Friday, June 17, 2016

Naked Parties: Freedom & Openness Unveiled

I have either been to, or plan to attend a variety of naked parties. Some have been cocktail parties. Others were game nights. Some are naked drink-n-draws. And there are even some naked movie nights that I've been told about. 
Nudity is natural beauty of the human body. A natural beauty that can just be admired for ridding us of the pretentiousness clothes often bring to us. Or it can be a natural beauty that is considered sexy. Unfortunately, we Americans usually don't associate nudity with being calming or sexy. Instead, we are taught that with nudity... comes deplorable sex, and one cannot exist without the other. Hence why naked parties are seen as taboo here, while other parts of the globe are finding my need to write this post totally unnecessary. Well, let me tell you that is not at all the case.

A naked party might allow sex. However, that depends on the rules established by the host and/or the venue. And whatever their rules are, we must respect them. But sex does not have to be on the agenda when a naked party is being planned. The primary goal of a naked party is to give its guests a place to be free to show their true selves, because it's quite likely their time in clothes denies them of that so much.

Clothes are often a mask. An obstruction to seeing the natural beauty of the naked human form. I realize now why I have for a long time secretly hated the expression"Clothes make the man". In fact, if you take a moment and think about it, most people who cherish that expression tend to be the most pretentious, shallow creatures you will ever know. For it speaks volumes of one's integrity when they feel of greater value by putting on the mask that is clothes, instead of being true to themselves and what their individual nature craves are. So speaking of cravings, let's explore what can happen when sex, or even simple courtship enters the mix at a naked party. 

Brace yourself! For in your being naked, you might find yourself attracted to someone you wouldn't normally be attracted to if you were clothed. Don't fear this. Instead, go with it. For the absence of clothes has left you to focus on the most important parts of a person. Parts you can't see with the naked eye, but instead feel with your heart, mind, and soul... Their intellect and personality. So nudity gives you more of the person's inner-being to focus on. A gift only the deepest of us will cherish, and the shallow will fear and dismiss. 

Now, of course we are talking mostly about parties where alcohol is in the mix. So depending on how you behave when alcohol hits your system, you will behave in 1 of 3 ways to an attraction. You'll either: 
  • A) allow your inhibitions to lower. Let them undo what you've been taught by society and media in regards to what is the "right" color and/or body size to like. Let the new sensation of openness towards a different color or body size takeover. I can definitely attest to this. For I'm not normally attracted to husky guys. However, I have been to some naked parties, and not just made out with one or more husky guys, but had full-on sex with them. And wouldn't mind doing it again. All because of the focus on the inner-being that the nudity at that party made happen;  
  • B) revert back to the rules you live by when you're clothed by interacting only with colors and body sizes deemed "socially acceptable" by your clothed clique. This is especially the case if people from that clothed clique are physically present, or too present in your mind. In which case comes the possibility of; 
  • C) you'll have moments of see-sawing between (A) and (B).
One added plus that I have come to notice at naked parties is that there is less unwanted touching at a naked party than at a bar/club's underwear party. Unwanted touching has happened to me at a bar's underwear party whether I'm wearing close to nothing, and so is the person trying to molest me, or by some clothed asshole who takes the rapist mindset of saying "since you're damn near naked, you asked for it." Proving my aforementioned point of how too many Americans treat nudity as being forever co-joined to sex. At naked parties however, I have yet to have this problem. For the nudity brings an ease to everyone to not be on edge. We can lower our guards and be more ourselves than when we dress up in uniforms, suits, and costumes to go to work, or even a clothed friend/family gathering.

And I believe such a freedom is what we were put on this earth to experience. That's why I proudly confess that I have been writing this entire post NAKED WITH NO SHAME. And I hope it inspires you to go to a safe space, or create one where you can do the same.

Friday, June 10, 2016

My Suck, My Fuck!

At a sex party or backroom,...

Don't you hate when you've been sucking a hot guy's cock, got him rock hard, and some...
Posted by LeNair Xavier on Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The above post from my Facebook came about because of what happened in my recent adventure to a gay bar's underwear party. I met a hot guy there. We were checking each other out for quite awhile.

We exchanged glances one more time, while I was standing in my jockstrap with my back to a curtain for the backroom, and he walked pass it out of my line of view. Soon after, I felt a hand grabbing my ass through the curtain. Whoever it was, it seemed like he studied me long enough that even in that bar's dim light, and behind the bakcroom's black curtain, he knew exactly where my ass was. For before his hand touched me, I felt nothing against that curtain. It was just an immediate touch of my ass followed by groping.

I immediately figured it was the guy I just made eye contact with, again. So I hoped this groping was him at long last making his move. However, I thought it best for me to make sure it wasn't some fucktard who saw us exchanging glances and was taking advantage of my now heightened horniness.

Luckily, it was him.

