Saturday, June 27, 2009


I would like to wish everyone
This has been a trying year for the LGBT community. Unfortunatley, for most of it, we only have ourselves to blame. I hope in the middle of all the parties you may attend this weekend, that you will take the time to think about what Gay Pride really means. This way, we can become a better LGBT community, therefore void of racism, sexual hypocrisy, ageism, and so many other "-isms" that are coming to a boiling point within our community.

With that being said. I wish everyone a SAFE & HAPPY PRIDE today, and strive to make ourselves better so that we'll have an even SAFER & HAPPIER PRIDE come Pride 2010.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

4-Day Smile - Porn, Friends, Foreplay, Beyoncé

I just had a weekend that I doubt I'll be forgetting any time soon, because from Friday night to Monday night, I went home with a smile. If the smile wasn't on the outside, it was definitely on the inside.

Friday night, I went to the LGBT Center. There was to be a discussion on the book "Bigger Than Life". When I heard that along with the author, Jeffrey Escoffier, that directors of legends from the past Wakefield Poole, Jerry Douglas, and Bob Alvarez were going to be on hand, I had to attend, because I had questions.

I had a question planned for them when I walked in the door, but afterwards re-thought it, but would have loved to have had a long sit-down with them so they could answer it later. I did ask a question though, in fact I asked 2. The 1st question was based on hearing them say as to why they quit the business, I realized their patience was being tried back then just as many performers and director's patience are being tried now. I asked them isince alot of the business b.s. is why they stopped filmmaking, if they felt that by new mediums like the internet playing part in being studios' publicity machine is contributing to some actors and producers, directors, etc. leaving the industry today. I won't give you their answer, because those of you who are fellow New Yorkers should have read Vincent Lambert's blog post and been there.

After my questions, I started to wonder should I start being an interviewer to porn actors, and directors, because more and more questions started coming into my head. But can you blame me? After all, I was in the presence of legends, and considering how the industry has changed between their time and now, there would be a lot to ask.

Saturday, I went to a friend's birthday party at Nowhere Bar. In this case, why wouldn't I leave with a smile. I have a dear friend after years of unhealthy living being anti-social, so yes, after a party, I'm smiling all the way home.

Sunday was a day that had my dirty mind in overdrive.
I got up early in the morning to volunteer for set-up duty at Folsom Street East. After my job was done, I had about another hour before the fair started, so my friend Anthony who lives just a couple of doors down from the corner, let me crash at his place until we both went a couple of hours later. I ran into so many people that I know, some were past tricks, pornstars, including a new fuck-buddy who I recently blogged about. We have such a strong sexual connection that at one point we were watching the performances feeling each other up the whole time. You see, he loves fucking my ass, and I feel the same about his ass. And considering what we were wearing, that only made us more hungry for it. He wore a jockstrap, and I wore the underwear you see in the pic on the right. I leaned my crotch up against his ass, and between that, massaging his soft cheeks, and my feeling his growing bulge, only made my bulge do the same. Had I brought my "saftey-pack" with me, I would have tried slipping on a condom, and slipped my dick right into his ass right in the middle of that crowd. But without the safety-pack - no glove, no love. So we took a raincheck, and my dick is hard right now thinking about cashing it in. Cashing it 7.5 - 8" deep into his ass.

Sunday night was Broadway Bares 19.0. This was new to me, because I have never been to Braodway Bares, but always wanted to go, so I sprung for a VIP tickets and went. I think the pics speak volumes as to how the horniness of the afternoon was catching up with me. I'm going to so ravish that fuck-buddy's ass when I see him again.

I had a friend telling me I should do it, and since I had so fun being surprisingly recruited to strip-down and dance for his team's fundraiser this past Thursday, I think I may take him up on his offer. So there is a possibility that Tré Xavier will be performing in Broadway Bares 20, so get you donations ready now, just in case.

Last year, I attended the fluff that is called the HX Awards. This year, with my blog post about HX Magazine, by luck of it coming into my lap, on Monday I chose what was a supposedly a much better alternative. to the HX Awards. And that alternative was me using those Beyoncé tickets I won some weeks back. And I can't put into words how much a better alternative it was. Especially since I was sharing it with a good friend of mine.

Beyoncé as always looked like a bronze goddess. I always reserved responding to criticisms of her talents, but after seeing her live, it is official - anyone with anything bad to say about her are a bunch of hateful jealous queens. Because she is an outstanding showgirl fronting a show that can only be described for lack of a better word - AMAZING!!!! It takes a lot to keep up that energy, especially for an entire tour. Energy that is infectious to the audience. What's more remarkable is to see it hit an audience in a huge place like Madison Square Garden.

