Friday, February 25, 2011

Ban _ _ Often Outside Of Porn

The 2 blanks in the title are not for 2 letters, but actually 2 words...Pulling Out.

This may seem odd coming from me, since I have so often professed how much I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the sight of healthy natural fluids like cum and piss shooting out of a man's dick. I even wrote a blog entry about it for my "Getting Out The Kinks" category. It is for that reason that I had to choose the title of this post carefully. 

Don't get me wrong! Nothing has changed! I still like seeing a guy shoot a big load of cum and letting it with its warmth land on my body, and if he shoots it on himself, depending on how well I know him, I might lick it off him. Or we go into the bathroom, get in the tub, piss on each other, then fuck like savages using the piss as lube. Hence why I like to have sex with a good fuck more than once. If it's a one-night-stand, I like to fuck at least twice - once with the top coming while still inside the bottom, and the other with the top shooting his jizz outside the ass he's fucking.

Now, why do I want to ban pulling out often outside of porn? It's because just as I find it unnatural for there to be a barrier between a man and his partner (but in this age of HIV/AIDS, we must consider it), I also find it unnatural for a man to be having anal or vaginal sex, and ejaculate outside of his sexual partner. I feel the male in the active role should not have to think about pulling his cock out of the person in the passive role. First of all, it denies the person in the passive role the pleasure of feeling that cock throb as it let's loose that sexual tension. More importantly, I believe that this is an indicator that whichever partner decides the male in the active role should pull out is a lousy lover. Because that partner causes a break in the physical connection before the sex is complete.

If a constant sex partner like a husband, boyfriend, or fuck-buddy pulls out to enjoy the view once in awhile, then it's not a bad thing. However, be it a constant partner or a one-night-stand, a guy who ALWAYS pulls out his dick to cum is a guy who watches too much porn, therefore lacking in individuality.

I say all this from the prospectives of both the top and bottom. If I do an entire sex session as a top, I don't feel the sex to be complete unless I cum while inside the bottom. And as a bottom, I don't feel the sex to be complete unless we've had at least one round where the top cums while inside me.

When I bottom, I sooooo wish that I could put a camera in my ass like whichever women put one in their pussies in order to make the cumshots in this video. It would get me off even more so to see and feel my partner's body, then one move of my eyes and/or head to a video monitor in the room, and seeing what my top's cock looks like going back and forth from inside my ass, then seeing his cock shoot a load, be the jizz filling up a condom or spewing man-milk into my ass tunnel.

Like I said, I LOVE nature. And ejaculation is a part of nature. I also feel that where you ejaculate is a part of nature as well. So unless you're doing a porn shoot, I believe you should make most of your ejaculations from anal and/or vaginal sex happen while your dick is wrapped in the warmth of either an embracing ass tunnel or a tight, wet pussy.

Now, whether or not you wear a condom with that ejaculation, being that you're an adult, I won't preach to you on that decision. That is up to you.


"I don't feel comfortable.....answering questions that have letters in lower-case that should be capitalized." If you were to fill out an application for what you love and feel adequate for, yet someone throws you away for an would you feel?

I would be man enough to take note of the mistake I made, and remind myself of how mistakes have consequences. Therefore, should the opportunity present itself again, I would be more mindful of the results of my error from the last go-around, and not repeat that error. By this method, if I find myself thrown away, I'll have more reassurance that it's not my fault.

This is "being an adult, and taking responsibility for your actions."

My blog may make me seem like an open book....but maybe I'm not, so ask away ;-)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What's the last good book you read?

I do so much writing that as much as I would like to, I honestly don't have time to read books, and it's been so long since I've read a book that I can't recall the last good one that I read.

My blog may make me seem like an open book....but maybe I'm not, so ask away ;-)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

February 22, 1949 @12:14 AM....

On this day, February 22nd at 12:14 AM in 1949, my mother was born.

I could not be more proud to have a mother like her in my life. She has been a Mom when I needed a mom, and my best friend when I needed a best friend. One to confide in through my best and worst of times. Perfect example is how even with her strong religious convictions, I was able to come out to her during my first failed relationship attempt with Danny. Then I discover that she knew of my orientation for over a year - from the time I was dating Alfonso, the very 1st guy I dated since coming to terms with my sexuality. All this, and my being a predominantly gay bisexual has NOT stopped her love for me. And she continues to be both the best Mom and friend to me to this very day.

I know I am truly blessed, because there are some out there who can't say that. Nor are there some people in the adult entertainment industry blessed enough to be able to tell their parents that they're in the business. And have them be a listening ear when something in the industry goes wrong. Hence why so many in the industry are lost. 

My mother's love is why I have the wisdom you have come to know and like this blog for.
And it is her love that made me able to walk away from the porn industry, and know I was going to do better than I did while in it.

So for all her love and support, it is only right that I say....

