Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Thanks FlavaWorks, I See Paris Loves Color

I recently saw FlavaWorks new release, The World Of Flava: PARIS. I saw this trailer and a few things came to mind.
Let me start by stating that if you don't know already ----


I would love to give him the flip-fuck of his life with him being a top at least 70% of the time. I just want some of my hard-on to be from the feel and sound of my groin slapping against that bubble butt of his.

Yes, me having sex with him could be considered robbing the cradle, but who gives a fuck! I damn sure don't because (1) he's legal, (2) he's uncut - I love playing with uncut cocks on American men, and (3) if you've seen this seemingly petite guy fuck a hole, you'll know why I'm drooling while writing this now, where the rest of my hard-on is going to go, and what is going to inspire my bustin' a nut. Check out his 3-way scene with fellow American hottie Breion Diamond, and 1 of my new French lust objects, Cyann.

Now, what you might not be aware of is the number of men of color there are in France. Of the many Europeans that I've been with, after seeing this movie, I realized that most of those Europeans were Frenchmen. In fact, I'm still in touch with most of them. Some of whom have long ago confirmed the what I at the time wasn't privy to, the fact that the number of men of color in France is pretty substantial. Substantial enough to contradict what American media will lead you to believe.

When I saw that this movie was coming out, I had an online chat with one of those Frenchmen. The guy from "French Kiss, Big Bliss". I told him that I wish FlavaWorks took me along when they were doing this movie. You see, me and that guy have an agreement that whoever gets to the other's country first, let them know they're on their way, so we can make plans for a "reunion". A reunion where I'm going to be a top. And I've said it here before, I love topping guys with big dicks, and this guy has a fuckin' beer can for me to play with while fucking his hole. Yes, a beer can thick dick my tight hole took in by only being royally lubed and popper-free. And I was so anxious, once inside it was pain-free as well with nothing but pleasure in every thrust.

For those who are thinking how hot a scene that would be. You are so right, and although he's definitely hot enough, he's not interested in doing porn. So should this "reunion' take place, much to my chagrin, it will be a hot one with no cameras allowed.

Because besides the guy from "French Kiss, Big Bliss", I recently ran into another Frenchmen from my past at a club. He has an identical twin brother who lives here, so everytime I see that face, I let him make the 1st move to make sure it's him and not his twin brother. Well, he never tells me he's coming to New York, so I find out he's here by chance run-ins. And everytime he visits here, we at the least wound up making out EVERYTIME, and the most of those makeout sessions have ended up with us leaving the club to get naked where he's staying.

I am by no means getting off track here. While the tales of those 2 Frenchmen are hot stories to tell, they help me get to my original point. That point being that the number of men of color in France may very well explain why these Frenchmen approached me so easily. There's a possibility that I was seen as something exotic. There's an even greater possibility that I was seen closer to being one of the men of color they are used to seeing. I don't look anything like the image of the tall, dark-skinned, muscled-up gym-rat Black man that the big name American studios put out there to say to everyone across the globe, "this is what a Black MAN looks like", when all the while, there's a wide variety of men of color here in America as well. Which leads me to come to the conclusion of how I have to sadly repeat how America is a behind society that needs to catch up, because Europeans (and in this case, French in particular) seem a great deal more appreciative of the variety of men of color in body type and skin color than Americans.

Wouldn't it be both strange and great at the same time if this movie featuring men of color from both sides of the Atlantic be the film that makes American get a clue of the beauty within the men of color rainbow. I mean look at the selection of hotties you have. From America, you have the aforementioned Breion Diamond and Elmo Jackson, and from France you have the also aforementioned new object of lust, Cyann along with my other new lust objects, Jordan Micheals, Kilian Smith, Abdel, and Rio Jermahl.

The hotness in that male color rainbow is so beyond all the words I've said so far that I have to say, "See you later", because I need another helping of lustful viewing ----RIGHT NOW.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Should I Go For The Go-Go Digits?

Friday night, I went to a bar that I go to about every other week. One of the go-go boys seems to always flirt with me telling me "Don't be shy" when I tip him. And he wasn't talking about me being cheap with the tips. He's talking about me being free to feel him up. Well, it's obvious he doesn't know who he's talking to. After all, he is talking to Tré Xavier. So if anything, I was practicing restraint since Tré Xavier's exhibitionist spirit will have both me and the go-go boy in trouble, because while the go-go boy is on the bar, I'll suck his dick for his cumload like I was sucking a straw to get the last milky bit of a milkshake from Johnny Rockets.

Now, I'm not naive. I know his offer can be taken a number of ways. He could be just that willing to put himself that far out there to get groped by anybody for a buck. OR he could really want me to not be shy with him, because after all, go-go boys are human males just like the rest of us males. So they are able to see someone in the crowd that tickles their fancy. Maybe it's wishful thinking on my part, or maybe I'm catching a real vibe. Either way, with all those listed possibilities as to why he said this, it's hard to take to heart. Which led me to my dilemma last night.