As you can see, this was quite the weekend. One that definitely gave me reason to smile. And with it being Pride Week here in NY, it's already about to become quite a week. So stay tuned to see what comes up next. Because with me, you never know.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sex....Better With Time


"Well golly gee, that's a shocker!", is what I'm sure you are saying with great sarcasm.

I know, it's not. With the graphic details I give of my loving either a cock in my ass, or my dick in a popper-free hole, the fact that I love sex is not a surprise to even my newest of readers.

What may comes as a surprise is that as I get older, I find that I'm liking sex more. More than I ever thought that it was possible to like it. In fact, you may have noticed in my movies that I've never shot a load while getting fucked. Guess what, guys? Now I can. Before, on and off-camera, I ALWAYS needed to re-group myself then jerk-off to shoot a load no matter how good that cock felt in my hole. Now, there's a chance you may see me gush out a load while a cock is ravishing my hungry tight hole.

I've had this discussion with most of my friends, including my friends with benefits, and they seem to realize the same thing in themselves. And I just realized that while the age of my platonic friends run the gamut, ALL of my fuck-buddies are in their 30's and 40's. I used to get mostly 20-somethings as tricks, having what I thought at the time was great sex, but looking back I can see that the best was yet to come.

With that being the case, I wonder why do so many gay porn companies still seek out these just-turned-legal aged males for their movies when they (producers and directors) themselves are usually in my age group and beyond? Has their sex life (unlike mine) become so stale, that they're reliving their past vicariously through these younger models? AND/OR is it that these teens and early 20-somethings who (at that age) have a natural eagerness to please their superiors are easier to control? Therefore stroke the producers and directors ego in a way that the more mature actor is enough of a real man to know his own worth therefore not cater to such insecurities?

Just something to think about.

However, with older guys (by porn-standards) like Bryan Slater in the mix, you can't help watching porn, and envying twinks like Kyle Fairmont from Dark Alley Media's "Tattooed Twinks" who are lucky enough to get plowed by Bryan. But based on what I said earlier about enjoying sex more now as a bottom, it poses the question: Did Kyle Fairmont really have the knowledge of sex to appreciate getting his ass plowed by Bryan Slater? Probably not.

Yes, damnit I admit it. I am one of those envying Kyle, but not because I envy his youth (I mean, look at me!), which is what I originally thought most older people's dislke of twinks stemmed from. It's because of a twink's lack of knowledge. You see, I'm at that point now where given the chance I know how to properly work my tongue and dick on Bryan's ass, and how to properly work that cock, be it with my mouth or my ass. Especially since Bryan Slater is listed as a follower of this blog, what better way for me to express my gratitude. But I can justify my envy towards Kyle Fairmont, because what does a twink really know? Think about it. Sure, a twink can put on a good show, but does he really know what he's doing? Meaning along with physical prowess of working an older guy's dick and ass, does he also have the mental prowess to make himself that much better at sex?

And I think that is where the answer lies as to why sex seems to be getting better as we get older. It's the knowledge of the inner-workings of what makes men tick sexually in general. When you're younger, you're still figuring out what you like for yourself, so how can you be the best lover possible when that fact makes you unable to focus solely on pleasing your partner, because what you like will happen effortlessly. For a younger person, it most likely won't.

In my encounters now, I can pretty much say, "I know what works for me, and what doesn't, so just give me your cock or your ass and I can focus solely on finding your hot spots. And if one of your hot spots is the ego-stroke of knowing you're a good lover, then I'll gladly direct you to my hot spots, because NOW, I know a great many of them. Maybe you'll surprise me by finding another one or more."

And for what man is the ego-stroke of knowing you're a good lover NOT considered a hot spot?

Some of my younger readers are now probably thinking that I feel they could be, or are lousy in bed. That is not the case. I'm just saying whether or not you're well-praised now, learn more, because that knowledge is what's going to make sex just get better with time.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Write That Down #3

Recently a couple of people have tried to copy-edit my blog post. I admit that I have grammatical errors on occasion, but it's has yet to take away from the message I am sending out. Hence the respect that has followed. Plus all of an artist's creations are a part of them, so the only artist that will not understand my new quote (crude as it may sound) is one that has put themselves in the position where they don't own their creation. That quote being:

Each one of my creations is like one of my children. Born of a union between the world around me and my taking it in. So for someone to edit my work without my asking is like them telling me how to fuck in order to make those children.

With the respect I've garnered by making over 400 blog posts in my 3 1/2 years of blogging, you can see why unwanted editing is definitely a BIG NO-NO. Because that's a lot of damn good children, so I think I have it down.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

For Now - Lay Off Obama

Over the past of couple of days, when I log on to Facebook, I keep seeing status updates annoyed with President Obama. I think some people need to take it easy on President Obama. At least for now.

