Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fuckin' Hot, 38 Rocks!

Drop your jaws! Not your draws, but your jaws. Some of you anyway. Because what I'm about to say won't be jaw-dropping news to my most loyal readers.

On March 31, 2009 at 2:57 AM, I will become a 38 year-old man.

That's right 38. That 2 years away from the big 4-0. And I couldn't be happier. In fact, I've been looking so forward to it, that since early January, when someone asks me how old I am, I would say, that I'm 38, then have to correct myself saying that I'm 37 soon to be 38. I've never done that before. Even down to the day before, I always said the correct number never jumping ahead.

After all those years of contemplating suicide because of my repressed sexual identity, every year, every month, every week, every day, every hour, every minute, and every second are blessings that I don't take lightly. I know that I am lucky to be alive, because many who suffered the identity crisis I have don't even make it pass their twenties. And what's even more tragic is that an even higher number don't make it past their teens.

Being self-aware as I have become, I know that I am a very sexual person, and I revel in putting it on display. Not just because of my surviving my past inner-torment, but because for a man not too far from being 40 years-old, in an industry that would make you believe only 20-somethings fuck like rabbits, and 30-somethings are old daddies that can't get it up.... I PROVE OTHERWISE, AND LOOK FUCKIN' HOT DOIN' IT - No excessive gym routines or Botox required.

And speaking of those 20-somethings fucking like rabbits, by way of my movies, with most of my scene partners being in their 20's, I've shown that I can more than keep up.

And by way of this blog, I've shown repeatedly that I've taken note of the inner-workings of the physical and mental parts of a man to bring him into a sexual frenzy. So while these 20-somethings are fucking like rabbits, due to their reputation for being self-absorbed, I doubt many of them are doing it like me....

....In other words, doing it well.

Now, I don't fault with many 20-somethings for being self-absorbed in regards to sexual pleasure, because that's natural. My earlier statement's purpose is to let you know that before you younger guys turn your nose up at the older ones, some of those older guys out here know better what they're doing than these youngbloods, because age gave them that wisdom. That's why I'm somewhat glad that I didn't do anything until later in life. It gave me a better view of how to be good at sex, not just for myself, but for my partners as well. BUT being the no-bullshitting Aries that I am, I must also say that there are some older guys whose self-absorbing ways as a 20-something never went away. For them, can you say, "Loser"?

Thinking about how I've grown sexually reminded me that with this new social life I have thanks to coming out, I have yet to get a hot celebratory fuck for my birthday. And with my constantly growing versatility, that could mean me being a top, a bottom, or both. I have no problem celebrating my birthday as the meat of a fuck sandwich. A dick in my ass and a guy's warm hole around my cock. OR maybe I'll get surprised with that DP I keep begging for with no takers as of yet.

Well, if I get any such birthday present, I will definitely let you know. Or will I?....

Friday, March 27, 2009

Tré Xavier - SUPER SLUT!

My name is Tre Xavier, and I'm a SUPER SLUT.

As if that's some kind of secret. But I have a tale that more than confirms this. Brace yourself, you're going to love this.

At the Black Party, I ran into Steve's friend, Tony from "Finally Tastin' Chocolate". We didn't have sex - this time, but we did fool around by standing there groping each other. I stood in front of him reaching behind him to massage his ass while rubbing my ass against his cock that was slowly, but surely growing. Slowly, because he gave his dick a bit of a workout before running into me. He told me that he wanted my blog address. We were standing by where they were taking pictures, and I took one of the guys business cards, wrote the address on that, and gave it to him.

A couple of nights later, I was out and looked at MySpace on my cell phone. I saw I had a friend request, and it turned out being from Tony. Please don't ask crazy questions. Since I do want that chocolate cock throbbing in my ass again, and for a much longer time, of course I accepted. When I got home, I went more in depth into his profile, and looked at his pictures. One of the first albums I went into was from summer of 2008. Who do I see in a pic with Tony, but the muscle stud who gave me those aggressive fucks at the NY Jock Parties.

