Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Great Gotten From Gotti

Every porn actor has a scene partner with whom they’ve had the best sex with, in spite of all the going and stopping involved in making a porn scene. And with 8 movies, 10 scenes, and 14 scene partners from movies alone, my time in porn is no different.

The name my scene partner went by was Favian Gotti.
He was a tall, slim Latino and didn’t say much. In fact, the most he said to me after walking in the room was “Hello”, and “Goodbye” after we wrapped.

It was an orgy scene. Me and one of the other guys, Shorty J, who I did a scene with just the day before, doubled-teamed sucking on Favian’s big dick.
There was another guy in the scene, who was also tall and slim, but his name slips my mind. Now, while I like all fit body types, I have a weakness for tall, slim guys. But Favian seemed to have an aura about him that had me hoping he was to be my top. And once the sex started, my wish came true. I got Favian, and Shorty J got fucked by the other guy.

Favian tried putting his dick in me, then blurted out, “Damn, his hole is tight”. Because while editing makes it look easy, like most of my scene partners and off-camera playmates before and since him, it took him about 5 – 10 minutes to get in my hole. I’ve been saying it for years, DO YOUR KEGELS, GUYS! They work for males, as well as females.

Anyway, once inside me, Favian started fucking me doggy style. I just thought to myself, “Oh my God! What is this man’s dick made of! Because it feels fuckin’ amazing!”

I know in orgy scenes in porn, the guys often switch partners at some point. Well, call me stingy, but I didn’t want to switch. And I was glad that while it was suggested at one point by the director, a switch never happened. And I think Favian was just as happy for that as I was. Proof of that will be told at the end.

 At some point, I wound up on the floor lying on my stomach to get fucked. My ass cheeks never stopped jiggling. From either me throwing my ass upward onto his long cock, or him banging my ass putting that long cock God only knows how many inches deep inside me. And with each thrust inside me, I kept tightening my sphincter around his dick. Because like a farmer squeezes a cow’s tit to get milk, I was trying to milk his dick to make him cum. For it was an ongoing fantasy of mine that never came to fruition to make a scene partner cum inside the condom, even though for porn, he’s suppose to cum from jerking off right after the sex.

I moaned and moaned in pleasure. To the point that I actually forgot that I was even on a porn set. So what brought me back to reality?

Our socially inept fucktard of a director, Tyson Cane yelling “Annnnd CUT!”

With sex that good, it’s no doubt that while I maintained my calm and said nothing, I wanted to respond by saying, “Mutha fucka, WHAT?!”

For not only was Tyson Cane interrupting an amazing lay, which was a much needed release after following the porn industry’s rule of no sexual activity to ejaculate for at least 48 hours, including masturbation. But over the past couple of days, 1)Tyson Cane insulted the sexual egos of both Shorty J and myself, and any real director knows that you don’t insult a porn actors sexual ego, especially before a scene. For their sexual ego is their tool to do a good job. So insulting it can make them vengeful; and 2) Tyson Cane’s cheap ass was paying me only half for this orgy what I got paid for my 1-on-1 scene with Shorty J the day before. And ethnic porn actors don’t make much as it is. Which means that while he paid me only $300 for my scene with Shorty J, I was only getting $150 for this orgy scene.

Anyway, like the idea of a switch, I also think Favian didn’t much care for the interruption. For after Tyson Cane yelled “Cut”, I was about to get up, but couldn’t. It wasn’t because Favian fucked me so hard that my ass muscles, sphincter, and thighs hurt so much that I couldn’t move. Actually, the adrenaline of that hot fuck made me feel no soreness of any of those muscles until maybe the next day. The reason I couldn’t get up was because even after the director yelled “Cut”, with his long cock moving very slowly, back and forth, in and out of my ass….Favian was still fucking me.

And giving not one bit of a damn how much longer his being inside made this shoot go, and possibly piss off the director, I had no intention of stopping Favian Gotti.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Intro To Anal

There's no set age that each man reaches when they comes to terms with who they really are. The fact of the matter is that most gay men at some point in their life will try to fight off the urge to be attracted to other men. As with anything outside of the norm, it's hard to accept that you might not be the same as the status quo.

