Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lucas Entertainment - Try #5?

Yes, you read correct. After 4 trips in 3 years to the Lucas Entertainment offices to no avail, this past week, I got an email from yet another new casting director inviting me in for an interview.

Believe it or not, I did call him. Now, since I never dealt with this person before, I don't begrudge him not one bit in my past regarding Lucas Entertainment. So I was very cordial and polite when speaking to him. I told him my name, and he asked if I wanted to set up an interview. I was very direct, and made it clear of my 4 trips to the Lucas Entertainment offices over the past 3 years, and that unless my going there this time was going to more productive in a way other than me sitting there filling out an application AGAIN as if it's my 1st time there, then there was no need for me to come in.

He said he understood my frustration, and he asked if it would be OK if he sends me an email in which I answered some casting questions and with my reply send a full-frontal pic

rather than come in all over again. With extreme reluctance, I told him that was OK, because at this point I have just about washed my hands of ever dealing with Lucas Entertainment, and not just because of the number of trips I've made to those offices in the past. There's another reason besides just that one.

The other reason was that my thought from the 1st time I walked into Lucas Entertainment office back in 2005 was this:

I was well aware of the rumors going around saying that Michael Lucas was a racist for casting so few Blacks while being based in a city as ethnically diverse as New York City. So my thought in submitting my photos was it could work for both of us. If my plan was successful, it would benefit me because I would work with a big name studio, and it would benefit Michael Lucas by helping to put the racism rumors to some degree of rest.

After being called in all those times, I began believing the rumors myself. Because based on the simple insight of seeing it from the point of view I believe Michael Lucas should be seeing it. I'm thinking if I was Michael Lucas knowing that I'm being rumored as a racist in an ethnically diverse city like New York, then I would squash that rumor the second a good looking man of color who looks as good or better than his photos walks through my door by hiring him. And if it's more than one, even better to help squash the rumor. So since I was called in, and I'm often told that I actually look better in person, my hope was that my presence would start that change. So it's only natural that after not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 trips to those offices, and I have yet to be in front of a camera on a Lucas Entertainment set in a featured role, that I would join those thinking Michael Lucas to be a racist. Although, it's something I very much did not and still do not want to believe.

Now, I as always try to give credit where credit is due. With that being said, I am quite flattered by the fact that each new casting director at Lucas Entertainment has contacted me.

In the past, I have taken half-days off from my day job to make those visits to that office. Now while I have gotten paid for those half-days, the way things turned out, I could have used those half-days for something that would have shown some actual progress. Instead what happened? Each trip to those offices, I went through the same routine of filling out an application like I've never been there before, or like I'm a 1st time model. So the only progress I made was having material to blog about in which I speak negatively with the utmost honesty about Lucas Entertainment casting practices. Which I would much rather not be justified as I am in doing so.

NOT THIS TIME! While people in their early 20's have an eagerness to please their perceived superiors, which many bosses take advantage of, one thing I've noticed of everyone who is maybe in their very late 20's, but definitely in their 30's (like myself) and beyond is that they find that they HATE to have their time wasted. That's why I'm feeling the way I do about this situation. There comes a point where you have to say "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!", and I had to say after trip #4 (when it usually would be after #3), that this is that time.

So will something come out of my reply? Based on past experiences, if I hold my breath, then I'd soon be dead with a strange shade of purple all over my face. However if things have changed there, then I'll soon have some good news to report for those of you that seem to want me in a Lucas Entertainment production. But as always, it is time will reveal all.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Can I Getta Go-Go GangBang?

I think some of my past sexcapades make it obvious that part of my being an extremely sexual person makes me like being in a space filled with good-looking men with sex on the brain. Sometimes I fantasize about those guys having sex on the brain using me as their outlet for release. To put what I want done to myself in one simple word - gangbanged.

That image paves the way for a great many fantasies. Some of which have already been explored in one porno movie or another. Like being fucked by an entire fraternity of hot guys. Or being fucked by an entire sports team. Well, there may have been one that has been done, but not to creating the extent of popularity that I hope to bring it to. And since I seem to be the only one mentioning it here, I want to be the star bottoming in that one.

