Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Someone from my friends list at DList.com put out a bulletin asking if people wanted to join his team for this year's AIDS WALK New York. I gladly accepted his invitation, but I wasn't able to promote it until now. First a mishap in my place destroyed my computer, then just when I'm about to put the final touch on it, I wound up sick in the hospital for 2 weeks. So time has not been kind to me.

Well, they say "better late than never", so I would greatly appreciate you showing your support by going to my page at the AIDS WALK NY website, and making a donation. HIV and AIDS is a problem that effects us all whether we want to admit it or not, therefore it greatly needs to be eradicated. Since our government isn't doing enough, we private citizens must take matters into our own hands, and this is a way we can accomplish that. Join and walk, or donate on a walker's behalf. And if you choose to donate on a walker's behalf, please donate on mine.

I became a walker for the 1st time last year, and I now have a whole new respect for those who participate. That new brand of respect is what inspired this blog entry, and I hope it inspires you to take part in the war against HIV/AIDS. Thank you.

Friday, April 25, 2008


A friend of mine told me that he doesn't read blogs because he sees them as a form of narcissism, hence why the title is in quotes. That statement and his actions that accompany that statement actually made me question our friendship. One of those actions being that when he sees an email from my regular address he reads it, but when it comes from my website, he doesn't. None of my other friends require me to make some special concessions like that. They respect my ability to well-word my point of view, and find out what I'm up to if I can't update them personally. And because those friends give me that respect, I REFUSE to make an exception just for this one person. However, since this entry addresses his issue, I will cater to that rule of his this 1 TIME - AND IT WILL NEVER BE MADE AGAIN.

Some of you may ask, if he's not going to read it, then why send it? The answer is simple. As many of you loyal readers know, my blog is more than just about porn, and my sexual escapades. It's also about what I learn from those escapades, as well as my observations about the gay community, and more importantly - humanity overall. And it is those blog entries that I email to him. Entries that can enlighten him just as I try to enlighten all of my friends, and just as they have enlightened many of you. I email them to him with the hope that he'll stop that narrow-minded and dangerously limiting perception that generalizes all bloggers, and take heed to the knowledge I'm willing to share.

What is dangerous about that perception that blogging equals narcissism is the fact that people need an outlet. Blogging can serve as some people's need to vent their emotions and frustrations so that those feelings don't reach a violent level by staying buried inside the individual. And I don't mean just violent towards others, but to themselves as well. Violence towards themselves because believing blogging is a form of narcissism makes blogging appear to be wrong.

Hmmmm! Is it just me, or does that sounds a lot like what some say about homosexuality that makes people commit suicide when they realize they're gay like I almost did?

Therefore, that viewpoint makes one another part of the problem at helping people to become content with themselves. So my protest against that thinking "blogging=narcissism" is to save others from being on that same thin ledge I was living on. And not just for their sexuality's sake, but anything eating at them. I blog to inspire as many people as I possibly can to come in off that ledge, or (even better) walking nowhere near that ledge.

I will admit there are some bloggers who blog simply for the sake of saying "I'm a full of it nigger-shit bitch who needs to believe the world revolves around what I say and do here on this blog." My loyal readers know me to be better than that, and my closest friends should definitely know me well enough that I should not be lumped into that loathsome pile that includes the likes of Perez Hilton ( a lard ass sloppily fat off the misery of envying thereby exploiting others).

Due to my self-awareness that my blogging was not out of narcissism, I initially found that point of view of blogging=narcissism to be quite insulting. And it put our friendship in jeopardy even more so because he wasn't only insulting me, but my friends who blog as well. Now, if my tales of Igor and Tyson Cane didn't make it clear enough - narcissists are creatures unfit to exist in my circle of friends. In addition, I've matured to the point that I allow one's negative words about me for the most part roll off my back, but my friends - who I look upon as being my extended family are not to be insulted. Therefore, belittling their contribution to the artistry of writing by claiming their having a blog makes them narcissists sets me on some degree of a warpath. I'm proud of all of my friends for how they display their crafts (writing or otherwise), and I expect and demand that all my friends respect them for that craft as well.

With that in mind, to curb my temper, I have resolved myself to the sentiment that if he doesn't open the email, it will be his lost at being enlightened. And his lost will continue to be as it has been - all of your gain. So I THANK YOU WHOLEHEARTEDLY for your continued support.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Pregnant "Man"? B.S.

After so many blog entries, I have covered a variety of subject matters. This is one however that I was a bit more hesitant than usual to tackle because my statements may be found extremely insulting to some people I actually know. I know it has been covered massively in mainstream media, but due to my recent inability to keep up with the gay media, I'm unaware as to whether or not anyone else has been bold enough to not live their lives as bobble-head dolls, and take on this issue within the gay media.

The subject matter is about this pregnant "man". I may have started the insult already just by placing the word "man" in quotes, and I will explain my reason for that soon enough. But first, I must make clear my stand on transsexuals and transgender people.

