Sunday, February 28, 2010

2 3-Ways, 1 Week, #2 - Last Straw To Boring Oral

A couple of weeks ago, I wound up being a part of 2 3-somes in 1 week. I'll start off with a coundown telling the tale of #2 because I need to save the best, #1 for last.

I know some of you who are White Americans were probably quite pissed off by my post, "The Boring Oral" if you either did not read it carefully and/or found yourself to be guilty of doing oral for way too long. Well, this is the story that inspired that post.

I was out with a couple of friends at View Bar on Saturday, and whatever we were talking about, what American guys are into somehow made its way into the conversation, and I pulled up a photo on my cellphone of a fuck-buddy who was an exception to that. Well, not too long after, my phone goes off and it's the guy from the picture. He was calling me to tell me that he was home with a Bulgarian boy who wanted to experience being with a Black man. So while his ears must have been burning because of my conversation with my friends, some other body parts must have been burning as well. Even with that being the case, I was not about to dump my friends for a piece of ass - that would be rude. With that in mind, I asked if I could call them back in an hour, since I predicted my friends would be that much longer at View Bar, which they were. My fuck-buddy OK'd the idea, and I went back to my friends.

Once en route to my fuck-buddy's place, my biggest concern was what did this Bulgarian guy look like. Well, once there, I was by no means disappointed. Along with my fuck-buddy's swimmer's build and round dancer's butt, the Bulgarian had a slightly more muscular physique and a juicy Euro-booty. The 3 of us talked for a bit, with me and my fuck-buddy on a sofa while with a coffee table between us, the Bulgarian sat on a chair on the other side. One topic of discussion was how this fuck-buddy was one of te main ones who made me more comfortable with being a top. This led to my fuck-buddy initiated taking off my shirt, kissing me, then invited the Bulgarian to join us on the sofa until we were all shirtless, then went to the bedroom, which is where we took off our pants and underwear. This made us all bask in each others' naked bodies, and me the chocolate center of a reverse Oreo.

We had a 3-way kiss, and being the ass-man that I am, I was not going to let this night go without simultaneously groping both of their asses while I was the middle guy in that kiss. We then laid out on the bed and started with some oral. Not too long after, my fuck buddy assumed the position for me to fuck his ass, and I did. The only drawback is that I can't fuck it with the savagery my cock craves to fuck a hole with, but I make up for it by massaging his ass cheeks with each thrust into them. What was adding to my pleasure was that while I was sliding in and out of my fuck-buddy's ass, the Bulgarian was massaging my ass while my fuck-buddy sucked his cock.

I could sense the oral was starting to get a bit long in the tooth for the Bulgarian when he made it clear that he wanted to fuck my ass. I was more than happy to oblige, especially since seeing that naked body, I could decide whether I wanted to fuck his juicy ass or grope it while he fucked my ass. So his request made the latter of those two be the case from my end.

From this point on, I was the bottom for the rest of the night, and into the next morning. After the Bulgarian shot his load, so did I, then do did my fuck-buddy. The Bulgarian then left, which left me and my fuck-buddy alone. And we did what we've did in our last 3-way - after the 3rd party left, we got back in the bed and fucked again with just the 2 of us.

My fuck-buddy started off with the oral, and now I was finding it long in the tooth. And when I wrote "The Boring Oral", I thought back to that night, the next morning and how many times before that night of how it was a White American who made me want to say "Will you stop sucking my dick so much?! I don't want to spend all night fucking your face, I would like to fuck your asshole, and/or have you fuck mine before sunrise."

After that encounter I thought to myself that I've been silent and tried to ignore this long enough. It's time for me to write a wake-up call. And then the following week, "The Boring Oral" was born. So it wasn't just one night of me trying to be silent. It was one of many.

Well, I'm glad to get the tale of that 3-some out of the way, because the next tale of a 3-way set for Friday has a hotter outcome as I help someone explore what they claim is new to them.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Tré Xavier - Officially A MODEL

Last Thursday night, I was modeling as the performance art for artist Brian Reed's exhibit, THROUGH THE HEART OF IT ALL. I was standing there all night in the middle of these 3 pieces, just like I am in the photos ---- totally naked.
So besides missing out on seeing Brian's great work, you also missed seeing the body that you've seen in pictures and video live and in person.

