Saturday, December 28, 2013

Sexy Suspender Slingshot Seduction

This outfit seems to have been doing something to people. For this is what I was wearing when the guy from "Potential Rapist(?) At The Cock" tried to close me up in the bathroom. Now, while that tale showed a guy's mental illness via lack of self-control, there are most positive stories to tell.

One recent Friday, I went into The Cock. I know the bartender, and he asked me if I wanted to go-go dance. I said, "Sure". While thinking I would just wear the little underwear I had on, I then remember that I had the Suspender Slingshot from Undergear still in my coat pocket from when I wore it at the $2 Tuesdays at The Cock that week. So I decided to wear that instead. The result was totally unexpected. I wound up making more money in tips than I've ever made go-go dancing at The Cock (and possibly any place else). And at no point during the entire night, did someone try to pull my dick out to suck it like the White and Latino go-go boys have become prepared for. I have done so in the past, it seems they were so mesmerized by that outfit, that it slipped their mind that night.

The following Monday, I went to The Cock for Playpen Mondays where you get a free shot if you strip down to your underwear. Well, being the exhibitionist that I am, I don't really need a free shot as reason to drop trou. However, when I did drop trou, what was under my clothes?...After a good wash,

the Suspender Slingshot.

After awhile I did my usual venture to the backroom to study guys' behavior, and if I wound up in some action, not go looking for it. I was concerned that what I was wearing was going to get unwanted attention, which it did. With guys putting their hands on me when there's more than enough room to motivate themselves without touching anything or anybody. Anyway, after getting over that hurdle, I found myself standing next to a short gorgeous, well-built Latino. We looked at each other for a moment, then I felt his eyes still on me. I looked back again, and this time, gave a smile.

We slowly started easing towards each other, and the next thing I knew was we were making out. Once his hands went to my ass, he would not stop grabbing it. We were rubbing crotches and let me tell you that outfit is not made for hard-ons. So I was without a doubt popping out of it. He then started to undo his pants, and once his cock was out, I went down to suck it. After working it a good bit, I stood back up with him reaching in his pocket. He then said, "I want to fuck you." So his hand reemerges from his pocket with a condom in it. I let my action speak louder than words to say, "Go for it" by taking the condom, and  putting it on him. Good thing since this is The Cock, that I not only also carry condoms (in my sock), but I also carry lube. I had a variety of lube packets in my sock. And on this night, the lucky winner to be used wound up being Spunk Lube.

I got on my knees on the sofa back there, and let him pound me. And never the lazy bottom, I made sure to give him a break, and grinded his cock. As much as he was loving it, this did as it usually does, and made him pound me harder when I finally decided to give control of the thrusting back over to him. He came, and afterwards told me that I had an amazing ass. And I replied that he had an amazing dick, when truth be told, his whole body was amazing.

Later on in the night, I saw this White guy. He was also short with an amazing body. I never follow guys into the backroom, but this time I did. Well, it seemed that I was too late. He had made eye contact with a White guy in his underwear, and started making out with him. Normally, I would have just bowed out, and move on. But even though they seemed quite into each other, something seemed off, and made me stick around. Maybe it was the fact that while they were fooling around, the White guy I followed back there saw me for the first time, and froze for a bit. Well, for whatever reason, they soon went their separate ways, and while the guy I followed back there was leaving, he stroked my arm. Now, me and him started making out. And like the Latino before him, once he felt my ass, there was not much letting go.

He then asked for me to go to the bathroom with him. I went over to the door, and while we waited, he spoke to me for the first time, and with a European accent asked if I had a condom. I told him I did. Then the door finally opened. But there was more than one guy in there. One of the guys was someone I knew, so he let us in. I'm not much into public bathroom sex, but I made a concession for this guy. It turned out that there were 4 other guys already in there. One of the 4 was bouncing between the other 3 and me with my new playmate. My new playmate was trying to include him, but I had no interest in him. I put the condom on my playmate's dick, and he leaned his back against the wall while I rode him. The guy bouncing between the 2 groups kept trying to make me kiss him, which I fuckin' hate. I mean, if I moved my head not once, but twice before, take the damn hint! So I continued with my new playmate. Then at one point when he slipped out, I went on to suck his dick. He said he wanted to cum. So he came in my mouth. And being the cum pig that I am, I loved it.

After a good rinse, and a drink of soda, I kept to myself the rest of the night. Well, I think that after taking 2 passionate cocks up my ass, I earned a rest to stay to myself, and do my Kegels to maintain my ass tunnel's tightness. During that time, I reflected on that European's accent, and how he wasn't a face I had seen there before. Which led me to realize that with the exception of a select few, the usual White American regulars on any given night are racist as hell.

I also reflected how both of my playmates were shorter than me, and both topped me. Which I liked a lot. For it went against the porn-induced expectation that my taller Black self was going to top them.  