I would find it very insulting and disrespectful to my creative talents to learn that not too long after this post circulates that a studio has put a similar tale into production casting a White bottom who has to arch his back so far for photos that you can feel his back about to break, just so he can look as if he has enough of a plump ass to take that kind of pounding.

Now what type of guys do I want to be gangbanged by that would make me feel such passion if I'm not cast in it?

Put me backstage in a room full of good-looking, not overly buffed go-go boys that know how to dance. Now, when I say "go-go boys who know how to dance", I'm using it as a phrase to mean "go-go boys who know how to slide that cock in a bottom's ass with rhythms that will no doubt blow that bottom's mind. If they can dance on stage or the bar well, that may be an indicator.

There are a few spots that I've been to that have inspired this fantasy. One thing I've noticed is that it might depend more so on the particular night you go to a spot to find the most fantasy inspiring go-go boys, so I can only talk what I know. And since I can't put them in order of preference, I'll list them in alphabetical order of the parties name:

1) Daniel Nardicio's DList Parties - Not just one of them. ALL OF THEM. There is hardly ever a go-go boy there that I wouldn't mind seeing in a line to be the next one to fuck my hole. Now being that I myself have danced at these parties where I can dance totally naked, sometimes the hard-on you've seen me with was inspired by my stroking my cock looking at my fellow go-go boys.
2) Frisky Fridays @ Sugarland- Another party I've had the pleasure of both working and patronizing, so I've seen the hot go-go boys from both points of view. Well, if you recall my blog entry "Sugarland Go-Go", you can see how those go-go boys made my list of being fantasy-worthy. And even if they're not as playful, my friend Ernie can definitely pick some lust-inspiring figures of manhood.
3) Macho Mondays @ Nowhere - The one spot on my list that feature specifically dancers of color. The Black and Latino dancers there definitely inspire my go-go boy gangbang fantasy. I've often said I'm not a size queen by any means. I see a nice thick cock as a challenge to take on, and here you see in what ever these guys where for their set that I would have a serious challenge on my hands if that go-go boy fantasy ever came true with me getting pounded by these guys.
4)Sperm @ The Cock - There's no better way to put it. But I have found the guys here so fuckin' hot that I've given some my business card so I can set them up to possibly work with a couple of porn companies I'm dealing with. The go-go boys here put on sex-inspiring sets that make you either beat your meat to the thought of a roll in the hay with them, or find someone in the crowd to let off that sexual tension. Although, I must confess that one time, I actually left with the go-go boy.
A year ago this Labor Day weekend marks the last Sunday that I danced at The Cock. Remember "To Go-Go Dance By Chance". But I haven't danced at Sperm. These are the Sundays where if that bartender hit on me with that idea of dancing, I probably would have never quit like I did.

I know the fantasy of sex with a go-go boy is not a foreign concept. That's why we do what we do - to tease you, and plant the image in your mind. Sometimes there are a lucky few, who actually get to experience the go-go boy they're lusting for like I did.

Well, if I ever get my way, I'll be experiencing a few go-go boys that I'm lusting for.

Now since I don't have any pics or video of the go-go boys from these events. I thought I'd leave you showing some other hot go-go boys I've found online at that also make my list of gangbang fantasy inspiring dancers.

You see they have some gangbang fantasy inspiring go-go boys oversea as well.

Monday, August 25, 2008

The Tré-Kyros Exchange

I thought the whole ordeal about Pierre Fitch's racist tirade was a thing of a past that I wouldn't really have to revisit. And not because it's painful as some might think, but because it's sad to see someone walking around New York City with that attitude, therefore unable to embrace all this ethnically diverse city really has to offer.

This topic's re-emergence into my life came in the form of Kyros Christian.

Kyros Christian is on my friends list on both DList and PC PornSpace. On Sunday, August 10th, he sent me an invitation to the Pierre Fitch Network.

I replied to his invitation:
Thanks for your invitation to the Pierre Fitch Network. But if you read the following blog entry of mine, you'll see why I have to decline:

I got this email on PC Porn Space from Kyros Christian in response:
I left your blog a comment... I think you mistook what he meant by saying what he did. I dont think Pierre is a racist.

