Friday, December 31, 2010

HAPPY 2011!!!!

A friend sent this to me.
Now, I'm sending it to you as THANKS for your support his past year. CELEBRATE YOU!!!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Sweet Reunions Over Milk Chocolate, Pt. 2

As promised at the end of "Sweet Reunions In Milk Chocolate", I will reveal who the mysterious 2nd person that I left you in suspense about who fucked me at the Milk Chocolate NYC party. I'll just let the included photos and slideshow let you in on how good the chemistry was.

His name was Ty. We met right after I walked in the door and was greeted by the host, Cade. The moment we looked at each other, we both knew there was an attraction. So much so that Cade thought we already knew each other. Even with me bundled up for that cold New York winter night wearing my long black trenchcoat that has people calling me "Matrix", Ty lit up when he saw me. And he lit up even more once he saw me in my black boxer-briefs. Well, it's without a doubt that I lit up full blast by being greeted with that hot bod wearing a a pair of sexy black satin-looking boxers. Especially since those boxers weren't those hard cotton easily-wrinkled type that your dad would wear that I consider as one of the "No-No" things to wear to a sex party.

While in the introduction of this post, I said that he was the 2nd person to fuck me, chronologically speaking, he was actually the 1st. After I topped the Israeli, we got up off the bed, and I was about to wash off as I usually do after sex with someone whether I top or bottom. But it got delayed because me and the Israeli made out for a bit, and then realized there was a group of hot guys fooling around in a corner. I wasn't sure if all of them were hot, but enough of them were to get our attention, and make us be voyeurs. I had my back to someone in that cluster, and the next thing I knew someone's hand reached out to grab my ass. After all the interruptions that I spoke of in Part 1, I began thinking, "Not again". Then the hand grabbed my ass again. Now, I was starting to boil, and make a mental note that if whoever this is grabs my ass one more time without me responding, then this son of a bitch is getting "the evil eye" a warning.

Well, he grabbed me again.

And as I was turning around with my face muscles contoured to give "the evil eye" and a frown, once I discovered who it was, my face muscles had to contour so I could literally "turn that frown upside down"....into a flirtatious smile. Because the guy grabbing my ass turned out to be Ty.

I knew those boxers were pulled down, but I couldn't see his cock because the 2 guys sucking on it were blocking my view. However, once I reached out to at long last feel that body, and he reached out to bring me in closer, the 2 guys broke away. I was in absolute awe of his physique. And when I felt his cock up against me, I found out what all the fuss was about. It was big and uncut. I made out with him, went down on him, then he turned my back to him so he could rub his cock against my ass, then he put it between my thighs. We did this until I couldn't take it anymore. "It" being the still rampant interruptions and my desire to have his cock thrusting back and forth in me. So I took him to the bed, and I laid on my back for missionary, because there was no way I was not going to see the rhythmic movements of that body fucking my hole. One of the other guys gave him a condom. He put it on while I put my Wet® Platinum lube on and in my ass, and put some also on his nicely-wrapped dick so I could touch it one more time before it was inside me.

Once in, I couldn't get enough. But those who were too dense to find fucking fun of their own were still intruding. I could see guys behind Ty touching on him. And one bonafide dumb-ass laid next to me to possibly attempt an uninvited 69ing session, and put his knee over my face while I'm watching Ty. After all the prior interruptions mentions in Part 1, this time, I had it. Because when I would normally just politely move a person (or their body part) out of the way, this time I took the back of my hand and shoved his knee out of my face. After this, me and Ty ended our session here.

Ty and I went to stand on line for the bathroom, and while he stood there naked, I finally got to see why guys were playing with his ass while he fucked me. Because it was beautiful. However, that doesn't excuse these guys from maintaining some degree of etiquette by as I say again...FIND YOUR OWN FUCKING FUN. A little while after this is when I bottomed for the Israeli, and everything else I told about in Part 1.

With all the hotties gone, and the party close to over, I was on the verge of leaving myself. When I went to get my clothes, I sensed some disappointment from Ty that I was leaving. And to be honest, I was feeling the same. Because I got the sense that this fun between us was not completely satisfied. I knew it wasn't satisfied from my end, so I wanted to find out if he felt the same, or was it just wishful thinking. Hence why I kept conversating with Ty and the helpers. As everyone - host, helpers, and myself were dressed to leaved, Ty asked me where I was going. I told him, "Home...Unless you have a better idea."

His reply was with a sexy sly grin, "I might".

After a lot of back and forth amongst everyone about what to do next, since it was just after midnight, Ty asked me, "Do you want to come home with me?"

I shrugged my shoulders and gave a very nonchalant reply of, "Sure". But of course while doing so, I was holding back a smile like that of the Cheshire cat from "Alice In Wonderland".

Because the dirty fantasy now playing in my head was us not waiting until we got back to his place. I wanted to start right there on the street, with me dropping trou, undoing his pants, giving him a condom, re-lubing my ass, and bending over so he can ride my ass all the way back to his place. That means him thrusting into my ass with every step down the street, down the subway stairs, on the subway ride, up the subway stairs, down the streets to his place, to the elevator, in the elevator, to the apartment, and once in the apartment, somehow manage to take off all of our clothes without disconnecting his hungry dick from my hungry hole.

Even though that was the fantasy that had a very small chance of me trying to make into reality had it not been for the cold weather that night, the reality was still good.

We talked on the way to the train station and on the train ride. And I mentioned my porn past. I wasn't going to get too into it, but he wanted to know more, because he said he was looking into doing porn. I did tell of my reasons for leaving and how those reasons led to my dislike of an overwhelming amount of studio-based porn. That's why because of my knowing he was interested in doing porn, during the sex, in the midst of my loud moans and groans, I wanted to scream, "We-need-a-camera-in-here-recording-this-to-show-that-THIS-IS-WHAT-PORN-SEX-IS-SUPPOSED-TO-BE! OH FUCK, YES!!!!"

