Sunday, October 31, 2010

Duality Battle - Tré vs. L

Recently, I have been finding myself in an inner-battle with my duality. Not the battle between good and evil as shown in my pictures from "Good Tré, Evil Tré". Instead, I am in an inner-battle with myself to either maintain being known as "Tré Xavier", OR choosing to start using my legal first name, which I will refer to throughout this post by its first initial, "L".

Truth be told, I've been wanting to use my legal first name ever since I got into porn. You see, I knew before getting into porn that I personally would never have any shame about being a part of it, nor was I going to cater to others' pretentious attitudes towards it. Plus, had I kept my legal first name, I would not be having this inner-conflict that I am having now.

I'm sure many of you are wondering what brought about this inner-conflict. Well, what has happened is that alot of things have come to light about myself and the gay porn industry after I did "R.I.P. Tré Xavier - Porn Actor: 1 Year Later". One of those being that I seem to have become tired of leading a life of duality. You see, "Tré Xavier" was born for porn. It was a persona meant to be all about my sexual side, and willing to go to the extremes of sex via experimentation since I was doing it in the "safe" confines of a porn set. A perfect example of this was my agreeing to be a part of the cast in my last porn movie, "B.L.A.K: Bruthas Live And Kinky",
where I took the part because I was curious about the leather scene, and after doing that movie, I saw the extremities of domination and submission involved, and how it is not pleasurable for me at all. The confusion started however when my 1st blog, "Tré Xavier's Blog" came just a few months after I got into the porn industry, because it actually took you beyond the over-sexed mindset of "Tré Xavier", by showing you the intellect and social concerns of the real me, "L". And I am continuing that with this blog here.

Since that time, it has been like I've had 2 personalities. Whether I sit my keyboard to start typing, or write thoughts on a pad, if it's for a sexual blog post, then it's "Tré Xavier" doing the writing, but when it's a social matter to address, it's "L" doing the writing. Once I decided to retire from porn, it was as if the 2 personalities became integrated, where a spell of "Tré Xavier" is there. But I'm not feeling any of those scenarios to be the case anymore.

Now, since making "R.I.P. Tré Xavier - Porn Actor: 1 Year Later", I have found myself with a growing hunger for people to know me as "L", and not as "Tré". So I'm feeling now that "Tré Xavier" may exist for fans, but....he no longer exist FOR ME. And that actually was my original plan when I decided to do porn. However, once I was deciding to retire, for some reason I began to re-think that idea. And my re-thought idea became confirmed by someone pointing out that I've made a brand out of the "Tré Xavier" name. But I don't think I'm that well-known, so the question I must now ask myself is:

While I may have made the name "Tré Xavier" a brand, is it at a point of notoriety where a slight name-change would hurt the product, and what I now have to add in offering it?

I ask this because I feel in some way that the "Tré Xavier" persona has gotten out of control. Practically all people in the gay porn industry, nightlife, and most of the sex partners that you have and have not read about know me as "Tré Xavier", with some of those people becoming good friends.  Some may have (or still do) read my blog, or are often spoken to, therefore know the intelligence and concerns of "L", but because they don't know me by name as "L", I'm beginning to feel that they don't really know me as much as I would like them to. For the only ones who know me as "L" are the guys that I've dated, and friends I had before porn.

I asked my Mom about this, and she made a very good point. She reminded me of how before he became known by his present pseudonym, "P. Diddy", that he was previously known as "Puff Daddy". And during the time of both names, he has been waaaaay more well-known than me, and it's done nothing to hurt his notoriety. So it gives me something to think about.

I know that after all of this that you are wondering what "L" stands for. To be honest, it's not your usual "L" name (unique like the man it was bestowed upon, THANKS MOM), and it has sometimes been right in front of your face, even when you have met me in person. So unless you figure it out based on those clues, I will reveal what "L" stands for once I've come to a decision (maybe with your help) as to which name I will use as my 1st name....

....The name you have come to know me by so far, OR will you have to begin to know me by my legal 1st name as I move forward to explore the great things I feel the future holds for me?

Friday, October 29, 2010

as a black male, what do you think are the best bars to gogo in nyc?

Sadly, there aren't any I can recommend. Most bars seem to have a "light-complexion" only rule when it comes to go-go dancers. And with that rule, they allow a variety of body types (from twinks to muscular).
But as a Black male however, there is a serious problem in regards to racist imaging. For as a Black male, it seems you must be a muscle-bound gym-rat oaf, sometimes on the verge of looking like steroids are your meals instead of food, in order to be considered as a go-go dancer. That's part of the reason why I'm trying out at The Cock on Saturday. Because they practically NEVER have Black dancers there. So I'm urging people to come out and show their support so I can break this too-long-existing mold.