He kept groping my ass, and saying, "Oh my god!" He would then stroke my cheeks, which later led to him letting his fingers seek out my hole. I spread my legs just a tad to let him find it for sure. Once he found it, he went his finger and went back to the spot, and slipped just a tad in. To give him an idea of what I would do to his cock if I ever let him in, I squeezed my sphincter on his pointer. We kept each other moaning while standing there for everyone to see.

I could feel his cock growing in his pants. This hard rod laying on a 45 degree angle needing to get out. So I came clean with the truth by telling him, "I want to suck your cock so bad."

Which based on how I feel blowjobs are primarily for foreplay can also be said as, "I want to prepare your cock to dig in me deep."

So we slipped onto some seats in a corner. He sat down, and undid his pants. Once I saw his cock, I bent over with my knee on the seat, and went for it. When my mouth started on his cock, I discovered that his dick that I thought was at full erection, actually had a little bit further to go. He moaned, and every once in a while, he tried reaching across my body to feel the little bit on my ass his reach would allow. And when he got a feel, his cock throbbed while his moans and cries to God intensified.

During one of my playmate's reaches, I felt another hand along with his. Part of what let me know that it wasn't his was because all my playmate's reach allowed my ass while I was giving him a blowjob was his fingertips. This hand was full-on. A hand that soon after became hands.

I looked for to see if it was someone who I might have been checking out earlier, therefore might invite to join in. It wasn't. Instead, it was a meddlesome short Latino who appears to hit the gym, and maybe 10 years older than myself who I've encountered before. I've turned him down every time because besides me often being the target, I've also repeatedly witnessed him trying to sneak into other guy's play as well with that same tactic.

Once I saw it was him, I moved his hands. He then sat next to my playmate. Doing the fucked up move of putting their hand in the way of my blowjob because they're so desperate to feel a dick. I kept moving his hand out of the way. He then started trying to talk to my playmate. Trying to get my playmate to fuck him.

At this point, I said to myself, "OH, HELL MUTHA FUCKIN' NO! I will knock this Tattoo mofo back to 'Fantasy Island' with Mr. Rourke (showing my age with that reference) trying to steal the fuck that I'm earning by giving this man the suck of his life! Furthermore, just because my head is down sucking his dick, does not mean I can't hear this faggot plotting!"

Then I hear my playmate say, "Do you have a condom?" My playmate doesn't know that this coming off as the common gay male tactic of treating other gay males like they're expendable was about to get me biting his dick. But I waited to see how much further this would go before I needed to strike if it came to that.

For the desperate jerk replied, "Yes"... but then nothing happened.

So maybe I'm giving my playmate too much credit, but I took this to be my playmate calling this guy's bluff. Because as desperate as this guy seemed, if he really had a condom, shouldn't he have whipped it out with a quickness? Especially if it gets me out of the picture, and his revenge for me turning him down again not too long ago. But he did none of that.

So while I don't do competitions for a guy, especially at a sex party or backroom, I did earn a fuck from my playmate. So I made steps to take my prize. I propositioned him for a fuck, and he asked me if I had a condom.

I replied, "Feel down my thigh. Feel that small bag strapped to my leg?" He reached downward in the corner's dark, and within 2 seconds down there he found it. I continued, "Condoms and lube are in there."

NOTE: I made a make-shift garter from a dog collar I bought from a 99¢ store and put it through the loop of a small camera bag, and strapped it to my leg. So yes, I'm prepared for these occurrences. But if you see me, and need a condom and/or lube, DO NOT ASK ME BECAUSE YOU'RE NOT GETTING ANY.
For I've had too many instances of being a humanitarian, all to see the racism in the gay community have white boys/ light Latinos/Asians/Middle Easterners finding me not good enough to acknowledge even being in the room, much less play with, but for a few seconds make me their new best friend when they need a condom to have sex with someone else. However, once the condom is in their hand, I'm back to being Mr. Cellophane.
So my humanity in trying to prevent others from getting an STI is no longer alive. You either do as I do by coming prepared for the spontaneity with your own gear, or risk a STI by going raw.

Getting back to the story, I gave him a condom, while I put lube on and in my ass. Once his condom was on, I put the rest of the lube on it. I got in position to straddle him. I slid down on his cock, and my usual 2-try rule came into effect. Because my brain had to realize his size before relaxing just enough to take him in pain-free. So after feeling a twinge of pain on the 1st try, I slid off him, and tried again free of pain.

I rode his cock like a savage. Like I said, after the blowjob I gave him, I earned it. There were bout of him thrusting up into me. All of this had everyone one passing that corner watching us... Including the guy who tried to steal the fuck that my mouth earned. Eventually, it got him to jump up and leave. Hence how the Facebook post I used as an intro came about.
So in the end, I got what was mine. I got what I earned. For it was like the title says, My suck, my fuck.

I'm still shocked at the gall some people have to try and take what you've earned from you, right in front of your face. Even the sex you've earned from giving great head.

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