Thursday, October 22, 2009

My DP Candidates....FOUND?!

It has recently come to my attention that while searching for pics and video to accompany all my past postings about wanting to be double-penetrated, most of the video clips and pics I came up with (minus the few exceptions like the pic below) are non-American. It really makes me wonder if gay Americans' sexual repression is making them even less adventurous than I orignally thought.

So imaginine my great disappointment in Americans for once again showing such sexual repression, as an overwhelming number of the responses saying that they are willing to DP me are non-Americans living overseas. Even the sexy Swedes said they're willing to help when they arrive for their planned return to New York early next year . Not a bad choice, since I know both of their endowments, and they're both so HOT that just the thought of them standing next to me clothed gets me hard. While the thought of both of their cocks rubbing together while dipping into my ass is a hot thought that is going to have me need to beat my meat if I don't calm down by the time I'm done writing this.

The good news is that I might not have to wait for the Swedes to get here to experience a double-penetration. You see, after running into a friend I haven't seen in awhile out at The Hangar, just as I was losing hope in my fellow Americans, he told me that he read my post, and that he and his boyfriend are more than willing to take my DP virginity away. FINALLY, an American couple. And while I have not been in a 3-way with them before, I have had encounters with them separately.

This friend of mine is one that I originally met last year at one of Daniel Nardicio's parties, Oktoberfist, which was the official after-party for the Gay Erotic Expo NY then. If you recall past posts about Daniel's parties, then you will remember me saying how I often took advantage of their "pants-optional" policy. Well, so did this guy. In fact, he did the Full Monty. He was a short guy with a nice sized cock. While I'm not a size queen, the sight of a cute short guy with a big dick does make my asshole twitch because it's craving to open up for that short guy's big cock to enter me. So I made my way over to him, started up a conversation complimenting his umm....endowment that he didn't seem to mind me touching. And shortly after he simulated fucking me from behind. This only made me want to bottom for him even more, because that simulation showed that he fucks with hard and fast motions like a rabbit. After already getting a quick fuck by the bottom from a fisting demo, I later managed to get tag-teamed by this guy and a taller guy, showing that simulation was very close to the truth about how he moves. After a few more run-ins at some more of Daniel's parties and other places including a run-in at mr. Black that led to a more private fuck session, we became friends.

Like I said before, prior to our chance run-in at The Hanger, I hadn't seen this friend in awhile, so I went to his Facebook page one day to check up on him to discover that he now had a boyfriend. Where it said "In a Relationship with..." I clicked on it to see who the lucky guy was. I saw the face and said to myself, "Hmmmm, he looks familiar. Now, where have I seen him bef---. HOLY SHIT! HIM!!"

My response was because the picture of the boyfriend immediately took me back to a sauna at least a year ago where everyone was starting to feel each other up. I thought this guy next to me was absolutely gorgeous, and we made eyes at each other. I then got up, and he gave me the stare that says, "Go for it!"

And being the lust-bucket that I am, what do you think I did? I went for it, and took every bit of his cock that I possibly could into my mouth. To answer the question that I know is on your dirty minds, YES, the boyfriend is also well-endowed. And I wanted his dick in my ass so badly that night, but never got it. Now, after all this just might happen in a 2-for-1 deal. See, good things do come to those who wait.
Now that I know for sure the size of the cocks that may be doing a DP dip into my ass. All that is left is coming down to a matter of when. And when that "when" should happen, you will be updated. And even if a DP doesn't take place, at least I'll get a great 3-way tale with at least 1 tag-team in it for sure. Hell, the DP may happen, and include a tag-team.

So stay tuned....


  1. Not really sure why it is so hard to find willing's easy.

  2. I am thinking you should have an easy time find persons to help you out...

  3. To thegayte-keeper,

    With my fan-base, I also thought it would be easy to find 2 people. But have you seen how many times prior to this post I've made a request? I've gotten people willing in the past, but none of them were American, or lived here in the U.S. That is until now. And even in this case, one of them is a 1st generation American-born, so his parents' homeland's open-mindedness towards sex is still prevailing.

  4. Congrats, but I too am stumped on why this was so difficult for you to hook up. In my wilder days, one of my favorite activities was 3ways. My experience with 3ways, more often than not resulted in someone getting DP'd.

    Sounds like you may have actually tried too hard or over analyzed it rather than relaxing and letting it happen. I mean really, where a sex buddies parents were born has nothing to do with u getting fucked. Next time you are at one of those sex parties getting plowed, just look over your shoulder at one the guys standing on the sidelines and tell him to slide it in. I guarantee your fantasy will be met.

  5. To josefromri,

    You are so off the mark.

    I don't over-analyze. I happen to have a gift for seeing the big picture of situation instantly while others have to take forever and a day to pick it apart so that they totally miss that big picture. That's when it becomes over-analyzing.

    Where someone and/or their parents are born does have an effect on their sexual attitudes. Some children grow up to ignore it, but many don't. And since in all honesty, we don't like to think of our parents having sex, we will probably never have a discussion with them to know for sure. But before you try correcting me, I challenge you to do as I did so the findings I revealed here won't be unfounded, and go to sites like Xtube, Rockettube, or GayForIt. You will find as I have that double penetration of 2 dicks in 1 HOLE is way more common with non-American than American.

    Another factor may be your age, because I have seen guys do DP at sex parties, and I did have someone try it on me once before, but I was too in fear of it then. But the common factor is that they were all within my age group. As many sex parties as I've been to, I have only seen a younger American try double-penetration ONCE. Plus (as far as I know) I fail to get comments on this from my younger American readers.

  6. i just asked you if i could have a 3some with you tonight... i am ready! tell me when!
    i have been DP'd and love it. I have DP'd and totally enjoyed it!
    Bring on that sweet hole!

  7. "Anonymous" on a viewpoint that challenges mine, IT WILL BE DELETED for your cowardice to not show yourself makes your viewpoint and you irrelevant.

    I totally respect and agree with your stance on posting a comment. More power to you.

    On to DP. Doesn't it hurt? Seriously? I was a virgin until very recently and the night in question when my guy finally entered my vagina I nearly jumped off of the bed. It hurt like a bitch! So if That hurt, wont a double penetration hurt greviously? What do you do to ensure that the anus relaxes enough to allow a big dick in? Or am I just too inexperienced? By the way is it okay that as a female I write to you?

  8. First off, I have no problem with your being a female. You are actually not the 1st woman to read my blog, which I'm glad about, as I want to appeal to more than just gay men. The more women I know are reading the more I'll write in a way that caters to include my female audience.

    As for the thought of deleting your comment. It never crossed my mind as your comment doesn't challenge mine. You asked a legitimate question with your comment that I am more than willing to answer.

    I haven't done the DP yet. Do I fear it hurting? HELL YES! I have taken big dicks in the past of guys who I thought I couldn't, but my desire for them made me able to relax enough to let it happen. So in the case of taking on 2 guys that I like, while it ups the level of fear, I hoping to use the same method successfully. And like I said, whether or not I'm successful, I will most definitely write a post to let you know.


I HIGHLY respect those willing to stand behind their comments with a name. So if you use "Anonymous" on a viewpoint that challenges mine, IT WILL BE DELETED. For your cowardice to not show yourself makes your viewpoint and you irrelevant.

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