My blog may make me seem like an open book....but maybe I'm not, so ask away ;-)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Gotta Go-Go Try

I guess you can take the exhibitionist out of the porn industry, but you can't take the exhibitionist out of the man.

Because this Saturday, I have made plans to try out at The Cock. Why, you might ask?

Well, it's actually the same thing that had me trying to get into Lucas Entertainment when I got into the porn industry. When I see no one else try, I give it whirl. Because besides my love of dancing and being sexual for people's viewing pleasure, I want to represent. Represent a Black presence that isn't seen enough in NYC's gay nightlife - a FIT Black man as a go-go boy, instead of a muscled-up gymrat who can hardly move because of all that muscle they put on just to fit that overplayed image. I want to show that simply fit on a Black man is SEXY AS ALL HELL.

So come make me get wet for you

29 2nd Ave. NYC
(between E 1st & 2nd Streets)

See you Saturday!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Tweet to Logo TV

Yesterday, after much annoyance with their programming, I took the advice of someone on Facebook that I got into a debate with who was blind to the lack of diversity on the gay TV channel, Logo. And it is not surprising this person would be blind to the lack of diversity because he was a person of light-complexion, which is exactly what way too many gay media outlets (from porn to television) portray as the only beauty within the LGBT community. And every one else is made either uber-masculine or uber-feminine, no in-between about it.

So this is the tweet that I sent to Logo using TwitLonger:


You could get ratings by featuring a variety of ethnicities AND skin tones. Your heads of programming are too ignorant and racist to believe that variety will sell. The problem that comes from you trying now is that:
1)it won't happen UNLESS you try; and
2)you've stuck to your formula of "light is right" for so long that people of color will NOW be slow to watch. And your racist head(s) of programming will use that being "slow to watch" as an excuse to not show diversity in ethnicities AND skin tones. 

Now, I am fully aware that you have had shows featuring men of color, but each one of them have never been allowed much longevity. So in the end, it becomes like I've said before in my blog REPEATEDLY...the typical American gay male is his own worst enemy.

I have made numerous comments on your website, and via Twitter about my disapproval of your programming and its lack of diversity. And it seems that unless it is someone kissing your behind on something of no importance (like your recent mention of Jared Leto), you feel no need to reply.

If you want equality, I suggest that you start in your own backyard. That way right-wingers won't be so justified in looking down on us. Because your programming (especially the negative stereotypes of shallow re-enforced by the clowns of "The A-List: New York") makes you part of the problem, and in no way the solution we need. Thank you.


Did I say what needed to be said? If you believe so, tell them that you agree by either sending them tweets on Twitter (@LogoTV), go to their Facebook page, or go to their website to express your  shared annoyance. And feel free to let them know that I sent you.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Obama's Tasks....Bigger Than Gays

I recently was reading an article on, and saw a link that reads, "Alan Cummings On Obama: He's Done 'Diddly Squat' For Gays". I didn't go to the link at the time, but I had some choice words for such a rambling. But later on that day, I went on Twitter and found that one of my followers re-tweeted that link. THAT provoked me to go to Facebook, and post those aforementioned choice words of mine as an update:

Tré Xavier is real sick and tired of all these FAGGOTS complaining about how Obama has done nothing for us gays. You are FAGGOTS because you have forgotten the fact that WE ARE A NATION. That means there may be other problems to address BIGGER than those in your "little gay world". And you would be best advised to grow up and remember that, instead of being a narcissistic gay stereotype making it all about "me, me, me!"

Since one is only allowed a certain number of character for an update, I didn't get to add this:
Now if you really want to act like a baby, then stick a dick in your mouth, and suck on it with the same intent that a baby is given a pacifier, SHUT THE FUCK UP!

And I am not swaying from that statement no matter how angry you want to claim yourself to be. Is President Obama perfect? Of course not. He's human, and yes, he is a politician. But even so, there are facts that you CANNOT deny. Such as:

THE RECESSION is BIGGER than the gay community!
HEALTH CARE REFORM  is BIGGER  than the gay community!

And the list of what President Barrack Obama must do for this country that are BIGGER than the gay community goes on and on. And why wouldn't it? He has to clean up the 8 YEAR LONG MESS George W. Bush left every American of every age, every creed, every color, every income level, every ethnicity, every sexual orientation, etc.

