Monday, November 30, 2009

In Lust With....Santiago Peralta

I know of the guys I've talked about in this category so far, that many of you have guys you wish I would be motivated to talk about. And I'm sure Santiago Peralta is one of them.

So what's taken me so long is the fact that I didn't want to do a piece on him like I did with Kerry Degman where I only have an idea of the cock. I wanted to see the REAL thing before talking about how much I would love to have it in me.

At long last, I finally got a chance to see it when I ventured to a website recently and came across a nude photo of him showing full-frontal. It was a pic I've been waiting to see from the first time I saw a picture of him with those luscious lips, and that amazing ass that I fantasized about massaging as it flexes while he pumps away at me in missionary and/or doggy-style.

Now finally, I know what the dick I lust to have throbbing in my ass looks like.

Some may be disappointed by the fact that it's not hard (like you could see through the wet clothes on Jamie Dominic), but my only question for a hot guy I want to get fucked by is plain and simple------got dick?

And Santiago does have dick. Also, if I'm assuming correctly based on experience, it probably grows to show the typical traits of a Latino cock. Meaning Santiago Peralta's cock grows to be a THICK DICK. A thick uncut dick that I would love to pull back that foreskin, and lick on that extra-sensitive head, making his dick muscles contract until they contract to release his man-milk all over my face and body, and I'll clean the rest of it off his dick with my mouth. A healthy treat as I'm sure his cum is protein-enriched and creamy white.

In closing, I must thank all of the readers who have been venturing to my blog from all over the world, as my "In Lust With" posts featuring Jakub Stefano and most recently, Denis Reed, are so popular that they are still getting hits all this time after their original posting. THANK YOU. You have further established how I have the best readers in the world.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


This Thursday is the big day when my blog comes to life in a different way than the open forum I had at the LGBT Center back in March. I'm actually doing a presentation that I plan on using pictures and video the same way I use them in my blog entry at

If you're in NYC, come on down and check it out.

I'm quite honored to have been invited to be a part of this, because there are a good number of big name porn actors who live in New York City with blogs that I'm sure are more popular than mine. Now even though they are more popular than mine and, while I won't deny having occasional errors myself, I do notice they have a great many more grammatical and spelling errors and some even writing their entries like they're writing a text message, which I feel insults the readers' intelligence, and aids them in the increase in grammatical and spelling deficiency many are seeing. So this invitation let's me know that I have readers doing right by me by supporting my acknowledging their intellect. Therefore, in return I plan on doing right by my readers by bringing my blog to life as best as I possbly can.

With that in mind, I do hope to see you THERE.
So you can give me your approval, and if you can't be there, I hope you are in spirit.

Monday, November 23, 2009


Just to inform you that I'm taking a little break from blogging this week so that I can work on my presentation for next Thursday, December 3rd at

I should be back tackling issues and making you horny come next week.
So until then, enjoy the many posts here that show you my passions, my lusts, and my loves.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Humbling Suck, Redeeming Fuck

Recently, I went to Macho Mondays at Nowhere Bar here in NYC. I arrived later than planned - THANKS MTA. Once I finally got there, a couple of yards away, I saw a friend of mine talking to a cute guy. In case there was something going on there, I didn't want to intrude, so I didn't go up to this friend and say "hello" just yet.

A little later on, I started walking around the bar to avoid looking like a statue, and I wound up so close to my friend that it would have been rude of me to not say "hello", so I did. He then did the introductions between me and the cute guy, and I felt a connection to the cute guy right away. Even though the cute guy was introduced a his friend, you can never be sure unless told in exact words as to whether or not they really were friends, or was the cute guy someone he was just beginning to date, hence the introduction as "friend".

I didn't hang with them. I went to do my own thing, and gawk at the go-go boys from a distance. Especially the one who seems hell-bent on giving me a lap-dance. Truth is I want him to dance for me, but not on my lap - do a bump 'n' grind on my ass, and I'll be happier than a pig in slop. Anyway, I was standing near the bar, and the cute guy showed up.