I emailed Tony making a joke about how small a world it is. He emailed me back and told me who the muscled stud is to him. Not only are they friends, but they're roommates.

It should be no surprise that my eyes bulged when I read this, and the fact that they're roommates is not the only funny part of this story.

For starters, the playtime between me and Tony from "Finally Tastin' Chocolate" happened before me and the muscled stud hooked up at the NYJP/GBU party. Second, in between the time me and the muscled stud fucked at the NYJP/GBU and the SPAM Party I mentioned in "Girls...Ew!", me and the muscled stud got together at his apartment, so I already knew Tony at the time of that hook-up. I didn't know if his roommate was home or not. But now knowing that Tony was that roommate, it's funny to realize that if Tony was home, then while the muscle stud is holding me down and banging my ass me in his room, Tony didn't know I was there, and I didn't know Tony was there.

Therefore, what makes me a super slut with this story is that I may have met these guys at sex parties, but the act that could have led them to discover that they have me in common happened right in their very own home.

With that in mind, I have got to re-tell this in a movie, and anyone who tries to steal this story - YOUR ASS IS MINE. Because you would think in a city as large as New York City, that something like this would never happen. Might you have tricks in common? Yes. But tricks in common that have been in your apartment unbeknownst to you when you're home? Uh, NO. So the oddity of that scenario will make it obvious that unless it's retold by me (with me starring and/or directing), then some no-talent dip-shit read this and tried to make it their own.

Now the question is....who's going to help me play out this story? Because I know you readers want to see this story acted out - maybe even with a twist added. And you know I'm all about pleasing your dirty minds.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

3 Nights of Urges - Mixed Satisfaction

Over these past 2 weeks, I've been to Urge bar in NYC 3 times.

The 1st night, I finally went to use the game paks for a chance to win their Monday night game of Money Wheel. I won the game paks as part of the prize from with my last untied win of Ass Wednesday.

I didn't win any othe games, but the ticket also allowed 4 drinks. I had about 3 then stopped. I was feeling it, and decided to ask about dancing there. I was wondering was it me or the "liquid courage" talking, but it was something I was considering asking for awhile now, so I figured this was my lately heightened self-confidence talking that was felt more free because after Money Wheel, the bar became quite a bit less crowded. I was told the days they hold auditions, and one of those nights was Tuesday. So I decided I would come back the next night.

So here's the satifaction rate so far:
Win Money Wheel prize - Unsatisfied
Get up the nerve to ask about go-go dancing - Satisfied
Get the Ok to audition - Satisfied

The 2nd night I returned as I promised myself to audition. The guy in charge ask me if I danced before, and I mentioned dancing at Sugarland and for Daniel Nardicio. I feel with the rep Daniel's parties have, if you can go-go there, you can go-go anywhere.

The guy in charge said to be that I seemed nervous. I told him, "I'm a performer, so I'm always nervous before a performance, but when it's time to go on, I'm ON."

I'm a good judge of vibes and from that question on, to be honest I felt out of place. Like I wasn't wanted there, at least not as a dancer. The 1st dancer to show up was Geronimo from my post about BoyBox. He was the only one of all of them who spoke to me. Every time I've go-go danced in the past, when there's a new face in the room, the regulars of the rotation approach the new blood to welcome him into the fold. No such thing happened here. They were all Latino, and spoke Spanish amongst themselves. None of them besdies Geronimo spoke a single word to me. They all spoke English, they just chose to not speak it to me.

I went up and did my thing. I feel I did OK, considering the racist jerks who made it obvious they wanted nothing to do with me. Yes, racism is still alive and well in the NYC gay community. One guy who I met as I made my way around, made it clear to me as to why those who tipped me seemed so excited by me. He aksed me where I was from, and I told him I was born and raised in Brooklyn. He and his friend applauded me. He was a White guy, originally from Poland, but was put off my the lack of American-born dancers. Now Tuesday night at The Urge was never billed as a Latin night, but there is some Latin blood pumping in these veins if that was the case. All one has to do is (1)take a good look and see I'm not all African-Ameican; and (2)simply ask, because if you can't see it clearly, unless you're blind and/or stuck on that term African-American, you should see it somewhat.

