Friday, August 28, 2015

Poppers?!...We Don't Need No Stinkin' Poppers!

When you bottom, do you want to be the best bottom,...or do you want to just be mediocre, or worse?

Well, if you're doing poppers, then you are definitely the latter. And I make no apologies for calling you as such.

The use of poppers has become an epidemic in the gay community. To the point that it is hard to find someone man enough to make the act of sex itself be the only high. And while porn was a failure in inspiring many other negatives in gay male sexual behavior, at one time, it was a place to look for a sign of hope. Well, I must inform you that this is now another thing to add to porn's failures. For now the use of poppers has been making its way into porn.

My 1st sight of this repulsion was seeing Tim Kruger allow poppers into a scene for his TimTales site. And most recently, I saw it in a Treasure Island Media scene I came across from "Fuck Holes 3" where the bottom Ryan Cummings was such a pathetic slave to poppers that he wore his bottle of poppers as a necklace. It's sad seeing the number of gay males who have lessened their manhood because they are following the lead of such weaklings. Which in turn makes them an even greater weakling. For the follower of a fool is a greater fool than the original.

Adding to my annoyance is my awareness of how popper-users are putting their sex partners lives in jeopardy. For since I was doing porn, porn actors are encouraged to take male enhancement pills, like Viagra and the like. And I'm sure those pills are being taken for play at sex parties. This makes way for the problem of how male enhancement pills and poppers are a combo that can lower your blood pressure to dangerous levels. So it's weak and selfish play on the part of the person using poppers, and irresponsible porn production for a porn producer/director to allow this. But from Treasure Island Media, this is not the first time I've seen such irresponsibility. So moving on...

This problem would not exist if more gay males were told how taking in dick successfully requires 3 simple things:
  1. LUBE. Make your hole and his cock nice, wet, and slick;
  2. REAL DESIRE to have that person inside you, and;
  3. A DEEP BREATH during a top's entry. For the rectum is a suction tube, and breathing in deeply while your top is entering you helps to suck him into you. 
Well, due to the lack of seeing my tips practiced, and after purchasing and receiving dildos in a variety of sizes since I started my day job, I decided what better way to prove why I have a right to my annoyance than to show myself taking on some big dicks popper-free. Even better with dildos being those dicks because for many of us, a dildo is more difficult to take in than an actual penis. So if I can get through 3 increasingly large dildos without a single huff of poppers, then it proves that those of you who use poppers have no excuse.

So if you're using poppers, then you have fallen prey to a lie. The use of poppers is nothing more than a means to get high.

Sad compared to how my high during sex doesn't involve any manufactured harmful chemicals. Because for me, sex is the high. That high being the entire road building from mouth to mouth, then skin to skin, sweat to sweat, my dick to his ass, and/or his dick to my ass ----THOSE ARE THE THINGS that make my high during sex. And this post and video is to urge others to do the same.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Boss of My Body/The Symphony from Sex

Dear Gay Porn Producers/Directors,

The message in this poem is for you. Especially if I have had the displeasure of working with you, or corresponding with you about working with you...

Normally, after I read a poem and do a striptease in the middle of it, I dash off the stage right after the poem. Not this time. This time, after reading "Boss of My Body", I stuck around to do another poem.

A poem about how often the best music to play during sex is the sound of sex itself....
"The Symphony from Sex".

These videos just go to show that you never know what you're going to get out of me when I take to the stage. ;-)

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Anal Misbehave With An Ina Wave?

When I'm given a sex toy made for a female-bodied person as a gift from a vendor, I try my best to find a use for it. Such was the case with the last toy I reviewed in my "Nude Dude Review", Jimmy Jane's Iconic Rabbit 2. And the same holds true for the toy I'm reviewing here, LELO's Ina Wave.

When it comes to using a toy anally, whether it's meant for the anus or not, the key thing that helps it to get a high grade from me is whether or not I can orgasm with it inside me. Because while I have said in a past blog post that the Aneros toys helped me become able to orgasm while being anally penetrated, me orgasming with anything inside me (be it a finger, penis, or sex toy) is still uncommon. Primarily due to the fact that I rarely masturbate with toys, especially anal ones.

Just like Jimmy Jane's Iconic Rabbit 2 had the feature of its shaft rotating that caught my interest, and in the end (no pun intended) felt great, the same can be said for the Ina Wave's WaveMotion feature. The WaveMotion is the back and forth you see in the video below.

With the WaveMotion feature, I was expecting it to feel like a huge finger doing a slow tap to massage my prostate. Well, I was wrong. Instead, it felt like someone was actually fucking me. As if I had a lover giving me slow thrusts in and out of my ass, and stroking my prostate with every thrust.

If you have an erection while this is happening, like I did, then the part meant to stimulate a woman's clitoris will instead vibrate against the perineum (or taint, as it's commonly called), which can be an additional turn-on. For as I pointed out in my last "Nude Dude Review" video, the penis extends into the body. So additional stimulation to the penis can be achieved by playing with the taint with the clitoral stimulator.

