Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My Name On An EGPA List

I thought it would be nice, but never really thought it would happen.
I saw my name in an porn awards nomination. It's not just my name alone. It turned out being that the group scene from "69 Fuck Street" featuring Jake Corwin, Chris Crawford, Jason Dean, Ligee, and myself was on the long list of nominees for Best Group Scene in the European Gay Porn Awards. Even though it was a long list, when you consider how many group scenes they have to choose from, this is definitely one case where I have to say and mean it when I say, that it's an honor to be just recognized. Especially considering what I've been through in the past, such as my Tyson Cane incidents, I needed some kind of sign that all the crap I went through with him from Day 1 led to something. And if it's just a recognition, instead of a win, that's fine. Even though a win would warn my heart quite a bit.
And why wouldn't we deserve to win. For those of you who have seen it, know fact that all the chemistry you're seeing is real. Before the phrase "And action!" was spoken, we had already been making out for about 10 minutes. I was a little worried someone was going to shoot their load before hand. Especially if I gave them a blowjob. I seem to be give pretty good head. REMEMBER GUYS - USE THE TONGUE!

And it was my pleasure with the history I have with most of them. I already knew Jason Dean, and had a big crush on him. I had the pleasure of being fucked by Jake Corwin just the day before in our 3-way with Duke Rivers. And I had made out with Ligee at some parties so all I had to do with him was prepare myself to take in his big dick. The only new face to me for that scene was Chris Crawford, and why would I have a problem with him? He's already a tall cutie clothed, then when he's naked you see has also has a nice ass and a cock that can shoot buckets of cum. My only problem was that Jason Dean got that cumbath instead of me.

The beauty of the European Gay Porn Awards is that their chosen by YOU. So you can go to their website, register, and put in your votes. And don't worry, registering is no big deal. Just put in a first name, a last name, and a valid email address, and you're good to go. Just wait for your confirmation email, vote, then your vote is locked in. There are movies from a variety of countries so all of you fans, whether you're American, European, South American, etc. somewhere, many of you will find your continent represented. So check it out, and take advantage of a chance to make your voice heard of what you like in porn. Vote smart. And GOOD LUCK to all nominees in all categories.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

On February 9, 2002 - I Was Born

Now, if you believe that, then you obviously have not read my stats and bio page of my website. Because if you did, then you would know that I'm not an Aquarius (as a birthday of February 9th would mean), but a horny little Aries.

So what do I mean by "On February 9, 2002 - I Was Born"?

What I mean is that is the day I came alive because that is the date that I went out to find out what my true sexual orientation was, and got my answer. The details of it are in my old blog archive under the category of "First Time Out".

I think this year should seem no different than any other, but this year I want to celebrate the date of my sexual awakening in some special way. Maybe it's really starting to hit me as to how long I've waited to realize my sexual orientation, and what I've accomplished for myself since that realization. Such as my getting into porn, and (more importantly) writing my blog that I try to constantly use to let people know that being a sexual individual no matter what you orientation is not a bad thing. And it took long enough to realize that for myself, so now I want to share that knowledge with the world.

I also now have a social life with friends I hold dear. Before, I knew of no such thing, because that lack of knowledge about myself crippled me to the point of building a wall where I never let anyone get too close. That new found emotional strength however has not worked well for my love life - yet. My track record seems that as the rule of how opposites attract, I attract people who are presently emotionally crippled now, like I no longer am. So you would think they would be with me to draw from my strength, but such has no been the case. Instead they act like addicts refusing to admit they have a problem while I'm extending my hand to ease them into a solution to overcome their inner demons holding them back from being the loving individuals I know they can be. But also like with an addict, I can't help them until they want to help themselves, as I had to help myself. But I have faith that karma will reward me someday soon with someone man and humane enough to extend their hand to me to ease the flaws and voids of my personality from consuming me, just as I have extended mine to many for the same purpose.