And I hope a studio does right by him. Because TRUST ME, I would love to watch him fuck, but only if he's paired with someone he has a genuine attraction to. Otherwise, it's the very brand of fucking I'll be talking about in (at the least) one of my poems, "Exhibitionist vs. Whore" come January 7th.

That genuine attraction is what had us practically doing the gay Kama Sutra. And what made me enjoy the sex even more was that he kept the lights, not dim or off,....but ON. This gave me the pleasing sight to see his pleasing body pleasure me.

The lights didn't go off until we were done. And we went on for quite awhile. Then come morning, since I don't sleep long, I laid there awake in a new cuddling position loving the feel of his smooth skin. When he seemed like he was waking up, he stroked the top of my head as I was laying under his stretched out arm. I stroked his side, down his chest, and down to touch his cock. A cock that I discovered had become morning wood. Morning wood eager to get into me again. And me eager to accept it again. So began Round 3, another long fuck session with me giving him all of the points of "coming close' and needing to stop like Round 2 when we first got to his place. And with one squeeze of my sphincter too many for him, Ty couldn't hold it anymore, and he filled another condom with his load.

My friend Photo Freedom was planning a photoshoot for later that week, but giving preference to new faces. So with knowledge of Ty's prospects, I suggested him. Hence how the above pictures came to be.

Now with so much praise over how my last pics came out with someone with whom the sexual attraction never went beyond the front of the camera,

what do you think of these taken with someone where the sexual attraction was explored before, during, and another 4 Rounds after being in front of the camera?

Yes guys! A couple of hours after the shoot, we went to the Milk Chocolate NYC party in Park Slope. There, with 4 fucks in 4 different areas of the party space, the clothes-check guy referred to us as "The MVPs" of the party.

But that might be another story....

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sweet Reunions Over Milk Chocolate

After a much too long absence after writing "HOT @ Milk Chocolate NYC", I made a return to the Milk Chocolate NYC party this past Saturday.

I walked in about an hour after the party started, and was greeted by their gorgeous and fit helpers taking my clothes. Not taking them off (I WISH), but just taking them and putting my articles of clothing on a hanger after I took them off. 

NOTE TO SOME SEX PARTY PROMOTERS: Having your guests welcomed by a HOT staff that makes you wish they were actually stripping you never hurts to get one in the party mood. I'm just sayin'. Because it damn sure did it for me.

I was thirsty after my trek there, so I drank some soda before checking out the scene. While in that area, a tall slim Asian (that I later discovered was a mix with dominating Filipino traits) walked in for a drink as well. We didn't say much to each other, but besides the staff, he was on my list of possible playmates for the night. And I felt I was on his, because my peripheral vision caught him checking me out. He drank his water, and took off back upstairs. Once I finished my soda, I did the same.

When I got upstairs, I saw most of the guys being wallflowers. I didn't get well into the room yet, before one guy with no finesse darted in my direction, and started touching on me. Now, I'm not being a bitch by complaining. But while I'm flattered by being found attractive, the keyword here is "finesse". I mean, let me get a lay of the land and see what I want before you approach me. Because for me, even if I find you good-looking, that lack of finesse could make you ugly and ruin your chances. I politely said, "No thanks", and kept walking deeper into the room. However, once I hit the middle of the room, there were other guys there just as  lacked tact just like the first guy. In fact, I felt like I was in "Return Of The Living Dead" - I was the living and they were a horde of zombies wanting my brain. Luckily, the Filipino mix wasn't in that horde, so I backed up to be near him. You see, I was making myself available to him for having enough tact in his approach. Evidently, it worked. Because he stopped leaning against the wall, and then reached out for me. 

Once his hand was on my shoulder, I turned around and we started hugging. I love most degrees of body hair, but while most ethnicities have varying degrees of body hair, there's something about how Asian-Pacific Islanders are an unique ethnicity because of it being close to a guarantee that they'll have little to no body hair. And that uniqueness makes my hands hunger to rub that smooth skin. And this guy was no exception in that regard. I paced myself by rubbing his chest, arms, and thighs, even though I was craving a to dig into his underwear and feel his smooth ass cheeks. On that, I let him grab mine first, then I grabbed his.

I would have enjoyed him more if we were left to have our fun. The problem was that many people came around us, and wanted in. Now, I understand wanting to touch on the guys making out or fucking FOR A MOMENT,as I made clear in my post, "Sex Party Etiquette: Don't Interrupt!". Obviously, some guys didn't read that post to learn that if they're not responded to, that they should GO MAKE THEIR OWN FUCKIN' FUN!

A couple of guy that I responded to and let in on the fun were past playmates. One was a guy I had a tryst with after a night at The Cock. I've seen him at the Milk Chocolate NYC party before, but we've never fucked there. Which is a shame because I did love grabbing his bubble-butt while he fucked my ass missionary during that tryst. The other was a guy who came up behind me. At first I was getting so annoyed by the unwanted attention that I was ignoring him. Then my sixth sense told me to turn around, because I felt a vibe that not only did I know this person behind me, but I liked this person behind me. And my sixth sense was right as usual. Because it turns out the guy behind me was the bubble-butt Israeli from "HOT @ Milk Chocolate NYC" that I made out with, but never had sex with. Well, on that night, I was determined to change that fact.