But eventually, the clouds are lifted, and he can finally comes to terms with his sexuality. He could be 8, 18, or 80, but it's only when he finally allows himself to be who he is that he can really start living.

Unfortunately, the hindering of their sexuality can leave a lot of gay men unaware of how to go about having anal sex for the first time. But not to worry! There are a few things you can do to make your first time just as amazing as you hoped it would be.

Getting Comfortable With Insertion

The first step when you're just starting out with anal play is lube. Lots and lots of lube. It will make insertion much easier and limit your discomfort.

If you haven't experimented with anal play in the past, you can test your sensitivity using your finger, or an anal toys first. When using a toy, start with something small, like a slender butt plug. Go slow, and once you're comfortable with the size, you can move up to larger, more advanced varieties.

If you eventually decide to share your new toys with a partner, you should put a condom on them as well. Also, remember that oil and petroleum-based lubes can cause latex to deteriorate, according to GMFA. Whether your with a partner or sharing a sex toy, make sure that your lube is compatible with the condoms you're using, or stick with water-based variety.

Locate Your Prostate

Once you're comfortable with insertion, there are also toys that you can get to help you locate and pleasure your prostate. As Adam & Eve explains, "the prostate is considered to be the male g-spot." While it can be stimulated externally, "the most effective prostate massage is done internally with a finger or anal vibrator."

Knowing where your prostate is will help you guide your partner during anal sex, so he can make the experience as enjoyable for you as it is for him.

Picking the Right Partner

It's better that your first time be with someone who you trust and can accommodate your need to go slow the first time. I've talked before about how I run into problems with men thinking that they can be forceful. Remember, gay or straight, that's never okay. Although you might feel like it'd be nice to have someone take the reigns for your first go around, chances are if they're not respecting your body in public, their certainly not going to in private.

Most importantly, while this blog endorses choice in regards to condom use, for your introduction to anal play, and until you feel secure with your partner, it is very much recommended that you use a condom. While there's no reason to be scared of having anal sex, it's crucial that you're aware of the risks so that you understand the need for protection. Anal sex provides a much easier route for the STDs because of the thinner wall of skin in the anus than any other hole. The thinner skin is more likely to lead to small tears, thus opening possible areas for infection. However, there's nothing to worry about as long as you and your partner are both safe and have been recently tested.

The pleasure of opening your eyes (and yourself!) up to a new world sex is indescribable. Your inhibitions are lost when you can be who you really are and have sex like you've always wanted. In no time at all, you'll be comfortable enough to initiate some fun on your own and maybe even join in at sex parties or two!

What are you waiting for

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Ongoing Anti-Gay, Misogynist, White Male Supremacist "Minds" of The Facebook Police

I was blocked 3 days for posting this:

Sharing an undeniable TRUTH told by Jessica Ransom:
These are the only type of gay boy movies that get made...

2. Drug Use
3. Eating out (there's like 8 of these horrible movies)
4. A white player dude falling for another white dude.
5. White gay dudes and their straight white fag hags
6. More AIDS flicks
7. A straight acting white gay male in the closet, falls for a white bottom
8. A straight famous hollywood actor playing gay just win an Oscar.. doesnt matter the subject or if the movie is good or not. He is STRAIGHT and playing GAY! (Color me SHOCKED)
9. Bio Pics
10. Suicide/Depressing shit (see #2)

And my reply:
Hence why #GayCinema is not, and should not be treated respectfully. Until producers, writers, and directors show ethnic and emotional diversity to ourselves FIRST, then the world, it will be a medium that deserves it being repeatedly overlooked, and easily forgotten.

Blocking me from posting for 3 days over this ONCE AGAIN shows that if you are Black, gay, or female showing that you have enough of a brain in your head to see the messed up truth around us, then the racist, anti-gay, women-hating tech geeks at Facebook will undoubtedly immediately place a bullseye on your head.

