Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tré Xavier - Motivational Fucker

I've long realized that at a lot on my trips to sex parties, or parties in general, that once I get started, all the wallflowers are wallflowers-no-more.

This has been the case for me since I first came out and started going to Splash to dance. On Saturday nights, I would get there early enough to see when they transform the bar into a club by moving all the tables. See a few people go on the dancefloor dancing aimlessly. Watching this made me less anxious to dance, and as much as I love dancing, it's sad when people take that joy away from you. So I had to go into my own zone and feel it, tuning everyone else out. Then the mood to stop standing on the sidelines, and hit the dancefloor would hit me. What I started to see after a few weeks was that after a few minutes of me on the floor, a bunch of people hit the dancefloor at once.

Before you go there, this is not arrogance. I've watched this closely enough that I can tell you that at the time I hit the dancefloor, few enough people were on the floor that I would know if someone left or entered. And I can testify that some left, but no one entered until the crowd came in all at once - after I had been dancing for a few minutes. Hence how I've concluded that I must give off an energy to draw people in.

This ability to draw people in has followed me from the dancefloor then, to the sex parties now. Even as recent as my last post on sex party etiquette, I seem to be in the pair or group that motivates everyone else. I also did it at the indoor pool party, Banya where I made out with a guy in the jacuzzi, while everyone else was looking and wanting to approach each other, yet being wallflowers. By the time me and my playmate left the jacuzzi, practically everyone was either making out, or making their way to the guy who tickled their fancy, so they could make out with him.

I was wondering if any sex parties have a position like "Motivational Fucker". I believe they do, as I have in the past back when I was doing porn, was invited to the All Male Party that I spoke of in my old blog with that purpose in mind of getting things rolling. I got free entry into the party because of it. And believe me, I am by no means knockin' the free entry, BUT I would like to know is if any parties pay for it instead of giving one free entry. Because if that were the case, I would make myself available to every hot gay and bi sex party in the city. Considering my aforementioned rep at sex parties, I think I should. Not just because of my need for a job, but to think about the process in making that job go off without a hitch would make the gig a thrill from the start.

First, I would get a hot guy who I know wants to have sex with me, and is man enough to not have a specific type, for they know as I do that VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE, plus it makes them easier to become playmates with the patrons. Therefore, our job is to be the first to pair off and/or start a group, and get the sex party started. Making all the wallflowers peel themselves off the wall and get some. If not from us, then with whoever catches their eye. Seeing myself get the party started would be the fuck with my "partner in crime" all the more exhilarating.

I have so many people I would choose to take along with me for a gig like this, I would go from being Motivational Fucker, then quickly promoted to Star Fucker in no time. My buddy from "Live On Stage....FUCKING!" would definitely be considered a partner for the job. My name would become synonymous with starting the freakiness at sex parties. That is....if it isn't already. Because as you may have read here already, I've done some wild shit.

And if you haven't read, I'll leave now to start with this slideshow in doing some naughty research.

I'm Cancelling THIS Sunday @The Hose

Hi guys,

Just writing to inform you that I have pulled myself out of dancing this Sunday at The Hose. It was a last minute decision on my part to sign up for it, and I realized that I can't plan (therefore give) a proper show if I don't have the time to prepare, which is something a weekend like one including Halloween doesn't give much of because of the time it takes to make plans for fun and normal matters in one's life.

For those of you who were planning on coming and showing your support, I appreciate the thought, and hope you will when I issue a new date for my appearing there. Thank you.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

My DP Candidates....FOUND?!

It has recently come to my attention that while searching for pics and video to accompany all my past postings about wanting to be double-penetrated, most of the video clips and pics I came up with (minus the few exceptions like the pic below) are non-American. It really makes me wonder if gay Americans' sexual repression is making them even less adventurous than I orignally thought.

So imaginine my great disappointment in Americans for once again showing such sexual repression, as an overwhelming number of the responses saying that they are willing to DP me are non-Americans living overseas. Even the sexy Swedes said they're willing to help when they arrive for their planned return to New York early next year . Not a bad choice, since I know both of their endowments, and they're both so HOT that just the thought of them standing next to me clothed gets me hard. While the thought of both of their cocks rubbing together while dipping into my ass is a hot thought that is going to have me need to beat my meat if I don't calm down by the time I'm done writing this.

The good news is that I might not have to wait for the Swedes to get here to experience a double-penetration. You see, after running into a friend I haven't seen in awhile out at The Hangar, just as I was losing hope in my fellow Americans, he told me that he read my post, and that he and his boyfriend are more than willing to take my DP virginity away. FINALLY, an American couple. And while I have not been in a 3-way with them before, I have had encounters with them separately.