I will be looking at February 9th and 10th with a great deal of pride. And I just realized another reason why I may be so eager to celebrate my sexual awakening this year. It may be because February 9th and 10th fall on the same days of the week this year as they did in 2002. So that makes it (just like the days of my sexual awakening and losing my virginity) another Saturday night going into Sunday morning to revel in who I am and what I've become. Because had time went on without my sexual awakening, the chances were becoming greater and greater that I wouldn't be here today.

So I THANK GOD, for pushing me through. And I THANK GOD for YOU, as I THANK YOU for your continued support.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Sexy Sweet Swedes

Why does my luck always seem to have it that my place is a mess when I bring someone over?

Yes, it happened again. I hooked up with someone, hoping I would go to their place, and wound up at my messy place instead. I seem to have no luck when my place is clean, but when it's a mess I have all the luck in the world. And this time I really did have all the luck in the world. Because I didn't bring just someone home with me, but I brought some people home with me.

2 sex, sweet Swedes, to be exact.

I met them at Splash. Yes, I know, of all places. But while I have often spoke badly of it because of its patronage being overwrought with the bigotry of the Chelsea boy mentality mainly on the weekend, the music can still be good. And that's what I focus on. And that's also what made it a little difficult for these guys to get to me.

I had gotten to Splash sometime before 1:30 AM. So I had been there for about an hour and a half before I met these guys. I just happened to turn to my right, and one of them (about my height and build) was looking at me. I thought we just happened to turn at the same time, so I paid it no mind. You see, I've come to not expect much admiration for a Black man's beauty in Splash, unless they're the typical Black look marketed in the gay community of dark-skinned, buffed, and bald. So when I turned right again, and the guy had a little smile on his face, I still was not buying that this was directed at me. I did find him extremely handsome, along with his boyfriend (who was tall and slim). Then comes attempt #3, and I caved. I stared back long enough to find out for sure if he was making some kind of advances at me.

It turned out being that he really was.

He started moving closer to me, and we started dancing together. Then his boyfriend got behind me, and I wound up being the meat of a sandwich. And I am by no means complaining about this.

The dancing got more intense with the degree of us feeling up on each other. First, it was by a hand going underneath my shirt to feel my skin, then it went to grabbing my ass, to grabbing my crotch. By this point, if I wasn't leaving with these guys, I would have been both shocked and pissed. Then we introduced ourselves, and I was by no means shocked when I heard a European accent come out of their mouths. So I asked them where they were from, and they said Sweden (Wow, a European country I haven't played with yet - COOL!). Then the one about my size asked me where did I live. I then thought to myself, "This is the moment. They won't to leave so we can fuck. But not at a hotel they may be staying at, but at the present mess that is my place.

I told them I live in Jersey City, and told them how long it would take to get there. So they said, "Well, let's go then."

I was quite hesitant. Hesitant enough that I'm sure I frustrated the hell out of them. Then I gave in, and I said, "OK. But I must warn you, I just moved some furniture around, and my place is a mess.

And it's true. I had no too long ago moved my bed from the corner of the room, to the center on impulse while I was already in the midst of cleaning. So everything I was planning on shifting through to decide on whether or not to throw out, just got shoved aside to make room for the bed.

They said they didn't care, because what they're going for made no need to concern themselves with how tidy my room is. Which is true, because all we needed was the bed, and a path to the bathroom. So we left, and I couldn't get over the fact that I was bringing not 1, but 2 guys home with me. I was about to host a 3-way at my place.

While on the PATH train, I told them that I dance sometime at clubs. But I waited until we got off the train and walking alone on the street before telling them about my being in porn. I told them, "Sometimes I'm an actor - a porn actor." Their eyes lit up in surprise. They said it was something new they definitely weren't expecting.

To my surprise, my 2 female roommates who live on the 1st floor of the duplex were wide awake at 5 AM, so they got to see me bring 2 White boys through the door, when they've never seen me bring anyone in before. I wonder did they hear any of the noise we started making less than 1/2 hour later.