I said, "Well, hello again."

He flashed me his child-like endearing smile, and returned a hello. He ordered his drink at the bar, and left. Some time later, he came back, and I joked with him saying, "We must stop meeting like this."

He gave me that smile again, and asked me if I was having fun. I told him I was, and asked if he was having fun. He said, "Yes", then while holding my gaze into his  beautiful blue eyes, he slowly took my hand. That led to us standing there leaning our heads against each other with that tension of wanting to kiss, but not.

He asked me where I lived, and I told him the Bronx. I return the question, and it turns out he didn't live far. We did a little small talk, and we took a breath, let our heads meet again, but this time we gave in ----and kissed. As soon as we started rubbing each other's chest, I knew at least for that night, I was his, and he was mine. And it was confirmed when our talking about where we lived, was rehashed by him extending an invitation to me to come back to his place. I accepted. He went to say goodbye to his friend. When he returned, we left the bar.

Once at his place, he wasted no time in getting undressed. So much so that I had to hurry in order to catch up. He was stripped down to his underwear, and I totally forgot that I went commando that night. So once he saw that I had no underwear on, he lost his as well.

Here's my constant dilema with being versatile - if I think about topping, I'm always wanting the other guy to be just as versatile as well, so unless we talk about who is what (top, bottom, versatile), I'm always anxious because I don't know what to desire of the other guy. This time was no different, especially because he had a nice thick cock I wanted to wrap my hole around, but also a nice plump ass I would to check the bounce of by slamming into it.

We laid on the bed and started making out. My hands could not get enough of his massaging his ass, then to be fair in sending sensation to all parts, I went down to suck his dick. Now when giving a blow-job, I've gotten used to the reaction from a guy of intense moaning and that muscle under the shaft contracting like he's about to shoot a load into my mouth at any second. So what happened next was a shock.

As he laid there, I was just sucking away, but I realized that I wasn't getting either of the aforementioned reactions. It turns out ---he fell asleep. Considering my past result from giving a blow-job, this was a bit of a blow to my sexual ego. I thought to myself, "Oh no he didn't! (in the words of Bernie Mac) This sommumabitch! He fell asleep during one of MY blow-jobs?! What the fuck!

This was a humbling moment as my initial reaction shows that I was beginning to believe that I gave a good enough blow-job that it could probably resurrect the dead. This momnent showed me that was not the case. So once I got over myself, I took note that he may have had an early day that had exhausted him. A day that didn't lessen his attraction to me, or his desire to have his horniness satisfied by me because of that attraction. So with that  and my Aries determination in mind, I was sure that I would get to have a deeper connection with that body by morning. So I cuddled with him. Going to sleep with major wood, because I went to sleep massaging his ass cheeks, and fingering around his hole.

I never slept straight through the night. I woke up occasionally and would continue playing with his ass. With each wake-up, my desire for us to fuck kept growing. That's why during one of those wake-ups, I started stroking his cock. Being how I love nature, and how the mind works, I was turned on to feel his dick getting hard in my hand while he was in a deep sleep.

When he finally woke up, he was all over me with our morning woods rubbing between us. Part of what was contributing to my morning wood was because I could feel that he was about to redeem himself from the night before. And he did.

At one point, with me laying on my back, he straddled me. He reached over into a drawer on the side of the bed and got out a condom and lube. Well, I found out his position once he started to put the condom on my dick, and lube up his ass. He guided my dick inside him, and it was so nice and tight. I laid there and started pumping into him with him moaning, "Oh yeah, fuck me!"
As much as I loved the feel of his soft ass cheeks cushioning against my groin, and his thick cock bobbing up and down in sync with my thrust into him, I wanted to really fuck him. So I turned him on his back staying inside him, and fucking him missionary. Now what top can really rate themselves? Exactly, none. But I will say that I must have done something right because his dick was hard the whole time I was fucking him. I later put him on his side, then on his stomach. This really turned me on to see how much his ass bounced by me banging into him. Which led me to go for doggy style, which he seemed to like most, and evidently so did my dick, because not only did I come, BUT I kept fucking him for a little bit more after until my slowly deflating cock fell out to a point where I knew I couldn't get it back in.