Now, I'm sure that of all of these bitches whining, "President Barrack Obama has done nothing for us", are the same fuck-faced faggots that aren't doing a damn thing for themselves to better the gay community from within. Are any one of these so-called gay activists trying to stop the racism within the gay community? Are any one of these so-called gay activists trying to stop the ageism within the gay community? Are any one of these so-called gay activists trying to stop the sexism within the gay community?

Gee, I wonder why I'm feeling like I'm left in the dark of the woods with only the surrounding sound of crickets chirping to keep me company right about now?

It's because so many are busy wanting for someone else to save you, that you never decided to prioritize, and correct what you need to correct what's wrong in your own garden - the gay community, before trying to correct what's wrong with all of the gardens collectively along the entire block. When you start by fixing your own garden, you can ask for someone else to assist you in being your savior. Because at least then, they can aid you out of the admiration of how you fixed your imperfections, because you were adult enough to BE YOUR OWN HERO.

As long as those aforementioned "-isms" affect the gay community, we are not being our own hero. And we collectively deserve to be looked over for it. For as I have said repeatedly, we must be better than our oppressors, and those and other "-isms" being in effect in the LGBT community show us not to be so.

So if you don't like the fact that I called Alan Cummings and those of you who agree with him "faggots", then stop making demands meant to satisfy just you and your kind. For it is that same mindset that many (young and old) gay Whites heading media outlets don't want to address the racism in the LGBT community. It's that same mindset that younger gays put in charge of gay media outlets practice ageism. And it is the same mindset that makes gay males turn up their noses in a gay bar populated by mostly gay males when women walk in, even when those women turn out to be lesbians.

I long ago said that the typical American gay male is his own worst enemy. Therefore perpetrators of all that I have said here only show me to be more correct. Thank you for proving me right...I just wish in this case, that I wasn't.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Glammy Awards 2010

Last Sunday, for the 1st time ever, I attended the Glammy Awards. The Glammy Awards is a NYC-based awards show giving out awards to those considered to be the best in NYC gay nightlife.

I'm not going to write a long blog post giving you some kind of play-by-play of the night. What I must mention is that like those old ladies in churches with their big hats blocking the view of the minister, some drag-queens with tall feather hats blocked my view to where I couldn't get video of the entire sexy intro. Also, because my camera went screwy at one point, the only performance that I didn't get video of was an eye-catching one from drag queen Devin Stone that included fire-eating. All the videos of the other performances are already on YouTube. Besides that, I'll let the video that I was able to get of the intro along with the following slideshow do the talking for me. Enjoy.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Revolving Door of Hungry Holes

This past Tuesday, I went to visit my Mom in Brooklyn. Afterwards, I decided to venture over to BIG GULP at the Cock Bar in New York City. Even though The Cock is a definite pick-up spot, the nightowl that I am just wanted to be out. And what better place to go than The Cock on a Tuesday night with a deal of a $10 cover and open bar all night. That's good whether you're a drinker or not, or if you're seeking a trick to play with or not, and I was the latter in both cases. Especially in regards to drinking, after my one and only drunken episode. That's why my total drink content was 2 vodka-cranberries followed by 2 or 3 cups of Coke or Sprite. Yes, I lost track of how many cups of soda I drank, but not how many drinks with alcohol.

The music was good, and I started bouncing to the beat. This eventually led to me dancing. Mind you, I was wearing my personally-painted sports jacket and a hoodie underneath, and being the exhibitionist that I am, they both eventually came off because I started sweating. And since this was the last hour before the bar closing, I saw no reason to check my sports jacket, so I held it and my hoodie while I danced.

After my 2nd or 3rd soda, I stood on the side to cool off. While standing there, this good-looking Latino walked in. We exchanged glances, but I wasn't sure of his interest. I was quickly assured because he then moved behind me, and I could feel his energy focused on me. I then felt his vibe move closer towards me until, it wasn't only his vibe, but also his body up against my back. I could have easily moved, but while my self-assurance makes me be there without wanting to be picked up or hit on, he made me interested in the possibility.

He asked me my name, and I told him. He then asked me, "What are you looking for?"

I replied, "Nothing in particular. I just go where the night takes me."

He said that he likes to get right to the point. So he asked me if I was a top or bottom, and I told him that I was versatile, and he revealed to me that he was a total bottom. So obviously, he was on the prowl for sex, and I was cool with that. What I needed was the right vibe of sanity from him if I was to play along. And his being so forthcoming with what he wanted was making me feel at ease. At least I wasn't dealing with a player. He said he had to go look for his friend, so I let him be on his way. If we saw each other again, fine. If not, that was fine with me as well.