After I did a go around the bar, the guy in charge of booking dancers asked to speak to me. He told me that I don't have what the crowd was looking for and maybe I should try The Cock, which is the bar 2 doors down. He offered me a free drink, and I accpeted. A good number of people who saw me on the bar and tipped me asked me why was I dressed. They seemed annoyed when I told them I was done. Well, as the Polish guy said, "Fuck 'em".

So the satisfaction rate on this night:
Go-go dancers knowing proper etiquette - Unsatisfied
Feeling like my time was well-spent - Unsatisfied
Seeing there is an audience for me that does hang at The Urge: Satisfied

The 3rd night, was the following Wednesday, I took part again in the Ass Wednesday contest. And once again, I won in a tie. But this time the tie ---- was with a woman.

Before I get to that, I almost wound up in another scenario where I hook up with a trick from there after entering. This time, I got 2 offers, both were fellow contestants. They wound up going off with each other, and I actually wasn't at all annoyed. I did hook up with someone though. You see, after my win at the Urge, I went to The Cock and ran into someone I met a couple of weeks ago. I will say this much about him, if more guys with big cocks hit the spot the way he did, maybe I'd have more of a big dick fetish.
So someone got to fuck a prize-winning ass. It just wasn't anyone at The Urge.

Now back to the contest. The final Ass-off came down between me and a woman. She did have a nice ass, I will admit that. She said I had a nice ass, and she playfully sat on my lap earlier to play like she was stopping me from entering. At this point I had to inform her that I was bi. A lot more gay than straight, but bi none the less. What I left out was that she was inspiring one of those straight moments. Had she not mentioned having a boyfriend, I would have been more than willing to do her doggy-style with her pussy wrapped around my cock, and her ass shaking with every thrust I put in her. And if that thought bothers you, for your satisfaction and my dissatisfaction, it didn't happen. So let's move on.

During the Ass-off, my back was turned to the audience, so I couldn't see who it was, but one guy kept yelling, "It's a gay bar!"

He was pissing me the fuck off royally reminding me of Steve's comment from "Girls...Ew!". I thought to myself, "Not another one of these infantiles!"

I will say it was close, but I did have the most applause. But when asked if I wouldn't mind sharing the prize money of $100, I had no problem with that. Becuase, it's an "ass' contest, not a "male ass" contest. So if an audience of predominately gay men can find a female ass hot, whatever their reasons, be it racially motivated or whatever, it's just a bar contest, so let it be. Sharing the prize was also my way of not letting that dickhead yelling, "It's a gay bar!" win. He's a dickhead because his making me need to make that point cost me $50 out of the $100 I could have took home by not needing to make my point.

I always try to give credit where credit is due. In this case, I give it to the female contest who knew the identity of that dickhead, and called him out. My fellow contestant was White, and this jerk was Black. He tried using the excuse of my being a Black man being the reason for his outburst. Well, as far as I'm concerned, I was doing quite fine without his outburst. It was sheer racist ignorance taken to the next level, and I'm glad she confronted him, which only made her hotter to me. I'm a fire sign who love seeing someone with fire in them.

So the satisfaction rate here:
Winning the Ass Contest again: Satisfied
Having to share the prize money: Satisfied
The reason WHY I felt the need to share the prize money: Un-fuckin'-satisfied

By using 9 things to measure my rate of satifaction with Urge, you would think that I would come out with either "Satisfied" or "Unsatisfied" being the winner. But thanks to that dumbshit on Night 3 pissing me off so immensely, I counted that "Unsatisfied" twice - so we have a tie. Which is the reason for the part of the title "...Mixed Satisfaction". Maybe if dumbasses like this would stay home, and not mingle with the society they hate, I'd have a more clear answer.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Review: MACT/NY presents An Evening With Tré!