We laid there and he asked if I wanted some more, probably unaware that I came. And of course I did, but I decided to ask for what I haven't had yet ----his dick in my ass. So I responded with, "No. I'd much rather ride your dick."

He got out another condom, and I lubed up my ass, and slowly tried sliding down onto his thick dick, and had to add more lube because I was back to my mighty tight self. This time, when I slide onto his dick, I still could feel the tightness, but I wanted him so much that I went right to riding his dick HARD. Can you say, "Hurt So Good"? He came, and I kept him inside me for a little bit longer, as I love the feel of a man's cock throbbing in my ass while shooting his load to the very last drop of cum is released.

We got in the shower with me showering first. By the time he entered I was pretty much done, so because of my kink for wet bodies I pretty much spent our time together in the shower watching the water and soap suds run off of him, and going down that sweet slope that is his ass. Once out of the shower, we got dressed. When he got in his underwear, his ass looked so hot in them that if we both didn't have plans for the day, I would have definitely fucked him good and hard again right then and there. Well after the redeeming piece of ass he gave me already....that would have been a bonus ;-)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"Press Is Press" - A Cry For Help

A few months ago, I went to a NY Jock Party, and saw Diesel Washington. He said that he had a bone to pick with me. He never told me what, and I know I never said anything offensive about him, so I brushed it off, and had my fun for the night. Then the day after Hustlaball, when I went to View Bar in NYC, where Diesel was one of the guest, I found out what his bone to pick with me was.

It seems that he was bothered by me using him as an example without informing him of it when I speak of the racism in the gay porn industry and how they act like the only image of a hot black male is big, dark-skinned, buffed, and quite often bald. I knew from the moment he spoke that there was nothing offensive about what I said. It's a reality, and if you benefit from it, just acknowledge that you benefit from it. If I said the he revels in it, then he might have had a right to be offended. Even while knowing I said nothing offensive, I still took time to listen. I have so much going on that it tooks days to process, then I realized I did nothing wrong.

With that in mind, I sent Diesel an email explaining all this, and how while he claims to be so much more than that image, it was not the focus of my posts, nor is it my job to promote that, just as I don't expect him to do it for me. That is, if such is the case, because the fact is he furthers that image of the "mandingo" as the only black male in every narrow-minded gay white American.

In response, I got this long-winded email from him claiming how my blogs make me sound "jaded and bitter". Why would I be jaded and bitter? I'm not the one who in a recent post was complaining about how he can't just unwind at a sex party - Diesel is. I'm not the one complaining about how he's "jaded about relationships", but Diesel is. Any mental health professional will confirm that such complaints from Diesel show that he is a prisoner of his own celebrity. It's the usual case of someone saying "you're this and you're that", when the finger really should be pointed in their mirror.

So whose "jaded and bitter"? Not me, especially since my retirement, I no longer have the complaints Diesel has. For since retiring, I've been dating more than I've dated during my entire time in the porn industry. Dating guys who know of my porn past, my non-apologetic attitude for that past, and the still sexually-free nature that allowed it, with the icing on the cake being the intellect and standards that I'm not afraid to show, because I won't lower myself to playing a fool's game. I'm just the one calling a spade a spade, and taking solace in that, and many people have been respecting me for it, with even more people respecting me now. And with a fan-base of actual thinkers, instead of a bunch of dim-witted White American creatures of habit, I have every reason to have the smile on my face that I now have. For the actual thinkers are the ones I want knowing my name.