Once the lights came on for the bar to close at 4 A.M., this tall Black guy was talking to a guy next to him, and looking at me. He then started talking to me complimenting me. None of the stereotypical bravado, aggression, or invasiveness that made me write "Black Guys, I Don't Owe You A Feel, OR A Fuck!", or its follow-up post. He presented himself as a kind and civilized gentleman. He invited me back to his place. But he was enough of a gentleman, that when I told him that I had to be at work at 10 in the morning (which I did), in his promise to have fun with me for only 30 minutes, he never said his true intentions that I could feel in his energy to fuck me senseless. My concern with that idea of 30 minutes was that it might not be enough time for one or both of us to be satisfied. Since I for one know that as I've said before that when I bottom, I'm a power bottom. And when a cock is good, I'm an insatiable power bottom. So after the goodness of both the Latino and the European, I very much wanted, and could have easily taken more dick. But I had to be responsible and get home so I could get to work in less than 5 hours. We did exchange numbers, plus he lives very close to the bar, so it's not impossible for us to actually make this happen someday soon.

So that makes my night having a Latino, then a White guy, then a Black guy propositioning me. All I would have needed was maybe a Middle Easterner and an Asian, and I would have definitely had the United Nations if not topping me, at least courting me.

Well, I still want to be a gangbang bottom for an international group of tops. Hence why I immediately made that ethnic connection. But you've got to admit, without even trying, I was getting there.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Nude Dude Review #1 - Tenga Flip Hole

My 1st video-recorded sex toy review. The goal of any good sex toy is to get me nude by the end of the review. Does the 1st toy I'm reviewing succeed? ....Watch and see.

And please don't mind the belly. I broke 2 rules prior to recording this:
1) It was the Friday after Thanksgiving
2) It was not too long after eating some more of those Thanksgiving leftovers.

But I promise you, I am and will be back in tip-top shape for the next review. Enjoy.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Hearing Lust Can Warm You Up

If you live in NYC, or any city across the globe with a public train system where crowded trains are a constant, then the inspiration behind my erotic poem, "J Train Lust" is not foreign to you.

On my way to work 2 Fridays ago, a handsome guy got on the train. To avoid him reading my eyes and seeing how handsome I found him to be, I looked straight down at my own feet. But along with my feet, my peripheral vision caught sight of something else.....This guy's crotch. A slight bulge in the crotch to be more precise. This sent my sexual fantasies into overdrive, and once I transferred to the F train at the Essex Street stop, I pulled out the journal I use to jot ideas down, and started writing. And the result became the poem:

I've also been having some winter sexual fantasies. Like many Blacks, I'm not a big fan of the cold. However, I would endure fucking in the cold (clothed or naked) if the right playmate came along. So considering the body's temperature is 98.6 degrees, that makes sense for my other erotic poem I'm definitely presenting will be entitled:

So if you're in NYC this Friday, come out to Titillating Tongues to hear these stories told.

I normally go for sexually ambiguous with my erotic poetry. But this month, the poems I'm presenting are DEFINITELY GAY.

However, I'm often the only gay male representation of presenters. So gay guys should come out to show we gay males have some solidarity in not only parties promising scantily-clad staff, but in the arts with clothed participants as well. Plus what you hear here comes early enough to be a prelude to the nudity you lust for later. 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Dear Condom Police & BBBH

As with all of my blog posts, these subjects are in my head all along, but it takes one incident too many to be the straw that broke the camels back. Therefore, making me need to speak out.

This past Monday at The Cock, 2 guys were in the back fucking. Some busy-body patron came over there as if he's never seen such a thing at The Cock (of all places) even though he's there just about every week to say loudly, "Are they fucking?!" Then he continues with, "Are they using a condom?!" So with this he tries to use the light of his cell phone to see if they were. He proudly told another patron that he was being the Condom Police, especially since World AIDS Day was just the day before. Which I say it doesn't matter if it was the day after news of the new super-strain of HIV was discovered, it's still none of this busy-body bitch's business.

To continue, after the couple was done, the busy-body went over to them, and asked them if they used a condom. They said that they didn't, and they were boyfriends. The busy-body turned to the patron he was commenting to before, repeating that he was being the Condom Police and added that since they were boyfriends it was ok. Which I had already figured they were because I actually saw them walk in together. However, this busy-body goes back to that patron again less than 2 minutes later whispering how he doesn't really think they're boyfriends. Well, if they weren't boyfriends and you were this couple, wouldn't you say whatever you felt it took to make this busy-body bitch go away and stop intruding upon your playtime with whomever? Many might. I however, would have told him straight up to go plug his mouth with a dick and mind his mother fuckin' business.

But here's some degree of hypocrisy for you...

Not too long after talking this crap about the couple, later on I find the busy-body making out with the couple. The very same couple that he claimed he thought lied about being a couple to shut him up. This doesn't speak well for his attempt as the Condom Police. Nor does it speak well for the couple's self-respect, individually or as a whole. For when the fucking was happening, I was standing in between this busy-body and the couple, but way closer to the busy-body. So if I heard the busy-body, so should they.