My trip to the laundry earlier that week had definitely paid off. I changed my bed and topped it off with a new velvet duvet I had bought. So my psychic abilities must have foreseen this happening. I have to tell you, if you don't know, have sex on velvet. It definitely helps the sex appeal.

I've obviously have changed quite a bit. I've become more aggressive. I initiated the 1st kiss, and laid the guy down on the bed. But somehow for Round 1 (yes Round 1), I wound up on my stomach with the shorter one fucking me, then I got tag-teamed as the taller one took a turn at me. This was sexual heaven for me, because I love it when I'm in a 3-way and get fucked by both guys. Then the shorter one started fucking the taller one. The one fucking me started coming in his condom while inside me, and knowing that, made me tighten my sphincter around his cock while it was throbbing which blew his mind. Then his boyfriend shot his load all over his back. And all this turned me on so, that I turned over jerked off for about a minute then shot my load. Then all 3 of us went into my shower, soaped each other up, then went to lay down on my bed.

They asked to see one of my movies, so I put on "69 Fuck Street". We watched it enough to see both of my scenes, then went to sleep. Then when we woke up, we went for round 2. Round 2 started out with the shorter one fucking me again. This time, the tall one got behind him, and started fucking him. Then they stopped, and both came at me with both of their cocks over me. I took turns sucking them both, then I realized something.

I wanted to fuck some ass myself.

And since we were in my place, I had every right to ask for it. So I did, and I got to fuck the tall one. I tried in missionary, and although he did have a nice tight hole, I could thrust into him the way I wanted to. So I had him get on all fours, and I mounted him and fucked him that way for a bit. Then we all got on our knees in a huddle and started jerking off. The shorter one shot a load that covered me from my chest to my groin, and I started using his jizz as a lube. Then his boyfriend came on me. This made me such a cum-drenched mess that I went in the shower, and used the combo of their cum on my hands and the water from the shower to jerk off and shoot my load there.

Afterwards, we got dressed, and I walked them to the PATH train station. I gave them a card that had my email, and both of my blog addresses on it, so they may very well be reading this tale about themselves. If so - Guys, keep it touch. Because if you want your shirt and tie back, I'll be more than happy to send it to you. If not, then I'll keep it as a souvenir to a VERY HOT winter morning.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Fuckin' Degrees - The Reply

This is in response to the comment on "The Fuckin' Degrees" left by "Rich".


The reason you are not able to follow my arguments is because you are one of the very same weak-minded people that sites like Sean Cody and Corbin Fisher hope will not use some degree of common sense, so they can keep marketing their sites as ones that show straight men fucking men.


Your remarks about how they're being actors is totally ludicrous, and shows an extreme lack of logical thinking. I say this because only someone void of logical thinking would not realize the fact, that the rules change between making a porno and a mainstream film. Those rules changes because there is only but so far a male actor can go to play gay in a mainstream movie. For instance, I can believe that Jake Gylenhaal and Heath Ledger are both straight after seeing them in "Brokeback Mountain". They may have gotten naked, they may have simulated a gay sex scene, But NEVER did we see an erect penis go into someone's ass, and both of them shooting a load when all is said and done. WHY? Because that's how far a straight actor will go when they are playing gay. And I say this as someone who has acting as one of my talents since I was a mainstream performer before getting into porn. Now, if we had seen one of their erect penis' going into one of their asses, and/or shooting a load when all is said and done, then "Brokeback Mountain" would have been a porno. Porn does display a fantasy like any other movie, just like you said. But for porn, since male genitalia tells it all, in order to play that fantasy, a male porn actor has to display his true sexual orientation in order to get the job done. And anyone who tells you different is lying to themselves and you.

My friend, Ben Marksman of Knight Stick Films, summed up the issue of these guys who are "gay-for-pay" in the best way. He basically said that these "gay-for-pay" actors are using money as a psychological excuse to display that part of themselves. I'll personally will allow it to be said that they are probably most likely bisexual, but the opposite of myself, meaning that they are bi with a straight preference. But if I can be man enough to admit that I'm bi with a gay preference why can't they show themselves to be a real men, and admit to their bisexuality when they are (1)putting it on clear display for us, and (2)the majority of people I've talk to, have called them "fools" for thinking of themselves as being totally straight.