Yes, I said it. Please stop the incessant whining and look at the facts.

President Obama has to clean up the mess George W. Bitch-Ass Bush made during his 8 years in office. And that's not just on gay rights. That also includes human rights overall, the economy, and international relations. George W. Bush screwed all that up, now Obama has to clean ALL OF THAT up. TO CLEAN UP SUCH A MESS IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN OVERNIGHT, but all the whining I've been reading in some of those updates show themselves to be clueless of that fact. To act clueless of that shows you to exhibit the stereotypical gay behaviors of narcissism, selfishness, and immaturity. Immaturity, because you are lacking in the great virtue of PATIENCE.

My personal nature has me to be quite impatient, but I do bring myself to be patient when it is warranted. And now is such a time.

There will be a time limit as to when we can say, "OK, Mr. President, what are you going to do about this?"

But that time is not now. Obama has been in office for not even 6 months to clean George W's 96 months (8 years) of fuck-up on top of fuck-up.

With that in mind, if you can't find it in you to have the patience needed to give him a trial period, then you don't deserve the rights you are demanding. And with Pride month upon us, we should be showing better that we do deserve those rights.

This may not be a popular sentiment, but it had to be said.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

On Racist Blast: HX Magazine

I have often discussed racism on this blog, and named names of guilty parties in the process. I have never taken pleasure in naming those names. My solace comes from the fact that I don't share their racist outlook, AND my allegations can never be justifiably disputed. Therefore, no one can try making such a claim about me and be justified in doing so. In this case, the guilty party is HX Magazine.

I have held off for quite awhile in calling HX Magazine out on their racist practices. To be more exact, the entire time I've been doing this blog, which is almost 3 1/2 years now. What has changed to make it necessary to speak on it now? I've been putting myself front and center to try and make my way into the circle that HX uses to represents NY's gay community to no avail.

This circle of HX Magazine that I'm speaking of for the most part has no substance. They are a bunch of what could be considered pretty party people, and not much else. Problem is that pretty party people often includes the bad connection to party drugs. What's bad about sticking to that image is for those people they feature who are of substance. That quality is mentioned quickly, and not referred back to often when speaking of that person, so their quality unfortunately gets lost in the shuffle. This form of editing is in a word - stereotypical, and for a gay magazine gets further described by me as "faggoty".

"Faggoty" is what I define as the negative stereotypical behavior associated with being gay, such as being having a narrow-minded view of beauty, and an even greater obsession with youth than the typical American. Hence why in this blog, I have referred to some gay males as faggots, while those males that are not that negative stereotype are called," gay men".

HX Magazine definitely hits the NY gay community over the head with this negative stereotype, and I've tried putting myself in some of their events to break that mold. For example, I have tried to be a contestant in their Mr. HX competition, and responded to their call for models to be on their Pride float and photoshoot. In both instances, they asked guys to write why they should be considered. You can click on the links to read my entries to be considered a contestant for Mr. HX, and a Pride float model.

On both of these occasions, I felt if chosen then HX Magazine would have made some progress in the images they put out to the gay community, but I have come to see that nothing has changed. HX Magazine still acts as Whites and light-skinned Latinos are the only relevant ethnicities of gays in New York City, where a great example of this is with their Mr. HX contestants. Meanwhile, Blacks, Asians, Indians, and other minorities are treated as random trivial spots in the NYC cultural and ethnic canvas.

HX Magazine does show Blacks can be featured in their magazine. But there's a catch. That Black person, especially males must be of an extreme. Those extremes being extremely effeminate (like a drag queen), or uber-masculine image of a Black male that I discussed in my post, "White America's Slave Fantasy". But that uber-masculine image is often dolled up by airbrushing to push them to the extreme effeminate, like the ones HX dressed up in fetish gear for The Black Party issue. Proof can be seen by comparing the cover on your right to the video below.

Furthermore, isn't that insulting to the Black citizens of the LGBT community? HX thinks of featuring Black men only because they say the words, Black Party. Is that the best HX can do?

I'm not a sore loser in those 2 aforementioned events. What has forced me to write this post is the fact that I have yet to see any Black man of any build or shade without being extremely effeminate or masculine, with strong convictions needed to better the LGBT community promoted by HX Magazine. HX Magazine promotes the old days of Hollywood where the image is that all Blacks males are good for is to make White people laugh, and Black women can be good for either a laugh, or to sing to the White people.

Now, I ask you, should that be New York in the year 2009? I don't believe so.