NOTE: There are other vibration modes on the Ina Wave that don't use the WaveMotion feature. It's just the WaveMotion feature was of primary interest to me as to whether or not it was worth recommending for use as an anal toy.

Other features that I feel should be of interest to you about the Ina Wave is that it is:

  • Rechargeable, so there's no need to worry about batteries. And you get about 2 hours of use out of it when it's fully charged;
  • Made of silicone, which makes it non-porous. Therefore, there's no risk of it holding bacteria when you clean it;
  • Cleaning is quite easy. For all you need to clean an Ina Wave is the spraying of a good toy cleaner, or to be more cost efficient, you can use a body-safe soap and some water;
  • Waterproof. So there's no need for concern about washing it, or having fun in the shower with it.

You might be wondering why I didn't review this as a "Nude Dude Review" video. It's because my last review was of a rabbit vibrator as an anal toy. So I didn't want to seem repetitious.However, once I discovered how well it can be used as an anal toy, I did want to get the word out. With that being the case, I decided to write a review instead. So look at it this way, you now have a 2nd rabbit vibrator originally meant for women that can be used anally, and more specifically, anally on a male-bodied person. Thereby bettering by breaking the gender rules some toys are made under.

But I'm not going to leave you hanging. As a parting gift, I'm leaving you with a possibly familiar pic to show how naked I would be if this was a video, 
Take care. ;-)

Saturday, August 1, 2015

It Was HOT When Tré Xavier Fucked_____

After all of the mostly negative things I've said about the gay porn industry, it should not be a surprise that for someone to ask me which scene was my favorite during a fuck session of all times is someone not thinking with a clear mind. When that did happen. I simply answered with the truth - I don't have one favorite. I like a number of them equally, but for different reasons. It was a quick honest answer meant to move on to better topics and actions.

However, I do know that is a burning question for some of you, So in much better spirits, I decided to make a video compilation showing clips from my favorite scenes, and write out for you why they're my favorite. So in order of production date:

1) Oh Boy! Escorts 2 - If you're new to my blog, then you probably don't know a fact that I long told about that scene. The fact that my scene partner was my 1st time ever having sex with a Black man. What makes this scene a favorite is that it help to undo some of my racism towards Black males. Racism born out of the trauma of me being harassed by Black males throughout my youth and in the workplace in my adulthood. For unlike Double R in "Love of The Fuck 4", my scene partner in "Oh Boy! Escorts 2", Joseph Nash (who later used the name "Paris") was a total gentleman.

Also, sex with Joseph Nash for that scene is what taught me how stupid the industry was for its racism in casting. For I'm sure men of color like myself were overlooked by studios like Falcon, Dominic Ford, etc. because they felt the sex in ethnic porn was different (or less great) than the sex they were making. When truth be told, ethnic porn is just as fucked up in its scenarios and inciting of ignorant, self-loathing sexual behavior as ALL of the White mainstream porn studios.

2) 69 Fuck Street - This was a favorite because with it, I set out what I wanted to accomplish in my porn career. And it was only my 2nd movie.

My goal in porn was to show that Black males can be with Whites, Latinos, Asians, etc, and be bottoms, instead of the overly aggressive tops that every studio was shoving down our throats. Hence why you have White guys young and old, stupidly looking to be throttled if they decide to have sex with a Black guy, but meanwhile look for passion and compassion when they get with a White guy. So what more could I ask for in that 5-man orgy scene to be the only Black guy in the room, and one of the 2 bottoms. And speaking of being one of the 2 bottoms, another thing making this scene a favorite was being able to 69 kiss my main pornstar-crush at the time, Jason Dean.

Lastly, making that scene a favorite it was with Private studios, which was always one of my favorite porn studios even before their brief stint in gay porn. To explain why I always list the studio as Private Man-Size/Dark Alley Media, it's because Man-Size was Private's gay line of porn and Dark Alley Media (before they went bareback) was a subsidiary on the production.

3) The Interview - The explanation of how this is a favorite is simple, and has already been told in "The Great Gotten From Gotti". So the short explanation is Favian Gotti was the best on-camera sex I ever had.

4) All Out Assault - This might be my #1 favorite. For multiple factors made it the scene where everything was done right on the production end. Me and my scene partner, Taino were put together because we chose each other. Plus, I knew weeks in advance of this pairing. It wasn't a pairing sprung on me a day before, or as soon as I walked in the door like most of my scenes. And in those weeks prior, me and Taino had a phone conversation telling each other our likes and dislikes so that the scene would go smoothly. The funny fact about that phone conversation is that I was walking through the (no longer existing) clothing store, Daffy's in Downtown Manhattan at the time. So I was trying to be mindful of my language and walk out of earshot of people.

Everything going so well is what restored my hope in the industry, and made me keep my name alive as "Tré Xavier" But I realized over 95% o f porn directors are not as humane as Ben Marksman. Hence why me and Ben are still friends today. In fact, he is the only person that I met through the industry that I still maintain a good connection with.

So now you know my favorite scenes from my porn days and why. I hope they gave you good memories of great fantasies. Whatever the case, I am more so appreciative of you accepting my manhood blossoming because I left the industry. Thank you.

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