Monday, October 24, 2016

Fuckable Body... Unlovable Soul

Fuckable Body... Unlovable Soul from LeNair Xavier on Vimeo.

How can anyone respect, like, or even love a gay pornstar when 95+% are either racist, gay-for-pay, or lowering their worth by having sex with the aforementioned? That's why I have never respected the likes of Conner Habib, but the racism of gay media does. That's why me and Victor Hoff when he was doing Men of Color blog had a disagreement over Devon Hunter.

Victor Hoff once interviewed Devon Hunter. In that interview, they talked about racism in the gay porn industry, and what Devon was slated to do next. Well, not the exact words, but Devon Hunter's replies could justifiably been paraphrased as saying:

"Yes, there's racism in the gay porn industry... Well, let me go rest up, and abstain from cumming so I can be ready to shoot that scene for Falcon."

Yes, in that same interview, Devon Hunter spoke against racism, but also announced working for one of the most racist of gay porn studios. So excuse me. But I can't be of a sane mind telling myself to respect Devon Hunter and others like him when they claim to acknowledge the racism in the gay porn industry, then either pull out their hard-ons to stick it in the ass of a racist or gay-for-pay bitch in denial, or bend over to take in their dick... All in the same breath.

I've avoided this topic for so long because it meant calling out some people who I thought very well of at one time. The most recent known name is Chris Harder. So imagine my disappointment when he made his porn debut by signing an exclusive contract with Cocky Boys, says he's attracted to men of color in his debut video, YET to this day, Cocky Boys has no models darker that light caramel brown. Then after that contract, he has scenes with other racist studios, having sex with white boy after white boy.

And I'm sure some of you who are loyal fans are ready to chime in on how he's working with NextDoorEbony, so I shouldn't be complaining. Actually, me and any racially sensitive non-black still should complain. For NextDoorEbony is a branch of NextDoorStudios made up during the Recession so NextDoorStudios could stay afloat by doing "something new" (for them)---fetishizing black guys. And those black models are never seen in scenes for NextDoorBuddies or any other site from NextDoorStudios, like NextDoorStudio's white and light Latino models. So before coming to Chris Harder's defense on this, consider all of that.

Now, Chris Harder is not the 1st to disappoint me like this. He is one of a loooong list. It's just as always, it takes that "one too many" to make me address an issue in much greater detail.

So this poem is my self-realization of how the man I thought Chris Harder was, the good associates and friends I thought I had when I was in the industry,... they are all people who do not exist. I also might have to admit that the goodness was never there. Whatever the case, at least I'm acknowledging it.

Well, to prove the saying of how every dark cloud has a silver lining, the reaction from the audience was GREAT!!!!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Enjoy Blacks Bottoming, Or Be Denied This Black Topping

Recently, after a long while, I attended the Monday night Milk Chocolate NYC party at Rainbow Playground in Queens. There weren't a lot of guys there at the moment, and most were not cute.

However, there was one guy sitting in a chair that I noticed as I traipsed through the video lounge, but I didn't set my full eyes on him. While I could feel his eyes on me, I never returned the look. Because from what my peripheral vision caught, he had a nice body, but I thought the hair on his body was a bit erratically patterned for my taste. As if he shaved it weird.

A little while later, while wandering around, I came to the open dark play area. I could see from the silhouette that that guy I noticed before was there. Getting suck off by someone. None of the other guys there caught my interest, so I spent most of my time dodging their reach for me. Then he reached for me. I wanted to let him touch me, as my eyes focused and my ability to see in the dark made his silhouette become a man with a face in that dim light. Leading me to discover that what my peripheral vision thought was hair on his body earlier was not hair at all. They were tattoos.

I still didn't let him touch me at that moment however. Simply because I didn't want to include the guy sucking him off, or any of the other guys trying to touch him, or me. So yes, I denied myself this hot tattooed guy because I didn't want to be rude to anyone else. Because while it is highly accepted in sex party/backroom behavior, it's actually quite rude to feel so entitled to knowingly take a guy away from someone(s), and allow the perceived beauty bestowed on you by your color, ethnicity, body type, etc. to give you the fuck-faced audacity to do so.

Well, Karma must have smiled on me for taking that stand. Because I did get him later. When I moved away, he shortly after stopped the guys touching him, then came to me. We then started making out. The guys who wouldn't take "no" for an answer stuck around. Putting their hands in the way to feel his cock while I was soon going down on him. When my cocksucking got too good for him, he pulled me up, and kissed me some more. Feeling my ass making it very clear that he wanted to get inside me. I walked backwards leading him to the large sofa in that area. I reached in my thigh pack for my supplies. Lubed up my ass, and let him in.

Once those around us saw that his raw Italian cock was going to go inside me, and not the other way around, the crowd thinned out. At the most, I would see one person playing voyeur. And it was always changing as to who it was. They seemed to get tired of watching a white guy top a black guy, see it wouldn't change any time soon, so they would move on. Then another would take their place and do the same. Which was fine by me. Because even in that wide open space where anybody could come by and try to participate, our hot sex was so unseemly to them that it left us to fuck like we were alone in a large hotel room. Able to change positions, and moan and groan without disturbing a soul. Sad to say at a sex party, but it's me looking how every dark cloud has a silver lining. And our being able to be so intimate with this primal fuck was that silver lining. Especially this one move he did with me on my stomach.

