Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The K Files: Christmas Party Plans?

As those of you who have followed the going-ons at my day job know, that this has been a year a K & K LLP that has severely tried my patience. From words that border on harassment from my supervisor, to the most recent wrong-doing bordering on harassment coming from the Human Resources Director trying to write me up for excessive absences based on an amended policy regarding our days off that is IN NO WAY IN WRITING for all employees to be aware of. Because I'm a human being, not a guinea pig for them to perform tests on some new rules they pull out of their corporate-overstuffed-with-bullshit asses.

While I have decided not to go and take advantage of my legal options this time around, next time I WILL. And anybody who follows the lead of that inept HR Director, be it my supervisor or manager, will be finding their heads in the legal noose or guillotine right along side hers. And with a smile on my face getting great sadistic pleasure from it. You see, the follower of a fool is a bigger fool than the original, so considering they are all aware of my outburst at that seminar to make these inept superiors aware of my knowledge of my rights. Should the HR Director try something else bordering so close to warranting legal action, it would show an intellect a great deal superior to that of the HR Director for them to remove themselves from the situation.

With all I have been through this past year, why would I spend time in the same space with them by going to the firm's Christmas Party this Friday night? Because it's not about them. Every year, I've spent my time in the social graces of those people I respect who work at K & K LLP. For those who are unfitting of my respect regardless of their position, this is a night they don't exist, because while we may be at a firm function, we are not in the confines of the firm's walls, and I plan on taking full advantage of that. For example, by the ways of my planned outfit.

I debuted this jacket at the firm's Christmas Party 2 years ago. Normally, rules of style etiquette say that you're not supposed to wear the same thing to an event more than once. Well, considering how the firm has become the spinning-out-of-control revolving door of attorneys and staff that I mentioned in a past blog entry, by now so many of the staff has changed, this jacket will come off as being new to many people there.

Now once I hit the dancefloor, the jacket comes off. So while most guys are wearing either suits, or dress shirts with or without ties - what am I wearing? Being forever the rebel with a cause, I'm plan on wearing this sleeveless number right here, with the option of teasing with a hint of skin if I move that zipper up far enough.

Last, but not least - what am I going to do for pants? I'm plan on wearing a pair of slacks that I often wear to work anyway. The special thing about them is the fact that they show off my physique from the waist down quite well. Therefore the junk in my trunk will be in clear view.

So basically, my outfit will either make every gay man in that firm might show their true selves (especially if they get sauced enough). OR make me the object of envy for every out of shape straight guy in the firm, OR make every guy regardless of their orientation with the typical American shame of their bodies look at me in awe for having the nerve to go against the grain and wear that outfit. No matter what, after what I've been put through this year with K & K LLP, based on what I said earlier, pushing their buttons with my lack of buttons should be the least of their worries from me.

Of course, if any hottie at the firm (few as they are) try to have their way with me because they like what they see (and the feeling is mutual), you'll be the 1st to know ;-)

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