Monday, November 25, 2013

Potential(?) Rapist At The Cock

On Saturday night, I posted this status update on Facebook:

What sparked this update were numerous run-ins I've had over time with overly aggressive and obsessed patrons, primarily at The Cock. But one recent run-in is someone you need to be warned of.

He's over 6 feet tall. Light-complexion Black or Latino with a goatee. His hair length can be described as that of a small afro if he's Black. And since I admit to being a lousy judge of age, I'll say that he's probably late 20's to late 30's. Also, on both occasions, he was wearing a polo shirt and loose fitting jeans. Any artist that comes up with a composite from that, email it to me, and if you're right, I'll edit this post to include it. Because after you read this, you'll see this guy is someone to be cautious of.

I have repeatedly said that my ventures into a backroom are more about observing sexual behavior. Hooking up should it happen, is just a fringe benefit to it. And this night was no different.

I went into the backroom area of The Cock shirtless. My being shirtless plays an important role later, so take a mental note of it. While I was back there, the guy I described earlier pulled on my jeans mumbling desperately, "Let me get a feel! Let me get a feel!"

He pulled on the waist of my jeans so hard that the hard cotton seam in between the legs of my jeans was uncomfortably digging into the center of my perineum. Almost like a wedgie, which digs at the sides. After this, I walked away from him, and out of the backroom area. He followed me. Everywhere I went, he followed me. I went over to the DJ, and they saw me yelling at him. After this, to avoid a violent reaction like the last obsessed nutcase evolved into, I went to the front to security. Security told us to stay away from each other. Not a problem on my end since that's what I've been trying to do all along. The guy tried "apologizing" to me in front of security, claiming he misunderstood. What was there to misunderstand?! I said NO! Mainly because he tried to pull my jeans off of me by pulling them through my crotch and over my fuckin' head! Plus anyone with sense knows that his "apology" was all a show for security.

The problem is he didn't stay away from me. He stalked me for the rest of the night. Staying a "safe" distance away.

Fast forward to this past Tuesday, I went to $2 Tuesdays which I once reviewed. Since the exhibitionism of The Cock allows it, I was walking around in the sling outfit pictured on the left. I went in the bathroom putting my pants back on at one point. And saw someone standing in front of me.

It was him again.

He actually tried talking to me asking me how I was doing, like all was cool between us. Well because of our last encounter, I was not entertaining this obviously socially inept dipshit's attempt at conversation. Then he decided to ask a question that caused blast after blast from me towards him...

He said, "Why don't you want to talk to me?"

I paused, and began seething with anger at him having the fuck-faced audacity and his being so socially inept that he would ask me that question considering his behavior towards me during our 1st encounter. Behavior that gave me a taste of what a rape feels like. So I told myself that he doesn't deserve my diplomacy. Hence why I replied to him,... "Because you're a FUCKIN' ASSHOLE!"

He then continued trying to "explain his side". Then he went back to that crap he said before saying, "I misunderstood, and I apologized to you."

I told him, "I don't care at this point. Because if you did that to me once, then I'm sure you did it to someone else."

Then if this fucktard hadn't already shown himself to be dumber than a bucket of rocks, he made it worst by doing  the oldest trick in the book a sex offender does to avoid taking responsibility for their actions. He said, "Well, you were walking around here in your underwear. So what was I suppose to think?"

My seething at that point should have had my mouth foaming. I said, "That does not justify you grabbing on me the way you did."

Keep in mind that in this exhcange me an him are talking about the 1st encounter, and not me at that moment. Which if you recall in that 1st encounter, I was not in my underwear. I was instead shirtless. My point is that if you're going to try avoid taking responsibility for your lack of self-control by blaming my exhibitionism, then keep the facts straight as to how much exhibitionism I actually displayed.

This did not end there. I was kneeling down pulling my jeans over my shoe. And though as much as I have made my lack of interest known, what does he do next?...He tries to close the bathroom door. Now, I might not be a trained dancer, but I can move like one. So I leaned over on one hand, and kicked the door out of his hand, and it went back slamming against the wall, which he found amusing. Then a patron walked in. So now you should be wondering, what would he have done, or tried to do if he had I not stopped him from closing that door?

Some might think I should have some fear considering his size over me. Well if I had any, I wasn't feeling it. For if I had any fear of him, it was greatly replaced by rage and overshadowed by another fear. Fear of myself. For one of my greatest fears is my dark side surfacing. You may have read of its surfacing on one and two prior occasions. And I will attack like an animal in the wild in protecting my personal space. So when that personal space is my body - it's understandable that not only can I become verbally and physically violent, but actually homicidal. And your adult age, size, or gender is of no importance as to how disposable you are, or my method in doing so.