When he was about to leave, I saw him out of the corner of my eye saying goodbyes to customers who were standing on the same side of the bar as me. I was talking to friends at the time with all intentions of letting him go his way. Then all of the sudden, without my saying a word to him, he hugged me and told me to come back Saturday so he could get my contact info, so he could text me.

My thought was, "Holy shit! Where the fuck did that come from?" Because honestly, just like I said, I saw him, but wasn't focusing on him. Then this happens.

So my dilemma was ---- should I have went to that bar Saturday or not? Because truth be told, I would not at all mind letting him pound my ass with some rapid Latin fire, and me riding his dick like I was on a bucking bronco at top speed.

I posted this question up on my Facebook page Saturday afternoon, and only 1 friend offered advice. And it seems we were on the same page with this, so what I was really looking or was confirmation. He said just what I thought to myself from the beginning. He said if I go, don't expect anything. And I wasn't, because I know that will only lead to disappointment if he doesn't say a word to me.

Well, I made my decision. And I'm about to be just that gay by quoting a show tune by saying, "And I'm telling you....I'm not going."

And it was not because of fear of disappointment. It's because I was freakin' tired. I went bar-hopping Friday night. First to Frisky Fridays new spot at D-Tox, then to this bar where I ran into this go-go boy, then left the bar with a hot guy who I fooled around with spooning, and beat each other's meat with until early afternoon. With all that, even though the only alcoholic drink I had that night was 1 vodka tonic, I think me and my liver need at least 1 night off from the bar scene. If were meant to hook-up and fuck like rabbits, we will in due time.

I'm not big on muscles (which he does have), but with that ass - here's to hoping that due time comes VERY soon.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Summer Lust At Sea featuring Owen & Victor

As I always try to inspire a horny weekend for you guys, I thought I show some video that I never posted from one of this past summer's Sea Teas. Owen Hawk and Victor Steele were the performers.

As usual when porn stars are performing on the Sea Tea, the crowd goes wild. I should know, forget about on stage, but I've seen quite a bit of "fro-licking" happening amongst the audience when I've done Will Clark's Bad Boys On The Hudson Sea Tea. And this Sea Tea was no different. In fact, while I was standing there just watching the show with camcorder in hand for when I could squeeze into the horny crowd to get some still and/or video shots, I found my pants getting undone, then wound up making out with a cute couple nearby. And it's things like what you'll see in the video that incited such behavior. Behavior I was very much welcoming might I add.

My dick was already hard, because I like many was gawking at Owen Hawk's always scrumptious bubble butt and Victor Steele playing with his cock that seems to never go flaccid. Add to that my personal memory of rimming both of their asses at one time or another. So it was good to have some cute guys come along to release some of my tension. Maybe this video will get your balls rolling on releasing some of yours - pun intended. Enjoy:


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Crash And Burn On Valentine's Edge

When I went to the screening of "Between Love And Goodbye" back on January 30th, I met someone. Don't be happy for me, because it didn't even make it to Valentine's Day. I tried my best to just leave it alone and not address it on this blog, but the history of this blog is that I tell some of the good and bad in my life as a way to help people. This is one of those times.

As I said, we met at the screening of "Between Love And Goodbye". We hung out at the after-party for the movie, which was held at XES Lounge which is on 24th St. & 7 Av. I had prior plans to go to The Eagle, so when I decided to leave, he was kind enough to actually leave the movie's after-party, and walk me all the way to The Eagle which is on 28th near 11th Av. That's quite a walk, because those of you who have not been to New York City, don't realize that going from street to street is an easy walk, but avenue to avenue is a trip. And this is coming from me, someone who unlike your typical city-dweller, likes to walk. So talked the entire walk, and once at the Eagle,we said our goodnights. Then we walked all the way back to XES Lounge. I thought that was quite sweet of him.

Now for those of you wondering was there a goodnight kiss, I have to say no there was not. We did not actually kiss until we met up again that Sunday night.

Me and this guy met very briefly before at Will Clark's Porno Bingo. I told him then about my involvement in porn. I had no idea that some months down the line I would wind up dating him. But I never ketp that a secret even then. I've often had friends tell me, not to tell about my being in porn right away, but my feeling has always been that to keep it a secret is a form of emotional entrapment. With that being the case, what kind of loving relationship do I deserve, or have the right to demand if I behave that way. None - I deserve an empty life. So because of that, I have been honest with this guy from Day 1. And when we started dating, I gave him my blog address so he could learn even more about me that we didn't discuss on that 1st night of meeting.