Any loyal reader to this blog knows that the mood shifts constantly. Today a serious topic, a couple of days later - a sex tale, or one week -dealing with issues, the next week - sexual fantasies. I have always maintained a balance. So another one of Diesel's claims from his email about how I'm always attacking someone is nothing more than him buying into the image that sites like The Sword, Unzipped, and Fleshbot have painted of me as suffering from ABMS (Angry Black Man Syndrome), because I have often tipped these sites off to my blog posts of lighter fair, but they practically never mention them. And if they do, they try insulting me in the process, which lessens its sex appeal. Yet they mention such tales from white performers with just occasional insult. So if I attack these sites, I have every justifiable reason to do so. There is an obvious bias in their so-called reporting.

Also, in his email, while I insisted on keeping this matter between us private so that we wouldn't give the racist hypocrites in gay porn media ammo to say how blacks don't stick together. He kept baiting me at least 3 times to post it in a blog. Rather than play to his infantile cry for attention, I decided that if he mentions it at all, then I'll make out disagreement public here.

Like the saying goes of keeping your friends close, but keep your enemies closer, I kept occasionally checking his blog to make sure he was keeping quiet (hence how I got the previous links on his blog), as while I made it clear I didn't want to make this disagreement public and spreading over the blog-o-pshere (as I've grown secure enough to not need such attention), his baiting me showed that he wanted the attention, so he needed to be watched. And it came one day, when I saw on his blog that he mentioned names of who he had blog wars with, and I was one of the names he mentioned. I thought to myself, "No he did not include me in that". For (1) it wasn't a blog war, and (2) if it was asked to be kept private for the good reason I believe I gave, then a mature adult would have agreed and kept it as such, instead of trying to make it seem like this infantile battle with me over his stereotypical porn ego was some war wound to brag about.

Because of that mention of my name, in a post on MOC Blog about him, I wrote this comment:

After my recent email exchange with Diesel Washington (one that I tried to keep private while he's making public), I've come to realize that people don't assume he's an idiot because he does porn. It's because he sides with the very people who are part of the problem, and never challenges them to be part of the solution. People like Unzipped Magazine and The Sword.

He saw this, and this past Thursday, he wrote a post about me. One that because of all I have going on, I didn't discover until this week. In it, he called me a Contributing Editor of MOC Blog. I'm sure this was an attempt to make me look weak for puting my response to him in a comment, instead of an entire post. Well that can be easily explained. For (1) I make it my business to never take a title that is not mine, and Contributing Editor of MOC Blog is NOT my title, it is as a Contributing WRITER. Therefore, if I write anything, it has to get Victor Hoff's OK to get posted, and (2)I never suggested writing a post about Diesel, because I was not about to waste Victor's web space on Diesel Washington's cry for attention. Furthermore, the situation didn't warrant an entire blog post. The combination of events (like these), and my nipping them in the bud - maybe, but not that one instance. Once again, the pornstar ego's cry for attention. And with all of my recent creative endeavors, I posted in blog posts, tweets, and Facebook updates, I have no desire to waste my time and perfectionist nature on satisfying his ego.

So why am I writing this post, while it gives Diesel the attention he craves so much? Because (1)while Diesel is attemtping to make me look bad, he's making MOC Blog look bad as well by claiming I have a higher title than I actually have with MOC Blog. And to believe such a false claim of my position with MOC Blog can make readers lose respect just as I lost respect for Unzipped because of Zach Sire's racial insensitivity, and I lost respect for The Sword for promoting Paul Bookstaber with his unprofessional antics. And my feeling is that you can say what you want about me, but leave my friends out of it, and (2) most importantly, to show how unlike his attack on me, which is a bunch of conjured-up tales to big himself up, I am delivering the facts of what happened and what any mental health professional can confirm as the reason for his actions. So I'll give Diesel attention, but not positive attention. And if he's foolish enough to believe in that saying of "press is press", then that's his cry for help to deal with, not mine.