And they are being called "fools" because they are.

Now as far as this phenomenon of "a str8 guy acting in gay activities", this is where I fault the producers and directors for allowing the guys to lie to themselves. There are just some things that should be left to fantasy, and a straight guy fucking a guy is one of them. IT SHOULD NOT BE ATTEMPTED TO BE PUT IN FRONT OF A CAMERA. For instance, as much as I would love for straight porn star Mark Ashley to stick his thick dick in my ass and pound me with reckless abandon, as far as I know, it will never happen. In fact, I doubt if any man will ever claim to be that lucky. WHY? Because straight porn as far as I know, doesn't put guys in that situation of lying about their sexuality. So why are so many gay porn producers and directors pimping out guys sexuality like that? And why are these guys lowering themselves to let it happen? No one should hold porn, or any industry for that matter in such high regard that they deny displaying who they are. So I hope that all I have said will make people ask, that while the "str8 guy acting in gay activities" is a marketable aspect of the gay porn industry, should it be an aspect of the gay porn industry at all?

Monday, January 14, 2008

The Fuckin' Degrees

I have written here before about my disdain for gay-for-pay actors. What I (or anyone else I've seen so far for that matter) have yet to do is breakdown the degrees of when a straight guy has to admit that he's either gay or bi, and nip it in this bud once and for all why these guys are kidding themselves, and the studios that use them are not only enabling these guys to lie to themselves, but are making uncomfortable work environments for the gay porn actors that are admittedly gay, therefore true to themselves about their sexuality.

I am understanding to the fact of how we all have curiosity, and that curiosity may make us experiment with things that we soon discover are outside of our individual nature. Experimenting with sexuality is no different. So it's no shock how a guy who considers himself to be straight might be curious about sex with a man from the perspective of a top, a bottom, or both. Therefore, it should be allowed to for a straight guy's 1st time with a guy to be considered The Fuck of Curiosity.

Now, if a man who considers himself straight has sex with a guy for a 2nd time, don't call him a gay in denial or bisexual just yet. He may have sex with that guy to confirm whether or not he really enjoyed the sensations he experienced the 1st time. So just like when you are diagnosed with something and need a confirmation test, this fuck would be a Confirmation Fuck.

Sometimes when one is diagnosed with something, and get a confirmation test, they want a 2nd confirmation. The trick is that they won't go to the same doctor. The same holds true for the straight guy considering himself straight wanting a 2nd confirmation about his possible homo- or bisexuality. If he truly wants this 2nd Confirmation Fuck, and isn't ready to accept being gay or bi, he's not going to ride the same ass or take on the same cock as he did the 1st and /or 2nd time. He going to go for a new ass or cock. If he doesn't go for someone new, then forget everything you just read about this degree entirely, and move on to -

-how after a guy considering himself straight has went through all these degrees, and finds that he likes sex with men, he needs to admit something to himself. If this guy who considers himself straight fucks any male for a 4th time and beyond, it is beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is either some degree of bi, or totally gay, and the only reason he has sex with women is to lie to himself, therefore lie to women.

The fact is simple. If you are not in prison, a monastery, seminary, a single-gendered school, or something of the like, then you live in a world where both adult genders are readily available to you. Therefore, as an adult there is no valid excuse for you to live a lie where you use money as an excuse. Just as there wasn't one for me living a lie and not realizing my sexuality until I was nearing 31.

And that's brings me to my problem of these guys considering themselves straight, and lying to themselves. Because that lie is not only to themselves, it's also to the females in their lives, and their children. First, let me make clear, I say "guy's" because men don't do things like this to themselves therefore to their females. And I say "females" because ladies or women wouldn't lower themselves to enabling this lie when they are well aware that he participates in this kind of behavior.