At one point, days before Valentine's Day, I was asked what was I doing on the night of Valentine's Day. Well, Daniel Nardicio was having a party that night that I had made plans to go to at least 2 weeks before this guy came into the picture. And you've read this blog enough to know how Daniel's parties get. So all I told this guy was that "I have plans to go out". No details given. Since we were not at the point where details are owed to him, plus we were at this point free to do whatever we wanted with whomever we wanted. Even though that was the case, I am a human being. I know that no matter how honest you are, you don't tell the new prospective lover (whether it's 2 weeks, 2 days, or 2 hours) about how you're going to a party where someone just might suck you off, even though these plans were made a good amount of time before that person came into your life. That's insensitive. So I withheld that information. Now had he pressed me for details, I would have been honest. Reluctant, but honest none the less.

Things started going south because I got a text message from him a little while later saying how he didn't like the idea of me going to a sex party on Valentine's Day. I was like "WHAT THE FUCK....!?"

This was not a text messaging moment, so I called him to find out what he was talking about. He claims he thought he could handle it, but he couldn't, so he was calling it off. But while he thinks he was calling it off, for me he was already out the door with me locking the door behind me and moving on the moment I got that text message, and as you read on you'll see that the more he spoke, the more his actions solidified me making the right decision to feel that way.

Because you see this is FUCK-UP #1 - If you're going to date me, trust me to ask me FIRST. While some may view Daniel's party as a sex party, as up front and honest as I have been from the beginning with this guy, he attacked me without ever asking ME the details of where I was going. He came to assumptions based on info from someone else, after I feel I've established a reputation where I would have been honest with him if he did one simple thing - ASK ME FIRST. While he was correct in his assumption about where I was going this time, Strike 1 is because he didn't go through the proper channels. He attacked me based on someone else's words instead of asking me like he should have. This is why I didn't put up much of a fight when he decided to end things. Because after that behavior alone, he wasn't worthy of the honest man that I am. And I've always said, you will only get 1 of me in your life. If you let me get away your lost is someone else's gain. But his mistakes didn't stop there.

I never announced my going to this party in my blog, or on my website. I don't even think I responded to the invite on Facebook. So I asked him where did he get his info from and the story went like this:

He was texting me, and a friend looking over his shoulder saw my name and said, "Oh, you know him?"

My ex-possible guy said in reply, "Yeah, how do you know him?"

His friend said, "A sex party."

And that is what provoked the text message about me going to a sex party.
I asked him did it ever occur to him that I'm free to do these sexually-free things because I'M SINGLE. I told him that before he jump to his conclusions, why don't he find out what my rules are about putting some reins on my sexual openness for the sake of a relationship, and how we are not at that point yet. But that question was too much like right to come up, just like him asking me exactly where I was going for Valentine's Day evening.

So I asked who is this friend who was looking over his shoulder. He refused to tell me.
Which leads us to FUCK-UP #2 - Keeping unnecessary secrets. If you are pursuing a relationship with someone, as part of the "getting to know each other" process, you learn and discuss the people you have in common. It's common sense, is it not? To do otherwise tells me that you are trying to have a secret person to tell you what I'm doing at certain places while having no idea I'm being spied upon. Once again, as honest as I have been to his face, and by letting him read my blog early on where some of my sexscapades are clearly on display, if he can't trust me enough to lose his spies, then we're done before we start.

This is part of the reason why relationships don't have a history of going too far with me. It's because I can forsee their ugly future if I allow people exhibiting certain behaviors to take such prominent roles in my life. And these behaviors did not make him fit to be in my life as a boyfriend. We are friends now, but not boyfriends. After just those aforementioned scenarios alone, why would I both to consider it? To do so would be me lowering myself to an act of desperation, because only someone desperate to say that they're in a relationship would tolerate those things. I very much want to say that I'm in a relationship, but I'm not going to lower myself by catering to overbearing behavior in order to do it.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Provoked Re-Iterations: Fuck 1, Fuck 2, Fuck 3

Over the course of this blog, especially in recent months, there have been some things that I've said that I think needs a brief re-iteration. I might make this into a category, I've haven't made up my mind on that yet. But until then, let's re-iterate...

RE-ITERATION 1 - Some people who have never been in front of a camera seem to be under this impression that what porn actors do is so much acting. So if they're straight, gay-for-pay is OK. If they're not into a certain race, they should do the scene anyway. WRONG ON BOTH COUNTS.

I addressed this during my Q & A at the LGBT Center, and the assumption is that porn actors are just that "actors". Based on what porn actors do in a sex scene, please explain to me the logic that makes one try to make the comparison to Sean Penn playing Harvey Milk. I've heard this comparison often, and I find it quite annoying. And for once, I'm being polite here using that word, because I told my religious Mom of how some people try making that comparison, and she called them out right "STUPID". In my politeness, that was the word I was trying to avoid, but you can see now how I am my mother's child.

At that Q & A, I made it clear that we are not Heath Ledger and Jake Gylenhaal in "Brokeback Mountain" having simulated sex. What we porn actors do on the screen is the real thing. We actually FUCK, and the only acting we are supposed to do is if you're a bottom act like that is the best dick you've ever been fucked with, even if it hurts OR if you're a popper-addict who feels much of nothing no matter how big the cock is. And if you're a top, that bottom's ass can feel like you pulled your dick out in the middle of the Grand Canyon with the wind whisking by, but you have to act like it's holding your cock with a sweet tightness one should consider heavenly. That is all the acting that should be involved in porn.