And it was great works of art by Brian, I was amazed by how the pictures came out. And it wasn't just pictures. There were also sculptures that just blew me away when I think of how much hard work it took to put them together. And these works of art went from the ceiling to the floor - literally.

When I had my business cards made up, I put down my titles as being "Writer/Model/Dancer". In contracts, porn actors are referred to as "models", so that's what started me putting the word "Model" on my card. Now, thanks to my recent work with Zach Hyman and now Brian Reed, I can literally say that I am also a model, instead of it being a synonym known only in the porn industry for "porn actor". To the point that I have now added a link to my page on the website, Model Mayhem in the linkbar at the top of this page, and included my pics from both of those shoots in that profile.

These pics by no means show the true beauty of this exhibit, because they were taken with my cameraphone. So they do no justice to the beauty of the colors, shapes, textures, and blends of meaning behind the art that you would get from seeing it for yourself. Therefore, you would be best advised to go to take a trip between now and March 21st to Chair And The Maiden gallery @19 Christopher Street, NYC and see all of this great artwork for yourself.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Boring Oral

I've long ago said that I no longer buy American porn. Besides the blatant racism, there's another reason why. The fact is that the sex is just like most of the sex I have with White American males - boring as all hell because there's too much oral, and no enough actual fucking to make up for that looong oral session.

I've seen videos by Sean Cody, Corbin Fisher, Bel Ami and others like them with their mostly (if not all) White models who use this typical White American formula of long oral sessions, and I wonder who is dumb enough to pay for this bullshit month after month? Because whoever does, they are the very reason why I say people who actually buy American porn are slumming, and the type of people who will settle for anything. Think about it - while these pics may look hot, as males, when you're watching a 20-minute scene and realize that for close to 10 of those 20-minutes, a cock has yet to poke and ass or pussy, are you really get your money's worth?
Then again, when you decide to purchase racism, you should slum and take whatever is given to you.

And I know Bel Ami is not an American company, but their formula is so pathetically routine, it might as well be. Why else would they join with Corbin Fisher where the only difference between the 2 of them is one word - circumcision? Other than that, they like most White American companies still have the oral sessions that take so long that the scene's time is halfway done, and they're still doing oral. This makes me become the typical Black man and yell at the screen saying, "WILL YOU FUCK HIS ASS ALREADY!!!! There is no ORAL Kama Sutra. How many ways can you suck a dick, and lick an asshole?! NOT TOO MOTHER FUCKIN' MANY! Even if you do a standing 69, or a Spread Eagle, speed it the hell up, and GET TO THE FUCKIN'!!!!"

After all, that's what the dumb asses who pay for these videos are paying for - FUCKIN'. Yet they're dumb enough to settle for the boring lily white scenes given to them, instead of demanding "less suck, and more fuck for their buck". This is why I do illegal downloads of them instead. If they gave me a quality product, then I will buy it because I want the scene in its best quality. But since it's not a quality scene, why should I give a fuck? Because making me want to yell negativity at my screen to divert boredom and kill time until what's supposed to be the good stuff shows up is a definite sign a lousy porn.

Maybe technology has spoiled me, but I don't like having to fast forward for so long to get to the fucking. Just when I think I'm at the point I should be seeing a cock about to enter the ass, or already in it - Nope, keep going.

I stop again....Nope, keep going.

And I stop again....Nope, keep going.

At this point, I'm reminded of how they needed me in that scene to tell the guy doing the sucking:
"Look, I came here for a short, intense suck and a long, intense fuck. I did not come here for you to do vice versa of those adjectives. If you want to do that, then look up the homogenzed model roster of Sean Cody, Corbin Fisher, Bel Ami, and the like and pluck one their White robots out of the assembly line, wind their robotic asses up, and partake in your 'Boring Oral'. Thank you."

