Wednesday, January 8, 2020

How Straight Are Males In Straight Porn Really?

I have long said that there is nothing wrong with fantasizing about sex with a straight male. Wrongdoing doesn't come until you try making that fantasy become reality by imposing gay advances upon that male professing to be heterosexual when he has shown no evidence of the contrary of his professed sexual orientation.

So what about straight male porn actors? For with many straight porn actors, there are instances in many of their histories and performances that expose evidence contrary to their displayed heterosexuality seen on screen. Such as:

Having A Gay Porn Past

I'm discovering more and more of the straight male porn actors I lust for actually have gay porn in their past. Of those in the above collage, 4 of them are just a few of many. And I'm not talking about a solo jerk-off scene here and there for a gay porn movie or website. No, I'm talking about them doing a full-on sex scene of them giving dick to a male's ass, or taking a male's dick in their ass to the point of busting a nut. Even making intense eye contact during the sex.

For your average Joe, I've long said that a "straight" guy having gay sex 3 times or more exposes his claim of being 100% straight a complete self-denial. With a straight porn actor who has had gay sex on camera, it's more like 2 times. For with any porn actor, there is a camera on you, can create performance anxiety in a male. So if he can get through such a sexual scenario more than once, those males are bringing upon themselves even more question as to how straight they are.

Double Vaginal or Double Anal Penetration Scenes
When I initially posted something addressing this topic on Facebook, someone tried to comment that same-sex skin to skin contact does not define sexual orientation. Well, if you're talking about one male putting a hand on another male's bare shoulder or knee, in that regards, that person was correct. However, when you are talking about a male's genitals rubbing or touching another male's private area, like bare dick to dick, bare dick to ass, or bare ass to ass rubbing, any of which having a clear erection present, that is when I must strongly disagree.

And to prove my point, I just discovered the 1st (Oliver Flynn) & 5th (Tyler Steel) male porn actors in a double-vaginal penetration scene. No limps dicks present.

For a male of sound mind maintains his penile erection by his penis being engulf by pleasurable materials. So if it's not 100% the texture of a vagina or rectum, then the texture of that other guys penis is adding to his stimulation. And knowing of that other guy's presence makes it clear that those 2 guys are not as heterosexual as they claim to be.

If any male in straight porn that you can name displaying these indicators was to ever try to dispute what I'm saying, then that denial should cause one concern. For it means 1) that those male performers are not thinking of their scene partners as human beings; therefore 2) the sex is void of a spiritual connection. And I have stated many times that any sexual tryst should have a spiritual connection if it's to be considered a healthy one. Even a one-time tryst, like that in filming a porn scene.

Some of these male porn actors might not want to be considered bisexual. If so, then perhaps he should consider an article I applauded on Medium. It stated how while many of us focus on sexual orientation, there is also romantic orientation. I applauded that article because it definitely explains my defining as a predominately gay bisexual. For I am sexually attracted to both males and females, but males way more than females. Add to that how I am strictly romantically attracted to males. I feel these male porn actors in straight porn who display the aforementioned indicators of sexual fluidity might be the exact opposite of myself. Romantically, they are all about females, but sexually a male can spark something in them. How and to what extent that sexual attraction to males manifests itself is his call though.

Case in point: While it has been some time since I last had my dick inside a cisgendered female's pussy, my attraction to a female is often displayed by me flirting with them. Males in straight porn have an even more available means of release of that sexual attraction. They are put in situations where they get a chance to get that occasional sexual attraction to a male out by way of physical sexual contact with a male.

With that said however, I do wonder how do the male performers with a gay porn past display that degree of gay after they have stopped doing gay porn. Do they flirt with males like I do females? Are they having tryst with males off-camera and not making it public? Or worse case scenario, are they denying themselves a physical means to satisfy that urge when their body and mind is not made for that satisfaction to be achieved without physical contact? My concern about that scenario is that it can lead to the violence of gay-for-pay porn actors that I addressed 11 years ago in "Denied Self Becomes Violent Self".

My pointing out these indicators is in no way meant to throw shade on them. I'm well aware that studio-based porn is a business, and these guys passing themselves off as being totally straight is part of that. I'm just pointing out how there are signs within their history and performances that show these males in straight porn are some level of bisexual just as many of their female counterparts seem to be. Even more obvious because of the penis being such an obvious indicator of arousal. Now, whether or not they choose to admit to those signs, that is something that only their own sexual conscience will revel in or bury.

In any case, my lusting eyes is hoping for the former.

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