Therefore, I should not have to explain to another male that our bodies need visual stimulation in front of us. Hence why if someone claims they're not into a certain person, then it shouldn't be forced on them. In fact, a good director will find out each actor's taste beforehand. Now, if that taste includes singling out someone strictly because of their color, then that's a case where their lack of variety in taste says more about their character (or lack there of) than one could ever hope. Because we all should find a beautiful someone in every color of the human rainbow. If you can't, then you're just a fucked up individual who needs to get your shit correct. So I say, leave them to show their true selves. And let them see watch their fan base of certain ethincities start drying up like an oasis like it is doing with Pierre Fitch.

Also unless we're fucking hands-free, that stimulation started by the sense of sight is maintained by the sense of touch, hence why gay-for-pay actors are bullshitting themselves. There is a difference in the texture of male and female skin, which brings me to my next re-iteration.

RE-ITERATION 2 is going to be short and to the point. Mainly because I went into it in details in my blog post, "The Fucking Degrees". So if you want a deeper explanation, check there.

For any guy claiming he's straight, be he in gay porn or not. There are 3 fucks AT THE MOST that can determine whether or not you're lying to yourself about being some degree of bi, or a totally closeted gay.

Fuck 1, can be out of sheer curiosity, so we can let that slide. Maybe he hated it, maybe he's unsure of what he felt. That leads us to....
Fuck 2 to confirm that the pleasure he felt as a top or bottom in gay sex was real. He's experience a new sensation, so he's allowed to question whether or not he really enjoyed it. But by the end of this romp, he should know for sure. Therefore, if he comes back for....
Fuck 3 and beyond, he needs to stop kidding himself of the fact that he likes poking male ass and/or getting poked with a dick.

So all the gay-for-pay porn actors, and guys "living on the DL" need to start reciting this to themselves:

Fuck 1, Fuck 2, Fuck 3-
When will I stop this lie to me?

It makes for a good nursery rhyme. And considering how long some of these people insist on living this obvious lie, a good nursery rhyme for your infantile bitch ass is exactly what you guys deserve.

This re-iteration is going to lead into the next one which will include an elaboration. An elaboration that some of you might not be too happy with. Oh well, it's not like that's ever stopped me before. So why stop a good thing of being honest now?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Naked Dudes As Furniture?....Hmmm

I have a free-level membership to Austrailia's DNA Magazine, and I came across this:

Ever felt like someone's treated you like a doormat?

If you've ever hung out with Spanish artist David Blázquez, chances are he would've!

Blázquez's new Mobiliario Humano, or Human Furniture exhibition - on display in Seville, Spain - features naked dudes posing as pieces of furniture and items from around the house.

When I read this and saw the pictures, I thought if real men could possibly live as furniture, in my house I would without a doubt live as a hermit and never get anything done, because I would be fucking and sucking all day long.

I'd tried to read a book, I'd have sex with one (or more) of the shelves. Or sit down to read a book one night, then wind up giving my lamp a blow job. Try to sit down and each dinner, I'd get gangbanged by each table part. Try to go to bed, I'd fuck and get fucked by my own bed. And if you think the porn industry is worried now, well they would really have something to worry about with hot-bodied hotties as the TV stand.

What can I say? I love art, and I love nudity. And putting the 2 together makes my imagniation go places. Places I thought you might be glad I decided to share.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

AIDS Walk New York 2009

I am once again doing The AIDS Walk as a member of Team Showgirls, and would like all of you to help as much as you can. I know that we all are living in some tough financial times, but what the Average Joe considers rough, someone living with HIV/AIDS may consider "hell on earth". And with as much money that goes out to entertainers, athletes, and other public figures, it shouldn't be this way.

So let's band together and be about someone besides just ourselves. Therefore, I would greatly appreciate you going to my page and making a donation. Thank you.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Men's Goal Workshop #3

This past Monday, I went to The Men's Goal Workshop. I've always been skeptical of the idea of using a life coach to do whatever I want to do with my life. Especially when I take note that I'm quite intelligent and perceptive myself, so my feeling is whatever they tell me, I can pretty much figure it out on my own. Well, I put that aside, and decided to go for it anyway. And now is as good a time as any since I am not working at that dayjob anymore (blog to follow). Therefore, with my true life goals more clear in front of me with the time now where I can focus more on obtaining them, I felt if I could get any advice on making those goals a reality, then after all the bullshit I put up with from K & K LLP, then I owe it to myself to go for it.