I'll explain the term, "Boring Oral" in a bit, but first, I must say that is a speech I've been wanting to tell so many White American males that I've been with in my experiences. For I feel this is a cultural thing, and I'm sure that it's mainly White Americans that are going to throw a fit about what I'm saying here. The fact is that the too-long-oral session is something I've experienced with White American males. Not all of the White Americans I've been with, but I must sadly say that of the many guys I've been with, I must say that of the guys who have given me "The Boring Oral", 90% are White American while the other 10% are non-American born, but they have become Americanized.

The reason I must call it "The Boring Oral" is because it's been so bad sometimes, that I've been given it to the point that I've started to fall asleep on the guy. And not only because he's been at it too long, but also because to add insult to injury----he's not that good at giving blowjobs in the 1st damn place.

Now with all that said, especially give out the name, The Boring Oral, you probably think I hate blowjobs. Not so. I love getting a blowjob----when the guy actually knows how to suck a dick, like I do when I give a blowjob. So I like blowjobs, when they are treated as a part of foreplay. What I HATE is oral sex, which can be considered another name for "The Boring Oral", as it's oral stimulation to replace actual sexual intercourse. I hate oral sex because for me, a blowjob is never intended to replace a good ass pounding, no matter which one of us is the top. That's why every guy I've every gave a blowjob to is someone I was hoping would say the word for us to go off and have a great fuck, or accept my invitation to do so.

In closing, before anyone is even dumb enough to try, le tme make clear that this is not a racist post about White Americans. For here I repeat, not all White American males are guilty of giving Boring Orals. Hence why I give every one a chance. A racist wouldn't even bother giving that chance. So my message to those who are guilty of giving The Boring Oral - get it fixed. Because I would like to put you in the running for something long term and not just a quick fix.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tré Xavier - F***ing By Request

I mentioned in the past that I like sex parties, because it is a pool of sexual energy that can contradict the repressive American attitudes towards sex (must I mention the American outcry over Janet Jackson's Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction or more recently, the American outcry over Adam Lambert's perfromance at The American Music Awards). However, in lieu of the lying hosts and bigoted patrons that I wrote about in my last post, I don't think I'll be seeing that pool of sexual energy as much as I would like to. So I have decided to give online hook-ups another try to get that thrill of seeing people willing to break free of that repression.

So far, I can't complain, because I've met guys willing to dive into that sexual pool of a sex party with me if a party I can recommend comes along. I've even came across one who made me explore a new fetish. Actually, he made me dive into the pool of a fetish pool that shall we say, in the past I have only "stuck my foot in the pool, but never fully dived in". that I came close to in the past, but this time I actually wound up going all the way.

I went on a website and got hit up by a profile with that pic on the right. How could I turn down the chance to get naked with that? Without reading his physical stats on his profile, I gathered that he was tall and slim - 2 things I mentioned having some weakness for. Then I noticed the roundness of that ass, and being the ass-man that I am, he was hitting all the right buttons in me before reading the email he sent, or reading the rest of his profile. When I did get to the profile, what made it official that I was going to reply was that on top of all that ----he was European-born. So while I already knew that American raicsm hadn't plaqued his mind, unless he had become officially Americanized, I didn't have to worry about that aforementioned sexual repression.

I looked at one of his pics, and noticed that it was from Raw Rider Studios. So before even asking, I knew I was dealing with a past or present porn actor, which makes his sexuality even further from the boring norm, because my experience with porn actors has been (myself included) that you can take the guy out of the exhibitionism of porn, but you rarely take the exhibitionist out of the guy. 

We made contact, and after a couple of failed attempts, we finally got together. I went to his place, and he opened the door, and with that tossled brown hair, he greeted me  like he had known me forever. He was in his underwear. After he closed the door, he walked pass me, and my eyes went immediately to look at the ass I had been lusting to plow my cock in or massage while being fucked. And the picture online did do him justice, for the view of the real thing covered in undies made me hunger to see it naked.

The unveiling didn't take long. We started making out and getting underessed in the living room. I figured my hands were still cold from just coming in from the winter cold, so I made out without touching him at first. I didn't take long before I felt my body warm up, and I felt confident that my hands followed suit.