This friend of mine is one that I originally met last year at one of Daniel Nardicio's parties, Oktoberfist, which was the official after-party for the Gay Erotic Expo NY then. If you recall past posts about Daniel's parties, then you will remember me saying how I often took advantage of their "pants-optional" policy. Well, so did this guy. In fact, he did the Full Monty. He was a short guy with a nice sized cock. While I'm not a size queen, the sight of a cute short guy with a big dick does make my asshole twitch because it's craving to open up for that short guy's big cock to enter me. So I made my way over to him, started up a conversation complimenting his umm....endowment that he didn't seem to mind me touching. And shortly after he simulated fucking me from behind. This only made me want to bottom for him even more, because that simulation showed that he fucks with hard and fast motions like a rabbit. After already getting a quick fuck by the bottom from a fisting demo, I later managed to get tag-teamed by this guy and a taller guy, showing that simulation was very close to the truth about how he moves. After a few more run-ins at some more of Daniel's parties and other places including a run-in at mr. Black that led to a more private fuck session, we became friends.

Like I said before, prior to our chance run-in at The Hanger, I hadn't seen this friend in awhile, so I went to his Facebook page one day to check up on him to discover that he now had a boyfriend. Where it said "In a Relationship with..." I clicked on it to see who the lucky guy was. I saw the face and said to myself, "Hmmmm, he looks familiar. Now, where have I seen him bef---. HOLY SHIT! HIM!!"

My response was because the picture of the boyfriend immediately took me back to a sauna at least a year ago where everyone was starting to feel each other up. I thought this guy next to me was absolutely gorgeous, and we made eyes at each other. I then got up, and he gave me the stare that says, "Go for it!"

And being the lust-bucket that I am, what do you think I did? I went for it, and took every bit of his cock that I possibly could into my mouth. To answer the question that I know is on your dirty minds, YES, the boyfriend is also well-endowed. And I wanted his dick in my ass so badly that night, but never got it. Now, after all this just might happen in a 2-for-1 deal. See, good things do come to those who wait.
Now that I know for sure the size of the cocks that may be doing a DP dip into my ass. All that is left is coming down to a matter of when. And when that "when" should happen, you will be updated. And even if a DP doesn't take place, at least I'll get a great 3-way tale with at least 1 tag-team in it for sure. Hell, the DP may happen, and include a tag-team.

So stay tuned....

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Getting Out The Kinks: Undies, Skivvies & Teeny Weenie Bikinis

For those of you that have ever seen me at a pants-optional party, sex party, any kind of contest that requires me to drop trou, or even at a pool party, then you may have noticed that I always wear some eye-catching underwear or swimwear.

It's because I have a kink for it.

The reason I haven't blogged about this kink before is because it's nothing new. But I realized that while the kink itself may not be new, explaining the details about what makes it a kink for me may be new to many of you, as my explanations have been in the past.

I've mentioned before how I love the sight of cock. A good-looking man's dick is one I want to take in either one of my orifices the second I lay eyes on it, regardless of whether it's hard or flaccid. Yes, I said even when it's flaccid. I so wish I could do away with the wait for his cock to get hard so he could get inside my ass, but that wait is the price one pays for having a tight hole. A price I'll gladly pay if that tightness is what makes me able to name my suitor's cock, Mr. Happy.

What underwear does is provide a hiding place for Mr. Happy. Any sight of a guy in his form-fitting underwear or swimwear, we can only assume as to whether or not he's a grower or shower, as I did with the hottie I hooked up with at that recent sex party. For we never know for sure unless we have a chance at that intimate moment with him to get an unveiling. Isn't that why we've beaten off to a gazillion underwear catalogs in our lifetime?

With that in mind, I've come to realize that no matter how tiny or revealing one's underwear or swimwear might be, if you want to see that guy's cock and/or ass, you still yearn for the sight of those underwear or swimwear gone from his body. For even the tiniest of thongs is still an obstruction to seeing the beauty of the human form.

So when you get off on seeing a guy in his form-fitting underwear or swimwear, what you are really getting off on is the fact that you are subjecting ourselves to ---- a mere tease. A sweet taste of things to come ---- if you should be so lucky.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tré Xavier's Stage & Video Show

ractically all performers have performers before them that inspire them. To the point that if the opportunity to pay homage to them arises, they are more than willing to do a cover of one or many of that artist's songs. And I am no different, which is why I made a playlist of songs that I would love to do just that very thing with.