His comment read:
I know Fitch personally and I think this is taken a bit out of context... Just because you are not attracted to black men and youre white does not mean youre a racist... Its a sexual preference and fetish much like somebody who likes feet or bondage. Instead of piss, they like ethnic dick, instead of shit they like that white dick.I personally dont have any sort of sexual desire to engage in anything barbaric with any eskimos.. ugh!

I left this comment in response:
Kyros, you may know Pierre Fitch personally, and I that night I got to know him as Pierre Bitch. I know what I heard, the other people's look of shock shows they heard the same as me, and it was not taken out of context. I distinctly said that I understand how everyone has a preference. That's fine. BUT to say that the COLOR of a person's skin is what makes their skin feel better to the touch (as opposed to maybe their lifestyle causing that difference) is sheer racist ignorance that is unforgivable UNLESS the person grows up, and takes note of their misconception.

And this reply to his email after posting the comment:
I replied to your comment. But I feel we may have to agree to disagree. It may be that you really had to be there to understand . But here's a question for you, while you know him personally, have you had a talk with him where he shows some kind of admiration for people of other races? And I'm not talking about sexual admiration, I mean admiration in general.

This back and forth dialogue continued until about sometime after midnight (maybe around 2 AM) on August 11th. But to my last question, 2 weeks later, I still have yet to get a response from Kyros.

My thoughts about a lack of a response from Kyros is that either he is in denial of his friend's attitude towards people of a different color, or Kyros really had no answer to that question, because Pierre never has shown admiration for someone of another color. If the latter is the case, then that says little about Kyros, BUT speaks volumes about Pierre Fitch.

I understand that it is our human nature to initially defend our friends, even when they are clearly in the wrong. Is Pierre Fitch wrong for having a preference? NO. BUT he is wrong for being narrow-minded enough to spew out of his mouth a belief that a skin color you don't prefer makes the difference in how dersirable their skin texture is. To add insult to injury though were his words, "I don't play with guys like that".

"Guys like that"? What am I, a diseased animal that should be quarantined?
I am a human being, and if the fact of God making me a Black man made me not fit into Pierre's range of preference, then he should repectfully address my existence as simply saying "I'm not into Black guys", instead of referring to me as "guys like that". That terminology shows an extreme lack of respect for my human existence, which I did nothing wrong to him, therefore I did not deserved that.

All though I'm quite sure that Pierre was drunk during that tirade. That only speaks another volume about Pierre, because when most people are drunk, their most deep-rooted sentiments hit the surface, and Pierre words may have very well showed how alcohol brought those degrading sentiments for people of color to the surface. All it needed was a catalyst, and that guy's stupid joke was that catalyst.

In trying to defend his friend, Kyros has put himself in the middle of a situation he should have left alone. I have no ill feeling towards Kyros for trying to come to his friends defense. Like I said, it's natural to do so, and we have probably all made that mistake at one time or another.

I just hope that Kyros comes to realize who and what he is defending, and how people are so often considered guilty by association, even when that may not be the case. I hope it's not the case here, and Kyros is not a racist. And if he's not, I can't advise Kyros on how to handle this awkward situation. Where he has to figure out for himself a way that he can be honestly content with associating himself with a racist when he's not one himself. If that is at all possible, which I'm believe it can be. But I wish him the best of luck of finding a way that works.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Last At Bistro Porno Bingo

This past Wednesday was a fun night that had a sad ending. It seems that Manhattan's constant parasitic spread of becoming "rich-only" territory has now effected the 9th Avneue Bistro - home to Will Clark's Porno Bingo for over the past 3 1/2 years. While the least is up at the end of August, the landlord has upped the rent of the space astronomically to the point that has led The 9th Avenue Bistro to make it's last day of operation this Sunday. That made Wednesday night's Porno Bingo the last at the 9th Avenue Bistro. BUT HOPEFULLY, not the last overall.

Mike Dreyden (my co-star from "ALL OUT ASSAULT") and Amanda Takehometomother were guest callers,

and Nekked, Terry Christopher, Roger Kuhn, and others brought some great musical intervention into the evening.