Therefore, pass this statement on to the females in their lives. You need to stop thinking that just because he fucks you, and may be get you pregnant, that he's so straight. REALITY CHECK - CASH IT AND CASH IT FAST, if he keeps riding a male ass, and/or taking a cock up his own ass then he's either bi or a totally gay man fucking you to lie to himself, thereby lie to you. And you need to wake up, accept that fact, and stop acting so desperate for a guy in your life that you take anything that comes your way. Because that's exactly what you're doing. It's not good for you, and even worse, it's not good for the children.

Now, on to the gay porn producers and directors that use these guys. By casting these gay-for-pay actors, you are showing yourselves to be every bit of the lecherous S.O.B.'s that the conservative mainstream want to portray porn producers and directors to be. I'm not saying that the conservative mainstream are saints (being the hypocrites they are, far from it), but you're giving them the proof that helps solidify their claim of how far from saints porn producers and directors can be. After all, you are making an uneasy work environment for your truly gay actors. Most of them won't tell you, because they are afraid of not working again if they do. But since I can take or leave this business, whether I worked with you or not, I have no problem telling you. In fact, Pitbull Productions is more than aware of my dislike of it after my writing "Gay For Pay, Not My Way". And if I haven't worked with you, I probably never will now, but if you continue to take part in this business practice, then it's better that I don't. Because if you know better to not cast a gay-for-pay actor with me, then you would most likely take advantage of the silence of my co-star(s). And I say this after hearing a good enough number of gay porn actors who are truly gay, express the same discomfort that I have had in with working with a gay-for-pay actor.

The key to ending this problem is for us as males to be self-aware of our sexuality before involving others in any way. That is why it took me so long to be sexually active. I didn't want to involve someone else, and steer them wrong when I'm not comfortable being honest with myself as to who and what I am. That's what these gay-for-pay actors need to start doing with themselves. They bring their denial of their true selves onto a porn set, and take it home to their private lives. And this is behavior only fools would enable. So I hope any porn producer or director, or females involved with these gay-for-pay actors or escorts, read this seeing the mistake they are making, and stop this now.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Forbidden Funk Media - The Naughty Bits

When I walked into the room to meet the guys from Forbidden Funk Media, some of my fellow cast members were there. They introduced themselves and one of them who looked familiar to me, looked at me in a way that I thought that either they were my scene partner and/or they knew who I was. It was Kamrun. You may remember him from movies like Blackballed 5: Starfucker, and most recently Raging Stallion's "GRUNTS". After a few minutes, he looked at me, and said, "I put a comment on your profile."

Then why he looked familiar became clear to me. It turned out being that Kamrun is on my friends list on both DList and PornSpace. And not too long before that shoot, he actually did put a comment on my PornSpace page that said, "Keep doing your thing papo!"

It was good to finally meet one of my online friends face to face, get to hang out with them, and learn he's definitely someone to I want on my list.

The next morning, we had call times for our individual photo shoots. If you look at photography from a psychological standpoint, you'll realize that when a photographer catches you at that frozen space in time, he/she catches you at a moment where you may not just be physically naked, but you are emotionally naked as well. Because as they say, "eyes are the windows to the soul", and a photographer catches a frozen look into that window forever. And that thought made our photographer, Peter Lau, a bit intimidating by holding that power to see into you. BUT I was put at ease when I realized the fact that I found him to be absolutely gorgeous and my mind really wandered elsewhere when me and Foxx realized the nice ass that he has on him. I haven't had too many photographers on a set make my mind go there, where while the power he holds is intimidating, his sex appeal is calming.

Backtracking to after dinner on that 1st night, we went around and introduced ourselves. When I introduced myself, I also mentioned how I'm looking forward to working with all of them. I had no idea how literal that statement was going to become. Because to my surprise, it turned out being that there we were going to shoot a group scene before we shot our individual scenes.

And when the word "ACTION" was said, I became a whole new sexual monster.