Before this I ran into a friend of my own, and I was there with him until the bar closed at 4 A.M. Once outside, I ran into my Latin suitor again. He then asked me, "What do you want to do?"

I told him, "I'm heading home. Unless you have something better in mind."

He told me that his place was just a few blocks away from the bar, and he let me know that whatever was going to go down with us, that his friend/roommate was part of the deal. If his friend was cute, I was fine with that. So he introduced me to his roommate, and as it turned out, he was cute and Latino like him. His friend smiled, but then suddenly disappeared. As me and my original suitor were left talking for a few minutes, his friend called him on his cell phone and told him that he was headed back to their place, so off we went to catch up with him.

Along the way, we got to talking about what I do. I told him about my writing this blog, and how it started from my being in porn. He seemed shocked by news of my porn past. He said that I looked so innocent. That's something that's been said to me before, and I still don't understand it. Because my thought is why should the fact that I can fuck and let people watch make me look any different. I wasn't angry by his perception. I was just once again mystified by how many people have it.

Once we got to his place his roommate was waiting outside for us. While the roommate went into his own room on the other side of the apartment, my suitor invited me into his own room. We got undressed and started making out. I was thinking to myself,  "Isn't this supposed to be a 3-way?", but I then told myself to go with the flow, and his roommate will join in whenever.

I started fucking my suitor. He used poppers, but not in such a massive degree that I got to smell them, and get the headache that follows. I don't know what Latin country he was from, but he had a nice smooth ass that felt amazing to be inside of. Whether fucking him missionary or doggy-style, I was loving it. I was surprised by his need for poppers with me fucking him. Maybe I have a false idea of how thick my cock is. Well, at least for someone who hasn't abused their hole and ass tunnel with the ignorance of being a size-queen and/or constant fisting bottom, because those self-abusers are the only ones who would not be phased by my cock's width at all.

I was so into fucking my suitor that I wasn't sure if I had heard the door open. That plus the bed squeaked so loud even with my lightweight body thrusting hard into my suitor's ass. I never looked back, until my suitor wanted a break, and I laid down beside him. That's when I saw that the door did open, because his roommate was there in the room. For some reason when I looked up at him, he left. Me and my suitor fooled around a little more, mainly with him giving me a blowjob to re-ignite my hard-on. You see, after drinking, I very easily get what my friend told me was called "whiskey dick" - where alcohol prevents or lessens your ability to get and/or maintain a hard-on. And I knew the alcohol from earlier was taking some hold, especially since I didn't have much in my stomach, but the soda prevented me from being a total bottom. So the moment I stopped fucking that ass, my hard-on stopped and needed resurrecting.

Just as I got my hard-on back, my suitor left me alone in his room. Then his roommate came back. What I was in question about regarding his roommate was when he came back in the room, was his intention to fuck me, or have me fuck him. Well, he came in the room and went straight to sucking my dick. He gave me a boner, and he laid on his back, and that gave me the answer to my question. An answer I was not at all expecting. For in most of my threesomes, I've been the tag-teamed bottom, while other times I've been the versatile bottom. So this was new to me....

....because I was fucking 2 asses. Which made me the designated TOP.

I reveled in having this new title bestowed upon me. As I banged his plump ass. A plump ass that was also smooth like my original suitor, giving it spanks and massages as I thrusted into him. At one point he stopped, and wanted me to eat his ass. I was all over his ass from licking his hole, to licking his ass cheeks, to fingering his hole massaging the walls of his ass tunnel, which I realized was preventing my on-the-verge to becoming flaccid cock from becoming totally flaccid. Once totally hard again, I went back to fucking him, and I fucked him until he came.

Evidently, these guys have done this before, as they had it down to a science of when to come into the room. As soon as the bed stopped squeaking, and the volume of the dirty talk and moans lowered, my original suitor came back into the room. It was like that door was a revolving door of hungry holes. And even though it was their apartment, these 2 guys were playing the guests, and I was led to play the mainstay.

Me and my original suitor picked up where we left off. I fucked his ass hard all over again. Even throwing in other positions besides missionary and doggy. And then he stopped me again. I decided to suck his dick. I felt it pulsating in my mouth showing his man-milk could gush from his dick at any given moment. And he knew that was the case, but he didn't seem to want to come by me sucking him. Because he stopped  me from sucking his dick, and put me on my stomach, and started eating my ass. The next thing I knew, he was dressing up his dick to enter me. And I was not about to stop him, because practically every bottom I've ever topped, I was hoping he would top me at some point. And I'm not trying to brag (OK, maybe I am), but something about my ass seems to have motivated most to top me at some point during the sex session. 
For now, this bottom was another to add to the list of bottoms that my ass has converted (at least temporarily), and I was more than willing to let him be. And he fucked me good, and then came.