I was advised by a good friend to just let this go, because it's all about ego. Now I can assure you that my ego is not bruised. For once I left the porn industry, I decided to conduct my online presence in confrontations the same way I conduct them in the real world. That method being that when a verbal confrontation arises, I say what I have to say, turn my back, and walk away - because when I'm done speaking, that's the end of the conversation, and in my eyes, the end of you. And that is why Diesel's 2nd reply email was deleted UNREAD, as it was me closing the matter privately. And now, due to the aforementioned provocation of including someone else, no matter what he or any goonies says in return, I am publicly saying my piece on the matter, therefore this is the end of this matter.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Write That Down #7

This quote for my "Write That Down" category, I believe is so self explanatory that a backstory is unnecessary. However, you will be able to gather the backstory soon enough. So write this down....

I don't believe in the old saying of "keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer." Because there may come a time when you'll need one arm to lift up the friend, but in the very same breath, use the other arm to push the enemy down his long overdue trip to hell. At that time, you'll need both - friend and enemy, just as close.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sex Worker Literati

This past Wednesday morning, I received an email about 8:45 AM. It was from Audacia Ray. What was so strange about this was the fact that I at the time I received this email I was working on the draft for my post, "Including The Ladies" to the point that I had already mentioned her.

I told Audacia about this and she replied with, "I guess my bloggy sense was tingling!"

It turns out that since August, Audacia has been co-hosting a reading/performance series called, Sex Worker Literati with author and editor David Henry Sterry. And on Thursday, December 3rd, they are having a rent boy and gay porn star night, and an invitation was extended to me be do a reading or performance.

I'm quite honored to be asked, because it shows that my plan to be recognize for my talents like writing is going beyond my time in blue movies. In addtion, knowing that another guest inlcudes Jeffrey Escoffier, the author of the recently published book "Bigger Than Life: The History of Gay Porn Cinema from Beefcake to Hardcore" is going to be there doesn't hurt either, who I saw before at the LGBT Center, where I boldly asked questions.

I can tell you now that I don't plan to do just an ordinary reading. I want my appearance there to be this blog coming to life for you, so I hope to use some interactive media, and hold your interest. Maybe even more so than I do in a regular post that you read here.

Thursday, December 3, 2009
8:00pm - 10:00pm
@Happy Ending
302 Broome Street
(between Forsyth and Eldridge)
New York City
21 and up + FREE

Please come out and support as a portion of proceeds from the bar supports sex workers rights groups.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fight The People (With Love)

There were many signs that my fun with porn had come to a close. One of those times was when I was so ecstatic to see my reply answered with a "Yes" to Reed McGowan asking for people to be in this music video. What made me ecstaticwas that I was glad for the departure. Furthermore, even after talking to Reed on the phone, I had no idea of how much of a departure this video would allow me to make.

I was asked to bring a change of clothes. One, a suit if I had it, and the other, something a lot more casual. Still, I was so caught up in doing something unrelated to porn, that I didn't see the transformation that was going to take place coming at me, until I did my change of clothes.
I went from being a solemn & uptight nerd, to a happy & partying bi-guy.

The difference between the change in video and who I am in reality is that while in the video, I went from being one extreme to the other, but in real-life, I'm some degree of both and more 24/7. I'm quite the chameleon.

I am very proud of my small part in this video, as it has a big message.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Including The Ladies

It has come to my attention that I may have a good number of female readers. Sadly, it may seem strange to some gay men that catering to my female readers as well is now such a big concern of mine. What gave birth to this was because when a woman commented on my blog recently, she seemed worried about my being offended by her being a reader. I felt she should have no need to have such a concern, and any gay/bi male who makes a woman feel that way is a malevolent dipshit.