After those 3 days, on May 31st, I met a tall European with brown hair, pulled back to a small ponytail at Daniel Nardicio & Owen Hawk's party, Sausage Factory. Unfortunately, he did what many non-Blacks (and even some Blacks) who claim to be racially open to finding Black males attractive do. He was all into me, but once the White-dominated gay media ideal of Black beauty being a gymrat, dark-skinned, and bald guy showed up, I became runner-up, or less. And when I called the European on it, he tried to justify himself by comparing the expectations of him being a tall, slim European with that of being a Black male in the gay community. Yes, my gay Black brothers and sisters, you read correct. If I thought to remember his name, I would have found his pic, and posted it here so you could keep an eye out for this asshole. Anyway, I told of this incident on Facebook, and added that if I didn't have the self-control that I have, such a statement from him "could cause him damage."

For this, the post was removed, and I got blocked from posting another 7 days. Hence why important a post as it is, "The 'Are You Clean?' Challenge" didn't get the posting and sharing that it should have gotten on Facebook. Because the Facebook police in their repeatedly offensive fashion unfairly silenced me. Motivated by their White racist, anti-gay, women-hating, dumb jock fratboy mentality.

For example, via Twitter I was made aware of someone asking for a Facebook page to be taken down. For it was made by a guy supporting the shooter of the UCSB shootings, Elliot Rodger. The reason the tweet was posted was because Facebook gave a political bullshit response saying that it was better to report an individual post rather than an entire page. What makes this bullshit is the fact that the moment Facebook was notified that a page supporting Elliot Rodger was up, if they are going to take down my post, and block me for 3 days, then 7 more, then they should have definitely sprung into action and gave a worst punishment to whomever made that page supporting Elliot Rodger. But since this is not the first time Facebook has showed a double standard that favors hateful White males, their slow action (if any) is not a surprise.

So this post is to make you aware. If you haven't realized it by now, should you show admiration for the near nude female form, or should you speak ill against a woman of any color, a gay person, and/or a person of color (especially Black), Facebook could care less. But if you show pride in your homosexuality by way of male suggestive photos, of should you speak against the fuck-faced and/or mentally unstable antics of any White male, Facebook puts a bullseye on you to silence you.

And this double is not a situation that is unique to only me. Along with myself, I have had many gay male Facebook friends show male suggestive photos (not nude or pornographic) with groins covered and maybe 2 tiny hairs of male pubes being either issued warnings, been blocked from posting, or both. Meanwhile, to entertain the frat-boy mentality of their tech geek police, Facebook allows a photo showing a female with a bikini so small that she has a camel-toe, or is so far down that all the material really covers is her clit.

With all that said, I wonder can a class action suit be brought against Facebook for harassment of some kind. For online bullying of this kind is sounding much like a Social Media Aged Klu Klux Klan, and Christian right wing mindset that says, "Show what we like, and what we are. We see your existence and likes to be an abomination. Therefore, we're going to taunt and bully you until you go into hiding, and/or die from the shame we bring upon you."

Sounds about right, my colored and gay brothers and sisters? Sadly, in 2014, even in the virtual world, ...yes, this is happening.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Cock Radio

I reblogged this comic on my Tumblr blog back in December 2012.
Ever since then, the fantasy inspired by the caption I made up has been in the back of my mind. Add to that how I like to play with words from time to time, it's no surprise how when this picture popped in my head while toying with the term "clock radio", that I came up with "cock radio". After that, the challenge became how to make "cock radio" actually mean something.

I hope I succeeded for you. Because based on the audience at Titillating Tongues that night, I think I did.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Gay Media...Religious Right Wing...No F**kin' Difference!!!

Gay media has long accused the religious right wing of ostracizing the gay community. Well, it's time that we look at the facts. Gay media is not one bit different. In fact, with that being the case, by throwing out such accusations about the religious right wing, gay media makes itself worse.

