Saturday, December 27, 2008

My After-Party Of THAT Christmas Party, Part 2

While I was at The Eagle, Steve asked me how did I feel about getting fucked with a 12" Latin cock? I was slow to answer because 1)I wasn't sure if I could take 12", especially from a Latino who are known to be if not both long and thick, the many I've been with are at least thick. So 12 inches on a Latino is to my estimation a monster cock; and 2)I don't really know what other kind of guys besides myself does Steve find attractive, so whoever he had in mind, might not be my type. He was considerate enough to let me know that if I wasn't comfortable to let him know, and he'd call it quits with this other guy. So I took his word for the guy being hot, and said to give it a go.

Even though I was a tad spent from dancing so vigorously at both the firm's Christmas party, then unexpectedly at The Eagle, it didn't stop my cock and ass from wanting to be pleasured. So once me and Steve left The Eagle, before heading to his place, we made a stop at one of my favorite video stores to pick up a herbal supplement to insure my participation in the soon-to-cum events. Waiting for the Latino gave it time to kick in, and once he walked through the door, I realized that Steve did have good taste beyond choosing me. This guy was muscular, but not too much, which is just how I like it if you're going to be muscular. I hate those guys who are muscular like most of those on, because it's so obvious that they are beyond the stereotypical narcissism that gay men are known for, which is what makes their muscles ugly to me. But with this guy, the more clothes he took off, the more I wanted this playtime to start.

And once playtime began, I was happy as a pig in slop. Then again, at that moment I was a sex pig. We started off sucking each others cocks, and yes that pic is me sucking off that huge Latino. As you can see, he was a mouthful. Once the fucking started, Steve fucked me missionary, then the Latino got behind him. And I had no idea of where to put my hands because I love groping Steve's ass when he fucks me, but I also wanted a feel of that muscular butt on the Latino, whose every thrust into Steve led Steve's deep thrust into me.

At one point, we tried to do a double-penetration on me, but 1) the Latino was too thick for me to have as a 1st time DP top, especially when Steve himself is thick enough as it is, and 2)my experience with DP shows that the cocks need to be about the same girth, and the Latino had an edge on Steve that wasn't much more, but enough to not make it work. Afterwards, Steve asked me if I wanted to continue with the Latino, or not. I chose not to, and Steve kindly sent him on his way. So we continued fooling around, then Steve suggested going on Manhunt to see what other mischief we could get into. He was obviously in group mode, and being a lover of group sex, why would I say no?

He went on Manhunt, and made a connection to a guy having a group of friends over. We decided to go, and we wound up in the same neighborhood as my day job. Steve gave me the same consideration as before that if I wasn't cool with what I saw, we could leave with no problem. Well, we got undressed and immediately got in on the fun. So there was no problem from where I was standing.

I had for awhile been wanting to fuck Steve's ass again, and tonight in front of those 4 other guys, I got what I wanted. His soft ass acting as a cushion for my groin with each thrust into him was so fucking intense, and the other guys getting off on it so much that it made them need to play with each other that much more, made the tingling of my nerves from each back and forth motion of my cock inside him grow in intensity.

I soon after fooled around with one of the other guys, who was another soft ass to fuck. At one point I thought I was going to shoot a load, but one thing about that herbal supplement for me is that it makes it take longer for me to come, so I didn't. However, had I shot a load, just like Viagra claims, it wouldn't have been long before I'm ready, willing, and able to go another round. Still ready for more, I fooled around with the 3 other guys as well, 2 of them tried fucking me while the other just oral. We eventually wrapped it up, and went our separate ways. This lead to me not getting back home to The Bronx until about 11 AM Saturday morning. So needless to say last Saturday, I slept all day like I was a vampire.

The highlight for me was to watch Steve fuck someone else. In fact, it was one of the things that made me agree to go along with this "gathering". I got so hard watching Steve's balls get full of cum, his muscles flex, and ass bounce while pounding a couple of the other guys asses. All the things I can't see with my own 2 eyes while he's pounding my ass, but I can feel happening with my own 2 hands.

Steve recently asked me if he makes me nervous, and I told him no. It's just that I'm not used to being around someone who is just as sexually adventurous or kinky as I am. That's why we have so much fun when we get together.

So in closing I ask you, does Steve know how to give new meaning to the term "after-party" or what?


  1. I think Steve sounds like the most amazing fuck buddy ever. A guy who's willing to leave an orgy with you if you're not having a good time? Um, where can I get one?

  2. What herbal supplement did you use? Is that safe? I don't have problems getting erections but tried once some rush and the fuck was wonderful. My erection last longer when I get fucked than when I fuck. Any comments?

  3. I don't have problems getting erections either. But those supplements are fun when you're in one of those sexually insatiable modes.
    To be honest about the adult industry, Viagra is in constant use now on porn sets. My body doesn't respond well to Viagra, so I have tried a couple of herbal supplements. Namely Rize2 and Stiff Nights.
    To answer your question as to whether or not they're safe, I wouldn't use them if they weren't safe FOR ME. Meaning as always, read the precautions and see if any of the potentially hazardous mix(es) pertain to you. If they don't, then have some safe fun. I will advise in the event that you experience a side effect not listed, then report it to the company right away so they can make note, and do a recall if neccesary.


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