I first discovered I had a female reader about 3 years ago on my old blog "Tre Xavier's Blog" when I wrote about my attendance at a bi-sex party, and my first taste and pleasing entry into a woman's pussy. I haven't had another female come forward until about a year ago. And I cannot forget also last year, when NakedCity.comwas in existence, Audacia Ray named my blog 1 of "6 Pornstar Blogs Worth Reading". Still, I'm thinking at this time that female readers are a rarity for my blog.

HOWEVER this past month, 3 more women have come forward. (1) a comment last month on my post about my DP candidates, while (2) & (3) were discoverd from an online chat with one of my female Facebook friends who told me that she AND her friend are fans of my blog. That's why I said in a recent Facebook update, "....Maybe if there's 4, there's more."

This now makes me wonder that if this total of 5 women who have come forward about reading my blog, then how many more women are out there reading my blog, yet my writing isn't catering to. Therefore, ignoring how these women as contributors to whatever notoriety my blog may have. Shame on me!!!!

The "shame on you" finger I'm giving to myself is the same one I've repeatedly given to mainstream gay porn studios for not acknowledging their ethnic consumers with their so-white casting. I'm not going to be a hypocrite and act like I don't deserve that finger, because if I'm ignoring a part of my fanbase, I most certainly do.

While the majority of the time I talk about what guys I'm into and what I have or would like to do with them, Some gay men may also wonder why do I have female readers. That is a question that's easy to answer. For the same way that there are straight men turned on by lesbian sex, it's not far a stretch to believe that some straight women can be turned on by gay male sex. Possibly even more so in literary form, as women are more mentally stimulated, while men are more visually stimulated.

New readers may not be aware that (1)I'm a predominately gay bisexual, and (2)I am by no means foolish enough to be a hetero-phobe. Now, for those that can't handle my bisexuality, at least I'm not a gay-for-pay bitch in denial claiming I'm 100% straight when the proof is right in front of you of how I'm not. In other words, you should appreciate my honesty instead of condemning it. And for you hetero-phobes, you should appreciate heterosexuality as it is the sexual orientation that brought you into existence, therefore scoffing at it makes you a damn fool, because you're living a life of denial like a gay-for-pay porn actor. I brought up these facts about myself to show what may contribute to my appreciation of my female fanbase.

The abilities that nature has given women makes them a great addition to my fanbase, such as a woman's way of reasoning, her craving to communicate and exchange knowledge, not to mention the ability to bear children, an ability that many gay men probably envy, while I live in awe of it.

So to my female readers, I hope this post helps you to forgive my oversight as it explains why I honor you as well, and give you a great BIG THANKS for your continued support.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tré Xavier - Super Top?!

Lately, I've been to sex parties where I've topped for the entire night. This has put me in the position where I haven't bottomed for almost 3 weeks now. For someone looking to get double-penetrated, I don't believe that now is a good time for fate to slow down how often my hole opens up with a smile.

