in my post about my romp with a very well-endowed Frenchman, I went to Raging Stallion's website and saw under "New Releases" the thumbnail of the cover for "Ink Storm". Even with it being a thumbnail, I knew the guy on the cover was HOT. Every other time I saw someone that extremely tattooed in the past, I didn't find them attractive at all, so I had to click on that thumbnail to see if my eyes were deceiving me. It turns out they weren't, so now I had to find out the name of the guy I knew I was going to beat my meat to.

I think what makes Logan McCree still sexy with so many tattoos is the fact that all of his tattoos are solid lines that don't completely hide the skin, unlike the other people whose many colored body tattoos I find unattractive. Therefore you can still see how sexy and handsome Logan is, because a person's natural skin color is one of the keys to a person's beauty. So I'm sure every reviewer out there with a brain will agree with me on seeing Logan McCree's sexual charisma because of that, whether their a fan of tattoos or not.

After seeing other pics and where else Logan had tattoos, I was definitely in lust. Especially after seeing the ones on each cheek of his ass. I've always had a thing for guys who put tattoos near, but especially on their ass. Then I realized wanting to see this inporn started with Raging Stallion.

After winning Will Clark's Porn Idol, Will Clark invited me to be a guest for his Porno Bingo event the next night, and I won a round there. Part of the prize package was , which had a featurette on the making of as well as a great many trailers. Michael Brandon was in quite a few of them. And one thing I found myself looking for was to see his ass with that tattoo nice and sweaty from a hot fuck. So now, here we are 2 years later, and Raging Stallion once again reminds me of how in my porn, tattoos turn me on.

I have always seen tattoos as an extension of the person. And I find them even sexier if I can touch them, and the skin is somewhat raised from when it healed like mine.
That's what turns me on about "Ink Storm". It gives me tattooed studs to want to touch and feel that extended part of them. Just as I've always wanted to stroke and grope Michael Brandon's ass to feel his extended part of him. Of course, he has a grope-worthy ass with or without the tattoo, but the tattoo ma kes it even more enticing.

Although it's not exactly politically correct for me as a Porn Actor to say this, but I have said in the past that I have sworn off buying any American gay porn until I see something different. Something other than the drones of clones that don't show America that too many mainstream porn studios seem to follow of smooth White muscleboys and twinks, and buffed and bald Black men being only tops. Totally dismissing the existence of Blacks as bottoms, and other hotties who are Asian, Middle Eastern, etc. Well, although I have yet to see it, just a picture of the cast alone tells you that "Ink Storm" at long last delivers on giving you that something different. I think Jake Deckard's concept of making a total cast of sexy tattooed hotties definitely deserves some kind of commendation.

THANKS to Kent Taylor of Raging Stallion for the photos, and to Michael Brandon and the cast of "Ink Storm" for being such FUCKIN' HOT inspirations for this post.

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