Afterwards, he asked me if I wanted to come. I felt that I really didn't need to because I'm sexually satisfied when my playmate is content. But since he wanted to see me come, I jerked off. The more I rubbed his smooth skin, especially on his ass, while rubbing one out, I came closer and closer to erupting. And while I didn't see it, I could feel that my cum had shot up, and was running down my shaft like lava to a volcano. It was such a stream that it was running down my balls to in between my legs. So I guess I needed to shoot my load more than I thought.

This ended around 6 A.M., and I had a dental appointment at 10:30 A.M. So now I had to get home to the Bronx, which I did around 7 A.M. Not sleep, but nap, which I did around 7:30, because in order to get to my dental appointment, I had to leave my house at around 9:30, which means I had to wake up around 9. Luckily, I showered before leaving their place, so that saved some time. Believe it or not, I made it. Tired as hell, but I made it.

With the memory of the fun I was having as the sun was soon to come up, that filling the dentist had put in didn't feel so bad. Because one thing that can sooth a horndog's pain is the thought of what he likes best about a new sexual adventure. And for me, that's exploring. Exploring a new position, where in this case, instead of my usual place in a threesome as the one designated to get his hole filled....This time, even though I got my hole filled by the end of it, the vast majority of the playtime had me in the new position as the designated hole-filler.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Write That Down #27

One thing I have come to be known for is writing about my sexual trysts. I write about them often enough that people think that I'm having a load of sex. Truth is most of the trysts you read about is all that I've done. However, there are some trysts that happen in between sex tales that DON'T get written about for one reason or another.

For a writer, I believe writing about one's sexual encounters should have a purpose. And while others allow seeking book knowledge to take presidence over the human nature to seek knowledge about life by experiences and observations, I stay true to human nature, including in regards to human sexuality. With that in mind, it should be no surprise that I write about my sexual encounters to reveal something new that I've learned, be it about my sexuality or sexuality in general. I'm sure you've also noticed how I take writing about my trysts as an opportunity to express my feelings about something about sex (like a certain position, fetish, or mindset) that I have yet to see addressed in great detail.

All this leads to my getting back to the aforementioned trysts that I don't write about, which is the subject of my latest "Write That Down" quote. It reads:

Sex in romantic or fuck-buddy relationships is sexual play held more sacred to me. So unless you fall in that category, the reason I won't write about a sexual tryst with you is because you gave me nothing new to learn about in exploring sexuality. You're not a new experience, or in no way (before, during, or after the fact) did you inspire me to talk about something about sex that has yet to be addressed in detail. In short, no matter how intense the sex was, you're just too damn common. So to be written about, make it count by being one of some substance. And since I can name names heinously when crossed, make it of good substance. Therefore, players & idiots need not apply. 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Do you feel you have a life interesting enough to be interviewed by a well-known TV personality? If so, by whom would you like to be interviewed by, Barbara Walters or Oprah Winfrey, and why? I'll give my answer after the 1st response.

Do you feel you have a life interesting enough to be interviewed by a well-known TV personality? If so, by whom would you like to be interviewed by, Barbara Walters or Oprah Winfrey, and why? I'll give my answer after the 1st response.

Answer here

Friday, October 15, 2010

Eureka!....Discovering MY D.P. Formula

I've been a double-penetration top twice. The last time was at a sex party. I was laying on the bed getting my dick rode on by a hottie bottom, the hottie bottom leaned forward, and I saw a muscular Latino come up behind him. The next thing I knew, the frenulum of my cock was no longer rubbing against the walls of my hottie bottom's ass tunnel. Instead, it was rubbing against the frenulum and shaft of another cock - the muscular Latino's cock. However hot (and very unexpected) that was, it is still a long unfulfilled fantasy of mine to instead be a double-penetration bottom. It is that hunger that gave birth to the category "Double Penetration" on this blog.