According to what happened to me at the sex party, Olympus last Friday, the title of this entry shows that to be what I seem to be becoming. It was definitely a case of "so many men, so little time". And also, so many willing to take in my dick. I will be honest of the many guys there, I fucked 4 times.
Fuck #1-A hot Latino whose ass was so inviting, I was the 2nd guy to fuck him in a tag-team session.
Fuck #2-was a muscular White American. We were trying to decide who between us was going to fuck this other young guy. So it was whoever got hard first, was going to get a chance. I got hard first, but (to my surprise) he was so tight, he couldn't take me. But the White American also wanted my dick, so he let me fuck him missionary, but since he claimed to not normally bottom, he wanted me to go slow. Now either he was new to bottoming, or he was able to pull off that lie, because he does Kegels as much as (if not more than) I do. Because his ass was so nice and tight, and I was shocked to enjoy fucking an ass in slow motion so much. Most guys I've tried fucking half that slow are so loose that they make me lose my hard-on. I didn't come with him either. I pullled out before I got that far, because my cock needed a break. In fact, while my cock needed a break, I was still craving to fuck. This led me to:
Fuck #3- I saw the Latino from Fuck #1 on his knees leaning on a sofa, worshiping a hot guy's bod. I saw that sweet round caramel ass there sticking out, and dived my cock in again. I wanted to shoot a load into that condom so bad, but a few people who need lessons in sex party etiquette rules that I've haven't gotten to writing down yet caused my load to withdraw. I later discovered this night wasn't the 1st time I ever fucked him. He reminded me that I had fucked him at a NY Jock Party once. I never forget a hot guy's face, so I knew I had seen him before, but some voyeur around me must have really annoyed me to make me forget that I explored this hottie's hole in the past. I won't let that happen again. That's why I'm writing this down now.
Fuck #4-My final fuck of the night was a slim European. I never learned exactly where he was from, but he was 2 of my favorite things...HOT & HORNY. One of the few heavier guys there fucked him while I was watching, and he saw me watching, and getting hard from the sight of his ass bouncing. So as soon as the heavier guy was done, Euro-hottie turned his ass to me so I could fuck him. With this sight I gladly prepped my cock, and dived in. I fucked him sometimes fast sometimes slow. Sometimes I slammed hard into his ass, and others, I got off on seeing my crotch slowly squeeze his ass cheeks as I put my cock deeper inside him. Would you believe as hot as this was, and as long as this went on, I still didn't come. But I went home satisfied to the point that I slept well. It was the next morning that I woke up with a raging hard-on that I needed to beat off.

I was a bit disappointed how no one made me want to bottom. There was a possibility my double-penetration was going to happen later that weekend, and I needed someone to prepare my hole for such an entry. That's why I was hoping this one guy I met at another sex party would show up, but he didn't. He would have definitely prepared me, because he has a big cock, and he fucks hard, like at least one of my DP candidates.

I did meet up with my DP candidates Halloween night. I worried a DP wouldn't happen, and it didn't. BUT instead I got one of the hottest tag-team sessions ever. While I sucked one's cock the other fucked me, then the other got his turn, and while I'm getting fucked missionary, the boyfriend who was fucking me before, was now fucking his boyfriend. Both of them came while fucking me, then I was fine leaving it at that, because I'm the kind of guy who can mentally get off by knowing that my ass got you off. It was part of the reason that my cumshots on Tyson Cane and Pitbull shoots took so long to happen. But these guys were determined to see me shoot a cumload, I was even offered one of their asses to fuck. However, while it pained me to turn down that invitation (if you saw his ass, you'd understand my pain), I was basking in how I was finally bottoming again. So to make me come, we made out, with me jerking off with one hand, while the other hand was massaging one boyfriend's ass, and simultaneously my face and tongue were buried in the ass of the other boyfriend. Between the feel of ass in my hand and against my face, as well as flashes of what the sex would look like as a porno all made me shoot my load. After all this, I washed up, went home, and with good reason, slept for hours.

So YES, I was Super Top for the last 3 weeks, especially last Friday night, but thanks to my DP candidates, I may not have redeemed my bottoming prowess by way of a double-penetration like I hoped for, but that hot tag-team on my ass was a fucking hot intro to what can happen in the near future. What is also good is the fact that I was beginning to feel like I was going to go through withdrawal from not bottoming for so long. After all, that's what I find to be the beauty of being versatile - the ability to avoid getting into a sexual rut.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Write That Down #6

Those of you who follow me on Twitter and/or are friends of mine on Facebook may recall seeing this Friday morning:

Falcon is SICK as the Jarics epitomize gay male narcissism that makes a guy couple with his look-alike. It makes the sex look incestuous.