I am aware that there are some people who are born with both male and female body parts, known as hermaphrodites. To my knowledge, in the case of hermaphrodites, one gender is practically always more dominant than the other. Therefore parents with the depth to love their child without being hung up on a specific gender will choose to have that child operated on to make them that dominant gender. Or they may choose to let the child grow up and figure out for themselves what they want to be. In situations like this, I am supportive of transgender individuals.

Transgender people like this pregnant "man" however DO NOT have my support. I in no way support someone taking their God-given 100% male or 100% female body, and buying into some wanna-be-god doctor's sales pitch of how they can undo one's nature, and make them the opposite. This pregnant "man" is a clear and indisputable display as to how that is complete B.S. If these doctors could really make this happen, then this and all transgender "men" would not have a uterus. They would produce their own sperm, thereby father their own children. And if these doctors were such miracle workers for transgender "women", then these "women" would produce eggs, become impregnated, and have periods. But we all know none of this is the case.

This is the only place within this entry that is totally my opinion. I see these kind of transgender people as copping out from being called homosexuals. Some of you may make the same claim about me calling myself bisexual, and in my defense, I will remind you that at least I have enough backbone to say I am a bisexual who is a lot more homo than hetero. Now as for my opinion, we should all take pride in God's artwork in making us whatever gender we were born as. I personally have no intention to try undoing nature's artwork of making me a male and giving me a penis. Even taking note of my degree of homosexuality making me yearn to be entered from time to time by a man, I wouldn't dare to say in word or action that "nature screwed up" to the extent that I would show extreme naivete enough to believe some "doctor", a mere mortal being, can undo nature and make it "right".

Besides that last paragraph, if anyone takes offense to anything I have said on this matter, I could care less. Because my stand on this issue is not based on my opinion. It is based on undeniable facts. Therefore, those offended by my statements who make their being offended known will just clearly show themselves to be those who can't handle the truth. And to that I will remind you, that this is not the first time, and it most certainly will not be the last time I piss many off by hitting them with the truth.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

3 Lessons For The Price Of 1

In my recent post for Pitbull's ThugPornBlog, "Can I Touch? Can I Taste?", I mentioned what I learned new about my sexuality. I recently had a sexual encounter where in just 1 night, I learned not 1 new thing, but 3.

We had chance meetings in the past, but that night, we were both at Splash bar in NYC. I saw him on the dance floor while I was standing off on the side since it hadn't been too long since my arrival. When I decided to hit the floor, I was not too far from him. He turned around and saw me, and immediately recognized me. We started dancing together, and started making out where he gave me a kiss that made me feel as if his tongue and his dick simultaneously switched places with my mouth and my asshole. Not too long after, he gave me an invitation to have my way with him. Needless to say, I took him up on his offer. Especially with my thing for dancers (as he did have that great dancer's physique, fine ass included).

So where did the lessons come in.

We were doing quite a bit of foreplay that I thought was leading to a flip-fucking session. We never really talked about who was a top or who was a bottom. I was on my back and he was on top of me, then he started to get up. But it wasn't to enter me. It was to put me into him. I was shocked and turned on at the same time. The shock was from the fact that I've never had someone bottom for me and be aggressive like I am, so I could get a taste of my own medicine. And the turn-on was that while I may be considered a top for being inside of him, it turned out being that I was the one who got fucked at that moment. I always said that in having sex with me, I don't get fucked, me and the guy fuck each other. And that is exactly what happened here.

When he grabbed my dick, put it in, and started riding me, he was fucking me - and I LOVED IT! I enjoyed every moment of being a submissive top. So Lesson 1 for me was me finally getting a chance to learn what top have to go through when dealing with me as a bottom. Actually, as many times as I've topped, I'm disappointed to realize so many bottoms that I've encountered are the stereotype of being submissive. Because aggression shows the fire within, while submission shows a void of fire.

Lesson 2 brings me to admit to a flaw in my past sexual performance. I never realized that for the sex to really be on, one has to be submissive so the other can be aggressive. Otherwise the sex becomes a power struggle, and that's only good on occasion in a long term relationship. That brings me to my 3rd and final lesson from that day.

Lesson 3 is how the exchange of aggression and submission is a sign of sexual egos. Every guys who wanted me to be a completely submissive bottom, may have given me their number, but they never heard from me again. Me catering to some over-masculated ego to cover up the spineless jellyfish he usually is in his daily life, does not play a part in getting me off. I may get him off, but we are supposed to be getting each other off. That's why the sex between me and this guy clicked so well. So well in fact, that I had orgasms without ejaculating. Remember I said orgasms, plural. Because I had them not once, but twice.

It's good to get some lessons from your sexual experiences. If you don't learn anything, you'll never improve your sexual prowess. So I'm looking forward to what I'll learn next. Maybe I'll share it, or maybe next time around I'll be stingy, and I won't kiss and tell.

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