These songs' lyrics collectively embody all that you've come to know of me by way of this blog - my romance, my sexuality, my humanity, and my spirituality. You may notice that the 1st half emphasizes my romance and sexuality, while the 2nd half emphaszies my humanity and spirituality.

The original title of the playlist was "Tre Xavier's Stage Show", but I added "& Video" when I realized that a couple of the songs I picked weren't songs I desired to perform a rousing verson of on stage, but in a music video. Those songs are:

In The Closet - I've always felt that video wasn't as sexy as the lyrics suggest. I would have upped the ante on the sexuality, having censors on edge, but still tame enough to be aired on network television; and
Sweet Reunion - Perfect song for a music video that should use dancers doing classic Jazz and Latin dance moves, maybe in a period and/or tropic setting.

2 things you can take away from this playlist is that (1) I'm a big fan of Prince, and (2) like my taste in men and sexual kinks, I am by no means a creature of habit when it comes to my taste in music.

So enjoy the revelation.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Addressing the Nardicio controversy on MOC Blog

Hello again,

Twice in 1 day. My earlier post was a sexy and comedic educational tale, now I must lead you to a bit of drama with a couple of links so you can get the full story.

A controversy recently erupted at MOC Blog because of a post about a contest by Daniel Nardicio for NYC's Hottest Bartender. The controversy stemmed from the fact that of the 2 images below given by Daniel to promote the contest, niether of them featured a man of color.

If you look at the link and the comments, you will see some readers were not very happy with this. Understandable, especially considering how MOC Blog is a site that mainly caters to men of color and their admirers. Knowing of my past with Daniel, Victor Hoff, the author of MOC Blog asked me to offer some insight on the matter, and based on the anti-Daniel commentary from one reader at this follow-up link, I had to reply. My comment was becoming so long that I felt the need to take advantage of my position of being listed as a contributor on MOC Blog. And the link below is what came out of it.

MOC Blog: What You Say - Reader Feedback II by Tré Xavier

Sex Party Etiquette: Don't Interrupt!

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Passing Lessons

esterday, I posted this tweet on Twitter, which is connected to my Facebook profile:

What a blog-worthy weekend! Epiphanies striking me, fun with friends, and sex that got better with each day, BUT I'm not blogging about it.

A reply I got from one of my friends on Facebook was, "Why the hell not?"

I know his reply to my update was comical, but I'm sure many have come to think of my life as an open book, and I'm more than aware that I've made it appear that way. However, the truth is there are some things best kept to yourself, and I needed the smile that I'm wearing right now after my friend, Andrew's passing.

And speaking of passing, while they are over 95% no cause for smile, it can bring a smile to your face to make what you feel is a nice tribute to one's passing. In the entertainment world, recently was that of Boyzone member, Stephen Gately.

I've mention before having some degree of psychic abilities. What I didn't mention is that I get quite a few signs regarding the entertainment industry.I had one of these psychic moments over the weekend on the subway train when the video for their song, "Love You Anyway" flashed in my brain. I know what all the guys look like, but the only clear face I could remember was that of Stephen Gately. What was also strange about that thought was that it was unprovoked. I wasn't listening to any music, nor did I have my iPod or any kind of music-listening device in my ears, in my hand to connect to my ears, or even plans on listening to music. And I couldn't help wondering why that was the case. Now, I know.

To back track on another passing, yesterday I heard Michael Jackson's 1st posthumous single, "This Is It". I quite enjoyed it, as I am a Michael Jackson fan, and was glad to hear something from him that I never heard before. I hope you will enjoy it as well.

This is starting off as a week to be quite emotionally moving. May these passings and the music they left behind be a reminder of how we should cherish one another while we are alive, because like it or not, we are all connected.


Saturday, October 10, 2009

The L XTreme Sex Mix

I feel I needed to make up for some erotic posts for 2 reasons:
(1) 2 weekends straight of delaying your horny posts, and
(2) writing so much harsh reality for you to absorb this past week. Even though it was necessary and truthful, and regardles of how some people want to bury their heads in the sand about those matters. And you know who you are.

So while I am back on track in giving you a horny Friday post, which I hope you enjoyed, thanks to a Facebook post from English rap artist QBoy of a sexy music mix, I decided to do my own and share it with you.

When I looked at QBoy's song list, I realized that on the occasions I've had guys over,the music I played music was always New Age music. It's good for the mood, and the only voices you hear are you and your partner(s). However, being I have also been a songwriter, I like words in my songs to both set the mood, and keep up the momentum in whatever I do - and that includes sex. The reason I never did use music with lyrics before is because I was too lazy to put a playlist together, even though it was a constant thought and creative desire of mine.