Along with them, so many friends of Porno Bingo, past and present stopped by for this final night, including Max Scott, Clover Honey, Barbara Goode,

and not just another co-star from "ALL OUT ASSAULT", but my scene partner Taino, who I found out had arrived and left before I arrived, so I missed the chance to gaze upon his sexiness. Babe, if you ever want a replay, you have the number ;-)
Needless to say, it was a sad night for me as well. Will Clark has played a great part in lighting the way for the "Tre Xavier" persona to come to light, way before my 1st movie was even released. And part of lighting that way has been by way of Porno Bingo. So both the event and the venue hold a special place in my heart. After winning the finals of Will Clark's Porn Idol at Stonewall in the summer of 2005, Porno Bingo was the 1st place I was announced as the winner to a roaring crowd that included the likes of pornstars Frederick Ford and Alex Collack, who were judges at one of my tries to win. Frederick Ford during my 1st try where I came in dead last, and Alex Collack when I won the Porn Idol finals. That just proves it's like they say, "you never forget your first."

So it was by way of Porno Bingo that Will Clark showed me a way that while porn is frowned upon by the hypocrisy of many organizations, it can still do some good, and get some well-deserved praise. You can still do charity work with it. I thought my days of ever participating in a charity as a performer were never going to see the light of day, once I decided to leave mainstream performing for porn. Thanks to Porno Bingo and Will' s other events like Bad Boys On The Hudson, that grim outlook of being able to do charity work changed for the better.

That well-deserved praise is why I feel Will has some good karma coming his way. After 3 1/2 years of Porno Bingo, the closing of 9th Avenue Bistro may be the way towards Will Clark having a well-deserved break with his well-deserved praise. For that I, as should the many other pornstars, go-go boys, drag queens and other entertainers, be proud to say that they've been a part of his events, which have raised more that $65,000 for LGBT charities. Few nightlife event promoters in this city, as well as few (past and presently) in the adult industry have put their social know-how to work for such a greater good.

Therefore, I hope someone will step forward and offer their space as a venue for Porno Bingo soon for to be such a help to the LGBT community, it is an event that needs to keep going. And if not Porno Bingo, then give Will Clark a space where he can create an event with the same great outcome. An outcome where long-time friends are made and laughs with strangers are shared. So much so that a stranger doesn't stay a stranger for very long, leading to a smile on everyone's face.

So Will, do not look at this as the end. Look at this as means to start a new beginning.

Friday, August 15, 2008

NYC 2008 - Sea Tea View

I was recently told that I seemed angry lately. Well, in response to that, if forums like blogs existed before I came into this industry, and/or enough people showed a backbone and took a stand instead of complying with the matters I address (like too many more powerful peeople are still doing today), then I might not seem to have so much to be angry about.

But this is Friday, and my plan always for Friday is to lighten things up. With that being said....

For once, this past Sunday I was able to go onboard the Queen Of Hearts for a Sea Tea without having to work the event. That gave me the perfect opportunity to record some video of the scenery of NYC along the Hudson River.

One thing I was anxious to get was footage of the man-made waterfalls. That's why I made it a priority to put the year in the title, since this is the 1st summer for those waterfalls. I was talking to a friend of mine from my day job, and we were talking about those waterfalls. Mainly how the ones that are under the bridges seem to have the most appeal. The others simply look like just what they are - water running over scaffolding. That's why I highlighted the waterfalls under the Brooklyn Bridge in my video.

Of course, it wouldn't be a Sea Tea without some cute guys running around. One cutey in particular caught me by surprise. While I was recording, I heard a voice saying, "That's beautiful."

At first, I was felt a bit annoyed that someone was looking over my shoulder so intensely. Remember, I'm quite territorial over anything that is mine, such as my personal space. But I calmed down when I realized 2 things - actually in this order: 1)the fact he was complimenting me on what I deemed beautiful enough to record, and 2)when I turned around to see who I had to say "Thank you" to, the guy turned out resembling Dominic Purcell from the show "Prison Break".

(Speaking of "Prison Break", a little side fact: Wentworth Miller and I went to the same high school. He graduated a year after me.)

Back to the cutey on the Queen Of Hearts.

I always have trouble starting up conversations, but we did talk enough for me to find out he does live here in NY, and he's originally from Spain. No wonder he's so damn gorgeous.