My having yet to be a double-penetration bottom might seem odd considering the number of threesomes I've been a part of. The truth is in most of those threesomes, I've found myself getting tag-teamed, and I've come to realize that I should be fine with that. You see, most of my threesomes were born out of one-night stands where I've never had sex with either person before. This leaves me to experience each guys' individual sexual prowess....somewhat. I say "somewhat" because, truth be told, I always wind up wishing that we could make an all-day thing of it so that one guy can fuck my ass, then after a hour or so, I can take the other guy on. Because even though my ass tunnel seems to quickly adjust after being fucked, I would rather be 100% certain that both me and the 2nd guy are experiencing the full pleasure of sex with each other.

What I'm realizing now is that in my quest for being a double-penetration bottom, I might not be able to rely on my usual spontaneous nature Aries like myself are known for, including in sexual encounters. My double-penetration bottoming adventure actually needs a plan, and I think I've found what my plan needs to be.

Here's my plan of what I need to have my double-penetration bottoming adventure:
1) Of the 2 tops, one of them has to be someone I have bottomed for at least 2 times in the past. This would remove my aforementioned worry of someone missing out. Because if we've fucked before, the only new thing for him would be partaking of this adventure with me.
2)The top with whom it will be our 1st time having sex will be the one to fuck me first. Based on what I said before about wanting to experience each guy's sexual prowess, this part of the plan should not be a shock. Also, that top will serve as the guy to open up the tight hole that I'm known for having. Well him, plus loads of lube.

A friend who knows that I'm anti-poppers told me that this might be one time I actually find myself needing to use poppers. My Aries stubbornness makes me try to stick to my guns and look at it this way...If the deepest part of my mind does not want one of those cocks in my ass, then since my brain won't tell my body to relax and "open sesame", then why rely on a chemical. I didn't need it for the beer-can-thick French hottie who fucked me so good in "French Kiss, Big Bliss?", with only 2 tries before he slid that monster cock in me. So why shouldn't the same kind of mental preparation be involved here? However, the fact that 2 cocks is a bigger undertaking (no pun intended) is why my friend might be right, so I'm not ruling poppers out in this case. So when I get word that this will happen, maybe I'll pop my popper-purchasing cherry, and at long last buy some.

As you can see, I don't require much, and I'm not saying that this is the ideal formula. However, I do think that this one will work best if you're like me, and interested in not just your own pleasure, but the pleasure of all parties involved.

Now if any of my past trysts reading this has a friend who they think I might like to play with along with them, email me a pic, and maybe we can get this show on the road. And just so you know, video-recording of this great event is desired, but not a must. So should you desire discretion, it will be respected, because like I said, my concern is pleasure for all parties involved. And once in, make sure you work my hole with the same vigor of the double-penetration seen here:

Now, if you're not spent from beating off to that, here's a little something extra:

Until next time,...Have a HOT, HORNY & SAFE weekend!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Which 5 words OR phrases best describes you to the public? Mine are: 1. Inquisitive 2. Very sexual (and open about it) 3. Unapologetic when telling the truth 4. Always see the BIG picture 5. Extremist (in love & disdain)

Which 5 words OR phrases best describes you to the public? Mine are:1. Inquisitive2. Very sexual (and open about it)3. Unapologetic when telling the truth4. Always see the BIG picture5. Extremist (in love & disdain)

Answer here

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tré Xavier - Super Sucked

Last Wednesday, I went to Will Clark's Porno Bingo. I got there in time for the 3rd of the 4 Rounds, but I didn't play until the 4th. Good call on my part, because it's been a long while, but I WON playing that 4th and final round.

Besides a couple of DVDs, and erotic books, one of the other prizes in the bag was a sex toy. Now, those of you who have been reading this blog long enough know that I don't really do sex toys. In fact, you might be surprised to discover that the  Fleshlight and Fleshjack that I've used in videos on sites like XTube, Rockettube, and GayForIt have gotten very little use beyond those videos.

Anyway, the sex toy was Doc Johnson's Super Sucker. The texture of it feels like a Fleshjack minus the plastic case, and the opening of it is shaped like an open mouth (with even an indentation at the top of what's to be the upper lip)....ready to be of service. As soon as I saw it, an inner-voice told me that I was going to make a video of myself using it. After the initial shock at the instructions by my inner-voice, I asked myself "why?", then realized that sites like XTube, and solo scenes from porn company websites are overloaded with videos (like mine) of guys using Fleshjacks. Also, by the Super Sucker being about half the length of a Fleshjack, and having an open back end, I can play with that for your viewing pleasure. Because I know some of you would love to see what a cock looks like sliding in and out of a willing sucker's throat.

Once I made it official that I was going to make a video, as hard as it was (therefore my dick was hard), I abstained from beating my meat for a couple of days. Now when those couple of days were up, imagine my relief when it became time to put on some porn, whip out the Wet® SYNERGY to lube up the Super Sucker, and go to town. And I think my need for that release is more than a little evident by this new video.