Between MACT/NY sponsoring my Q & A session and the Black Party, this was quite an adrenalin-inducing weekend. Many of my friends that I ran into at The Black Party, but couldn't make it asked me how my Q & A went. So this is what I'm telling you today.

First off, I hate the MTA.
Leaving in the good enough time to get there, I wound being 20 minutes late. I hate being late, even whatever they called "fashionably late", whatever the fuck that means. Once off the subway, en route to the LGBT Center, I called my friend, Andrew who said he would be there, and he was. I told him to tell them that I was just a couple of blocks away, and that I'm very sorry I'm late. Being the good friend that Andrew is, he passed along the message.

Once I got there, I smiled and greeted the crowd. The host, Stanley was nice enough to let me catch my breath before we began. Being me, I caught my breath once I was at my point of destination, so not much of a further delay was needed.

Stanley asked me everything from my upbringing, to my growing up in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn, to my coming out, to my start in porn, and all the many issues I have discussed here up to now. They were questions that I'm sure many of you have wanted to know the answer to in greater detail. Hence why I was encouraging you to come, because while I can give a very detailed description of something when writing, I go slightly even deeper beneath the surface in a one-on-one discussion.

One recent issue I was asked about was my most recent post regarding Michael Lucas. I elaborated at the Q & A in a way that I didn't elaborate on in that post, but did in my comments on MOC Blog.

I was also asked about the gay-for-pay issue. What I need to elaborate on is this, of all of my rantings on this matter, I don't believe that I have ever admitted to being a viewer of some of these "gay-for-pay" scenes. So my points have not been from a viewers perspective as much as they are from the perspective of an artist involved in the process. So here and now. I will admit as a viewer, I do get off on seeing some of these gay-for-pay performers in action. I am in absolute lust when I see Jeremy Bilding in action,

or either Harley or Trey from Sean Cody. With those bodies and the energy they fucks with, why wouldn't I? In Jeremy's case, he fucks both men and women with equal vigor, and with Trey, I always imagine how hot it would be to do a video of "Trey Fucks Tre".

BUT being in the industry as an artist involved in the process, I'm seeing it with a perspective that makes my initial lust take a turn. It made me think back to how at one time I was only a viewer uncertain of my orientation, yet knowing that I was a very sexual person, looking at gay porn because I had these feelings and wondering how comfortable can I be with those feelings. And I have to say, to some extent, watching gay porn helped me in my coming out. Thank goodness it was before porn companies went the stupid route of making "gay-for-pay" a genre, as opposed to the behind-the-scenes matter it once was. Because had that not been the case, I would have been so confused. I could have easily got married had kids by looking at these "gay-for-pay" performers who seem comfortable in living life on the down low. When they aren't, hence the reason for the substance abuse and violent streaks of many "gay-for-pay" porn actors.

Now some of you may be wondering why would you look at a porn actor as a role model? My answer is that from the producers, directors, to the cast, and everyone in between, we just like in mainstream entertainment are artists. And artists, we must take responsibility for our craft, by knowing the influence it may have on people.

This evening seemed to be very stimulating to the audience as well as myself. In fact, one comment from an audience member confirmed something I suspected for quite awhile. That some of my fans are more stimulated by me intellectually than they are sexually. And that is something I'm very appreciative of. It gives me a bridge between the underground porn is considered to be and the mainstream that most in the adult entertainment industry can't and never will be able to fathom.

Before I go, I must thank FlavaWorks for the copies of their Winter 2009 issue that they gave me, which featured my review of the erotic anthology, "Flesh To Flesh". As well as Forbidden Funk Media, for offering to give posters for me to give away. We kept missing each other which is why I didn't have them that night.

If I do one of these types of appearances again, I do hope you'll be there. I would like to meet as many of you as possible.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Box Me In With BoyBox Men

This past Tuesday, I went to the debut of BoyBox at g Lounge here in NYC. I got there later than I planned. I wanted to see the 1st burlesque show at 11 PM. I was running so late that I decided to wait until I would arrive for the 1 AM show. It turns out that I got there and check my coat just in the nick of time.