The Filipino mix and I got interrupted to the point that I got frustrated and started making out with my past tryst from The Cock. I went down on him, and I was quickly reminded of how big his cock is. It was so easy to forget because the night I met him, I was so into him that I now recall my tight hole taking in that thick dick with very few attempts, much like the French guy from "French Kiss, Big Bliss?". The Israeli knew I wanted him near, so he stayed by watching. When my tryst from The Cock turned me around to grind his big dick up against my ass, me and the Israeli started kissing. Guys were still interrupting us, and me and the Israeli broke off not too far from my tryst from The Cock, but far enough that a tall slim Black guy came along, and took my place. But I wasn't at all upset. Because I took it as a chance to do something that was long overdue.

I took the Israeli over to the bed. My Aries libido and bluntness asked him, "Can I fuck you?"

"SURE!", he replied. And he quickly laid on the bed, and took off his underwear. I went to get a condom, and I came prepared with a travel-size bottle of Wet® Platinum lube given to me by The Wet Platinum Man tucked away in my sock. So the fun was about to begin. I put on the condom, and finally, after many fantasies since the last time I saw him....I was inside the Israeli with the warmth of his ass tunnel wrapped around my cock.

I was trying to fuck the Israeli missionary so we could give each other that look that I spoke of in the past as to one reason why I like missionary. Telling how in that moment, it wasn't just any ass I wanted, but it was his ass that I wanted. And how it wasn't just any dick he wanted in him, but  it was my dick that he wanted. Well people really need to read that section of my blog, because ONCE AGAIN, we were interrupted. Some wayward guy put himself in between us. This was making me uncomfortable, and making me lose my hard-on. So I told the Israeli to get on all fours. And believe it or not, that guy being an annoyance turned out being a good thing. Because fucking him doggy-style and seeing those bulbous cheeks bounce from my thrust made his  ass feel even better. 

The Filipino mix came around and laid on the bed next to us watching us fuck. This guy had class. The Israeli went over to kiss him while I was fucking him. And since I was into the Filipino mix as well, I kept fucking the Israeli as he laid on his stomach, with one hand hold myself up on the bed, while the other hand was massaging the Filipino mix. All those different shades of skin color on each other and on the bed is what a sex party in NYC is supposed to look like.

I didn't come, but I stopped fucking the Israeli. We went downstairs got something to drink, then went to the living room on the 1st floor, and started making out. His dick was rock hard, and even though he said that he was more of a bottom, I wanted to take advantage of the situation. So I got another one of my desires with him to come to frution. His cock in my ass. What I didn't know from our last encounter was how thick it was. But once again, because my desire for him was so strong, he got inside me with very little effort. And it was GREAT! He didn't come, but it was fun when he actually did.

It turns out the Filipino mix had already came from fucking someone else. That was my misfortune, because I wanted it to be my ass that his cock was in whenever it throbbed to squeeze out his jizz. But I got 2 good fucks in my ass already, so I was happy. Even though he had already came, he didn't leave like most guys do. He decided to stick around and watch me make the Israeli come. So I started by using my lube to give the Israeli's cock a "happy ending" massage. Then I gave him a blowjob as the Filipino mix played with one of the Israeli's nipples, while I played with the other. Yes, I'm a multi-tasking lover. The the Israeli jerked off while I licked his nipples, and I could feel the tension in his body that he was about to shoot. And I picked my head up at just the right time. Because within a minute later, he shot a load that went all the way up to his chest. After that I bid him and the Filipino mix "Good night" as they decided to head out. And I lingered around with the few remaining guys there that I had no interest in.

To answer why I was lingering, I must back track to when I said, "...I got 2 good fucks in my ass...". To explain that statement, the truth is there was someone else besides the Israeli who fucked me that night. And I have 2 possible photoshoots with him, and if all goes well,....then prepare for that tale as a possible Part 2.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tré 2 LeNair

After considering all the points I made in the post, "Duality Battle - Tré vs. L", I've decided to start using my legal first name.

I made the decision after I decided to reveal my legal first name in the first paragraph of "What She Had In Mind", my presentation piece for "The Red Umbrella Diaries: Family Affairs". After that event, I started making it known to the public by changing the first name on my online profiles and email address signature. The official send-off of "Tré Xavier" will be when I present my poetry series, "The Industry" on January 7, 2011.

DO TAKE NOTE: Not right away, but the web address of this blog is going to change as well. But until further notice, you can keep finding the logical, knowledgeable, sexy blog postings that are of the man who was "Tré Xavier", now LeNair Xavier here at this web address.

I THANK YOU for going along with me as I embark on this next chapter of my life.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

At Last Presenting...."The Industry"

Earlier this year, I wrote a poem called, "The Industry". I appealed to people by way of this blog to suggest places for me to perform it at an open-mice night. I got comments, emails, and actual friends suggesting places, which I am thankful for.

However something happened to make me not take them up on those suggestions. During my time of considering those suggested spaces, I began writing more poems. Enough poems that it became a series. So I then didn't need an open-mic night as much as I need an actual presentation night.

With that in mind, after the successful Q & A appearance last year courtesy of Men of All Colors Together/NY, at a board meeting on November 12, I presented them with the idea of doing a poetry reading of "The Industry", now a series. After my proposal, I was more than thankful to get not only the OK, but also the date, January 7th.

So the press release reads as follows:

MACT/NY presents Tré Xavier’s “The Industry”

Tré Xavier’s “The Industry” is a 5-part poetry series that takes you through the behind-the-scenes stories of 5 different porn actor characters. These stories are based on a combination of tales from Tré’s own life in the porn industry, tales told to him from other porn actors he has met along the way, as well as gay porn news stories.