To further insult my intelligence, not too long ago, I got an email from HX Magazine saying in the subject line, "HX wants YOU". But it is not what you would think. It was actually them trying to ask me to spend beaucoup dollars to promote myself in their classified section. I took this to be along the lines of my quote from "Write That Down #2". That quote saying, "Why let you acknowledge the existence of my color today, when you're going to act like it's a stain to wash away tomorrow?" With that in mind, why would I promote myself in an obviously racist magazine that shows no signs of progressing? That is why unbeknownst to HX, I was considering taken them up on their offer and promoting this site in their classifieds, IF either I had been chosen to be a Pride model, OR I learned of a Black man being chosen who doesn't fit that uber-masculine mold. It would have been my way of saying "THANKS for progressing, HX Magazine".


I asked the person who sent me this email asking me to promote myself in HX if they could give me any info regarding my entry in being part of the Pride Issue. Their reply was that the Pride float was being handled by an outside source. Well, if the Pride float is being handled by an "outside" source, then why did the response I got thanking me for my submission come from a design director at HX? And let's say for argument's sake that an outside source was used, then I think HX Magazine should re-think using that outside source again, because another reason for this post is so many being in agreement with me on the racist image of NYC that HX Magazine propagates. And those of you reading this who do agree, I strongly urge you to comment and show you agree, instead of sitting at your computers and nodding your heads, because change will not happen if you are totally silent. This city is my home, and I demand the melting pot that it to be represented.

The bottom line of all this is that HX Magazine like so many, has no idea of what Pride is supposed to be about celebrating. Gay Pride is not about considering someone worthy because they're beautiful ONLY on the outside. They are worthy because of who they are inside, by the words and actions they spread through some medium to better strengthen the spirit of the LGBT community which enhances their beauty on the outside. By their actions, HX Magazine doesn't strengthen the LGBT community of New York City. Instead, they make it take steps back from progressing, because racism, ageism, and vanity have never contributed to the progress of not just gay society, but any society for that matter. With that in mind, those following HX's creedo are also halting the progress of the acceptance of the LGBT community by the rest of society.

So after you've had a chance to let all I've said here sink in and marinate, hear me ask you this - Should color and body type define who should embody Gay Pride? Based on what I've said here, you know my answer. I just hope you are smart enough to share the same answer with me.

Friday, June 12, 2009

After Queens, Sex Fiends

On Monday, I posted an update on Twitter that read:

Both Staten Island and Queens Pride were BLASTS! Check my blog Wednesday 4 my report on the 2 prides, then on Friday about my "after-party".

Well, if you guessed that "after-party" is in quotes because sex was involved, YOU ARE SO RIGHT.

When I realized I was doing Queens Pride, I was trying to get in touch with my new fuck-buddy from "Sex Party Etiquette: Less Talking, More Fucking" since he lives in the area. I did get in touch with him. It turned out that day that a friend (not fuck-buddy) was to stop by, but I was told to call after the performance for an update.

After performing, I called. Problem was that his friend was supposed to be on his way. One thing that has happened between me and my new fuck-buddy is that we can converse with each other for quite a long while. Funny thing is our long talks are initially about sex, we build up tension in each other, we fuck, then after sex, it's a long talk about the state of the world.

This time was no different.

We started talking about my doing porn, and maybe even him doing porn with me. We talked about what we like and this talk went on for quite a while. I was standing outside of a tent for the performers, because I didn't want anyone to hear some of the raunchy things I was saying in reply to his questions. At one point, he said, "Boy, I'm so hard now."

I told him, "Ooooh, don't tell me that!"

He replied telling me that his friend was late already, and he invited me to come over. Needless to say, I couldn't get my bag and self out of that tent fast enough. I said goodbyes to whoever was there, and bolted. Unfortunately, I couldn't bolt like I wanted to because the streets were crowded, so while I walk pretty fast, a 10-minute walk for me became like 15 minutes.

When I got to the door, he saw me still wearing the fitting black jeans I wore for the performance and a black tank top. He went fuckin' wild. It looked like the hottest porno ever. We started kissing, and my bag was still on my shoulders, so I had to just let it drop on to the floor. We were less than a yard away from the front door of his apartment, so if any neighbors walked past - OH BOY, what they must have heard.

He pulled out his thick hard cock, and I was salivating to embrace it with some kind of circular hold - be it my hands, my mouth, or my asshole. BUT before that, I wanted to fuck his hole, because he was a total top on me during our last encounter. And being that he doesn't use poppers made me even more anxious to fuck his hole, because a hole on a popper-free body gives the best fuck.