I didn't even have a chance to get a drink, because knowing I wanted to get up front to see the dancers strut their stuff , I brought my camera along. The problem is it turns out, I left my camera in my coat pocket, so I had to go back and get it. Then as soon as I walked away from the coat check, an announcement was made that the show was about to start.

The 1st dancer was someone who I haven't seen in awhile, and they say "absence make the heart grow fonder". And they're not lying, because I have most certainly grown fonder of watching that hot bod go to work being that it has inspired some meat-beating sessions in the past. He goes by the name, "The Captain", and I must say while Aries like myself are not known for taking orders well, how ever he would want me to "serve" under him - with all the tricks he can do, his wish would most definitely be my command.

Next up was Onyx. The sight of him let me further know what I've been missing out on until recently by not having many other Black men on my list of lust objects. With that in mind, you would think that I would have more pictures. Well what happened there is that at one point while on the stage, he was facing me, he got down and came right to me. He started dancing with me, and all I could think was, "Where in the fuck do I put the camera!?", because I wanted both hands to feel on those muscles. Let me be honest, I mean "grope those muscles". Using just one hand does not do this man justice.

For whatever reason, while I was trying to watch and gain pics of Latino stud, Geronimo, people decided that where I was standing was either the perfect passageway, or that I was along the perfect route to get to the other side. I did get some good shots in, but he's such a hottie, I would to like to have gotten more.

Well, I did get plenty of the final performer, Ferro. Beside his being tall and slim inspiring one lust, and his tattoos inspiring that kink of mine for guys with ink, I couldn't get enough of watching him with that lit-up hula-hoop. Yes, it's the hula-hoop that has these pics making me come off as some special effects wizard. I'm not that good a photog - yet.

These guys plus the 2 juicy-assed hotties working the room definitely make me think back to my post, "Can I Get A Go-Go GangBang?". In fact, more so than some of the dancers at venues I mentioned in that post, because there is such a variety amongst them, and that's exactly what I want in my gangbang fantasy - variety. After all, it is the spice of life.

If sights like this is what this show can provide, then you should know I will be coming back, then be in great need to cum shortly after.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

This Friday, Get Some 20/20 Vision

Just a reminder for you to come see me tomorrow night.
As for the title of this post, it's simple.
Get a vision of me on (March) the 20th at 20-hundred hours (8 PM).

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I Am "Ted Knowles"

As my friend, Ka-os pointed out in his recent post, "Black Models Won't Appear In Gay Films", the story that inspired this post is already making some waves on the internet. And the reason it's making some waves is because we all know that the male (not man) who inspired Ka-os' post is ONCE AGAIN FULL OF SHIT. I'm just glad I got to see someone else call him on it, besides me. I just wish someone else in the industry would be this ballsy. And if you have and I've overlooked you, my apologies. Just PLEASE let me know so I can properly acknowledge I have a comrade within the industry, along with the many I have outside of it.

As you see in the post, Ka-os knowing me so well baited me into replying (as if he really had to work hard over this subject matter). This is what I had to say:

I actually did call Michael Lucas on his shit AGAIN, as I did in a comment on a post from his blog last month looking for models under the name "Ted Knowles":

It's sad to say that it's the only comment of it's kind on that post. There should be more.

I'm disgusted by the fact that an immigrant has come to my birthplace of NYC, and made it look like a light-skinned only world where medium to dark complexions are a rarity. Michael Lucas has only put more blacks in his movies because the momentum against his hypocrisy is building, so he needed to do damage control. But thanks to post like yours, he'll be called on his shit AGAIN. Thanks.

People are getting tired of the racism in gay porn, pure and simple. And people are fighting back. Maybe my speaking out on it as often as I have lit the fuse. If so, it's the reason I have never regretted saying anything. Because I knew this day would come.

While working on this post, I discovered, he replied to my comment as "Ted Knowles". I used that name because I suspected that if he saw "Tre Xavier", that comment would never see the light of day. I have recently discovered that he knows who I am, and is more than aware of my disdain for the way he operates. By calling myself "Ted Knowles", and leaving no website or blog address, I'm sure Michael felt he was dealing with someone who couldn't respond back as vehemently and even more so, truthfully as I can - if at all. BUT I WILL NOW!