Gay media tries to imply that we should hate the religious right wing because when you don't agree with the religious right wing, they treat you as if your viewpoint is irrelevant, and eradicating you off the planet is an option. Doesn't gay media do the same thing? In 2014, gay media goes on witch-hunts like it's Salem, Massachusetts in 1692 looking for stories of gays oppressed. Yet do that same oppression within their own community, and to the straight community. Even when there is a bridge present. This is why this post is in the category of "Typical American Gay Male - His Own Worst Enemy". There are many examples I can use to make this point. So let me use these simple few.

For the longest time now, you have read of numerous blog posts of me promoting my appearances at the erotic open mic event' Titillating Tongues. And I have tried appealing to EVERY gay nightlife magazine I know of here in NYC (Next Magazine, Odyssey, and Get Out!) to try getting them to cover this event since it is pansexual, therefore gay-inclusive, therefore a bridge between communities of sexual orientation. For I find it ridiculous that I am often the sole gay voice in the room. But why have I yet to get a response, or even better, see such a story written as feature article? The most likely reason that I feel is safe to surmise is that it's not gay enough for them. For these magazines are littered with light faces doing nothing of depth. Either that, or making heroes out of heterosexual female music artists preying upon stereotypical gay desperation for validation. Yet when an artistic event that allows a bridge to form between the straight and gay communities is brought to their attention, they refuse to speak a word of it. It's like they live to wallow in the animosity, and refuse to show more depth to their prospective.

A perfect example of the bridge that can be created were the loud applause I got when I presented both "Blind Fuck Mind Fuck 5" at Titillating Tongues back in April, and most recently, "HIM" this past June. The audience, full of heterosexual artists and patrons gave a response that blew my mind. And it's not like I don't have proof. For the videos tell all. Those are not tracks of laughs, applause, and interjections edited in that you hear. They're 100% real. And the audience knew from my intro that I was telling a gay sexual fantasy. So why is this bridge not being taken advantage of? WHY?!

Did you know I have locked horns with Queerty so much over their shallow wannabe-journalists that they---have now blocked me from commenting. Sure, I can log in as a member. But they are so often on the negative stereotypical side that they've grown weary of me calling them out on it. So now, even on the rare occasion that I can agree with them, they have silenced me. Yet, when they allowed me to comment, Queerty allowed foul-mouthed and racially insensitive people to insult me with no punishment to those commenters. Does such a tactic sound EXACTLY like what the religious right wing would do? I believe so.

Queerty has recently went even further in their desperation to silence people who don't agree with their world. For in a recent article on their site, after 4 comments, they closed the comments. Comments were open on other posts, but not that one. What was so different about this post? 3 of the 4 comments in a nutshell bluntly said that Queerty was low on intellect. Nothing I haven't said a gazillion times before. So rather than single those individuals out by blocking them like they did me, they just closed the comments altogether. That only says to me that my individuality threatens them. So closing the comments was their Christian right wing-like attempt to make sure those other commenters don't become just as great a threat as me, or greater.

Well, after I called them out on this action by tagging them in a status update I wrote on Facebook, I checked back to see if the comments were still closed. They were not. I'm not necessarily saying it was because of me, but the timing is suspect. 

What makes gay media and the religious right wing so similar is the fact that these are 2 sets of fools claiming to be different, but are actually 2 asswipes smudged from the same messy shithole. Yes, that's harsh, but I am justifiably frustrated and annoyed. The reason they think they're different is because they were done at different times. With the religious right wing forcing a need for gay media, but gay media failing the community it claims to stand for. Because both gay media and the religious right wing are worlds of complacency, segregation, and hypocrisy. Thriving on their followers to do what their rules say, and never show an ounce of humanity or individuality by asking questions. If you do ask questions, you will be deemed as "angry", a "bad seed", "someone who should be cast out", much like God cast out Satan from heaven. So both are wannabe-gods.

But the problem with this behavior is that not a single one of them, or us is God. So if someone is a member of that community, we have no right to thrown them out. Question their behavior if it's not for our betterment? Yes. But cast them out? No. Between gay media and the religious right wing, whoever comes to this realization first, that is when they will be different, and one will undoubtedly be better.

However, until that time comes around, they are both loud mouths. Using their noise to hide both their hypocrisy, misery from their complacency, and loneliness from their self-imposed segregation.  

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