We made out heavily, then he asked who was going to top who first, and I took full advantage of his offer to let me top him first. The sight of his naked body makes me so royally hard, We laid down on his back, and let me top him missionary. At first, his legs were on my shoulders, and I slid my cock into his tight hole. I started pumping him, loving every second of looking at his face, and his hard cock because he was enjoying my dick inside him. He then he asked if he could wrap his legs around me. When I bottom, I like to to the same thing to guys, and we've discussed before why we like doing that, so I knew that the sex that was already blowing my mind was about to blow my mind even more. Because he, like I, loves feeling a top's ass muscles flex when he's being pumped into. What's also great about that for me is the fact that I LOVE when a hot guy just touches my ass. To be honest, I like it so much that when a hot guy touches my ass as a simple term of endearment and nothing more, he doesn't realize that all he has to do is say the word, and he can plow it from sun-up to sundown, or vice versa.

I then asked to change positions. I had to watch that hot ass of his bounce while fucking him before giving him his turn to bang the hell out of mine. When he bent over, and I looked down to see those sweet round mounds ready for me to enter in between them, I fucked him like a savage. We were dirty talking like we were in a porno. Lucky for me that he liked my cock so much, because without him asking me to stop, it became my call. But his ass felt so good that it took quite a few times of me telling myself to stop before I actually acknowledged my inner-voice and let him have his turn at topping me.

I didn't shoot a load into the condom, and my balls were fat as hell. He did me in missionary before, although I wouldn't mind it again, I let him top me doggy-style. My tight hole was so eager to get him inside me that his thick dick slid into me nice and easy. He said he was going to fuck the cum out of me. Since this rarely happens, I was uncertain if he could fulfill that prophecy of his. In fact, that's never even happened to me in any of my movies. Well, where's a camera when you need one, because he made good on his word. I jerked off a nice load right into his hand, and he used my cum as part of his lube to jerk off with.

With all that sexual tension being released so intensely, you would think this sex tale ended here.


Because my activities of the afternoon to early evening gave such a rush, I felt no desire for another. But I know myself - if the right human specimen comes along, that thought goes out the window ----and it did.

For whatever reason I went to The Cock. By the looks of the crowd at first, I thought that I should just use this night out to unwind from my weekend of running to Pride events and fucking like a rabbit. I decided to go to the bar to get a drink, and who do I see but my fuck-buddy from my post from last Friday. We looked at each other and said our hellos. As much as I love having sex with him, my afternoon had me so satisfied that I didn't get my usual urge to fuck just by looking at him. BUT it was clearly in his eyes. That urge hit me when he stroked my ego big time by saying something I'm sure many of you will understand as to why I caved.

He said, "No lie, but I've been fantasizing about your dick all day."

Told you you'd understand.

I tried deliberating with myself as to why I should pass on this one, but the lust-bucket that I am would hear of it, because it knows full well that this guy is great in bed, and when guaranteed great sex is staring you in the face, a lust-bucket's conscience will not hear of the word "No".

After putting on quite a show for the bar by making out in between sips of my drink and rubbing against the throbbing cock in his pants, which became contagious as I started having one as well, we left and went to his place.

We did a lot of what we usually do, but love to do. One thing for sure that I learned on that night was that he LOVES my cock. He loves sucking it, and tonight it was more than a little clear that he loves getting fucked with it. Because unlike our last bout where we flip-fucked (like my conquest from earlier that same day), this time I was a TOTAL TOP. He took charge with each round by dressiing up my cock, and putting it in his ass. The only time I took charge was in change of position. Such as in one round where I went from being on my back to putting him on his stomach so I could pound him feeling those soft round dancer cheeks cushion my hard thrusts into him. Or another round where I took from being a cowboy riding my dick to putting him on his back and fucking him missionary.

What was baffling me about all this was my having so much sexual energy that I could fuck 2 guys so intensely with little rest in between in less than 12 hours of each other. I guess I should just consdier myself blessed. Because after those orgasms, I think I might have heard angels singing.

Imagine that---angels singing the praises of a sex fiend.

Hey, at least I'm man enough to admit it that after my day in Queens, I became a sex fiend. It was me needing a release.

So safely get yours this weekend. Take care.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Smile On 2 Prides

My friend recording artist, Lovari, asked me to be a part of his performance at both Staten Island and Queens Gay Pride. I graciously accepted. What made me so gracious was the fact that Lovari is well aware of my not wanting to involve myself solely in the adult entertainment industry, and this was another recent notch on my belt to making that happen. Thanks Lovari.