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Next to Me: About Black Gay Porn

Near the end of January, I got an email from a Dustin Fitzharris. In his email, he introduced himself as a writer for the NYC gay nightlife magazine, Next, doing a feature on the state of Black gay porn, and he wanted to know if I would be interested in being interviewed on the subject. Considering how much I speak about ethnic porn and the lack of representation minorities (especially those of medium to darker-complexions) are shown, of course I jumped at the chance to make my voice heard. For it was a chance to speak for the many of you who read my blog, and feel as I do, but don't have the means to make yourself heard.

For those of you who are faithful readers, you are well aware of how in the past, I've cited Next Magazine for either that same lack of or narrow-minded minority representation. So with that in mind, while this was Dustin's interview, the good interviewer that I know I am becoming had his own interview question in mind....

....Of all names, how did my name get considered a possible interviewee?

Dustin told me that he pitched the idea of this feature to his boss at Next, and when he asked his boss if he knew anyone that he could interview for the piece, my name came up. His boss told him that on my blog, there are no holds barred. I was a bit surprised to hear that, and at the same time, very glad. I was glad because that tells me that all my alarms that I thought were not being taken notice of, actually made me a name that they're becoming aware of.

When planning on how to conduct the interview, when I offered the choices of IM chat, email, phone, or (since we both live in NYC) in-person, I was so happy when Dustin said that he didn't want to do an email interview. What I hate about email interviews is that the longer the interviewee takes to return the answers to the interviewer's questions, the less you can trust those answers to be sincere. In fact, it becomes more likely that those answers were written by someone with a better sense of diplomacy and more articulate---and not the intended interviewee. Hence why in all of my email interviews, I've made sure to return my answers in a more than timely fashion. So this was a big deal for me, because this interview "popped my cherry" by being my 1st face-to-face interview.

From the start of our sit-down at the Starbucks on 23rd & 7th, Dustin impressed me. You see, when Dustin sends an email, where it says "Sender", Dustin is spelled "dustin", with a lower-case D. And just as I was sitting down, Dustin told me, "Just to let you know, I may type my name in lower-case letters, but I don't have any self-esteem issues."

I immediately started laughing, because I knew he was referring to a Formspring question of mine back in October. This told me that he did his research. Enough research that he was not going to give me boring ass run of the mill questions. And if an interviewer is any good, then he/she knows that my writing deserves better than run of the mill questions. Therefore, an interviewer has to be at the top of their game, or else they're going to bore me, and I will have no problem expressing my boredom. So I could see by that initial statement from Dustin, of how this was going to be an interesting interview.

One thing I was asked early on was if I dated outside my race, and I replied that I did. In hindsight, I realized that at one point later during the interview that my answer could easily imply that I still live with the self-hatred that contributed to the lack of attraction to other Black men that I used to have. The truth is that self-hatred was influenced by the scarcity of decent Black role models, and the turncoat change in the racial climate of NYC's gay community could have made that self-hatred resurface. However, much to my delight, the self-hatred did not resurface, and I am obviously over that lack of attraction to other Black males considering the intense attraction I had to the Black guy at the sex party I recently mentioned in "Party Sex In Rainbows".

Besides that, Dustin's thorough research had us touching on a great many subjects that I have addressed on this blog over time. Such as the method some studios use as a way to claim that they hire ethnic models. One studio in particular got mentioned, but my regret is that I didn't name more studios and actors who perpetrate that fraud. We also discussed posts in which I suggest boycotting events like The Black Party and Hustlaball because of their lack of and/or narrow-minded minority representation .

This all made me was glad for the opportunity to say them aloud to someone in the media instead of simply relying on letting my blog do the talking leaving me unsure of who in the media is listening, therefore can spread the word. Although, that still may be the case, because after all, this interview was not for a feature on LeNair "Tré" Xavier. This interview was for a feature that required other interview subjects. So while I know a great deal of what I said in the interview is long overdue in being said and made more public, and many of you will be glad to read that I said it, there's no guarantee that my most poignant points will make the final edit.

But we will all have to wait to see when the issue comes out in a March issue of Next Magazine. And even if you don't see it in Next Magazine, you know that you can continue coming here.

See also "Reply To White Cocks Only"

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Over time, a number of White and light-complexioned ethnic porn actors have followed and/or friend requested me on various networking sites, YET you never see them paired with a Black porn actor. Who's at fault for this? The actor, the director, or both?

Over time, a number of White and light-complexioned ethnic porn actors have followed and/or friend requested me on various networking sites, YET you never see them paired with a Black porn actor. Who's at fault for this? The actor, the director, or both?

Answer here or leave answers in the Comments section.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

See You Soon As I'm On The Move

This is just to update you on the fact that I'm moving soon. So my internet access to update this blog will be uncertain for a bit. Just know that it is a move long overdue. And I will be back as soon as possible, appreciating  your continued support.
Thank you.

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