Using his one voice to speak for many, the no-name characters Tré creates range from someone who trades in his stable relationship so he can seek porn-stardom to a White porn actor wanting a scene-partner of color, yet gets repeatedly paired with a white one. These characters are used to confront many stigmas associated with the porn industry, including meaningless sex, drugs, and self-degradation, as well as controversies like racism, gay-for-pay, and HIV hypocrisy. And while all the characters leave the industry in the end, with some closing the door completely, while others leaving it ajar, what unites these characters is that they all walk away happy survivors.

There will be a Q & A session in between each poem, with an even longer Q & A session after the last poem is read, so Tré can answer your questions of the poems collectively as well as individually. And since these poems will be written in the very same fashion that he does his blog “Tré’s X-Ray Vision”, Tré Xavier plans to hit you hard with the truth, and take no prisoners.

For this reason alone, this evening promises to be an interesting one. But in addition, this will be his last appearance as “Tré Xavier”. For after tonight, all appearances (porn-related or not), he will drop the name “Tré” and replace it with his legal first name, LeNair. Therefore becoming newly known as, LeNair Xavier.

If you are living or vacation in or near New York City, I hope to see you there.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Returning To Porno Bingo

As I stated in a previous post, this Wednesday, December 8th, after a 2-year absence as a guest-caller, I am making a return to "Porno Bingo", now known as "The Will Clark Show" featuring Porno Bingo. And it's a special yearly theme night called, "Night of a 1000 Santas!".

Also appearing as guests will be:
(1)The Wet® Platinum Man, Antonio Martinez. He'll be giving out the lube that will a part of the prize packages. He's the one responsible for supplying me with the Wet® lube that I've been using in the sex tales of my Wet® category on this blogand my most recent videos on free porn sites (like "Tre Xavier: Super Sucked" recently featured on Dunkin's Playground); and
(2)Terry Christopher, whose musical talent will most certainly help to keep you entertained.

The night's beneficiary will be the NY Bear Den.

There will also be a clothing drive for Sylvia's Place. So any wearable clothing you have and want to donate, please bring it along. And while on the subject of clothing,....'s a NAUGHTY REMINDER: As always, the more money raised, the more clothes come off. Maybe you can make me go home commando. After all, I may be retired from porn, but I'm still an exhibitionist.

So bring your money, wearable clothes to donate, and good luck, 
and I hope to see you there.

Then my next scheduled appearance in will be my last as "Tré Xavier".

More details on that by either Friday or Monday.

In the meantime, let's have a charitable heart, yet a dirty mind come Wednesday night. ;-)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Since gay porn is often what one in "orientation limbo" uses to see men GENUINELY at ease with their degree of being gay, do you feel that the massive marketing ploy of "gay-for-pay" contributes AT ALL to the lack of comfort causing some gay suicides?

Since gay porn is often what one in "orientation limbo" uses to see men GENUINELY at ease with their degree of being gay, do you feel that the massive marketing ploy of "gay-for-pay" contributes AT ALL to the lack of comfort causing some gay suicides?
Answer here

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Write That Down #30

In my recent interview for Dunkin's Playground, I will be the first to admit to how much bad I said about the porn industry, but in the midst of that, I do take note of the good that came from my being in it. So while some are wondering about how my having so much bad to say outweighs the amount of good, it's because I can't, nor should I forget the past bad that helped to make my present good. In short, living by the saying, "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade."

Mainly because of issues like racism and bigotry, I had to fight so hard for what I have and (more importantly) who I am that there are scars from attempted breaks on my spirit. A spirit that now shines brighter than ever. Those scars don't lessen the shine of my light, but it's my life, so I know that the scars are there. With that in mind, my latest "Write That Down" quote is:

Yes, you gave me lemons, and I was fortunate and smart enough to make some "so-good-it'll-make-you-wanna-smack-yo-mama" lemonade from those lemons. However, that doesn't change my rightful annoyance at the fact that you gave me lemons in the first place...when you should have given me gold.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

My interview for Dunkin's Playground

An interview was requested of me by DK, the Editor in Chief of the blog, "Dunkin's Playground". He emailed me the questions Monday evening, and I returned them in the wee hours of Wednesday morning. Considering the (not good, but) GREAT questions and my detailed answers, you see why it took me so long.

Well, at least you can tell some PR people aren't at work answering the questions for me. Because I called out quite a few people, from Chi Chi LaRue, Michael Lucas, Diesel Washington, Wolf Hudson, Latino Fan Club,and even one of the studios I once worked for, Pitbull Productions. But in whatever I said,....TRUST ME, it needed to be said. So click on the link below and enjoy the interview:

Dunkins Playground: I'm tell you I'm not going: The Tré Xavier Interview

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Come See Me @ RUD: Family Affairs

As I mentioned it in a previous post, this is a reminder to my fans and readers living or vacationing near or around New York City of my appearance at this Thursday's "Red Umbrella Diaries: Family Affairs". I will be presenting a piece telling of my Mom learning about my porn persona and the connection between that and her dreams for me. It will be entitled, "What She Had In Mind".

Last week, while visiting the Red Umbrella Project website's posting of the event, I came across 2 comments. Both of which spoke negatively of me without even knowing me. I tried to walk away from the matter considering how often I went to the website and never even saw the 1st of the comments until 2 weeks after it was posted, so I thought no one really cared. However, I then realized that (1)just because I missed seeing the comments so long after their posting, doesn't mean that others didn't, and (2)we live in a time where individual thinking is a rarity, so people may listen to these people spewing hatred and jealousy. So feel free to go to the link, and see the insightful and intellectual rebuttal that I've become known for.  Then come Thursday, I hope to see you at "Red Umbrella Diaries: Family Affairs".