Now, he can call my comments "moronic" all he wants. Truth be told, if Michael Lucas thinks he hasn't been a racist, then he's the moron. Because at the end of this post HERE, he says, "I have hundreds of models of different races applying, and have to choose maybe one out of every ten applicants that fit the 'Lucas Man' profile (fit, muscular, handsome, regardless of race)."

"Fit and muscular", he says. Does that apply to ALL of his models or just his BLACK models. Because the last time I checked, Jason Crew was not that muscular, and he has used some White models over the years whose build very much bordered on being twinkish, but never in a Black model. And if you want to use the "fit and muscular" creedo, then forget about me. Why have I discovered that I am not the only Black porn actor who has been given the run-around by Lucas Entertainment when they don't have a thug-look to them either, YET they are fit and muscular? I would name them, but this post needed such an urgent response, I couldn't wait to get their permission.

I have heard many claims that Michael Lucas uses a good number of men of color in his movies. And I have always wondered how deaf, dumb, and blind these people are. They are most likely not seeing it because they are just the type who benefit from it. Be it by way of working for him, and/or by feeling "their kind" is represented. When in fact, he does what most West Coast studios do. Use dark-complexions as tokens, and lighter complexions a tad more to simply not upset the light-skin color scheme. But they're still Black, so they believe that it looks like they're practicing racial equality. Well, you guys - we beg to differ.

We are in an age where tokenism is spotted more easily all the time. And the reason Michael's getting judged so harshly is because here in New York, due to it's diversity in colors and intermingling of cultures more than most places in the U.S., that tokenism is not taken to very well. And it shouldn't be anywhere in this country. Because it is an insult to our intelligence.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Come See Me: My Q & A on March 20th

I know I mentioned this in my recent post, "Signs Of My Arrival?", but I have to bring up again my Q & A happening one-week from today.

I'm looking forward to coming face-to-face with as many of you as possible. Especially knowing that some of you will be coming to New York from around the globe to be part of Black Party Weekend. Which I'm sure will inspire at least one blog post sharing some stories about that weekend. And that includes some sex stories, because I know for a fact that some hosts of some sex parties I've been to are holding parties that Sunday. What a shocker! So if the Black Party itself doesn't drain me, then I might pay one of them a visit.

So YES, I'm expecting the slut in me to come out that weekend. Isn't it expected to?

Anyway, I hope my Q & A will be filled to capacity with many of you, because as detailed as I try to make my blog posts, I'm sure I still leave that same many of you with many questions. So here's your chance to at long lost get them answered. So if you have a question for me, write it down so you don't forget. And if you have one of the movies I'm in, bring it so I can autograph it for you. So remember:

On March 20th,
MACT/NY presents
208 W. 13th Street
New York, NY 10011
From 8 - 10 PM
FREE TO ATTEND, but small donations to MACT/NY greatly appreciated

See you there ;-)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

When Gay Porn Stars Are MEN

It's coming up on 9 months since my post, "Asian Studs - Still Ignored, Damnit!", and last Tuesday, I got a great new comment from someone who was a bit of surprise to see that he took time to read my blog. It was from not just another pornstar, but a PORNSTAR. Raging Stallion Lifetime Exclusive Ricky Sinz to be exact.

I've had pornstars write comments on my blog before. Pete Ross commented on a post I wrote about him. And since then, Mike Dreyden, Kamrun, and Markus Ram have also commented on posts of mine. In fact, Markus Ram commented on the same post as Ricky Sinz, and that was a real risk to them both.

Ricky's comment made me take note of the risk BOTH he and Markus took. The risk was because of the controversial subject matter, their porn careers could have been halted by expressing themselves on my blog. That post was covered by big name gay porn news sites Fleshbot, Gay Porn Times, The Sword, and God only knows who else. So anyone who reads that post and reads the comments will see their names clear as day. This impresses me greatly because I have often faulted many porn actors for not voicing their how much they agree with my sentiments, because they are too much of a chicken shit to risk their career by publicly siding with some of my more than obvious truths.