After I left the bathroom, he continued following me. He sat on a bar stool next to me, and tried to continue talking to me. I exploded in front of the bartender, go-go boys, and other patrons looking him right in the eyes, which is actually quite dangerous for me to do. Knowing this is why I wrote this Facebook update with this old photo the next day:

With hindsight being 20/20, my lashing out in front of the bartender was my subconscience making sure my dark side didn't reach the violent stage it could easily reach at this point. Because I knew the bartender at the least would stop this, which he did. But again, it did not stop this guy's obsession.

Some of you are probably thinking that as a gay Black man at 42 years of age, I should be glad someone is that interested in me. Well, let me tell you, I'm not. I don't care how lonely you may be, no one should (or will) be happy with that kind of attention. For this guy shows all the signs of a potential rapist. That is if he hasn't raped someone(s) already. For as I told him when I didn't accept his supposed apology, "...if you did that to me once, then I'm sure you did it to someone else."

As you can see, I can handle myself in a situation. I am writing this because I know not everyone can. So for the sake of those who can't, until he gets some professional help that gets results, a red flag needs to go off if you see this guy approaching you. Composite artists, do your thing...

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Fucking The Mirror

Gays and lesbians hooking up with and/or dating their look-alikes. A sad, but true occurrence in the LGBT community. You see, the natural order of things is that couples tend to look like each other over time. Because you've grown to become one. So it only makes sense that looking like each other from the start is too much you too soon.

By fawning over the former look-alike couple, The Jarics, Falcon Studios made asses of themselves. And since the follower of a fool is a bigger fool than the original, those of Falcon Studios' fanbase that found nothing wrong with this made bigger asses of themselves. I never saw a scene of theirs, and to this day have no interest because of them looking so much alike. For only someone sick finds beauty in someone fucking their mirror image. For there is a big difference between loving oneself, and overcompensating narcissism, which is what hooking up with one's look-alike is.

The idea of Bel Ami's Peters twins fucking each other was wrong in so many ways. 
Hence why once that video of them fucking each other surfaced, my lust for them was done. For horny and lustful as I may be, I live my life looking at the big picture. With that said, I know that their fucking each other is born out of the same issues that makes gays and lesbian look-alikes fuck each other.

So I realize there is a reason that some gays go for their mirror image. And it's not because of acceptance of themselves like some might make a feeble attempt to argue. It's actually ---- Well, I'll let this poem do the talking from here on out...

Saturday, November 16, 2013

'Make Me Pay' Before I 'Wet Your Flesh'

On Friday, I debuted the poems I mentioned in my last blog post. I didn't do videos this time. Instead, I audio recorded them, and uploaded them to SoundCloud.

Brief backstories for these poems (namely "Make Me Pay") are told in their introductions, while more detailed ones are also in my last blog post. As for the lyrics, I've included them in each recording's description.


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Back Titillating With A Vengence

I've become a regular at Mike Geffner's Inspired Word erotica open mic event, Titillating Tongues. Hence why I created a category on this blog dedicated to it.

Usually within a week after my appearance, I'm back at work on something new to present for the next month. However, after my appearance in September, such was not the case. I instead worked on more personal non-sexual material.

I've come to use erotic poetry as a way to address social woes that effect us all. I sometimes tell them from a gay perspective, and other times I've made it sexually ambivalent. The latter is better since as I've said before, Titillating Tongues is an event open to all sexual orientations. Well, this time I'm doing both.

Make Me Pay - We've all had those repeated trysts, hook-ups or booty calls with a friend with benefits, or fuck-buddy (whatever words you want to use) who we know we shouldn't be bothered with because of something they do. Be they a drug/alcohol abuser, a criminal, a gang member, whatever.  However, after allowing ourselves to have sex with them just once, the chemistry between you two makes the sex  so good that you can't say "No" in spite of his flaws. And when the sex is bad, your conscious mind says, you're done. However, your subconscious mind decides that the next time will be better...And it turns out being right. But what isn't right is the fact that you gave in the first time. So you subconsciously use some kind of BDSM in sex to punish yourself for that giving in. Well, that's the story behind "Make Me Pay".

Normally in my poetry, I give a solution. But this time, do I stick to that program, or am I changing it up to tell a tale of hot sex that you can relate to, but have to figure out an individual solution for your individual situation? You'll just have to come by to see and hear for yourself.

Wet Your Flesh - There's really no big explanation of the backstory here. This poem is simply about initiating oral sex as foreplay, but also giving your partner the option to make it all he/she wants to do. Also, most talk of oral sex focuses on working the front, while rimming is something addressed in passing. Not in this poem. There is just as much talk about oral play to the backside as there is to the front.

The reason for the title of this post is because I feel the honesty of those personal poems I did during my month away from Titillating Tongues has trickled into these 2 poems. So I'm going to be more honest & direct than I've ever been, or ever thought possible. And for erotica, that means possibly more raunchy. This has me quite excited to see the audience reaction.