We then went to his bedroom, laid on the bed, and made out some more. I loved the sight of his growing uncut cock. While his profile said "versatile bottom", I was hoping that night, that he was in more in the mood of being the "versatile" part of that label. And he was. I sucked on it for a bit, and got him rock hard. The next thing I knew, I was on my back watching him prep his big Polska kielbasa cock to slide back and forth inside my ass. I don't know how I do it, but I do have a history of making guys who are more of a bottom, use my ass as a way to explore "the top within". And practically none of them disappoint, which is why on my list of what traits makes a gay male the best in bed, being some degree of versatile is close to being #1.

Then it was my turn. My cock felt so good sliding in his ass when I had him in missionary. And to see that bubble butt bounce as I slammed into him doggy-style. And his ass was nice and wet from the sweat of his workout of pounding my ass.

We took a break, and he showed me some pics from his time in porn under the name, Tom D. He showed me a pic from his last movie, which was the movie from Raw Riders Studios, "Cum Dump Hotel". I saw him in an 5-man orgy scene in the trailer getting a cucumber put into his ass.
For a moment, I felt intimidate because I realized that the average thickness of my cock was following behind a massive cucumber. Well, that was only the beginning of what should have intimidated me. For I had no idea of what watching that cucumber enter his fine ass should have prepared my mind for doing next.

We went back to fucking with him topping me again, and me loving it. Then he stopped, laid down and took the WET lube I brought with me, and put it all over my right hand. I thought to myself in some degree of horror,and even more denial, "No, he is not preparing for what I think he's preparing me for. Is he preparing me to fist him?"

I came close to fisting before, but this time I went all the way. Every finger (including my thumb this time), my knuckles, and my entire right hand up to my wrist was inside Tom D's ass with the heat of him warming my fist. As I moved that fist around inside him, he moaned, and I was starting to worry until I realized that his moan was not one of pain, but one of pleasure. A few turns and moans more, and I took my fist out and watched his asshole close back up. I then noticed that my cock was rock-hard. What was odd about this is that I wasn't stroking myself. You see, I must confess to the fact that visual stimulation even as a teenager only made me semi-hard. I need a touch of some kind on my cock in order to achieve a full-blown erection. This time, that wasn't necessary. I was totally hard. And after 30-seconds of letting Tom D. catch his breath from me fisting him ----I fucked his ass like I was a savage beast. If you think "Tre Xavier with Lucky Irish" was good, I should have recorded me fucking Tom D. It would have definitely outdone that video.

Don't think that this arousing experience has made me feel much more comfortable with fisting. I still have yet to list "fisting" as something I'm into on any profile I have online. For now, I am keeping my fisting prowess not as something that I'll offer freely. Instead, I'm making my rule to only do fisting by request.

So now you know, the F-word in the title is not "fucking", but "fisting". Sorry for the tease, but it made you look, didn't it?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sex Party Etiquette: No Lying Hosts, No Bigoted Patrons

As I said yesterday in "Write That Down #12", I am considering starting my own sex party. As my most loyal readers know, I have went to quite a few. So it stands to reason that I have been able to take note of what works, and what doesn't in keeping regulars and making new people come in and want to become regulars as well.

I feel some new blood is needed desperately in the sex party scene here in New York, because if you live here or have visited here, you must admit to the fact that the sex party scene here in NYC SUCKS! And not in a good way. I must also add that while many people would be quick to blame the party host, it is in some cases the party-goers who are at fault.

One thing I have seen that causes me to consider becoming a new needed presence on the sex party scene here are hosts being so money hungry that they claim many hot in-shape guys will be in attendance, when there are a lot of guys in attendance, BUT ----only a handful are in-shape. And even that handful leave almost as quickly as they show up, because they see the false advertising as well. Sure the action starts early at parties run this way. But who is the action started by? ---- Out-of-shape trolls, so of course sex is going to happen early because trolls will take almost anyone there who is willing to give it up. Also, based on the advertisement they should not have been invited to that kind of party in the 1st place. Instead, they should have looked for a party with a more open-door policy.