So without further delay, check out my video. If you haven't been on a Sea Tea yet, maybe it will motivate you to experience one before the last voyage of the season so you won't miss out on seeing this scenery with your very own eyes. Enjoy.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Black Man Meet Black Man - Now Fuck!

There is a problem in the gay porn industry involving quite a few companies that feature minority performers that I have long wanted to, but put off addressing until now. It seems that while I have filled out quite a few of the mainstream porn companies' modeling applications to find the question asking for your preferred partner type, that same question has never been asked of me in any ethnic production I've ever done or have since turned down. And the fact that I haven't been asked is why I have turned them down.

OR in one case, I was quickly asked on my way out the door, then when suggested for a shoot, the person they wanted to pair me with was totally outside of my preference. That was the case with Big City Video. Not only did they insult me that way, but they even while knowing that I have worked quite a bit previously before that meeting, they were still trying to pay me the same low rate of pay like I'm a beginner.

For companies to not ask their models for their preferred partner type, or ask yet go against it is once again (as much as I hate to admit it) making Deren Hills calling porn companies "pimps" closer to the truth. Because a pimp does care about whether you like the person or not. They don't care about the chemistry. They just want to see a fuck, and turn a profit from it. Now, the big difference between a pimp and a dignified porn director is that the dignified porn director wants to see a good fuck. One that is full of chemistry, and mutual attraction, therefore the satisfaction his actors show is true, and thereby also satisfies the viewing audience. Unfortunately, my experience with most ethnic companies display the so-called "directors" to behave more like pimps, instead of directors worthy of the title.

There was a new company I was interested in working with, and when I was asked to work with a certain actor, I researched him online to see if I could find out what he looked like. I did, and I was OK with my findings. Then that scene partner got changed, and I tried to research the new name presented to me. I couldn't find them anywhere, so I asked the company for a picture. The response I was given was that was "one thing i dont do is send out if you get there and it doesn't work then the scene gets revamped...".

This response troubled me immensely, because first off I liked what I came to know of these people. So being that I usually have no trouble naming names, I'll be kind and not do so this time because the company is new and might not understand why I was so troubled by their response. Maybe that policy is in order to make the action come off more spontaneous. Great idea, IF it's executed properly. By properly executed, I mean that the preference of both me and my prospective scene partner(s) have to be discussed, and it never was. Plus if you took note of my preference in the 1st place, you would have lessened the risk of having to "revamp" a scene.

There seems to be this extreme misconception with ethnic-porn companies that just because you're a Black man, you should be ready and willing to have sex with another Black man no matter what, and they practice the same asinine logic with Latinos. Well, this is my way of reminding all these production companies that there is a wide variety of different types of Black and Latino men. Some are light-skinned, some are dark-skinned, some are medium-toned. While there are others who are smooth, some with moderate body hair, and others extremely hairy. And others are thin, others medium build, and some muscular, and some extremely muscular. Models should beyond a shadow of a doubt be asked which of all of these differences fit into their individual preferences. If they are not asked, then the producer or director is presenting himself as nothing more than with the loathsomeness of a common pimp, and he should be ashamed of himself for doing such. Performers such as myself get into this business to show our love of sex in front of the camera with people we want to engage in that love of sex with. When a director ignores a male or female performer's preferences, that director is treating his actors like a common street hookers so he can play the power trip of a pimp.

This is extremely offensive behavior to treat an ethnic performer this way. It's bad enough that most mainstream porn ignores ethnic actors to such a massive degree, but for companies that produce ethnic-themed porn to ignore a performer's preference, or worst not even ask, is saying, "The big guys don't want you, so you'll take whatever the fuck we give you, or you'll have nothing at all."


That is the reason I was about to leave this industry last year. Not only was the racism of most mainstream studios working on my last nerves, but the pimp-attitude of so many ethnic-themed porn producers was also a factor. Luckily, I came in contact with Knight Stick Films, and that's what kept me around. My scene partner with Knight Stick was Taino. And me, Taino, and producer/director Ben Marksman all agreed upon working together beforehand.

And it made for a scene me and Taino had fun making, which transferred onto DVDs as fun that I'm sure the viewing audience will say hits "the spot".