Most of my traveling within the 5 boroughs of New York City have been between Brooklyn and Manhattan, with little to no reason to go to the other 3 of Bronx, Queens and Staten Island. Now within this past year, I have hit all 5 boroughs by living in the Bronx, still using the Brooklyn address I grew up at as my mailing address, working in Manhattan, and this past weekend, I've hit the 2 other boroughs of Staten Island and Queens for a very good reason - as part of a performance for their Gay Pride events.

Staten Island was great. It was a nice sunny day, and I got pictures and video of the scenery from the Staten Island Ferry. Do I have photography as another talent? You decide.

We did 3 songs by Lovari, with the last 2 songs having phenomenal vocals by Janifer accompanying Lovari's. Opening with "Work It Out", Lady Clover Honey, David Janet, Appolonia Cruz, and myself were to do runway walks giving attitude. Doing 2 walks during the course of the song, I came put with a pair of black fitting jeans, a black hoodie, and shade. For my 1st walk, I came out with the hood up and shades on, and when I got to the front took them off. For my 2nd walk, I unzipped the hoodie, and took it off, and got shouts of praise that I wasn't expecting.

Truthfully, I believe what made me unexpecting of it was how I've gotten so used to Manhattan's present racial bias especially perpetrated in the media that makes it seem light is right, and all else is irrelevant, so I have to instill an arrogance within myself to know that my being Black still makes me a possible beauty. Because if I wait for some of the most popular gay media based in Manhattan to do it, I'll get a dead silence in return. So for that great response, as well as the one I got when Lady Clover Honey had me go shirtless again as she pulled me on stage to sing "Saving My Love For Daddy" to me, Staten Island showed how that foolishness didn't follow us on the ferry ride over, because it gave me a chance to humble myself. So for that STATEN ISLAND, I LOVE & THANK YOU.

The crowd in Queens also deserves a great deal of praise. First off, I didn't realize how rich in ethnic and cultural diversity Queens is. I am considering moving and while I was thinking either Brooklyn, back to Jersey City, or the long shot of Manhattan, after the mix I saw at Queens Pride, Queens has now made itself a contender.

Lovari performed only 1 song in Queens, and it was the same song we closed with in Staten Island. That song being, "Free To Love", a song he wrote in support of marriage equality. I was honored to be asked to be a part of that. I walked out on stage arm-in-arm with Tass, who I took some photos and video of some time ago when he was a guest caller at Will Clark's Porno Bingo. I guess me and Tass made a good impression, because people like members of the NYC Gay Men's Chorus wanted to take pictures with us. Well, I know for sure that we as a whole made a great impression because during the song, we started a chant saying "No Prop 8! We don't need the hate!". It was so brief a part of the song, the audience didn't feel it right away, but it was obvious that they felt it by the applause we received afterwards. I'm sure some neighbors in Jackson Heights were feeling it. So a BIG THANKS and LOTS OF LOVE to QUEENS, as well.

With all the issues within the gay community that I tackle on this blog, you might be surprised why I myself have not been so outspoken for marriage equality. It's because when I realized that with my bi-sexuality that while both women and men got sparked my sexual attraction, men also parked my emotional attraction. This made me solidify some decisions I made for myself, even before becoming sure of my orientation. One of those decisions was my never getting married if I am to live my romantic life as a gay man. I could have a long-term relationship, but I would never get married because "this is how it is". However, with the issue of gay marriage suddenly in front of me, I'm slowly brought to realize that there's a chance that I can change my goal for a long-term relationship, and actually have a marriage. You see when an Aries like myself says, "this is how it is", bending them to a new train of thought may take some time, even when it's for something good.

So if I haven't been so forthcoming in voicing my feelings to support gays having the right to marry, I hope my appearance at these 2 Pride events and what the part I played stood for shows that I am a supporter of gay marriage. Whether I want it for myself or not, I am still unsure, but I do support those gay men and women in love who want to show that love by calling themselves by the blessed relationship status ----MARRIED.

Monday, June 8, 2009

"This Is Why You're Single"

My sex tales here have inspired some to tell me that they live vicariously through me. I have always responded by saying, "DON'T! Live your own life, enjoy the recalling of my sexual encounters, but make your own adventures."

I have often had to say this to guys in relationships. You know how the saying goes - "the grass in always greener on the other side". Well, here's a sex tale that shows how that saying is just that - a saying, and nothing more.

I went to The Cock last Wednesday after having a hell of a good time at the pool party, Drip at The Grace Hotel. It didn't take long, before I found myself being cruised. In fact, one guy came up to me, and just said "Hello". I thought he was cute, and had a nice plump ass. He was quick in making his intentions known, and I was more than receptive especially after seeing all the hotties in speedos and bikinis over at Drip, I was itching to either have a hot guy plow my ass, or plow a hot guy's ass. And while I didn't see this guy at The Cock in a speedo, I knew going home with him would let me see alot more.