If you can't make it Thursday, don't fret. Because come next Wednesday on December 8th (as also previously mentioned), I will be appearing at The Will Clark Show featuring Porno Bingo. More on that in next week's reminder. Until then....

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Do you believe in God? And regardless of your answer, would you DATE someone whose answer is the OPPOSITE of yours? I will give my answer after the 1st reply.

Since I got my 1st response here, I will now give my reply.

I long ago in a blog post revealed that I do believe in God, and chastised gays who give up that belief just because they come out as gay. What I didn't reveal is whether or not I would date someone who was an atheist.

The answer to if I could date an atheist is NO. It is not about me feeling superior as some might want to think, but there are some things that form who you are so much that having someone in your life that doesn't share that makes the relationship doomed to failed before it even begins. And I feel belief in God is one of those things.

My belief in God is what motivates the stands that I take, and while I know there are atheists who are able to take those same stands, I feel there's a passion, drive, and commitment to my convictions that my faith in God gives me that being an atheist would not. And for that reason, I can't see myself sharing a life with someone whose motivated by believing the standards and abilities they have are based totally on THEM.

For instance, I have a friend who is an atheist who said that people thanking God at award shows are lessening the importance of their part in what they've created. Well, people who believe in God have a degree of humbleness that makes us believe that it's not all about us. We believe the simple fact that we are able to wake up is a gift from God. So the fact we can breathe on our own, show off our talents and skills, and receive accolades for it are all gifts to be thankful for - and not to another mere human, but first and foremost to a higher power. By those who believe in God, an atheist thinking that those things all his/her doing is a viewpoint of arrogance, even if that atheist's normal behavior pattern shows the contrary. Hence why some God-believers seem fearful of an atheist's lack of belief in God. While for some, it may be based on a feeling of superiority. But for believers like myself (because if arrogance isn't my flaw, I do have others), it is based on my fearing the day that a situation arises that will force an atheist to reconsider his/her position. And I'm always hoping that it's not too drastic a situation.

For I have enough things to worry about in this world that can endanger the well-being of my significant other. Worrying about his basic belief system catching up to him by a higher power can't be one of them.

Write That Down #29

I think I've made it quite clear that I'm not a fan of the Logo TV show, "The A-List: New York". But in the small amount of the show that I've seen, I do know that Austin has a long-distance relationship, and claims to be committed.
Well, he's not the first to be delusional enough to make such a claim, and sadly he won't be the last. Nor is it just gay couples fooling themselves to think that such a set-up can make for a worthwhile relationship. Straight couples do it as well. It's part of what contributes to the high divorce rate.

Knowing this, why do people put up with this? It's because they so desperately want to say, "I'm taken", "I'm spoken for", or "I'm married" that they'll settle for something that is doomed to fail. For in romantic relationships, the more time spent miles away in body, the more it makes you miles away in heart, mind, and soul. For the idea of "absence makes the heart grow fonder" was not meant for romantic relationships where you spend months (or days that add up to months) apart. I mean, these people need to ask themselves, How can you love each other if that being apart makes you not have a home together in the first place, OR you have a home together, but one or both of you are hardly at home?

With that in mind, my latest "Write That Down" quote is not just for gay relationships, but for ALL RELATIONSHIPS. It reads:

If the majority of your time does not have you in the same city as me, lessening the conflict of us getting together, then we are NOT in a relationship. The statement that "we're a couple" and/or the ring on your finger is just you being a guy/girl for show. For how can we love each other if that being apart makes us not have a home together in the first place, OR we have a home together, but we are separately hardly at home? We can't!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Recently on "1 Girl, 5 Gays", one question was, "Who would you do?" with the choices being 50 Cent and Jay-Z. Most of the guys answered 50 Cent. Is it an extreme display of a lack of individual thinking to not realize that NEITHER is an option?

Recently on "1 Girl, 5 Gays", one question was, "Who would you do?" with the choices being 50 Cent and Jay-Z. Most of the guys answered 50 Cent.Is it an extreme display of a lack of individual thinking to not realize that NEITHER is an option?

Answer here

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sex Party Etiquette: Focus On The Flesh

My rules of sex party etiquette not only applies to sex parties where money exchanges hands. They can also be applied to small gathering sex parties as well. Like situation that inspired my need to tell this story.

Over the weekend during an outing with a friend. I met a guy who I was attracted to. Once he started talking, the alarms went off. But as I'm sure many of you have done yourself, even with the alarms blaring, you ignored the signs to walk away or ease yourself out of the situation, and for some reason you proceeded to maintain conversation.

At one point of the conversation, he mentioned how he didn't like blogs because they eliminated the need for editors.Yes, alarms went off with this, but they came off a being false alarms due to the fact that I wasn't offended. Why wasn't I offended? Because (1 ) to a degree, I agreed with him. Although a blog is one's personal thoughts and opinions, some people do need to turn on the fuckin' Spell-check on their browsers, because you are putting this out there for the world to see, and poor spelling and lousy grammar doesn't say much for your intellect; (2) I'm confident enough in knowing how good I am at what I do with this blog that his opinion didn't phase me. Anyway, nothing much happened between us beyond that point. He was with his friends, I was with mine, so we eventually went our separate ways.

Tuesday night, I went to the NYC bar, The Cock. I ran into him again. When we started talking, we somehow got to talking about my blog again, and he said that he feels what I do is bullshit. Now, it's one thing to not like blogs in general because your thought process is so obsessed with book-smarts that you need a book for every goddamn thing, even the things where experience is the obvious better teacher since people have been doing it well for millenniums before you, but it's another to call what I do all out "bullshit", when you have yet to so much as read it. And I took the diplomatic approach, and told him that he can't call what I do "bullshit", until he does reads it. That seemed to shut him up on the matter, and my Aries ego was satisfied, which is probably why this loser still had a chance. I say "loser" because if he said something like that to me, then he his being a stereotypical argumentative attorney has made him say something like that or worse to others, and it makes him the perfect person to write about if I was to ever do a Part 2, or make a category out of "Why You're Single, Why I'm Single".