One of the exercises we were given was to write down one goal of ours, and write downs as many ways we can think of to get to that goal. I chose the goal to become a writer. I only wrote down 3 ways to get to it. They are:
1) Write my blog - DONE
2)Get published by magazines - DONE, but would like to get published way more
3)Market myself to more mainstream publications - This is the only part of the plan that has yet to bring forth promising results. When I write about social issues in the LGBT community on my blog, I have always tried tipping off magazines like OUT and The Advocate to no avail.

When I wrote down those 3 steps, the guy sitting next to me, saw what I wrote down, and gave me a thumbs up. I'm sure he had no idea of what I've done with my writing so far, or that I was a blogger at all. But it was good to see that someone I didn't even know felt that the plan I had mapped out was one that could actually work.

There were other exercises we did during the workshop, and I while I still feel that I could have came up with this thought process on my own, it didn't hurt to (1) get a second opinion, and (2) pass on some of your own knowledge of bettering yourself, on to somebody else.

I never had someone re-affirm my plans of how to go about things before. I'm used to coming up with the plan and executing it all on my own, because I want to have no one to blame but myself should my plan fail. Well now, it's still all on me, and this workshop just by 1 visit makes me ready to try a new plan, if my 1st one should fail. My only regret is that I couldn't make it to the 2 prior workshops thanks to that dayjob.

So to summarize, it was a rewarding night that makes me look forward to the next one. Maybe you'll decide to give it a go yourself. If you're anywhere near being at an iffy place in reaching your goals, I hope so.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Skin Tight Observations

This past Saturday, I went to the Skin Tight party at Stonewall. Skin Tight, for those who don't know is a party where most of the guest dress up in skin tight outfits like superheroes. Some guys did wear superhero costumes, some wore biker tights, while others wore singlets. I myself wore the top and bottom you see in the pics with the underwear that I wore at the Black Party over the tights.

I've always been curious about these Skin Tight events, so I just thought I'd give it a go. What heightens the curiosity is the fact that there are some people who have a bit of a fetish towards superheros, spandex, lycra, and what have you. In fact, I must admit that I've seen some bikers who inspire fantasies in me because they're wearing those tights. And I guess it all comes down to those tights being a thin layer between you and the part of that guy that you really want to get to.

With that in mind, you know my wandering eye was checking out everyone in the room. And there were some eyes checking me out as well. The problem is that the initial eyes checking me out were invading my personal space. For instance, after I got dressed, I went over to the bar, and as soon as I got there, this older guy came over putting less than 18inches between us (if that) staring at me the whole time. This was annoying me because before going to Skin Tight, I was at Dance 208 at the LGBT Center, where this guy insisted on dancing right in my line of view facing me. So winding up in situations twice in one night where I'm feeling boxed in made me find neither one of these guys cute or endearing. Instead, I found them to be obsessive. Now, I don't for one second take for granted my being considered handsome by many. In fact, I'm quite thankful for it. BUT that doesn't mean that my right to place myself in a room without being cornered like any other human being vanishes.

There is a way to do these things, and a few of the other guys there got it right. One guy who wasn't dressed up at all looked at me from across the room, we made eye contact, and he came over. We had a great conversation. We later went to sit down where I met his boyfriend, who kept playing with my nipples since they peaked out from under the cut-off top I was wearing. They later had to leave, so after that I went over to a friend of mine who was there.

Through this friend I met another cutey. We started conversing, and one of the things I opened up about early on was my being in porn. Just so you know, I don't make that one of the 1st things I reveal about myself because I see it as some kind of badge of honor. I reveal to lead up to what I'm way more proud of - this blog. A blog would have probably never came to be had I not been in porn. And the blog was the big topic of discussion. I told him that I talk about a variety of topics besides just sex. I said that I also talk about racism in the gay community, and racism in gay porn industry.

All I said was "racism in the gay porn industry", and this guy made an observation that I didn't lead him into, nor expected. He said that for White guys, all they need to do is look good and have a dick to get into porn, but for Black guys it's like they have to be more ripped and how unfair that is. What made this guy even more attractive for taking note of this is the fact that he's White himself in his 20's. And good looking to a degree that he's actually someone a studio would grab to be their next big star. Now if you got qualified White men able to see how fucked up the situation is, maybe studio heads need to get a clue.

As the night went on some of us took off more and more of our costumes. I for one, got rid of my tights, while this cute guy I was talking to changed from the singlet he was wearing into a short version of the tights I had on. Although, not too long after, thanks to this cutey, I got stripped of my cut-off top, so I was looking pretty much the same way I did at the Black Party.

What made all of the observations something to take note of is what we were wearing at the time. We were all standing there almost naked. Now if you can have a conversation of any depth in that state of dress with a straight face, maybe I'm wrong, but unless you're an actor, whatever you say has to be of complete unabashed honesty.

Friday, April 10, 2009

My Rites XXX Adventure

My 1st time going to The Black Party was 3 years ago. Because of the lack of diversity in their roster of performers from that year, last year I boycotted it out of my policy that I just decided I should call (at least for now), "Show a rainbow of tans, or no money from tanned hands". So I actually went against policy this year, and made this my 2nd time. I'll admit I saw some improvement in that regard, but not much.