Well, here it is. Check out the song list from the covers, and see if you anticipate enjoying it. If you do, then feel free to click the link below and download.

Play SAFE & ENJOY ;-)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Boycotting HustlaBall NY

Once I decided to not attend Hustlaball NY this year, I was going to write a post about why. It was gnawing thought in the back of my mind telling me to write it, but I tried my best to ignore it, and move on to something else. But those were voices in my head. This past Friday however, I was at the indoor pool party, Baña, and someone asked me if I was going to Hustlaball NY. And when I answered "No", their response was, "Are you boycotting?"

What was strange about his response was the fact that boycotting is based on a social matter, and I don't recall ever making public any disapproval with Hustlaball NY in that regard. Annoyed that I offered myself as a performer to no avail, YES, but that comes with the territory of being a performer in any medium, including the adult industry. Disappointment with the shows, YES. Both of those things, I do recall voicing my opinion on last year, but both of those things may incite apprehension to attend, but not a full-on boycott. That is UNLESS, I can see a social matter is at fault here, which there is. Therefore, the fact is that I am actually boycotting Hustlaball.

What I find amazing is the fact that this guy knew it, even though I haven't even discussed what I'm about to say here (or the subject of Hustlaball period) with anyone once the announcement about Hustlaball NY came out. So it's quite plausible that he sees the same thing that I am seeing, even sub-consciously, and knew I would take a stand on it. I was going to take a silent stand, but once a voice outside of my own entered the picture to suggest I was taking a stand, it took that as a sign to make my stand public.

Last year, I said my purchasing a ticket was going against my new rule of "If I'm not good enough to entertain, then my money isn't good enough either". What I meant by that was NOT if Tré Xavier isn't good enough to entertain, then my money isn't good enough. What I meant was that if you can't find more Blacks and other races to entertain, then the overwhelming number of non-White New Yorkers' money should be considered no good either.

Let's be realistic, have you seen the list of entertainers and sponsors? In regards to entertainers, could it get more light-skin only and predominately white with one of the few (and practically ONLY) named dark-complexions belonging to Diesel Washington, and it's quite believable that's the case only because he is one of the few Blacks represented by one of the sponsors, FabScout. And speaking of FabScout, that brings me to the list of how lily-white and lacking in diversity the list of sponsors is. FlavaWorks is a Gold Sponsor for Berlin. Why aren't they sponsoring it here in NY? Here in New York where the roster of performers for HustlaBall New York can be more reflective of the diversity in citizenship therefore patronage that exist here even more so than it does in Berlin . So as far as the list of performers go, that's why I'm boycotting HustlaBall New York.

Now my final reason for boycotting is plain and simple...HustlaBall New York is a rip-off.

I have never been to a HustlaBall outside of New York, but I know others who have, and I have seen the ads for other like the upcoming one in Berlin. In short, HustlaBall overall is marketed to come off with the sexuality at a height like it's another Black Party. Maybe the Berlin version is, but the New York version is an over-priced imitation, yet you are paying practically the same price as you would to get into the Black Party . In other words, it's the typical American attitude of prudishness towards sexuality that is crippling New York City's gay nightlife. The Black Party flips the bird to it. If HustlaBall NY is going to market themselves to be so much like the Black Party, why can't they man-up and flip the bird to that prudishness as well?

Some of you may have already bought tickets for HustlaBall NY, and are now asking yourself, "Why?" Well, if you see all that I have stated here at this year's HustlaBall NY, take this as a lesson learned to not make the same mistake next year. I made that mistake twice already. It would be quite foolish of me to do it a third.

Let's just hope HustlaBall New York steps their game up, and proves me wrong. BUT how often does that happen?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Porn Actor/Prostitute Differentiation

Being inspired by Tuesday episodes of The Tyra Banks Show seems to be becoming a habit. First it was "Let Calvin Save Calvin", now this post because of her topic today on male prostitution. This is something I've been meaning to tackle for awhile now. All I needed was something to light a fire under me to make it happen. And forget the entire episode, just word of its subject matter was enough for me.

The reason this subject has particular meaning for me is because a great deal of studio-produced porn is comprised of scenes where the directors picks a scene partner, and not the actors themselves. This is NOT the way it should be. A porn actor should not have to work his/her way up to the point of being able to choose their own scene partner either. It should be the actor's choice from the start, because whenever that right is taken away from a porn actor at whatever point of his/her career, the porn director becomes a pimp, and he makes the porn actor a prostitute.

It really pisses me the fuck off to hear people who view porn say, "They should deal with it, because it's acting."

