Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Gift Me 50 Loads For My 50 Years...And Being Sexy AF

I'm sure that title sounds like the sweetest music to the ears of every lust-filled barebacking pig out there. Probably also sounds good to those who don't bareback, but secretly want to. So much so that they still refer to it as "giving a load" even when there's a condom in play. In any case, it sounds like a porno Treasure Island Media or Dark Alley Media's Raw Fuck Club would produce, which if it was, I would recommend it only if I was starring in it. 😉

So as the milestone birthday, my 50th on March 31st is approaching, I'm that lust-filled barebacking pig who wants to be the sole bottom in a real-life version of that scenario.

This craving for so many cocks is very likely furthered by the pandemic. Because the last time I had a cock in my ass before the shutdown in March 2020 was just about 2 weeks prior. Then I made my home video "6 Toys In Quarantine" during the last week of March. In that video, 5 of the 6 toys used were for my ass in some kind of way. And the craving was so bad during one of them, I actually moaned, "Oh my God, I needed something in my ass so bad!"

After that, I played with my butt toys more often. However, that did not make my craving for a real dick disappear. My hole was still there waiting and growing in its needed to filled by a real adult human male's cock. That finally happened in August after a walk in Harlem with a friend, which brings me to why I'm writing this...

It is to put it out there in the universe to possibly make it happen. While I'm sure some doubt such a method, normally I myself would be one of those non-believers. However, I will let you know that this seems to have unexpectedly worked before.

For the hook-up after that walk, in which I flip-fucked but more so bottomed, happened exactly one week after my Thotyssey X-Rayed Sex article "Dear First Prospective Top Since Quarantine" was published. That train ride home had my hole twitching with glee over how the fill of Philip Lynwood's cock relieved me of my ass' hunger to be filled. But that was late August.

It is now 5 months later and still no cock has filled my ass yet. And I have been one sex party, which had good safety protocols, such as temperature checks upon entry and mandatory mask-wearing. However, the rise in cases caused it to have (like most parties) another hiatus. And I never got to bottom there because the patrons had that racist expectation of me being a top because I'm black. Hence the straw that broke the camel's back to inspire me to write the poem "Like You".

So now, my asshole's hunger for cock has grown to want not just one cock, but many. That is unless I found myself getting into a relationship in a short span of time. And with my tenacity,...let's get back to the reality of how my fantasy is not too impossible to believe because I've always said that when I get good dick that I become an insatiable power bottom. The impossible part might be for it to actually happen.

For any kind of birthday gangbang to take place, we need this pandemic to get under control so that the event/room occupancy can have less restrictions. And let's say that part happens. The next potential impossibility is me. Because I know 50 guys I could fantasize about putting a nice load in my ass, but I don't actually know 50 guys personally that I would want to load my hole. Of course, some of them might be able to shoot multiple loads. In that case, that might be my 50.

In any case, I'm dreaming big because it's my 50th birthday. After all the hardships so many bi/gay males overcome with their coming out, I deserve to dream big. Especially after taking good enough care of myself to look this good at this age.

So if this could possibly come about, only time will tell. But like I said before, this is me putting the wish out there to the universe.


  1. Christian Collins also gets points for slurping up Roman's huge boner but it's his twink fucking skills that really shine. Christian impales Roman's ass sideways and makes Roman squeal with pleasure and beg for more.

  2. Thanks for posting. I really enjoy the post. Carry On

  3. Thanks for posting. I really enjoy the post. Carry On


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