I was supposed to go there with one friend, but he had a family emergency to tend to. I tried meeting another friend, who was planning on meeting in a bar. I decided not to meet up with him, because as it turned out, when I got to the bar I found out it cost $5 to get in and I wasn't paying money to get in a bar when I had no intention of drinking there, even though the money went towards your 1st drink. So I got back on the train and went solo.

I wasn't solo for too long. Another friend of mine saw me on the coat check line, and it was his 1st Black Party, so we hung out together to got a lay of the land. So we found the bathrooms, stairways and "play" areas early on.

While walking about, I saw many familiar faces which is part of why I wanted to go this year. As well as to show off my underwear that many people seemed fascinated by. Anyway, I've met so many people this past year that I knew it wouldn't be like 3 years ago when I knew only the 1 person I planned on meeting there that year. As luck would have it, I even caught up with my friend that I mentioned earlier who I was supposed to meet at the bar.

My weakness for tall and slim kicked in quite a few times. With so many half-naked men walking around that shouldn't be a surprise. One was a White guy, who got my attention by complimenting on my underwear, and my ass. I took full advantage of him feeling on me, and felt him back, including his bare ass showing in a pair of chaps. It turns out he got flogged earlier, and he said his ass was "on fire". If I had my way of slamming into those buns from the back, his ass would have been more on fire. Instead, I kindly offered to massage his supple buns, and he gratefully obliged. I was so mesmerized while massaging that ass that at one point, Max Scott was passing by and called out to me, and he woke me up out of a daze. I told you I'm an ass-man. And at the Black Party - there's so many to rim, so little time.

Another tall, slim, and sexy that I saw is one from my past. Tony from "Finally Tastin' Chocolate". He looked a little different because I he got a haircut, and I haven't seen him since that night. But that hot ass was undeniable, and besides rubbing my ass against his dick, I groped his ass often. What's so funny about our attraction is that neither one of us fool around with Black guys much until we come in contact with each other. I will admit on my end, I saw quite a few candidates at the Black Party. Some who I wanted to get to play with off-camera, then again on-camera to show off their sexual prowess that I'm more than certain they have. Anyway, Tony wanted to take a picture with me. I wasn't going to because I felt I already had that outfit on it other pics, so why bother. I was still refusing, even though he offered to pay for it. Then suddenly out of nowhere, I caved. And I'm glad I did, because the picture was fuckin' hot.

What has took me so long to post this entry is the fact that I was waiting for the picture to show off to you guys. It would clearly show why I want to be in missionary position with him so I could massage that ass so much that for days my hands would feel like his round mounds are laying on them. Now' I'm getting annoyed in waiting for this picture. Even though I didn't pay for it, it was a gift to me that someone put out their hard earned money for. So I'm not getting annoyed only for myself. I'm even more so annoyed for Tony.

Now, to answer the question on many of your minds - did I go in to the "play" areas? It's me you're talking about here, so of course I did. Not with Tony, but I did have my fun.

I left about 11:30 in the morning. That's a long time considering I got there a little after 12:30, so I was there for almost 11 hours. I will say it was a fun 11 hours that I made fun. Will I do it again next year? Let's see where the year takes me, then I'll decide.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Poppers, Smoppers

I have said here before that I don't get the idea of bottoms using poppers to relax them where they can take in a big dick. Therefore, why at sex parties do I see tops taking poppers as well, I have no idea except to assume that they're some kind of addict, and they're so used to taking something, that for that moment, a popper will do.

I've always just lubed myself up until a guy's cock was able to go inside with no pain. And if there was any pain, it would soon go away as my body quickly adapted to his dick, because of my longing for him. Not a popper in sight. I'm not going to deny that I have tried poppers, but just to find out why so many guys seem to use them. I tried them, hated the headache, and being the self-control freak I am, didn't like the uneasiness. Besides, I never experienced becoming more lose by using poppers anyway, so I stick to my original routine as a bottom.

And what has it profited me? A reputation for having a tight hole.

What made this come about was my going to a sex party this past Sunday. I topped on 2 guys there. Both of them tall. Both of them with nice asses. One of them, who I'll refer to as Guy #1, had a nicer more round ass than the other (Guy #2), and I wanted to so badly come while fucking him. But there was a problem with Guy #1. I would start, then I would lose my hard-on because he wasn't tight enough to hold my dick's interest, and he kept sniffing poppers. He sniffed them so much that while thrusting into him so vigorously that guys were loving the loud slapping sound of my groin meeting his ass, I would have to stop so he could take a sniff.