Now the alarms weren't false, but instead blaring. However, probably for the reasons I stated in "Why You're Single, Why I'm Single", I still kept company with this guy. Probably because I later discovered he was a Scorpio, and I've mentioned in the past how I'm drawn to water signs, and sex with them makes me insatiable. If only he could have lived up to that reputation, I would not be writing most of this post.

While with this guy, we ran into a guy we both already knew. The guy was having (I guess you could say) an "after-hours sex party" at his place. So a little before the bar closing at 4 A.M., a few of us filled up 2 cabs, and went over.

We all had a main guy we were into, but in a rare instance of group sex or orgies, all of us seemed to be some degree into each other. This guy I was supposed to be with however was making me sway...more and more by the second. When we got to the host's place, this guy decided to get on the host's computer, and start messing with the music he had playing for background. He messed with it to the point that he somehow made 2 songs overlap each other that didn't go well together, AND we later discovered that he broke the host's computer mouse.

While making the music such a focus, I started talking to a cute Italian that was in the group. The action was getting started. Clothes were coming off, including the Scorpio's, but the Scorpio seemed to have A.D.D. beyond measure. While I was with the Italian, he was on the bed with the others, and right in the middle of fooling around with them, he would jump up and concern himself with the music AGAIN by putting on his iPhone,  since the host turned off the computer. The annoyance the Scorpio was creating got to the point that the background wasn't just the music, but him debating with the host, and the host trying to tell him to focus of the 5 bodies on the bed.

YES, 5 BODIES ON THE BED, plus the host and the Scorpio makes 7 hot guys who were supposed to be going at it, but instead it was only 5. And us 5 were getting distracted by the Scorpio's bickering with the host. I was getting to the point that I felt like yelling, "Would you put a dick in your mouth and shut the fuck up?!"

But from the way he was behaving, he would have manage to either talk with a dick in his mouth, OR stop sucking on the dick so he could focus on the music again, instead of focusing on the lusting, naked bodies wanting attention from all sides on the bed. And if I'm not mistaken, he actually did do the latter. Eventually, he left, to none of our disappointment, as was shown by him becoming the topic of discussion. Luckily not for too long.

Some people in the past have told me that they live vicariously through me and my sex tales. Well, if that's the case, then I know you guys are seething right  about now (as I was) over how this guy was fucking up the hot energy flow of the party. With that in mind, I'll continue with the sexy details of what went down once he finally left....

Shortly after, we all were going at each other. The Italian was now plowing me with his big cock on his small frame while the other guys were going at other. Now, this was becoming the sex party that we all came here for. But thanks to the Scorpio, one thing was missing...the background music the host intended. But we made up for it. For the music playing was at that point, not made by singing and machines. Instead, the music was made by our moans and groans as we praised our sex partner's oral, cock, and anal prowess.

We then took a break, and while laying there in a pile on the bed stroking each others' legs, feet, chest, cocks, and asses, we got a sense that a Round 2 was looming. For when asked by the host, the other hottie bottoming was up for more, and being that when I bottom, I become a power-bottom, I also was up for more.

The other guy bottoming wore out one of his tops so that he fell asleep on the bed. So when Round 2 began, we went to the sofa. It turns out he seemed to have wore out the other top as well, who was a young-looking gorgeous Brazilian. So the Italian started fucking him, with me feeling both of them up and kissing them. Then while the Italian was going at him, the Brazilian woke up, and put on a condom to fuck me. The Brazilian had a nice bubble-butt that I couldn't resist groping while he pounded my ass in missionary position with the vigor of a jackrabbit . In fact, to help with the visual, if you've ever seen the hard quick thrust Corbin Fisher's signature model, Dawson gives a guy's ass or a girl's pussy, 
then you now know what my ass got put through by the Brazilian. And considering that it was without a doubt a bigger cock I was getting fucked with, I made sure to do my Kegels afterwards. That also explains why today, between him and the Italian, my glutes are finally getting over feeling the aftermath of their pounding. And it hurt so good.

Afterwards, we went back to the bed. Since we noticed he other top was now awake up as well with some morning wood to satisfy. So he fucked the other bottom again. Then one by one, the rest of us jerked off. I was the last to shoot my load. We all got dressed, and went on our way into the rising sun, because it was now after 7 in the morning.

After such a hot time, while I still treated you guys to a hot story, I realized this was a tale about "Sex Party Etiquette" because long after he was gone, this guy was still the topic of conversation. Even during our time laying in a pile between rounds, and before me and the Italian left. And not in a good way. Because instead of talking about how cute he was, we were talking about how that cuteness was overshadowed by his being a neurotic hot mess. So this guy needs to learn the balance between book-smarts and smarts about life that I often speak of. Because his being so much about book-smarts is why his lack of social skills nearly ruined everyone else's good time.

So this rule of sex party etiquette is in short, don't focus so much on the ambiance. Leave that to the host. As a guest, focus on the lust-filled flesh that's there to play with you by going into and/or wrapping around your lust-filled flesh.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tré Xavier - Emotional Soldier or Coward?

A few months ago, I met a guy at a bar who I've made out with a couple of times. The making out was one of those intense sessions that make you wonder if there being something more to explore further is the reason for the intensity. So after our second run-in, when leaving the bar, he took my phone number. From there, we walked to the train station together. Before you ask, there was no intention of going home together that night. We just left together and rode the train together, that's all.