I hope this blog shakes things up. I hope it makes my fellow ethnic models take a stand and demand approval of your scene partner, OR at the least allow yourself to only work for companies that ask for your preference, even within your own race. Anything else is a pimp dominating his whore.

I decided to no longer stand for it, and I hope you have enough self-esteem to do the same for yourself.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Responding To BeautifulBlog Comments

I have often enjoyed the blog, Beautiful with its pics of gorgeous men. However, recently they greatly disappointed me with a post about gay-for-pay actor Dean Coxx. And I made my disappointment known with this comment:

Gay-for-pay actors are nothing to marvel. They are the classic case of gay and bisexual men living in denial of their true selves, and give off the message that it's OK to live that way. Whether it be Dean Coxx engaged to a woman, or Kurt Wild with a wife and kids, putting a positive spotlight on these guys sends the wrong message to those men, young and old struggling with their sexuality. I should know, because I was once one of those guys.

This is the comment responding to mine that made this blog necessary. It was from the ignorance of someone named "marc":
I think that first comment sounds a bit bitter. Why making such a big deal out of this. Dean Coxx is hot, and he sells nothing but a fantasy, like every other porn actor, whether they are gay or straight. No, it sounds more like someone is jealous or has had a bad experience himself (?)

I never responded to that or any of the other comments at Beautiful. I chose to do it here, and make more than clear why I take my stand against marketing and marveling gay-for-pay porn actors so seriously.

To start, regarding marc's remarks about me being jealous, I have no reason to be jealous of Dean Coxx or any gay-for-pay actor for that matter, no matter how much success they achieve. Because I take solace in the fact that although it took me awhile to get there, at least I came to terms with and realized my sexuality of being bisexual with a gay preference without lying to myself and a girlfriend calling myself "straight", and getting married, and having children with that wife I'm lying to who obviously has a low self-esteem if she is living that lie with me. I take solace in the fact that karma is not going to bite me in the ass for putting anyone through that. Whatever success I achieve in this industry, at least I can say that my fans are able to admire the fantasy I present to them because I am showing my true sexual identity - where the one I claimed to be and the one they see on the screen are ONE AND THE SAME.

Maybe it's the fact that I'm older now, and remembering my struggle with my sexuality in my early 20's, I recall how I looked at porn to play a part in giving me guidance to helping me figure myself out. Because in porn, the actors are supposed to be putting their true sexual self on display in an artistic form. Whether their sexual self be straight, gay, or bisexual - not that new bullshit cop out term "sexual".

Whatever art form you choose to be a part of, you are sending out a message with each artistic endeavor, so you have a responsibility to send out a message that is for the greater good. And porn is no different in having that responsibility. Companies war with each other over sending out the message of safer-sex, but when it comes to sending out the message for men to be true to their sexual selves instead of being another Engaged To A Woman Dean Coxx or Married With Children Kurt Wild lying to their wife and/or kids (and worst of all themselves), this industry for the most part gets tight-lipped. It's a sin and a shame, and it makes "Deren Hills" seem correct in calling porn companies "pimps" for hiring these guys while allowing them to lie to themselves, when no matter what the porn company says to the face of these guys, the companies are laughing at these actors ignorance about themselves behind their back, and raking in big bucks from the movies they're in, or the websites they appear on the whole time.

To answer "marc" as to why I'm making such a big deal about this is because Dean Coxx maybe be selling a fantasy, but he's selling it while lying to himself. AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, companies who hire gay-for-pay actors aren't realizing the fact that we are all human being, therefore there are limitations as to how much we can do. What I mean by that is the fact that if these guys were really straight as they claim to be, (as long as they are a member of free society) there would be no way that their cock would go in a man's ass, or a man's cock go into their ass. Therefore, while we may fantasize about sex with a straight man, we have to accept the fact that it is something that we would never see happen right before our eyes. People like this "marc" who marvel at these guys are the ones who give straight guys the impression that gay men are always trying to "recruit" straights to become gay. Thereby making themselves components in the equation that leads to gay-bashing. With that in mind, while I don't condone gay-bashing, the ignorance of people like "marc" who find this entertainment OK make it understandable why people like them get bashed.