After my 1st attempt at fucking Guy #1, Guy #2 came along. Guy #2 actually gave me a blowjob that got me incredibly hard for fucking Guy #1. Therefore Guy #2 earned a piece of my dick, so when Guy #2 came for his turn, he pulled down his briefs, I got another condom, and fucked him. It felt SOOOOOO GOOD! His ass was so tight, that I stopped fucking him because I know if I kept going, I was going to shoot a load, but I wanted to build up a big wad for the end of the night. And get this about Guy #2 - NOT A POPPER IN SIGHT. Which only adds to the shame Guy #1 should be feeling because Guy #2 appeared to be older.

I went back to fuck Guy #1 in his ass at least 5 times more. It was my Aries determination to bust a nut while fucking the better looking ass. But each time, it was with the same outcome of no cum - because the looseness making my dick lose interest. Because his ass was just that - better looking, but not better feeling.

So I eventually gave up, and had a hot Latino fuck my ass while groping his plump ass, and I did what I don't usually do - I came while being fucked. And I came alot.

Something in my mind told me that there was a reason those 2 guys were so different feeling to me. Could it have been that Guy #1 bottomed for guys quite a bit thicker than myself, so now his ass is stretched out? I myself have been fucked by incredibly thick cocks while maintaining a rep for a tight hole, so that theory was questionable. OR for this guy, did poppers actually work, and that's why he was so lose?

I'm being to think the latter, because looking back, this isn't the 1st time I've experience losing a hard-on while fucking someone. Every guy I've lost my hard-on with while fucking them used poppers. The few that didn't, brought me to or near an orgasm.

Due to this realization, I am going to make it official here today, and I'm sure many of you are not going to like it. But here goes my bottom line on this:

If you can't take a cock in your ass without sniffing some poppers, then you are not a man at all, and will not be topped by me. Nor will you top me.

I might tolerate you at a sex party, but never again in private. I'm sure many of you have your thoughts on this, so feel free to comment. But do take note that this is MY RULE FOR ME. One that is backed by logic, so if you disagree, it's highly unlikely for me to consider what you say having any validity.

Now, I may be lessening my number of partners for tricks or long-term by a great degree. If that's the case, then so be it, because I know there are some people out there man enough to let only the sex be their high, therefore go at it popper-free.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Arch Required For My Foe, The Faux-Ass

This is me making up for the venting I did on Friday. It's all about the ass.

During my photoshoots with Tyson Cane, one thing I've always hated in his shoots was him making me pose with my back arched. People who conform and stick to formulas lack individuality, therefore they are people who annoy the holy fuck out of me. And as much as I tried to ignore it, asking me to arch my back was a clear sign of Tyson Cane being one such person. He was so stuck on a formula, instead of making up new rules based on the reality in front of him. That formula being what I refer to as the "faux-ass", the practice of porn models arching their back during a photoshoot in order to give the impression that the model has a protruding ass that isn't really there. And this is usually done with White models who may have nice asses, but not the great asses that protrude as much as they want you to believe.
Now, I don't really praise my ass much, but with the reality in front of his face being that I'm a Black man with a protruding derriere, every time Tyson Cane told me to arch my back, I was so on the edge of screaming, "WOULD YOU GET A MOTHER FUCKIN' CLUE?! I DON'T NEED TO ARCH MY BACK, BECAUSE GUESS WHAT....I HAVE AN ASS, YOU DUMB ASS! IN FACT, I HAVE ENOUGH ASS THAT I COULD SHARE THE FUCKIN' WEALTH!!!!"
Now to answer those of you who may be asking, "Yo Tré, then why don't you share the wealth?"
Well, I must say to answer that, I just feel this is what God gave me, you guys like it, so in this regard ---- I'm going to be a stingy bitch.
I may have a nice ass, but I'm no Raphael Alencar.

A pillow with drool-guard should be molded from that beauty specimen of ass, because I would definitely be licking and drooling on it from the second I lay my head on it, and continue that as I sleep.
When I see them use that pose of arching the back, or shots taken a special angle on all these mediocre-ass-having models, I start paraphrasing the famous line from this scene in the movie, "Crocodile Dundee".

So in this case, I look at guys like that and say, "That's not an ass ----", I then turn around and drop trou, point to my backside, and continue with, "
----that's an ASS.
Thanks to the racism I've seen in the adult industry, as much as I hate it, I have to say that to myself to remember as much as these bigoted studio heads try ignoring the beauty of well-endowed Black booty, I, and my fellow fine-assed Black porn actors are still hot, lust-instilling commodities with no arch required.

I will admit, there are some White models who never, ever have to arch their back or have a special angle used for a photo to make them appear to have junk in the trunk. To use thsoe tricks in their photos is just as it is in my photos - overkill. So for them, I would love to lay on my back, with heels pointed to heaven, and massage those 2 plump round mounds during and in between every thrust into my ass.
I'll even name my favorite to prove my point.
T.J. Cummings - Even though he's a straight porn actor, I have lusted for this man before I started really watching gay porn. Although, as it turns out, as I watched more gay porn, I discovered he has a gay porn past (under the name "Nick Steele"). That is one White guy with an ass that has the juiciness usually associated with a Black booty. And that ass is why he is my all-time favorite American straight porn actor. I wish he would come back to gay porn, just once - for me.
Now, I could have made my point in a sentence or two, but I do believe that this way was more entertaining. That point being, that if a studio wants to show off a great ass, then find a model with a great ass. Get off your "White is the only beauty" regimen, and stop using bullshit back-arching and photo angles to create illusions. Find models, who have the real thing no matter what color they are.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Fearing Ageism Condoned, But I'm Partying On

I had a great birthday, and a great big THANKS, to all those who sent me birthday wishes.

