Friday, February 12, 2010

Write That Down #12

I'm considering many ventures right now, and one of them is to either start a sex party or partner with someone to produce one. One of the main rules would be that you cannot claim to have a preference regarding color and ethnicity. You have to be open to sexually associate yourself with all. I came up with the need for that rule because I've heard it at all the sex parties and seen it on all the hook-up sites coming from mainly Americans, and it is constantly used as an excuse as to why there are so few Blacks and Asians in gay media here in America. Well, for my next quote for my "Write That Down" label, I need to point out this fact:

It seems mostly Americans are dumb enough to live by the credo of saying they "have a preference", as reason to not be attracted to someone of a different color or ethnicity. They need to be honest and replace the word "preference" with "racism" and/or "bigotry". But that would be revealing how wrong their way of thinking is to not only the world, but to themselves.

Therefore, if I was to host a sex party, having that credo of "preference" will have my party doors locked to you. You'll then have to listen to the sexy noisy fun from outside, because you'll never see or partake of the beautiful rainbow presence that is producing that sexy noisy fun from the inside.


  1. As much as I wanted to kick Mayer in his "David Duke penis" for his comment, I am LOVING that it's encouraging this kind of dialogue, both online and off.

    Your party sounds like it'll be awesome!

  2. Eliza,

    Thanks for your comment.

    However, the John Mayer controversy played no part in my writing this blog post. Especially since I have no idea of exactly what he said that started whatever uproar you may be referring to. And please don't post it here. Not to be rude, but the fact is I really don't care as it had no bearing on what I wrote here.

    Once again, thanks for commenting, and the faith you have that should I decide to create a sex party, that it would be awesome.

  3. Hey Tre,

    Thanks for keeping the blog updated, in particular regarding SexParties. I have up updated my website to include a SexParty etiquitte page. Numbers 5,6 and 7 are directly influenced by this blog.

    Not posting the site here to avoid the apearance of promotion, but I am copying 5,6,7 below.

    Any input you might have would be apreciated.


    5)Read the stats (including ethnicities) of the other guests before you come. Not only do we always have a mixed crowd of black, white, latino, asians, middle eastern guys, jews and west indians--WE PRIDE OURSELVES ON OUR DIVERSITY. Remember, this is Queens, the most diverse county in NYC and on the planet earth. There is a reason we live here and not Oklahoma. We do not expect you to be attracted to every body type or personality, we DO expect you to come to this group without any racial hang ups. If this is your situation we can refer you to "Black Only" or "Asian Only" groups etc. This is not the right spot for you.

    6)No always means no. It does not mean come put your hand back on my dick in another ten minutes. Remember that we are all here to have fun/sex with people we are comfortable with/attracted to. A polite "No Thanks" is enough. Please respect each other and each other's preferences.

    7)Ask before joining a group that is already in progress. If a bottom is being topped by someone, it does not mean it is automatically ok to put your dick in his face.


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