Because of their taking such a stand, Markus Ram and Ricky Sinz are the gay porn actors who are REAL MEN in my book. I know because of the coverage it got, many an industry person heard of that post, and many an industry person read it as well. Yet only 2 were man enough to publicly respond to it on my blog. That's troubling, because it breathes life into the stereotype that male porn actors are just "boys with toys" and few of them can call themselves "a man with a plan". Well, I'm glad to applaud Markus and Ricky as a being part of the few of those men. I've often said here (including very recently) that intellect adds to one's sex appeal. With that being repeated, it's safe to say that Markus Ram and Ricky Sinz have definitely raised their appeal to me.

Besides writing this post as a way to tell them THANKS, maybe I should drop something in front of Markus and Ricky and make sure that I'm wearing some tight pants that are sure to rip and expose my bare ass when I turn my back to them and bend over to pick that something up. And put a note above my hole that says "FREE ENTRY". Hell, I thought about doing that the night I saw Ricky Sinz on stage at The Eagle the night before NY Gay Erotic Expo 2008. Now, I'm even more motivated to give it up.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Signs Of My Arrival?

A few months ago, I was approached by Flavaworks to do a book review for them. The book was entitled, "Flesh To Flesh". I never knew exactly when the review was going to be published. I found it totally by accident when I looked through the Winter 2008 issue of FlavaMen magazine. I saw the picture on the right on the page after the photospread of Vishus, and said to myself, "Oh, they have an advertisement for the book that I reviewed."

Then I realized that it wasn't an ad - it was the actual review.

Now, I'm not going to tell you what I thought of it. Good or bad, you know I was honest. You'll just have to pick up a copy of that issue of FlavaMen, and find out for yourself. And get a few hot guys to beat your meat to in the process.

When the author of ULTIMATE STARZ, Owen Keehnen, asked me to help promote the book, I was more than happy to. After all, he took notice of me when I was less known than I am now. So I feel I owe him that.

My original plans to do an elaborate slideshow with a voiceover were thwarted because I just didn't have the time to dedicate to it like I wanted to. So my apologies to Owen for biting off more than I can chew.

Here's something to think about - if I was willing to put that much effort into promoting this book, then this book must be worth your time and money. Especially when you consider that I'm getting off by being informed about other actors as well.

I got my copy. So go get yours to get off.

What I am really anticipating most right now is March 20th. It's the day this blog comes alive because I'll be doing a Q & A at the LGBT Center.

As my way of throwing people's ignorance in their faces, I used Wolf Hudson's line from our debate in some comments at Gay Porn Times as part of the ad you see where I said, "I'll come from behind my computer....". It's the same debate that inspired my post, "To Wolf Hudson's Challenge I Say....".

Speaking of Gay Porn Times, J.C. Adams was kind of enough to feature a post about my Q & A here.

So with that being Black Party weekend, I'm sure some of you who live outside of NY will be in town. So if you want a piece of my mind - naughty or nice, make my live Q & A a stop along the way.

I have found these past couple of months to be quite a busy one for me. I believe they may be my busiest yet in all the nearly 4 years in this business. Between the recent coverings on the gay porn news sites, like Fleshbot, Gay Porn Times, and The Sword, and what I have the things I have to promote here today, I wonder if these are these signs of my arriving in the adult entertainment industry after being a much ignored entity that is at long last become a name to take notice of. As always, time will tell the tale.

I hope to see you take part in all of these things, and that I'll continue to make you proud. Thank you.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Craving Some Stick Of The Staff

As the weekend comes upon us, many are making plans to go out to bars, clubs, parties, or events. I myself an considering attending the Baña Pool Party. All of these places have staffers like bartenders, door people, go-go dancers, etc who are considered extremely attractive by many. They are all eye candy that incite many a fantasy, and with winter being the way it is here in New York , coat check people are included as those gorgeous staffers as well. I’m sure many who have been to Frisky Fridays at Sugarland have drooled over Jarrod, or the variety of cuties that having working the coat check at Splash Bar. And in the case of a sex party, that coat check becomes a clothes check, and I recently came across someone who inspired my analyzing how many of us lust for the gorgeous staffers.