Well, enjoy....Here's cum in your eyes! ;-)

Do you think I've earned some endorsement deals?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Mom Critiques: She ____s My Vlog

I'm revealing my mother's critique of my vlog, "R.I.P. Tre Xavier - Porn Actor: 1 Year Later", and what I think of her for that critique.

And a P.S. in which I call out....MOM?!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It Gets Better

Yesterday on Facebook, I posted this update:

After a few comments urging me to make one, I decide to take their advice, and wrote something for the "It Gets Better" campaign.

Let's pray that what I mentioned fearing in that Facebook update does NOT come true, and these messages make the needed impact to the media, and even more so those bullied.

Now you see why I don't back down, and why as hard as many have tried....trying to break me has ALWAYS proven to be impossible.

Thanks to Chase Coxxx & Wil Group for urging me to make this video. Your urging reminded me that (as I said in "R.I.P Tre Xavier - Porn Actor: 1 Year Later") I got into porn to display myself as a man comfortable with his sexual orientation. My motive could in turn help prevent the suicide of gays, young and old. Too bad the porn industry doesn't feel the same, or else they wouldn't promote the idea of "gay-for-pay" and "straight-for-pay".

It feels good to have used the name I've made in the industry and my writing talents to possibly save a life. Unlike all the pornstars making their way to New York City right now for Hustlaball NYC, with their only drive being to make a buck, thereby showing the stereotypical prostitute mentality of "every man for himself".

"Every MAN for himself"? With their selfishness, isn't the word "man" a joke referring to these guys?

Once again, THANKS Chase, Wil, and also MOC Blog for your support.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I have not met a single person yet that types letters in lower-case that should be capitalized who at some point in time show themselves to have low self-esteem. AGREE or DISAGREE?

I have not met a single person yet that types letters in lower-case that should be capitalized who at some point in time show themselves to have low self-esteem. AGREE or DISAGREE?

Answer here

Friday, October 1, 2010

HOT @Milk Chocolate NYC

As I stay loyal to such parties like the Hot Jock Party, there is one sex party that I mentioned in the past that I haven't told many tales about - Milk Chocolate NYC. The last time I told of a Milk Chocolate NYC party was in "First Black Sex Party", when the pre-party gave me my 1st experience at a Black-only party. The main party became open to all, as most are. Including the one I ventured to on this night.

I wish some of my fuck-buddies I've had would either get on the list for some of these parties, OR let me know when they are going themselves. For I have met some of my fuck-buddies through sex parties, and it seems like we always miss each other. The reason I'm wishing this connection is because for some reason, when I go to sex parties here in NYC, the action takes awhile to start. It happens ALL the time...Quite often, the most action that happens by the time I arrive are blowjobs. My thought is, "It's a sex party! Will somebody fuck an ass already?!"

Maybe it's a combination of my extremist nature and Aries' bluntness that has made me be the 1st at a number of parties to have a hot cock thrusting and throbbing in his ass, or vice versa. You see, my Aries' bluntness makes me have no problem with whispering to a guy whom I want to have sex with either, "Fuck me", or "Can I fuck you?"

OR having my extremist nature draw in someone just as extreme as myself, like it did that night. I had been trying to get a hot Swedish fuck-buddy living here I met at another sex party to come to the Milk Chocolate parties since I heard he was back in town after being away for awhile.

When I got to the party, one was doing anything. The host, Cade asked me to go check upstairs and see if I felt the lights were too bright or not, as a possibility as to what was stalling the action. I went upstairs to the the few guys near the stairs checking me out. As I went further on the floor, there leaning against the wall....was my Swedish fuck-buddy. I went right for him, and without hesitation, we started making out. And others came over trying to be a part of it. At one point, he whispered in my ear, "You want to get that ass fucked?'

"Yeeeeaah!" was my enthused whispered reply.

I was thinking about what I originally asked to come upstairs to do, then I  realized that when Cade sees that I haven't returned, and him and everyone else will soon enough hear me moaning that he'd take that to mean....the lighting was fine. So me and the Swede continued feeling each other up grabbing each others' ass and cock. I definitely wanted my hands on his ass, because I missed groping his plump dancer butt. While my hands also enjoyed gripping his long, thick uncut dick, it was my asshole and tunnel that wanted to grip it more. That's why I moved us over to the bed, where we made out a little more. During that time, on the other side of the room, 2 other guys had already started fucking thanks to our inspiration. Then I decided since we started this fuckfest, we should be fucking, too. So we went over to the table where he picked up condoms, and I lubed up my ass with the Wet® lube they had there.