Now, don't think I saw all this because I was being a busy-body myself. No. I saw this because I always take note of everything going on around me. Even while having my own fun, which I did.

Some might forget my history on the matter of condom use, and try to call me a hypocrite. Well for them, here's a reality reminder check you need to cash fast....

I have never pledged allegiance to the Condom Police, or BBBH (BareBack BrotherHood). I have never shoved condom use down your throats. Nor have I with barebacking. I have always been about choice. It is the reason the photo to your right has it's message, as well as the blog post that introduced it. And my stand on condom use remains the middle ground I have proclaimed for quite awhile now. That position being:

Barebacking and condom use is a matter of choice. And while it is unnatural to have a barrier between you and your sex partner, with HIV, and all of the STDs and STIs out here, one should consider condom use.

This stance is much to the chagrin of some people. Such as the little troll who attended the last discussion I moderated about gay porn being the gay community's educator and indicator. Who because of his claim of being a counselor felt that gave him the right to talk over me (the moderator) after I (as moderator) gave him the floor with no interruption. All because he wanted me to play Condom Police, instead of the middle ground I just rehashed. Now, here's the possibility of hypocrisy from another member of the Condom Police...For I'm not 100% sure, but he looks very much like the same guy who played commentator in my "Sex Party Etiquette: Who Hired The Commentator?" when I was trying to have sex with what turned out being a popper-addicted Asian.

With all of the extremism from the Condom Police, as well as the BBBH in mind, I have this to say to both parties:

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Facebook Double Standard Strikes Again

The attitude of White entitlement is something that has been around for centuries now. The signs are definitely evident here in New York City. Even if you don't want to admit it.

One of those that don't want to admit it is Facebook, and whoever was the White (or non-White) sell-out who recently reported for posting this update:

White guys with an attitude of #WhiteEntitlement disgust me putting their feet on poles in a #NYC #subway car, or take over seats like they're in their home or office. Then have the fuck-faced audacity to get annoyed when you want (or need) them to move.

Look you fucktard faggot mother fucka! You DON'T own the fuckin' subway train! And you are NOT at home! You need to learn your space and limitations - the same way throughout history, #racist Whites have reminded OR robbed it from others!

Exhibit A - there is a reason Native Americans are called "Native". 

And I am more than aware that there are guys of other colors/ethnicities who try to assimilate. And for them I say as I've always said...The follower of a fool is a bigger fool than the original.

For posting this honest fact about signs of White entitlement in New York City, I was blocked for posting on Facebook for 12 hours. Of course you know that whoever reported me will never have to nerve say it to my face. For the anonymity allowed by Facebook in reporting someone is how they got computer bold enough to write the report and send it in the first place.

Well, in response to this, I wrote this message to Facebook telling them why they were wrong to take such an action:

The reason you were wrong for blocking my statement is because it was based on your own racism. I'm sure had I had been White, you would have had no problem letting that statement go through. It's the reason why numerous news reports show anti-Black, anti-Asian, anti-non-White hate speech with a Facebook page attached to it.

Furthermore, it was NOT hate speech. I was speaking on a bad attitude derived from an ethnicity's history in the USA, which as a American, I should be allowed to do. It's called, FREEDOM OF SPEECH. That is NOT "hate speech", but I'm sure you consider it as such when most of the staff is probably White, and are probably guilty of the very action I'm speaking of.

Now, don't say it was my use of the words "faggot", or some curse word. For I will catch you in the lie there as well. For I see the words "niggas", "niggers", or "niggaz"  on Facebook all day long. Of course you have no problem with that. And you'll wash your hands of it especially if a Black person said it, because that's the loathsome thing you think of us being anyway.  Then I advise you to take the same stand on my saying "faggot", for I myself am a gay man. BUT both of those words have a negative meaning for me that goes beyond the people most consider those words to represent. And if it's any curse word that you have a problem with, AGAIN HYPOCRISY. For there are so many curse words flying around on Facebook now that sometimes I myself am shocked by what I see.

So this blocking is bureaucratic, hypocritical mess on your end. It's not the first time I've heard of it being done by you. And I'm finding it a shame that your own insecurity in character made you feel the need to do so. Thank you.

Well, you know what they say....You can't keep a good man down. And I wasn't down. For while I was banned from posting on Facebook, I did what I've been wanting to do for the past couple of days now.

I wrote not another erotic poem. But a love poem.

It's entitled "So Many Songs". More on that whenever or wherever I'll debut it. I just mentioned that to show that something good and positive came out Facebook's douchebag attempt to pretend to be my Mother and give me a "time out". Maybe if they learn from real parenting themselves they wouldn't be doing such overcompensating by virtual parenting, and hating the truth. Just saying....

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