This statement spawned from a passing thought on the racism within the American gay culture, especially here in NYC, of how interracial dating is now an oddity in the gay community, while becoming more common in the straight community. Also leading to that posting was how while I have nothing against the Jarics, I am just stating what is undeniable. Falcon Studios choosing to hire a real couple who look so much like each other (both facially and physically) adds to their list of errors because the Jarics can easily be seen as symbolic of that stereotypical gay male narcissism that makes one couple with someone who looks like himself. It's that same stereotypical narcissism that is making interracial dating happen less frequently in the gay community. Therefore, while both communities should have evolved the same way in regards to interracial dating, I am seeing the straight community progressing, but in the meantime the gay community is regressing.

This brings me to why for my next "Write That Down" quote, I decided to explain why so many guys I fool around with and/or date are not Black like myself, even though I see a many HOT Black men out there to choose from. It is as follows:

Everytime I take a shower, take a piss, beat my meat, or prepare to poke a hot guy's sweet mouth or ass, I see a hot Black cock. So I am probably more drawn to non-Black guys sexually because of the novelty. They have something I don't. A something that is not any more beautiful than what I have, but it is different. And I have more respect for gay men who love that difference, because it takes them one step further from playing into the stereotype of gay male narcissism. Hence why I also so greatly understand and respect a straight guys attraction to women. For they like I, are admirers of physical traits of the beautiful adult human form that are novelties since we can't see them on our own bodies. While narcissism is nurtured, this admiration (be you straight, gay, or bi) is natural and should be praised.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Fu Manchu's Weapon Of Evil

In various blog posts, I have mentioned being part of a "Fu Manchu" movie. Well, the movie is finally coming to fruition where you can see that I was not all talk, as the 9-part webisode movie, "FU MANCHU'S WEAPON OF EVIL" debuts on YouTube on November 9th.

Before involving myself with this project, I didn't know much about the character of "Fu Manchu". I heard the name, but knew no details about this character. So I went to a modern day reliable source, Wikipedia and found plenty.

To explain why my name is not listed as "Tré Xavier", when I signed on to do this, I was still considering to stay in porn, but planned on keeping the identities for porn and more mainstream entertainment separate. So for "Fu Manchu's Weapon Of Evil", I went back to my pre-porn stage name, LeNair Xavier Taprovo. Now you know where the initials L-X-T originate from in my self-stamped monicker, The L XTreme, which you may have noticed on my producing duties. Once I decided to retire from gay porn, I was going to keep using "LeNair Xavier Taprovo". However, under advisement from Christopher Jones of Jones Model Management, I decided to keep using "Tré Xavier". Christopher Jones reminded me that I've now made a brand with the name "Tré Xavier", and like they say, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". And I realized that he was right, because by way of this blog, I have taken the name "Tré Xavier" beyond porn without even trying.

In honor of the cast and crew, the director, Marc Briatack, made a blog post showing his appreciation for all of our hard work and dedication to this project. This is what he had to say about me:

What can I say about our main Dacoit (basically a ninja), LeNair Xavier Taprovo? LeNair is a friend, and since we had no budget on this film, I nervously tapped my friends to help out. He could have said "no." Instead, he showed up every day we needed a disguised servant of Fu Manchu to either attack someone or get "beaten up" or "disintegrated." He has no lines in the film, but provides us with a necessary presence through out most of it. The guy is aces, and a real professional talent that I hope to showcase in another production, and has my eternal gratitude!

I was quite flattered to read this, and glad to see someone take notice of how much of myself I put into a creative undertaking, even when it's not of my own creation. The same quality of putting so much of themselves into a project can be said for the cast members that I met. I would name names (as I've become known to do here), but in this case, there are cast members who I haven't had the pleasure of meeting, and I don't want to deny them the praise they deserve for being a part of this as well. So I'll leave that duty up to Marc's blog post, and will hopefully meet them all at the upcoming screening party.

FU MANCHU'S WEAPON OF EVIL debuts on YouTube on the director, Marc Briatack's channel starting November 9th, with a new webisode debuting over the next 8 Mondays to follow.

I hope you enjoy watching it as much as, if not more so than I enjoyed being a part of it.

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