He said he wanted to just get naked and cuddle. That's not as far-fetched as it may seem. It has happened, and I've been cool with it. So we left, and got in a cab to go to his place.

Once in the cab, the cab driver ask him if he had cash because the credit card machine wasn't working. My trick replied with the exact words, "Yes, I have cash."

While en route to his place in the cab, he kept kissing me. The problem is - HE COULDN'T KISS FOR SHIT. He was running the edge of his teeth across my face. This was Strike 1 that made me say the title line in my head as if I was saying it aloud to him, "This is why you're single."

Next, after awhile en route, he keeps repeating the street intersection to the cab driver. I intervened and told the guy that he already said that to the cab driver. Realizing what an annoyance this guy could be made me say again in my head - "This is why you're single."

And I'm not done yet about the ride over to his place.
Once there, what does this guy do to pay the cab driver - pull out a credit card. Did the cab driver not say that the credit card machine was broken when we first got in the cab? YES, HE DID. Once the cab driver, and me remind him of this, he goes in his man-purse, and pulls out how much - $4. For a cab ride far from the East Village that it is $19 and change. Who pays for the cab? ME. Now proper etiquette is that since you invited me to your place, you're supposed to pay the fare. With that in mind, this guy was quickly labeled "LOSER", and incite me to say about him once again in my head - "This is why you are single."

Now, that's 3 strikes, so I should have just gave up, but I didn't come all that way to go home horny, even though we were in Manhattan so far north of the East Village that I was less than a 10 minute train ride to my place in the Bronx. But my Aries determination to made me go ahead anyway.

We got to his place. We were going to cuddle, but after some making out, he asked if I wanted him to fuck me. I told him I did. We switched between missionary and me riding his cock. Then at one point his cock slipped out and I gave him a blowjob which got him right back to a hard-on that made him need to fuck my hole, because he didn't want to come any other way. So on my back I went letting him fuck me missionary while I spanked his plump ass. He came, and did what a lot of straight men do ---- rolled over and went to sleep. Be it a trick or someone I'm dating, I'm used to cuddling after sex, so this was new to me. But believe it or not, this didn't inspire me to say those words again in my head.

What happened next did.
He fell asleep then the next thing I heard ---- him snoring. Not just like one big grizzly bear, but a fuckin' chorus of big grizzly bears. THEN I said in my head as if I was saying to him - THIS IS WHY THE FUCK YOU ARE SINGLE!

The snoring was so bad that unbeknownst to me, he had a cat. The way I discovered this cat was because it came to the door and started making noise. But with each snore from the guy, the cat commented with a meow.

Knowing that I put myself in this predicament, I tried suffering through it. I did everything to block out the sound but put a pillow over my head. But nothing worked. Then I realized that after all I went through with this guy, and how he made EVERYTHING before and after the sex, a tale I hate to tell, what I owed him and his ego was NOT ONE FUCKIN' THING. So while he snored his life away on the side of the bed nearest the door, I stepped over him, got dressed and left.

Now, I'm no saint. Nor am I flawless. But at least I know proper social etiquette, and I don't snore. I've had people tell me that they were scared to try waking me, because I slept so peaceful and still they were worried I was dead. And I always reply with, "Why didn't you look at my chest and realize that I was inhaling and exhaling."

So to all of you guys, especially those in committed relationships, be glad for what you have. At least you know already if you're guy's a cheapskate, or if he's snores like a bear. While I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my single life, and the sexual freedom that comes with it, I don't have that stability of those little things that mean alot. And I look at it as fate doesn't want me to have that, at least not right now. I will when I'm ready, as some of you obviously already are.

I am at peace with my present fate as a lust-filled slut, while I greatly admire you for having the discipline it takes to be Mr. Stability. It's why I end my emails with "Keep Being U2B. FREE"

Don't stop.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tongue Is Fun & Tight Is Right

You may recall, I took some flack from some so-called writer at The Sword because of my stand against poppers. Well in addition to the tale that inspired that post, I have a story to tell you as to why that stand remains for me.

As my loyal readers are aware, I like posting items for the weekend to inspire horniness and the need for a release. Well this weekend, I practiced what I've been preaching.