I notice that in most of these situations, that while I always think of myself as quiet, but in actuality, I'm the one who carries the conversation, and has to show courtesy and let the other person talk about himself. However, when I feel like I'm talking too much, and "hand over the mic", the other guy doesn't have much to say about himself. My thought is that I either told too much too soon, OR he has something to hide that he will probably spring on me after he feels that he's got me where I won't leave after hearing the news. This is what I've always called "emotional entrapment".

Well, we seemed to have a pretty good conversation. Very honest with each other. I did tell about my porn past, and how it contributed to the start of my blogging, along with my desire and present moves to take the "Tré Xavier" persona beyond porn. Then he dropped a bombshell question. It's wasn't a bombshell question to me as if it was a shocking question, but I felt he might not understand my answer like he seemed to understasnd all the other decision I've made for my life thus far.

He asked me what was the longest relationship I ever had. Once again, I told him the truth, even though I felt that he probably wouldn't be able to wrap his head around it. And I was right.

I told him that the longest I've been involved with a guy is a month, with the reason being that I have a knack for seeing that while no one is perfect, I am able to see the habit that they have that I CANNOT and SHOULD NOT live with within a month's time. And the main flaw I seem to draw is a guy being an emotional coward, which I seem to have drawn a couple of truck loads of in my life so far. I used my history with guys who text and email when they should actually talk as an example, while I was as emotinally open with them, as I was with him that very night, with the only technology used (if any) was TALKING on a telephone.

His reply was that for me to be out as long as I have, and not have a serious relatrionship made ME the emotional coward. Considering how much soul searching I do with myself to be the man that I am, his so-called assessment no doubt pissed me the fuck off.

I thought to myself, "I'm not William! I'm not Sam! I'm not Danny! I'm not Igor! With the list of names going the fuck on and on! I'm not popping a pill to help my so-callled chemical imbalance, when the truth is I'm just a chicken-shit about life! I'm not smoking on any pipe to escape my troubles and shame of the person that I am! Why?! Because I am neither of those things! I am not a chicken-shit about my life's hardships that I need a pill to numb me! Nor am I trying to escape my trials of life as a human being or that for being a gay man like the many addicts are out here doing!"

Rather than go off yelling that on the subway train, I maintained my calm. I told him that if I've been blessed to see those signs that there's no long-term future, why should I put up with the person? I'm not so desperate to appear to the world that I have someone that I'm willing to settle for less. And more importantly, I refuse to settle. So when I find someone who can make it beyond a month, I'm not going to jump the gun and start picking out house furnishings. I'm going to just take things to the next step. If that means a relationship, then I'll become a taken man, and thank God for making me so. If not, then I'll except the challenge fate has given me to continue on with my single life.

Unfortunately, his stop came soon after I said my peace. Since he had my phone number, if he wanted to continue this discussion, he could have shown the bravery and done so. But I have yet to hear from him. Hence why we can now add Brian from Washington to that list. For, if I'm willing to make my stands on this matter clear by furthering this discussion, yet he refuses to use the tools to do so when the power is in his hands, then who is really the emotional coward here?

That's what I thought.

They say opposites attract, which explains why an emotional soldier (I guess you could call me) draws in emotional cowards even for a couple of nights who want to feed off my bravery like a leech so they can get up the nerve to call me the coward that they refuse to acknowledge they actually are.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Write That Down #28

Entertainment mediums, from media forms to nightlife events can be quite influential in how we perceive things. Especially, when one is weak-minded. Such as how these mediums lead many to believe that to be White or any light-complexion is to be treated as if it's your birth-right to a sense of entitlement and to be considered "beautiful". Of course if the latter were true, then so many Whites and lighter-complexions wouldn't be making the tanning industry, plastic surgery, and medical procedures to fill certain areas such big money businesses.

When it comes to the beauty of Black males, these same mediums are quite limiting. Limiting by displaying the only beauty to be a dark-complexioned, muscled-up gym-rat who is usually bald (most likely to hide his African ancestry). Now considering the intellect displayed by more notable Blacks fitting that description in the media spectrum from hip-hop to gay porn, that doesn't speak well for Black males...AT ALL.

It has gotten to the point that one who doesn't fit that status quo of beauty (like myself) has no choice but to instill in themselves the knowledge of their beauty. For these mediums refuses to confirm my beauty, and there are too many more weak-minded followers (as opposed to TRUE individuals) allowing themselves to become susceptible to these mediums' influences. That is why regardless of your ethnicity or fit physique you have that doesn't receive a proper amount of praise, I strongly advise you to keep in your heart my latest "Write That Down" quote which reads:

When someone tells me I'm good-looking, and I respond by saying "Really?" or "Oh, stop!", that response is not a sign of self-doubt. Because to be honest, contrary to what entertainment mediums says about my degree of Black skin and physique, I have enough self-confidence to know that I am a beautiful man - on the outside that is amplified by my being beautiful inside. Instead, my reactions that may be mistaken for self-doubt, is actually my being pleasantly shocked at how there are still a few people in society who amidst all the media hype of what beauty is, are enough of an individual thinker to notice my beauty, which doesn't fit that brand hyped by most entertainment mediums.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tré Xavier - Attention Whore

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm not actually an "attention whore". True, I am an Aries, and I love attention...that I bring upon myself, but I personally am not a whore about it. Another thing those close to me know is that I'm quick to laugh and poke fun at myself. And after you learn the details of this post, you'll see how I can make fun of myself, because I can't help but smile after the fact.