I have no idea how many cocks I grabbed and sucked, so please don't ask, because I can't tell. I had a bit of a thing for my roommate Brian, because of his aforementioned "shy & reserved demeanor hiding a sexual beast", so playing with him was a joy. Especially when I explored new territory by face-fucking him. I've never face-fucked anyone on or off-camera, so that had my mind reeling. I will admit, it definitely strokes the sexual ego. I guess, it's that vibe of the set making me go to new places, just like my 1st time doing foot play during "69 Fuck Street". And Brian as expected, was no sexual saint. At one point, I just got up from going down on one of the guys, and out of the corner of my eye, I could see my roommate behind me with a guy grind him from behind. My roommate then pulled me against him, so now we had a grinding train. And since he's a versatile bottom like me, but with a big dick, I did get quite turned on by his cock sliding up and down between my ass cheeks.

Now, we get to my scene with Foxx. Foxx was everything I expected him to be from the previous times I met him. I never liked the term for a bottom of being "the one who gets fucked". I'm an aggressive bottom, because I believe your top shouldn't fuck you, you BOTH should fuck each other. So bottoms shouldn't just lay there like lazy bitches. They should occasionally give their top a break, and work their hips, tighten that hole every once in a while, and fuck the hell out of that dick.

This time however, I was not allowed to live by that credo. Because Foxx fucked me in a sling. I've been to sex clubs, and tried topping guys in a sling, and it makes my dick go limp, so I no longer do it. And I would get fucked in a sling again only for the camera. Don't get me wrong, I immensely enjoyed Foxx's 10" cock in my ass. I've pretty wanted his dick from the 1st time I met him, because I could foresee sex with him would be intense. And I wouldn't mind doing it again, as long as I can be my truly aggressive bottom self, so I would enjoy it even more. That would explain why afterwards, Foxx told me that my entire body tensed up. It was because I'm a self-control freak, so I've never given up that control before, and it was scary and exciting at the same time to actually be a submissive bottom and totally get fucked.

Afterwards, me and some of us guys (Brick, Kamrun, Nubius, and Tracy) had our last night out at Cuckoo Club at Hiro Ballroom. It was our own wrap-party. And we got quite a bit of attention, especially being a group of the few Black guys there - and I forgot to mention the fact, that after awhile, we went shirtless. This one couple was bouncing between each of us trying to get one of us into a 3some. I would have gladly obliged, being that they were a cute ass couple, but I won't be someone's sloppy seconds. And we all had the same idea, so if that couple got anyone, it wasn't one of us.

I woke up the next morning with the rush I always get from a new experience that I very much needed. As I said before, Forbidden Funk Media finally gave me a reason to use the term, "brutha" and mean it wholeheartedly. We were a brotherhood that came together, and made a production that I am very eager to see the finished product. So look for it soon. If this pic is any indication of the hot sex play you'll be seeing - brace yourself for another hot production from another new company. Another example of the porn I've been hoping to see, FINALLY coming to fruition.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Forbidden Funk Media

I wrote "My Tyson Cane Finale" because I wanted to close that ordeal of 2007 to make room for the exciting things I have to talk about for 2008. I already mentioned my shoot with Knight Stick Films being an exciting moment, because I was on the verge of retiring from the industry because of the blatant racism from West Coast companies, and even worse from my own backyard of the East Coast. Now, 2 days shy of being exactly a month to the day of my shoot with Knight Stick Films, I was on a set of another movie for another new company.

I have never took much liking to the term "brutha". I've never had much use for it, because I never experienced a unity amongst Black men that by my standards made them worthy of that term. Think about it. This is probably the 1st time after over 200 blog posts that I have plans to use the term "brutha(s)" in a positive light. And the name of the new company that brought me to that point is named Forbidden Funk Media.