In the end of my post, "Fuckin' Hot, 38 Rocks", I admitted to how I never got a birthday fuck. Well, that has now changed. I went bar-hoping that night and hooked up with a cutie I met at The Cock. I'm not going to get into details about how this came about, or how it turned out. All I will say is that it was a hot one-on-one session. That is all. Now on to more important issues.

A disappointing thing I will say about that day was more on the publicity front. I sent tips out to 3 of the big name porn news sites (Fleshbot, GayPornTimes, and TheSword) about my post "Fuckin' Hot, 38 Rocks", and I was a bit perturbed to see none of them cover it. When I deal with important matters on this blog, I send tips to them all the time, and for the most part nothing gets posted., and I accept that. It comes with the territory, right? However, there comes a time when the subject matter I'm addressing is too important to be ignored, and this is one of them.

In my Aries stubbornness, I rarely question myself. And I'm not questioning myself now. After looking it over repeatedly after I wrote it, I know for a fact that I should not have came off as an asshole vain about his looks in "Fuckin' Hot, 38 Rocks", and the only people who would think so are those envious of how well I've maintained myself asthey have fallen prey to the racial generalizing saying, "Black don't crack". When in fact, Black does crack. Because look at Double R from "Love Of The Dick 4". Who in that scene looks older, him or me? Exactly my point, because there I was 35 when I did that scene, and he was in his 20s. But you wouldn't know it.

My intention behind that post was to make the older gay men who take care of themselves by way of a decent amount of exercise, making sure they lead a less stressful life, and no plastic surgery, Botox, or what have you to feel good about getting older, and not feel they had to go the route of those who show they are vain and insecure by doing the opposite. This was my pat on the back to those men who age NATURALLY therefore GRACEFULLY, and give them the incentive to not sway from that path. To not see someone back me up on giving that much needed pat on the back troubles me.

I will be the 1st to admit that I am part of an industry that incites many "-isms" in not just the gay community, but our society overall, with ageism being a BIG one of them. So I felt any words I could say about myself to undo that damage, I should say it and say it loud and proud. And anyone who has the power to aid me in making it louder (like those sites), should back me up. I wish those sites that I tipped off felt the same. I know they get many press releases and such, but there is a time when one can slip in a little word about something with as deep a meaning as what I was trying to convey.

Now I am by no means trying to tell them how to run their site by writing this. I'm just expressing my concern of what their ignoring that particular post means.

Well, even though my birthday was Tuesday, I'm still celebrating. THANKS to Daniel Nardicio, Joel Israel, Gant Johnson & JC Powers, I'll finalize the club version of my celebration at their new party, TRASH held downstairs at Splash on Friday nights. I'll be checking out the go-go boys, watching them in their shower show, which satisfies my fetish for hot wet guys. Therefore YES, THERE WILL BE DROOL.

So if you stop by Splash tonight, and you see me around, say HELLO. I don't bite....unless you want me to.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

"New Power Generation" - Timely Battle Cry

When I did my interview featured in the book, ULTIMATE STARZ, one of the questions posed to me by the author, Owen Keehnen was this:

Owen Keehnen: If your life had a theme song what would it be?

Me: There are so many, but I'll pick one I'm sure many will overlook. "New Power Generation" by Prince.

Lately, that song has been playing in my head like crazy. I don't know why, but if I have to guess as to why, I would have to say it's probably because of the state of the world, our country, various workplaces, as well as various industries including the adult entertainment industry. All of these facets are in a state where the corrupt powers that be are facing a downfall, be it because of their greed, their insensitivity, their racism, or what have you, many are facing a fall, and those corrupt powers are hanging on for dear life, and some even denying that their narrow-mindedness is causing a fall from their delusional grace.

If you listen to the lyrics of "New Power Generation", you'll realize that it's all about us being the new power to set things right, because the old powers have failed us miserably. From the outcry for a new presidential administration to controversies within the adult industry over racism and gay-for-pay, people are wanting something new and better presented to them. And only those foolish enough to be part of the problem instead of the solution wanted things to stay the way they were with no change in sight.

It's amazing, yet a travesty how this song is almost 20 years old, but is still so relevant today. I take that as a serious sign that we all need to stop being about our cliques, our gayness, our straightness, our blackness, our whiteness or whatever color, our loyalty to man-made cultures, etc., and be about our humanity. What do you think?

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