A week before Halloween, I was scheduled to do another photoshoot with my friend, Photo Freedom. What had me a little more excited about this shoot compared to past ones is the fact that in the end, I was going to be showing off pictures of the beauty of others along with myself. Considering the fact that there were 4 other names listed with me on the schedule, I had no idea of what to expect. This was the case of once again where I try something new and an extreme situation ensues.

When I first arrived, there were only 2 other models there. Both of them Black. The photographer started me off with some solo shots. Then one of the other models in solo shots. After that,the photographer paired us together. The chemistry was good.
During our pairing, the other 2 models scheduled with us showed up. They were Latino, and MUY CALIENTE. I noticed one of them seemed to be checking me out, but I wasn't sure. And I refused to let it weigh on my mind as I was trying to keep it professional.

Before the photographer did the Latinos, he wanted to do some shots of all 5 of us models together. We started out clothed, then became shirtless, then became nude. I was the guy in the middle the entire time. And the Latino model who I thought was checking me out kept playing with my ear.
His playing with my ear made me wonder, was playing with a guy's ear his thing, or by some off chance, did he know who I was, therefore knew I was an Aries? You see, if you're deep enough into astrology, then you know that (besides a proper fondling of his cock) anywhere from the neck up is an erogenous zone for an Aries male. That explains my cock being a tad bit longer and thicker in the nude group shots. And it only got longer and thicker as this shoot went on.

This same Latino model was enjoying himself to say the least. He then wanted pictures taken with me and my original partner. Afterwards, him and the other Latino took pictures together.

The other Black models left, while I was getting dressed. Then the photographer told me that I didn't have to go. I guess he realized that I was enjoying that Latino model as much as he was enjoying me. So after the 2 Latinos took pictures of them paired together, that Latino model got paired with me. So you see, with all this attention not being my fault by being an "attention whore", I will admit that the pheromones shooting off in that studio were making me a bit whorish.

At one point, I almost lost it. As we got close for some of the shots, the chemistry was so there that we were stroking each other's bodies and had no problem looking each other right in the eyes. The point where I saw myself nearly lose it was when in the midst of that grazing and stroking each other, I grunted. That same grunt you make when you're in the heat of passion with someone, and about to fuck like wild animals. I almost giggled out of embarrassment, but I turned my near-giggle into a grin to make for better photos....

....So how did I do?

Is it any surprise of how that night I went home, and beat my meat fantasizing about that guy using the feel of his smooth skin as an enhancer to the fantasy? It's probably not politically correct to reveal that. But when have I ever been "politically correct"?

After all, I'm sure after seeing that slideshow, you're about to do the same thing right now....That is if you haven't already, so I'll leave you to that. Enjoy ;-)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Red Umbrella Diaries→New Bio+Porno Bingo

This past Tuesday, I received an email from Audacia Ray, who on the 1st Thursday of the month, hosts "The Red Umbrella Diaries", an event which features guests telling true stories about the sex industry. In this email, based on her liking of my video, "Mom Critiques: She ____s My Vlog", she extended an invitation for me to speak about my family dealing with my porn career at the next Red Umbrella Diaries on December 2nd, since the theme will be "Family Affairs".

This was an invitation that I was honored to have received, and gladly ACCEPTED.

Also in the email, Audacia asked me if she should use the photo and bio that is in my emails. I told her not to because (1)I recently took new photos with PhotoFreedom (*upcoming blog post), and was hoping to get them soon, and (2) even if I didn't get the photos by week's end like she wanted, her request made me realize that I needed a new bio, because the one in my emails might be from before my retirement.

When one begins writing their own bio with the utmost honesty, sometimes they don't realize how much they've accomplished. Because we all have bouts of self-doubt. And I am no different. That's why after taking an honest look at my life since retiring from porn, I was shocked to see how much I had to add on to my original bio. But just as I say about a guy's cock, "It's not the size, but what you do with it that matters", I see that all the space this bio takes up, the content of it shows that I shouldn't doubt myself. And as long as I stay true to my values, AND grow in my values, doubting myself is not an option. So the bio I sent Audacia reads:

Tré Xavier is a predominately gay bisexual entertainer and author who writes about sex, life & love in his blog, "Tré's X-Ray Vision". While he has retired from performing in studio-based gay porn, his continued exhibitionist displays online and telling of his sexual adventures and explorations for his blog maintains his being considered an adult entertainer.

During his time in the industry, Tré's writing skills at creating vivid pictures and expressing valid points has led to him writing blog entries for Pitbull Production's ThugPornBlog, and more recognizably, MOC Blog, which he still maintains being a contributing writer for. He has also had his opinions published in a book review for FlavaMen Magazine, and in the Feedback section of The Advocate. In the vein of his published words on MOC Blog and in The Advocate, he is an active and well-recognized voice for racial equality in gay adult entertainment by way of comments on various websites like FleshbotGay Porn Times, and The Sword. And since retiring, Tré's voice fighting for that racial equality continues to be heard by the aforementioned, and even more places now as he has spread to fighting for it in gay mainstream entertainment as well, including most recently the gay cable channel, LOGO. All this while he resurrects his skills as an actor, dancer, singer, artist, poet, and songwriter. Most of which can be found on his YouTube channel.
And don't worry, this long bio is not going into my emails. But before I edit that, I must also announce how....

After a 2-year absence, on Wednesday, December 8th, I will return to Will Clark's Porno Bingo. I've have been there often as a patron before and since my announcing my retirement from the porn industry last year, but this will be my first time back as a GUEST CALLER.

Please keep those dates in mind, December 2nd & 8th. And I may have 1 more to add to those 2. So if you're in the NYC area....don't be a stranger. ;-)

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