Forbidden Funk Media was brought to my attention by an email with a subject line that read, "Will Clark recommended you for a film". Yes, I have Will Clark to thank for this. It was from BK, one of the partners behind Forbidden Funk Media. He gave his phone number in the email, and we talked the next day. I was very much impressed on how much research he did on me from reading my stats page of my site, to checking out my blog (especially regarding racism in the gay porn industry). If our government researched things as thoroughly, we wouldn't have to go through the lengths for security that we are going through today. BK said that he wanted to do fetish porn featuring men of color, and to do any kind of fetish porn was new to me. Especially with most fetish porn featuring either an all-White cast or a token Black top. I told BK to count me in, and I got a profile emailed to me to tell my sexual likes and dislikes, as well as my preferences in scene partners. That was a relief to me, because I have decided to NEVER work for a company that won't take my preferences into consideration since my conflict with the pimps at Big City Video.

Each conversation and email between me and BK took me further from the racism against my own race that I feared falling back into because of my altercation with Tyson Cane. I wanted to believe that I could involve myself with a porn company with mostly or all minority owners and staff, and based on the incidents I mentioned with Tyson Cane, he almost ruined that hope for me. So THANKS to BK, and his partners Hayes and Kevin for restoring that hope. Because what I experienced was something I thought I was going to retire from this industry never experiencing.

The 1st night was a night to meet and greet each other, and get fitted for our outfits. I can't wait until you guys see me in my full gear. I have to say, they hooked me up to look PRETTY FUNKIN' HOT.
We were treated to a dinner, and were also given sleeping accommodations mainly for the out-of-towners, which to my surprise was a good number of the cast. Now even though I'm just across the Hudson River in Jersey City, they were kind enough to give me the option to stay there as well. I did get the benefit of dinner with Dark Alley, and the other new company Knight Stick Films. But the sleeping accommodations was a benefit I thought I would only experience if working for a West Coast company.

At first, I was going to go back to Jersey, then I realized that all the excitement made me exhausted just thinking about a trip back to back. So as I was about to walk out the door to go to Jersey, some of the out-of-towners (Flex, Kamrun, and Brick Johnson) wanted to go out. Being the native New Yorker in the group, I knew one of the closest places to be Therapy, so I got a second wind and the 4 of us hung out there. We had our fun, and came back to the room, and I met my roommate, who seemed kind of shy and quiet like myself. And from what I know of myself, that would translate to him being a sexual handful. But I didn't think I would ever find out considering the fact that he wasn't my scene partner.

Speaking of scene partner, this is another reason I commend Forbidden Funk Media. They took my preferences into consideration, and who did I get as my scene partner - none other than Foxx, who you may recall I wrote a blog admiring his sexual presence. Considering how well BK researched me, I wonder if he saw that and that's why he put me and Foxx together.

This is the point where I leave you in suspense about how well the shoot went, including as to how good the sex was. I guess you'll just have to check back very soon for those details.

To be continued.....

Wednesday, January 2, 2008



I hope you found an exhilarating way to ring in the new year. Every night of my weekend from Friday night to Monday night going into Tuesday morning was exactly sex-laden exhilaration. So let me try to break down my 4 nights down in as briefly, but still exciting a way as possible.

My intention for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday was to go to The Cock. Considering the fact that I'm not really a bar person, to go there that often on consecutive nights in a week means they had quite a line-up of parties planned that caught my eye. Sunday night however, seemed like it might not be - but I'll get to that later.

First on Friday, Daniel Nardicio had a party there called "Snow Ball". I thought it would be interesting to experience going from being a guest at one of his parties to working one of his parties within such a short time span. And it was interesting. What really made the night interesting was how many times I was asked if I was one of the dancers. I've been a just guest at Daniel's parties before since I've started dancing for him, and I've never been asked that question so often in one night. I told them how I would be working his New Year's Eve party, but on that night, I was just a face in the crowd.

Now the sex-laden exhilaration I spoke of started early on in those 4 nights, but later in that 1st night (near closing). Because trying to shift through the crowd to go to the coat check and call it a night, I wound up in a dark corner near one hot guy, then that 1 hot guy turned into 3. So I had a makeout session where I wound up spinning like a carousel between 3 guys. One guy had a thick uncut cock that I so badly wanted to bend over and take in my ass. Now, I'm not being a hypocrite. I did do a blog entry blasting size queens, and I do stand by saying that I'm not one because a big dick is not a requirement to get me. BUT a thick dick will make me a lot more eager to let you fuck me. I guess it's the Aries in me always wanting a challenge. So when the lights started flashing to signal that it was closing time, we parted ways. And I went home to beat my meat to the "shoulda, coulda, woulda" of that guy with the kind of thick uncut meat that I do my Kegels for, so I can wrap myself tightly around it.