So if you're in NYC, come see for yourself on November 15th.
The Gallery at Le Poisson Rouge
158 Bleecker Street
Cover: $10
Sign up starts @ 7 PM
Show goes from 7:30 - 9:30 PM

Friday, November 1, 2013

My Staff Picks For The Pleasure Chest

For November, The Pleasure Chest is promoting Staff Picks. We are by no means required to tell why they're our picks. I just felt that since I have this blog, I could give you a more detailed reasoning for mine.

VixSkin Mustang Dildo - I have said in past blog posts that I am not a big fan of toys. That's why whenever you've seen me use a toy in a XTube video, it was the only time I've ever used it. It was the thrill of entertaining my porn-viewing audience that got me through the video, not me being thrill by the toy necessarily. However, since working at The Pleasure Chest, I've been coming across a variety that's starting to change my mind.

Let me start by admitting that I have never played with a VixSkin Mustang dildo. This is on my Staff Pick list as more of a wishlist item. It became that way because one day walking along the sales floor, I decided to touch one to see why they cost $119.95. I was so shocked by the initial real-feel silicone (called VixSkin™ silicone) that I literally jumped. That made me decide that if I was going to play with a dildo, then I want a VixSkin. With their wide variety, I chose the Mustang because it's long enough go deep if that's your pleasure, and it's not too thin or too wide. Now, with that price also comes a realistic choice of colors, plus that real feel I mentioned earlier including detailed texture like veins from an erection, and a soft top with a firmer middle like a real cock makes it worth it. So the age-old expression, "You get what you paid for" does come to mind. As well as VixSkin's own slogan, "worth every inch".

So in short, my reason for this staff pick is because if I'm going to play with a fake dick, then I need it to feel like one. In a variety of ways that can (for a time) fool my body's sense of touch. But remember should you buy this or any silicone toy, use water-based lube. For odd as it may seem, silicone lube breaks down silicone toys.

Durex Extra Sensitive Condoms - I've used quite a variety of condoms over time. Some are introduced to me by me purchasing them out of my own curiosity, while others are by the rare appearance of a name-brand at a sex party. Well, Durex Extra Sensitive Condoms were introduced to me by the latter. I was topping a guy at a sex party, and a Durex condom was what I had pulled out of my sock.

First off, it didn't have a thick packaging, which was great. For you need to conserve your energy for fucking, not overexert yourself opening a condom wrapper. Second, I have the same love/hate relationship with condoms as any other guy. So while loathing the thought of lessened sensation, I was pleasantly surprised to like the feeling once I started fucking the guy. And since I'm that geeky and proper (even at a sex party), I was holding the condom wrapper in my hand, instead of throwing it on the floor like most guys do. So once I was done, I look at exactly what kind of Durex condom I had just topped the guy with. And that's how I discovered it was Extra Sensitive.

Unfortunately, Durex Extra Sensitive is not sold on the website. So you would have to stop by your nearest Pleasure Chest store to pick them up.

Any TENGA toys - I have slowly but surely been becoming a fan of Tenga toys. I first came across a Soft Tube cup through The Pleasure Chest. And in a recent training session, I was given the masturbation sleeve, Tenga Egg with the Surfer interior. Both of these gave me orgasms with convulsions.

With that being the case, I put any Tenga toy on my Staff Pick list because in addition to those 2 based on experience, I'm now adding to my wishlist a Tenga Flip Hole. Or would that be 4 Tenga Flip Holes?

Because you see, the Tenga Flip Hole comes in 4 colors.
White, Black, Red, and Silver, and each color....
....has a different interior.

And variety is the spice of life.

SPUNK lube - No matter how much we preach about safe sex, it's time to be honest....We all wish we lived in a condom-free world. So for many of us, cum could forever be our lube. Well, if you're the Condom Police, SPUNK lube can help along that fantasy of such a sexual utopia. And if you're a member of the BBBH (BareBack BrotherHood), it's a nice, useful toy to add to your reality. And if you're somewhere in between, it will please you, too.

For it really does look like they found a way to take jizz, preserve it to stay opaque (since cum turns clear after being outside the body for awhile), and pack it into bottles and packets. What makes it even better is the fact that it actually works.

Most likely because it's a hybrid (silicone/water) lube, SPUNK does last you. I wish bars and sex parties carried SPUNK instead of that crappy free lube that dries and absorbs into your skin almost instantly. But again comes that age old saying, "You get what you paid for."

So I hope you like my Staff Picks. So much so that if you live outside of a city where a Pleasure Chest is located, that you'll go to the website and order one or more of my picks. However, if you live in NYC, it would be best to stop by one of the 2 stores. Now should you buy one or more of these items, let them know it was my advice that piqued your interest. And if you come to the Upper East Side location at 1150 2nd Avenue (between East 60th & East 61st Streets), feel free to ask for me by name. I'm not there all the time, but if I am, I'll be glad to assist you. And if not me, there's always other equally or more qualified staff able to assist you. Take care.

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