Now this may seem cruel, especially if you are one of those out-of-shape people, but the fact is, if you didn't take care of your body, why should I or any of the fit patrons want to see you fuck, OR want to fuck you ourselves? It makes me feel the need to ask the same question a friend told me someone imagined asking some of these out-of-shape people at a sex party. That question being, "WOULD YOU FUCK YOU?!"

I wonder when will these hosts realize that it is a bad idea to promise in-shape men, yet letting there be a combo of out-of-shape guys and hot guys with the out-of-shape guys outnumbering the hot guys by a great percentage. Don't they know that this may start off making a good deal of money, but will eventually result in a quick nose dive in numbers of attendees due to their false advertising thanks to word-of-mouth?

I mentioned earlier how the out-of-shape guys get the action started almost as soon as they walk into the play area. My screening process would make sure that the hot guys I invite would do the same, and not treat my sex party like it's a lounge party. This is a matter I've addressed in a past blog entry. This is another flaw that stems from party-goers here where they stand around being so full of themselves that they wait for the other guy to make the 1st move, even when it comes to eye contact. That winds up making the action take forever and a day to get started. I want guests who won't sit around, and chat about the things you should have come to the party to get away from giving a thought to. Nor or they to point and giggle like little school girls when others are man enough to suck and fuck like they are supposed to at a sex party, just as I've seen many a stereotypical fag do at sex parties catering to the "hot and in-shape". If I make a party, I plan to cater to hot and in-shape guys, too, but I'll be screening to lock my party door to chatterbox Chelsea queens.

Another flaw is the same one I mentioned in "Write That Down #12", and is also a flaw of the party-goer persnality (or lack thereof). I've seen the practice of people sticking to "their own" so much that not only did it inspire yesterday's post, but it inspired me to send an email to a party host as to why I wouldn't help him promote his party as I had originally said I would. For this reason, I think party-host should do better screening of who they put on their guestlist, where if a potential party-goer dares to say that a person of a certain ethnicity is excluded from playing with him, then that potential part-goer should be banned from attending. For I feel segregated behavior should be a private party where no money changes hands, making that the punishment for practicing segregation in the 21st century.

Now, I  know that creating a party that press such rules upon my guests and myself as host could make for a small turn-out. At least I would have the satisfaction of knowing that I created an atmosphere that was more free of racism than any other in this city than I've ever experienced thus far, and more full of the hot guys ready-for-action that I would promise. Because for me, it is quality over quantity.

However, quantity would have some say as to whether or not my ideas would work out for a short or long term basis. With that in mind, some may ask, what happens if my idea doesn't work out? My answer is simple. Like my life in porn, it's just a sex party, so if the people don't take the great quality ideas I have to offer ----then just like the slumming they are doing now with the bigoted and lying actors, producers, and directors in gay porn, they can continue that slumming with bigoted patrons and lying hosts that they are presently dealing with for sex parties. In short, I will move on to invest my time in something worthy of my insightful attention.

Have hearing the lack of ideas like mine being implemented the reason why those of you who would like to attend a sex party don't even bother? If I start a party with those ideas in mind, would that make you more ways than one?

Let me know what you think. And if I don't do it, maybe someone else will read this, and at long last bring these great ideas to fruition for your pleasure.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Write That Down #12

I'm considering many ventures right now, and one of them is to either start a sex party or partner with someone to produce one. One of the main rules would be that you cannot claim to have a preference regarding color and ethnicity. You have to be open to sexually associate yourself with all. I came up with the need for that rule because I've heard it at all the sex parties and seen it on all the hook-up sites coming from mainly Americans, and it is constantly used as an excuse as to why there are so few Blacks and Asians in gay media here in America. Well, for my next quote for my "Write That Down" label, I need to point out this fact:

It seems mostly Americans are dumb enough to live by the credo of saying they "have a preference", as reason to not be attracted to someone of a different color or ethnicity. They need to be honest and replace the word "preference" with "racism" and/or "bigotry". But that would be revealing how wrong their way of thinking is to not only the world, but to themselves.