And my response to them is this, and that may very well mean YOU:
YOU DUMB INSIGNIFICANT BITCH, HOW DARE YOU MAKE SUCH AN ASININE ASSUMPTION OF WHAT A PORN ACTOR DOES! Walk a mile in these shoes and see how you like having sex with someone you have no chemistry with. If you have in your personal life out of sheer horniness, then you know in hindsight that it is by no means fun! And so what if I was getting paid for it. The fact is the word "actor" in the title of "porn actor" is just a word. There's not suppose to be any acting involved as far as the chemistry between you and your scene partner(s) is concerned. Therefore the word should really be "porn performer" as I'm suppose to be getting paid for allowing the FUN of performing the natural next step in attraction called "sex" to be seen by many. I'm not supposed to be getting paid for fucking with no regard to chemistry. That's what a prostitute does.

No disrespect to prostitutes. If that's what you do, then that's what you do. But there is a line between being in porn and being a prostitute. Hence the reason I am so adamant about how it should NOT be the director's call of who gets paired with whom, but the actors. For porn is a visual medium meant to please the voyeur in us all. And any voyeur is looking to see sex born from genuine attractions, not pretend attractions. Pretend attractions is what prostitutes get paid for, and the reason why the act is practically always behind closed doors. And it is that line between genuine and pretend that separates a porn actor from a prostitute. However, many porn producers/directors refuse to acknowledge that, hence the well-deserved erosion of the American gay porn industry that helped in making me decide to leave.

Looking back, maybe it's been this way in the porn industry all along, which would explain the stigma of rampant drug use within it. Who wouldn't need a hit of something to alter your brain after being put it that situation numerous times a day, week, month, and/or year? That could do a great deal of damage to one's psyche. I can tell just from the couple of times I've been put in that situation for a movie.

After such a statement it is safe to assume that I have some reservations about prostitution. It's mainly in regards to how I wonder one, especially with good finances can get romantically involved with a prostitute. Remember my saying how a porn actor's attraction is suppose to be genuine while a prostitute's is pretend. While both include having sex, my reservation about prostitution is how "pretending" for an adult is a nice way of saying "lying". So if your lover's job entails "pretending" to like someone, because he/she is getting paid for it, if your are as broke as a joke, then you can assume the feelings are real. BUT if you are financially well off, and he says that he loves you, can you trust that he is not "pretending" with you in hopes and getting a payday in the future?

I seem to often attract financially well-off men, and not by seeking them out. Fate just happens that way. The reason I brought up that reservation is because I never wanted my being in porn to make my suitor have the concern that I was after his money. I wanted him to know that I'm a highly sexual person, which contributed to why I could do porn, but never question my heart. By porn actors not demanding a scene partner of their liking, they put themselves in line to not only have to deal with a lover's possible jealousy, but also call into question their motivation as to why they are in the relationship. That is meant to be an additional dilemma for a prostitute, not a porn actor, which is why I don't think someone can be a prostitute, and be in a romantic relationship with someone with good finances. Because whether they admit it or not, that question will always be there for the partner with the good finances, which I'm sure is why most of those relationships eventually fall apart. And as far as the prostitutes that claim to be "gay-for-pay", after all I've said about that in past blog entries, don't get me started on the problem with them. For my words will be, as they always have been on that subject matter...a lot worse.
In all I have said here, I mean no disrespect to either profession. I am simply expressing my concern as to how situations are handled, and the effect it has on those doing the actual work - the porn actors and the prostitutes. NOT the pimps, which nowadays along with the usual street version often includes porn producers and directors as well.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Preview Tre X's Next Dance

I’ve heard it said that you are at your most creative when you’re depressed. I don’t know how true that is, but after the news of my friend’s passing, something has been sparked.

There are past posts where I have spoken of wanting to do another dance video. At the time, I had no idea of exactly what songs I would use. All I knew for sure is that it would once again be a medley. Well, as I mourn the lost of my friend, Andrew, that creative spark lit a fire under me to get started, and out of nowhere, I knew 3 of the 4 songs I was going to use.

I wanted the medley to be compromised of songs that many might not know, even if they know the artist. My intent is to create a new audience for that song as all 4 songs are over a decade old.

Song 1 Song 2

Song 3 Song 4

So now, all that’s left is finding the time to choreograph a routine, and booking a studio with the medley already produced to be a length of about 4 ½ minutes. And with the exception of 1 song, this video leaves you guessing how much and what part of each song is in the medley….Please ENJOY.

Hot Guys Fuck

Lust Cinema

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