It was at the SPAM Party that I mentioned in my last post. He was around my height. He appeared to be around my age as well, in his 30s. Maybe even in his early 40s. If I ever find out that he is in his mid 40s or beyond, I’m going to be more pissed that my fantasy with him did not come to fruition. When I went to check in, he was fully dressed in a black t-shirt and black jeans. He was polite, and I did think he was quite cute. The thought of playtime with him at that moment however was just a flash in my mind, so I went on to playing elsewhere.

When you first walk in, it’s set up a bit like a maze. Some little areas, and some bigger areas to play in. Most of them with peep-holes, or glory-holes, depending on how you want to use them. I did meet up with the muscled hottie, and we slipped into one of the smaller areas. We somehow managed to put on quite a show. I say "somehow" because he was hitting me from the back, but the most anyone could see was his back as he thrusted into my ass. Maybe it was the sight of his muscular sweaty back and the sounds of my liking his cock sliding in and out of me that keep people around. I know that I for one can get off on hearing hot people fucking be they male or female. In fact, while this stud was doing me, I was also getting off on hearing a lesbian a few yards away getting done by her sex partner. Afterwards, we got a much needed and well-deserved drink of water. Not too long after, we got decided to leave.

When I got to the clothes check, this time the attendant was in a different suit – his birthday suit. When he saw me hand him my ticket, he said, “Oh, you’re leaving me?”

He then walked away to get my clothes. During this time I could see that he was hiding a nice little fit body under that t-shirt and jeans he had one earlier. His stomach didn’t have six-pack abs, but it didn’t have flab either. And here I am about to leave when I see look and see that below his waist is a nice tight ass and a thick cock. Both of which brought to the forefront of my mind the thought that flashed in my head earlier of having some playtime with him. For some reason, I felt myself get bold, and tell myself that I’m going to respond to that with more than a simple “yes”, and that I was going to let him know that he had a shot at me if he had wanted it. So when he returned with my clothes, I said, “I wouldn’t leave, but you gave me no choice because you never came out to play.”

He smiled and said, “Well, someone has to mind the store.”

That was unfortunate. Because there was something about him that made me want to fuck his ass, but even more so, fuck his cock like there was no tomorrow. So much so that I’ve been beating my meat to the fantasy of sex with him ever since. I would have loved for him to take me back to one of those rubber-sheeted beds, let me lay down with my heels pointed to heaven, and let everyone see him pound away at me until his sprays his jizz all over me giving me a cumbath no one in attendance will ever forget.

It wouldn’t have been the 1st time I had some degree of sex with a staffer. Some may recall the disappointing play time with that bartender a little more than a year ago at The Cock. Or what I never mentioned was my making out with one of the clothes-check guys at one of Daniel Nardicio's parties. But with both of those parties, I had the advantage of working a gig, so that made access to them easier. However, there was my fuck session with an attendant at the Bana Pool Party (who got a reminder of how good it was a couple of months ago), as well as the Lean Muscle Party I wrote about some time ago. There a few hot guys surrounded me and took turns sucking my dick. One of them turned out being the clothes-check attendant.

So will I ever wind up getting to ride the stick of a staffer again? You never know. Because I think I almost had a shot last week at The Urge. A go-go boy asked me 2 odd questions for a go-go bo to ask a patron unless there was something else on the mind beside being polite to the clientele:
(1)"Where do you live?".

And after I told him The Bronx he asked (2)"Do you have to go to work tomorrow?"

I think my answer of "Yes" is why this part of the post is not an actual sex tale.

Well, it's a fantasy I'm sure many of you have, and should it ever happen to me, I will try to update you. That is if I can tear myself away from what I'm hoping to be epic sex. So go out and safely get yours this weekend.

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