Saturday, I went to The Cock again for Jonny McGovern's Boys Gone Wild one night only event. This time I behaved myself. To the point that I didn't even tip therefore feel up a go-go boy all night. Especially one in particular who has also danced for Daniel Nardico, including at Horn Of Plenty where we were on the same stage, and since membership has its privileges, I had the privilege of copping a feel of his nice soft plump ass. But what some of you who were there at Boys Gone Wild don't know, is that (for all you size queens) along with that plump ass is a big dick.

And I must recant my statement about my being well-behaved. Well, I was for the most part. Until, a shirtless guy with a hot bod pulled me towards him, and I saw no reason to fight his advances, so I made out with him. BUT I was well-behaved enough to keep mine and his equipment in our pants. That however, didn't stop the NYPD from being the party crashing bitches that they've become as of late serving a homophobic, and sexually-repressed and oppressive Republican mayor and police commissioner, and making The Cock close early. That is what put my plans for Sunday night in jeopardy.

Sunday, had me wondering was I going out the door for nothing, or should I have a backup plan of where to go out if The Cock was closed. As it turned out, The Cock was open, and I had some fun there at Sperm's 9th Anniversary Blackout Party. I even wound up making out with the go-go boy who was on the bar when I walked in. I had no idea it was him, because while he was on the bar, I never got a good look at his face. But he definitely had the type of ass I like to grab while bottoming in missionary position, and I told him that. We talked about hooking up, and that led to a heavy makeout session so intense I needed to take a walk and get some air. I guess I took so long that when I came back, he was gone. But no matter. I ended my night making out with a 48 year-old Brazilian, who damn sure looked younger than what we here in America say is 48. So my night there ended on a good note, to lead me into my gig with Daniel Nardicio on New Year's Eve.

On Monday, New Year's Eve, I was psyched for it to be a fun night. And it was. After all, I was one of 6 go-go boys for Daniel Nardicio's party "Un Ballo In Maschera" (Masked Ball), and of the other 5, you had 3 other porn actors (Rick Gonzales, Ben Andrews, and Victor Steele), 1 who did some porn (but should do more), and 1 who should at least do one. All of them FUCKIN' HOT, and inspiring a gang-bang fantasy with me as the bottom whose ass is to be savagely, but pleasingly pounded.

I have never really been one to take note of who was DJing a party until recently, so since I first took notice of DJ Reed McGowan on one of the SeaTeas this past summer, so another thing that had me psyched for the night was because I knew I would be go-go dancing to whatever he put on. And he did not disappoint me, and I sent him an email on DList making sure that he knew that.

There were also some patrons that caught my attention as well. And I at one point during the night, I decided to mingle with the crowd, and got to feel them up just as they felt me up. That's one beautiful part about go-go dancing, when you're tipped and groped by someone you think is a hottie, you very rarely get denied to chance to return the favor of groping them in return.

At the end of the party, as I was getting dressed I heard some guys talking about going to The Cock for their after-hours party. Although, I know I was tired, I wasn't ready to go home, and I got a second wind at went there (to my surprise) again. I had a replay with some of the guests I fooled around with at Daniel's party, as well as fooled around with some of the guests I missed out on.

Now all this excitement made it be that I didn't get back home to Jersey City until after 8 AM Tuesday morning. I ate some breakfast, and went to sleep. I woke up on my own sometime after 12 PM, and told myself to go back to sleep, then woke up again a little before 3 PM.

I told you my New Year's Weekend was filled with sex-laden exhilaration. Now, you know why. I hope you had fun this past weekend as well, and that the new year brings you every good, and worthwhile thing your heart desires.

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