Therefore, if I was to host a sex party, having that credo of "preference" will have my party doors locked to you. You'll then have to listen to the sexy noisy fun from outside, because you'll never see or partake of the beautiful rainbow presence that is producing that sexy noisy fun from the inside.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I'm Bi, But More Gay, Now Kiss and Fuck Me - 8 Years Later

Tonight around this time marks 8 years since I came to realize my predominately gay bisexuality. It also marks 8 years come the early hours of February 10th, that I had my 1st kiss EVER, and a couple of hours later lost of my viriginity. What is so weird about this?

You'll no doubt see the weirdness when you do the math of how come March 31, 2010 ----I will be 39 years old.

To be approaching the age of 39, those 8 years in some ways seem like yesterday, while in others seem so long ago.

What makes it seem like yesterday is the fact that I still greatly understand the inner-conflict of those young and old who fear coming to terms with their sexuality, and not just to family amd friends, but to themsleves. It is why I have always put up such a fuss about the "gay-for-pay" genre in porn. For part of my getting into porn 3 years after my sexual awakening was to show those in conflict, myself as a man who was once where they are, and how I am now comfortable with showing my sexuality, even though I (like many of them, hence why they hide) come from an upbringing that frowned upon it. My video performances plus my blog was my way of showing them how you must be true to yourself if you are to take solace with your own being. I'm not saying everyone with that inner-conflict should do porn, but this was my way to convey that message to the public. Even if they discover that they weren't gay after all, but simply curious instead, I hope my being true to myself has inspired some to do what it takes for them to be true to themselves.

As for what seems like so long ago, is my place in the LGBT community, and who my sexual orientation makes me responsible to, as well as what it make me responsible for. It seems like so long ago because when I first realized my being a mostly gay bisexual, I relied greatly on gays who were more settled into their sexual identity, and somewhat played "Follow The Leader". I am so self-sufficient and self-confident now that I look back on those days sometimes, and see myself as a fool in some ways. Because some of those that I followed were what I refer to now as "militant gays" where EVERYTHING in their life was about being gay. I have grown over these 8 years to see that is an unnecessary and mentally unhealthy way to live, because it's a life where you are always on edge, often thinking someone is out to get you when they are not, OR putting yourself in the position for someone to be out to get you.

I'm not going to re-tell how I came to realize my orientation, had my 1st kiss, or lost my virginity, even though it's quite a tale to re-tell. I'm just thankful to God that I've come to this point of self-assurance 8 years later, that has led me to knowledge about sex, life, and love that I can share with you by way of the gift for writing that I have been blessed with.

And I THANK YOU for riding this far with me, as I hope that I am given another 8 to 80 more to share with not only with the LGBT community, but the world as a whole.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Brian Reed's "Through The Heart Of It All"

My post-porn life continues growing, as I will be one of the models featured in the exhibit, "Through The Heart Of It All" by artist Brian Reed.

As always, I jump into things trusting who I'm getting involved with, but not knowing fully of what I'm getting myself into. In this case, I couldn't help but trust Brian Reed because he is the one responsible for suggesting me to model for the final work in Zach Hyman's exhibit, "Decent Exposures". So when I read in a Facebook update that some of Brian's models had cancelled, I offered myself since felt I owed Brian one. After all, it was him who led me to those thrilling 30-seconds of modeling for Zach Hyman that contributed immensely to my decision to retire from porn.

While being naked is nothing new to me, the photoshoot required me and the other models to be in some make-up like you see in the poster. It's been quite a while since I had to sit in a make-up chair, so I was a bit out of practice in holding still without flinching when my eyes were being made up, even though the make-up artist said that I did great. And while there are more group shots, each model had some taken individually. So why don't you come see them for yourself when they are finally unveiled.

Also, since I will be at the opening reception, if you see me - say HI at....