As I always try to give credit where credit is due, I credit FlavaWorks for their letting straight men be straight, their gay be gay, and their bi-guys be bi-guys. In their videos, the most sexual you will see a straight man get is jerking off in a solo video. Any actual sex is between their gay and bisexual actors, and I applaud them for that. Perfect example is the fact that I would love to have some of their straight models like AXL

or their new discovery, Caramel D,

fuck me so hard that even a week late, I would still feel like their dick was throbbing in my ass, FlavaWorks presents the fantasy to let you see them naked so you would know what you were getting IF you could have them. BUT SINCE THEY'RE STRAIGHT, they know you can't, so they leave the rest of that fantasy up to you and your imagination. Which is the way it should be when a gay man is admiring the sexual beauty of a straight man.

And that's the problem. Porn companies, magazines, and websites promoting gay-for-pay actors, while they're not helping the confused young men who are of age, but unaware of their sexuality have an avenue of adult entertainment to help find themselves, they're allowing people like "marc" become lazy in using their imagination, thereby realizing that every fantasy can't be put in front of your face.

Well "marc" and all those that agree with your comment, this is your wake-up call where I am imploring upon you to use the brain you were given, and create images for you own pleasure, and stop relying on ones that should not be presented to you so fully, like a video of a straight man engaging in gay behavior. Thank you.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Marketing 101? One With ONE Condoms

The longer I do this blog, the more unexpected offers seem to come my way. Such as me being able to forge relationships with porn companies like Raging Stallion (which is how I got the pics for my blogs about my kink for tattoos and most recently Logan McCree), as well as my being considered for the position of Marketing Director at a company I won't name unless it actually comes to fruition.

The most recent offer came from ONE Condoms. You may or may not recall a comment I got on my blog entry "AIDS Walk New York 2008" it reads:

michelle said...

Hey Tre - I hope yesterday went well for you at the AIDS Walk. Ours here in Boston is the weekend after next and I'm captaining the ONE Condoms team. We've even got Davis Mallory from Real World fame coming out to join us. You should check out our site and condoms, we've been committed to helping stop the spread of STIs/HIV for 21 years as a company.

Let me know if I can send you some samples.

When I replied back I mentioned my at the time upcoming participation in Will Clark's Bad Boys On The Hudson Sea Tea. I had no idea of what made me mention that. Maybe it was my skills in marketing myself in both mainstream and the adult entertainment world becoming 2nd nature to me, so I talked about whatever could heighten my appeal without even thinking. Well, it seems that it paid off.

I left my phone number in the email, and I got a phone call about the next day. We discussed what I was doing on my own, and then she brought up wanting to know more about Bad Boys On The Hudson. I explained as much as I could about it being a charity event. And she made the offer for giving me about 500 condoms from their Pride mix encased in custom-labeled tins with self-promoting logos with 2 condoms in each tin. That's 250 tins to come my way. 250 condom tins by the way that arrived at my day job. Imagine the look on my co-workers face as I broke the news of what was inside those tins when I opened up the box.

Now in addition to that, I was still offered my own samples that included a jar with 50 of their Pride Mix condoms.

All this born out of the communication spawned from one blog entry.

It was beyond my expectations, and I'm very grateful to ONE Condoms for their participation. Because the beneficiary for the Bad Boys Sea Tea was Team Eagle who help to raise money for the HIV/AIDS programs at the LGBT Center in NYC, therefore their message and ONE Condoms message work hand in hand. In my conscious mind, I just thought I mentioned my part in the Bad Boys Sea Tea to add stuff to my email, instead of making it say plain and simply "Thank you for the offer of samples, and I accept." But maybe subconsciously, it's why I brought up being part of the Bad Boys Sea Tea. Because it shows that along with my being part of the AIDS Walk, HIV/AIDS prevention and eradication is a concern of mine as well.

The condoms have been a big hit as I've been giving them away at my appearances at Bad Boys On The Hudson Sea Tea, WOOF! at View Bar, then at Will Clark's Porno Bingo. I was wondering if I deserved to be considered for that unnamed companies' Marketing Director job, after results like this, I think I should stop questioning my own abilities, and accept the fact that this position probably really is a fit for me. So let's see what they think, and if fate will agree.

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