He would pulled up with just the tip of his cock inside me. He would then hold that pose for a few seconds. Leaving me to wonder if and when he was coming down. Then BANG! He plows down hard into my ass! I felt the jiggle of my ass cheeks each time he did that.

We later ran into each other again in the video lounge. He invited me to sit next to him, and we started making out immediately.  During our making out, one thing that became evident about his body that he wanted to show me was how he pre-came a lot. Letting his dick lean on my thigh, so he could pick up his dick, and let me see a string of pre-cum connecting us. So this explains how when our making out soon led to me getting on my knees and leaning on the back of the sofa to bottom for him again, without much lube, my hole let him in. His lube was spit and pre-cum, and my hole was more so relaxed because it was him.

Again, the same thing happened. Guys would watch us for a second, and realize a white guy was topping a black guy, then they would move on. We stopped after a bit. Neither one of us had come yet. We slouched on the sofa fondling each other. Somehow, the topic of porn came up, and after I revealed my porn past, he revealed the same about himself. He said he had did a movie for Treasure Island Media a few years ago. I was not surprised. Knowing me, it might have been me to bring up the subject of porn, then tell of my past in it to get him to explain his tattoo of Treasure Island Media's signature logo of a skull and crossed-swords.

The movie he was in was titled "In The Flesh". In that movie, he went by the name "Angelo". He said he never fucked in the scene as a top or bottom, and that he was in a bathroom giving oral. While he did give a great blowjob, what my ass just endured twice (at that point) from his dick made me feel honored to been able to feel his talent as a top without the rest of the porn-viewing public being able to guess how great he is.

Way before this however, back when we were making out, I was considering topping him. So after making out for a bit in the afterglow of this fuck, I eventually asked him if I could top him. He was quick to state him being ok with it. He then asked me if I wanted to do it there in the video lounge on that sofa, or go into a booth. I chose to take him to a booth.

I took him to the largest and best lit booth. I took him there because I'm tired of seeing sex party patrons influenced by the aforementioned racist roles in porn. With whites only wanting to play voyeur to interracial sex if it's with a black guy being a gorilla nigger top. And if I name companies, it' unfortunate how one name included among them would be the very one Angelo worked for, Treasure Island Media. The sight of a black bottom with a white top for them and practically every other porn company is too rare a sight.

So my way to undo what we've been taught was by leaving them with the memory of us sucking each other, and fucking ....with him as a top going at me hard and deep. Even if they didn't stick around long to watch like I mentioned before, the mere sight of it for just a few seconds plants the seed in the mind of how a black guy as a bottom to a white man is possible, and can be just as beautiful as interracial sex with a black guy as a top, if not more so. So I took away the beauty of what we were going to do, as a means to more so undo what porn had trained them to accept.

He loved my cock just as much as I loved his. I won't go into details about my topping him, but anyone outside the door of that booth got quite an auditory show. It was enough that when we stopped, someone tried to come in, but undoing the hook-lock. They never entered enough for us to see them. So I leaned a little forward to kick it shut, then got up to put the lock back on.

We again laid there basking in the after-glow of sex with a formula that was quickly becoming our thing: Fuck a bit, savor it, fondle each other, then fuck again. And the last component of that is exactly what happened.

Once I felt the urge in him I laid on my back and raised my legs. I dabbed my hole with lube because I wanted his pre-cum to play a strong component to being my lube. So he aimed his wet, raw cock at my hole, and went in. And once he felt the resurrected tightness of my hole around his dick again, he pounded me mercilessly. I think what make sex with us catch guys' attention was how regardless of who was topping, neither one of us was silent. Our fucking was a constant overlapping of moans saying "God, I love your ass!" with "God, I love your cock!", or "Gimme that dick!" with "Oh, fuck yessss!"

Then it finally happened. He came. He shot his load in me, thrusting so hard into me with his orgasm that if I was a woman, no doubt his sperm would have met at least one eggs, if not several. Hence the term for a guy cumming in a bottom's ass during bareback sex, "BRED".

And before I conclude, let me address those still waging a bareback vs. condom sex war, and their claim of the shame I should feel for having bareback sex by way of this tweet:
Moving on,...We again laid there basking in the afterglow. This time, we were exhausted, and rightfully so. My hole drained his balls of jizz that had been building for who knows how long, while his intense topping made my feet have to re-learn how they felt to be against a floor.

Soon after, I called it a night. Basking in not only the sex, but the stand I took against being considered worth watching only if I'm a top by denying sex party patrons the sight of it when I did top. And until I see our community change their view on a black guy being a bottom, if I can, I think I will continue to make that my m.o. The same way I'm still going commando after advising all black men to do in "Black Guys Wear Underwear, Too". Proof that I do practice what I preach.

It's easy for me to take that stand because my being watched while fucking at a sex party/backroom is not a necessity. Nor is it a desire. It is just simply a part of the sex party/backroom scene that I accept, but I am more than willing to avoid it if the opportunity presents itself. Especially when it's to fight stifling imagery drilled into our heads.

And due to the roles we've been told we must play based on color/ethnicity, that might be a necessary move to make so that guys can learn to expect versatility from all colors and ethnicities. Thereby see that we blacks can play all positions in sex just like white boys. So until then, I'll strive more to let them see live what they see too little of in porn....

A black man ready, willing, able, and hungry to ride the entire skin  rainbow of ass and cock.

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