We went back to the bad, and I got on my back. Because when I bottom, missionary is one of my favorite positions. I like it whether it's sex in a relationship or casual sex because the intimacy of that position from most lets me know that you're fucking my hole because you want my hole, you want ME. And a top gets that same reassurance about himself and his cock when a bottom wants that position.

He started to put his big cock in me, and I had to take a deep breath and prepare my body for what I was about to take in. He went in slow, and once in, he started thrusting slow, then picked up speed quickly. He like me, enjoys groups, orgies, and being watched, and he was letting al of his enjoyment of the scenario we were in out on my ass. And I moaned and yelled, and grinded his cock letting out my enjoyment in return.

At one point, I thought from his moans that he had come, but since he would just stop then return to pumping into me full blast, I brushed it off as him coming close and stopping it from happening. But then he started those moans again, only this time his moans were followed by him stopping, then slower thrusts. That's when he laid his head next to my ear to tell me, "I already came twice."

I thought to myself, "Wow! Whatever I did to his dick,...I'm glad I did it. To a multi-orgasmic top, no less." He then pulled out, and I got turned on to see him holding a condom that was full of cum. And YES, a cum-filled condom is a turn-on for me. So much so that as soon as a top is ready for Round 2, most likely so am we can make another cum-filled condom.

Just before me and the Swede started fucking, while the room was filling up with guys, one guy that stood out was a dark-haired guy with a nice bubble-butt. After washing up from my playtime with the Swede, I came out of the bathroom to see him get fucked doggy-style, and he saw me watching him. When that guy stopped fucking him, the bottom walked around a little, then came back in the room, and came over to me. He knew I wanted him. We started fooling around, and I played with his ass, and his cock. We went back to the bad, and fooled around some more. Then he said, "I'm trying to figure you out. Are you versatile?"

I told him that I was, and he told me that he was a little more of a bottom. That was the vibe I got from him, but I've learned from the misconceptions based on my body size and /or ethnicity about my preferred sexual position to never take my instinct for granted. I noticed an accent, and asked him where he was from, and he told me he was Israeli. He also told me that he liked my ass, just as I liked his. Once the fun of me just playing with his cute body reached its peak, I decided it was time to get inside it. So I asked him if I could fuck him, and I reached into my sock and got out one of the condoms and Wet® lube packets courtesy of the Wet Platinum Man that I brought form home, and suited up.

He asked what position did I want him in, and I had to deliberate. Because on one hand, I wanted missionary for the very reason I stated earlier---- I wanted him to know that I wanted to fuck HIM, and not just any hole. On the other hand, I wanted to do him doggy-style. And not for the reason many at a sex party use it for, which is for a top feeling that any hole will do, and a bottom feeling that any dick will do. No, this guy was too hot for that. I wanted to see his face. I was considering doggy-style so I could actually see the cushioning of his butt as I thrust into him. I decided on the latter with the hopes of either changing positions at some point, or having another go at him later in the night where I would fuck him missionary.

He had a nice tight hole that I enjoyed fucking. He moaned so as I was thrusting hard into him, and releasing the sexual tension of my lusting for him from the moment I saw him. However, I wanted to make sure that it was moans of pleasure, and not pain because the 2 are not one and the same to my heart, mind, and ears. That's why my hands were all over him. They were either massaging his butt, or one hand massaging his butt while the other played with a nipple, or both hands massaging his back. I also slowed down my thrusts and then picked up speed again just in case. To the point that he felt he needed a break.

After his break, the guy who was fucking him before had another go at him. So much so that he wasn't up for another go with me where I could finally fuck him in missionary position. Which is fine. We spent the rest of the night making out and jerking off. All the night's fun built up such a concentrated load that even after I washed off from letting it explode onto my abs, while I was getting dressed, Cade could still see the dried cum on my stomach. Which meant I had to go back and wash even harder. Well, the good thing is that I did get the bottom's phone number. So maybe there's another adventure to be had....maybe. But this time, should it happen, it will be private.

One thing I like about Milk Chocolate NYC parties is that many guys there don't get cliquish the way they do at other parties that I have since stopped attending because of that cliquish behavior. Therefore, a new adventure is bound to happen soon. If you got the fit bod, why don't you get started on your own adventure. Maybe, I'll see you there. And maybe I'll show you how much I appreciate how well you have maintained yourself ;-)

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