February 18 - March 21
Opening Reception February 18th from 6 -8 PM
@Chair And The Maiden Gallery
19 Christopher Street
New York City 10004

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Fuck Me Teddy

Ladies and Gentlemen,


Now there are some like me who really don't give a fuck. And it's not out of cynicism, or envy because we're single. It's just the simple fact that we feel that if you need a person to create a special day to tell that special someone, "I love you", then you're just perpetraiting a fraud.

That doesn't change the fact that many will be getting laid on that day, and just because you're single, there's no reason for you not to be getting some yourself . Because while you may not be in love, I'm sure you are in lust with somebody. So why don't you give a gift to that person who makes your particular organ for sex crave a  physical connection.

And the perfect gift for that is Advice Diva Robbyne Kaamil's FUCK ME Teddy Bear.

Because as Robbyne advises her readers, “A closed mouth never gets fed”. So if you want your mouth filled with someone’s sweet meat you have to let them know you want it! Especially with males, because sometimes guys needs a little more than flirtation to get the hint. At that point, we have to spell it out for him, and I think this teddy bear does that quite nicely.

get your Fuck Me Teddy Bear today and let this cute little critter bring romance your way. It's $22.95 plus shipping and handling with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tre Xavier with Lucky Irish

I've finally done it!

But isn't it funny? NOW, after announcing my retirement from porn is it that not only do I do my 1st free video with someone else to post online, but it's the 1st time you get some view of me as a top.

Also, yesterday's blog post, like most of my "Write That Down" posts was actually me preparing you for the next post. So in this case, the fact is that the video I'm speaking of is a barebacking video.

I have no shame about it. I always said that I would do it with someone I felt comfortable with, and I have. In addition, I'm not being like many hypocritical porn actors, especially those signed to studios, putting on a show for the public acting like they never have and never will bareback, when I have seen and heard different. I've never done that to you. While I am more in favor of safer sex, I've admitted to barebacking, which makes me unlike one of those bullshitters. And here's the proof below.

I wanted this video to be as if you were peeping in on 2 guys fucking, and they paid you no mind as long as you stayed on that side of the bed, and didn't get close enough to try forcing yourself into our playtime. That explains why you can't see some of the real kink we had going on like how around 6:30 Lucky Irish was sticking his big toe in my hole, and I was actually liking it, as well as our cumshots, and my licking both of our loads off of him. But with the almost 15,000 views and 22 5-star votes on X-Tube so far in less than 24 hours, I hope this means I've accomplished that. So see if this trailer keeps your interest.

Did you like that little bit?
Good! Then check out this video in its entirety

Monday, February 1, 2010

Write That Down #11

This may be on of the most controversial post I've ever written for this category, but if you've read this blog enough times before, then you know that I don't give a damn. For I don't call it like I see it,...I call it like it is.

Have you ever noticed how when a debate over a certain matter arises, those who are against it are totally "anti-" while those who support that thing considered bad are more open to giving the indiviual their God-ordained right to choose? With that being said, as the debate over barebacking wages on (mainly in the gay porn industry), I've come to realize this:

The sides in the debate over barebacking should not be worded as "anti-barebacking" and "pro-barebacking". Instead, the sides should be worded like those in the debate over abortion, "anti-" and "pro-CHOICE".

The term "pro-choice" is one I have never really heard of in the barebacking debate. In the debate we usually only hear of "so-and-so is against..." and "so-and-so supports...". But the truth is people who say they are against barebacking while I don't fault their good intentions, I feel coming at people with an attitude like you're the Sex God therefore justified in policing their bedrooms is not the way. Meanwhile those who are thought to be pro-barebacking or in support of it, like myself (who has admitted to both safer-sex and barebacking) - usually don't have the attitude of how barebacking is the only way to go. Therefore, to say we're "pro-barebacking" is the wrong wording for our stand. Instead, we are more "pro-choice", for we believe in leaving the choice up to the individual by saying to them, "If you want to use a condom - fine, if not - that's fine as well". My feeling has always been that as long as whatever choice you make, both you and your partner(s) are well informed of the risks regarding whichever choice you make, mainly because of who you are making those choices with. So when you are well informed, you are FREE TO BE YOUR SEXUAL YOU.

Such an approach is out of respect for an individual's intellect.

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