I had the chance to hook up with someone who I met one night at The Cock, and went against my rule of" no sex in public bathrooms", and fucked his hot ass in the bathroom. Thinking back to how his inner-heat warming my entire cock felt so good, I have a hard-on right now while typing this post. Friday, he sent me a text message saying that he might go out for drinks in the East Village, which most likely meant a return to The Cock, but later meant a trip back to his place to fuck him all night long. I was deliberating with myself of what to do with my Friday night and the time I got his message, but I was almost certain that I felt the need for a dance workout. Therefore, the only place I could get that dance workout I wanted (sad to say for NYC) was Splash. In a last minute decision, I decided to go to Splash. Once there, I never texted the guy to update him on my whereabouts, which I admit was wrong. And it wasn't me being cruel. It was just that I got so into dancing that I forgot.

While dancing I saw someone else that I knew. A fuck-buddy of mine. He saw me, and he came right for me. And I wasn't mad at him. He looked so fuckin' hot. His body looked more amazing than ever. In fact, he looked better than some of these 20-something Chelsea boys spending all their time in the gym, which is bad to say for those 20-something Chelsea boys because this guy is 40.

I'll give you a little back-story of how we met.
We met at one of Daniel Nardicio's parties. He was go-go dancing there and as soon as I walked in, I was in absolute lust. He dick was thick and rock-hard, like it was dying to be stuck in someone's hole, and release a geyser of man-milk. I never tipped a go-go boy so soon after walking into one of Daniel's parties. I tipped him, squeezed his ass, and played with his cock. I was hoping (as I do with many of Daniel's dancers) to have some playtime with him. But at that time, I was never lucky enough with any of Daniel's dancers, so it was just left to fantasy.

That is until late in the night, when he came over to where every one was fooling around. He stopped right in front of me, I went down on him immediately, and sucked him until my knees were ready to give. Once I got up, we jerked off together, and he shot his load on me, and me on him. We never exchanged numbers, and I never saw him again.

I did run into him again some time later, and we started talking. He had no idea who I was, but I remembered him. I revealed our past to him, then he informed me that he was extremely drunk that night, so all that happened was a blur to him. We kept talking, and nothing came of it that night. But obviously, his being drunk didn't cloud his attraction, because sometime later, we ran into each other at Splash. This time, he remembered me. We danced, then slowly wound up kissing, and I got an invite back to his place where I at long last got that thick dick in my wanting hole, and we've been fuck-buddies ever since. And that's a little over a year ago.

Now, with me newly versatile, the way we play has changed. After putting on quite a show of dancing and making out on the dancefloor at Splash, we went back to his place at about 2 AM, and flip-fucked until the sun was about to rise.

He sucked my dick, and got me rock-hard, lubed his hole and my dick, straddled me, then put me inside him. I love when a guy bottoming takes control like that. It's like him saying to me, "I want you, you want me, and you're going to fuck me - NOW!"

And my body language replied, "YES SIR!", because fucked him I did. I thrusted into his ass, massaging his cheeks, and loved every second of it. Then I returned the favor by riding his cock making him moan and spank my ass, because my being so bad made him feel so good.

We took a break then went for Round 2, where he started sucking my cock again. He got up then assumed the position to be fucked doggy-style. With his perfectly round mounds of a dancer's butt, how could I resist putting my cock in the middle of that. I'll admit, he did do some poppers, but not enough to make himself lose like that guy I wrote about in my anti-popper post. That's why this guy asked me to "go slow" when I was starting to pick up speed to thrust into his ass. I eventually did pick up speed, and he came leaving a big cum stain on his fitted sheet. But that wasn't the only time he came.

After another break, we went for Round 3. We 69'd each other, then it was just me sucking him. I knew he was going to shoot a load at any given second, because that muscle under the shaft kept throbbing in my mouth while I was mercilessly tonguing the head of his cock. That same muscle that contracts when you're cumming. Even so, he put me on my stomach, and started teasing my hole with his cock. Then he went in further, then further, and I was more than right in my assumption, because just a couple of deep thrust into my popper-free tight hole, and he came with another big load, as I got to see after he pulled out.

So in the midst of this hot tale, what have you learned today? I hope you've learned (if you haven't already) that when giving head, the use of tongue makes it more fun., AND when bottoming, making sure you have a tight hole is making sure you have the right hole.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Write That Down #2

In a recent online debate with Taylor Siluwe on his blog about small turnouts amongst gay Blacks at rallies, marches, and the like, I referred to how for a cause led by Whites who don't usually associate non-Whites, that while trying to reach their goal, those Whites wlll acknowledge all races, colors, creeds, ethnicities, etc. encouraging them to take part, but once that goal is accomplished, those minorities are once again ignored. I said that the small turnout of many minorities at rallies, marches, and such led by Whites may be explained by them catching on to this two-faced behavior. And I believe if you translate that reaction into words, it would probably say,

"Why let you acknowledge the existence of my color today, when you're going to act like it's a stain to wash away tomorrow?"

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