Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tré Xavier - Multi-Tasking Fucker

I have always been able to multi-task. What I was surprised to find was that I can even multi-task even when I'm fucking. What surprises me about that is the fact that when I multi-task, I'm stll able to give 100% to each thing that I'm doing simultaneously, but I always thought that sex was the one time thing that I didn't do that with, because pleasing my partner was too big a deal for me. I've recently discovered different.

I was working at a couple of sex parties last Friday and Saturday. On Friday, me and one of the other attendants were checking out one guy from the moment we saw him as he came upstairs to the 2nd floor of the loft. He was muscular with a tattoo across the top half of his back, and you may recall my kink for tattoos.I had no idea if he was a top or bottom, nor did I care. I did know that I wanted a piece of him if he was interested, and it didn't matter if it was the front, back, or both. I saw him bottom for one guy earlier in the night until what it seems like forever, making me wish I was drilling his hole. Then I saw him bottom for another guy. This 2nd guy was fucking him in a way that made you want to say, "'re doing it all wrong!", then proceed in showing him how it's done.

While watching this guy fuck wasn't thrilling, seeing the tattooed guy's ass bounce was. There were a couple of people crowding around me as I jerked off to watching this. One was an older guy that just wouldn't leave me alone no matter how many times I politely ignored his advances earlier, while the other just kept touching on me as I once again, politely ignored his advances. When the 2 were done fucking, they got off the bed, and the tattooed guy stood against the wall right next to the bed. I sat down right next to where he was standing to get away from the guys feeling me up. I was still jerking my cock, and the tattooed guy kept looking down at me. I reached out for him to feel his muscular thigh (remember, I'm a leg man also). He moved closer, then reached down for my cock. When he grabbed it, he said, "Oh yeah!"

That surprised the hell out of me, because I know I don't have the largest cock in the world. He started to straddle me, and I started feeling all the muscles on his chest, legs, and that just-fucked ass, that was about to get fucked again ----by my now hole-hungry cock. I slipped frm under him, and positioned him doggy style. I lubed up his hole, put on a condom. When I started to put my cock in, from what all the fucking this guy had before me (just before me even), this guy's hole -----was still TIGHT. I thought to myself, "Someone has been doing their Kegels."

And I took full advantage. I tried pacing myself, but it wasn't long before that sweet hole had me pounding the fuck out of him. Right in the middle of it, I heard someone call my name. It turned out being a freind of mine who said he so tired that he wasn't going to the party, yet he showed up anyway. I figured that since he's a lust bucket like me that once he got that 2nd wind, he would show, and I was right.

This is the point where I discovered I was a multi-tasker even during sex, because when my friend called my name, I looked over to him, and said, "What's up!", and found myself on the verge of reminding him of how he said he wasn't coming to the party, while simultaneously, I was doing what I always do to a bottom - I was playing with his nipples, massaging every part of his body within reach, and playing with his cock. Luckily, I caught myself before any more words besides that "What's up!" came out of my mouth, as I felt it would be quite rude to the hottie I had wrapped around my dick and moaning my praises.

Saturday night I was back working the party again, monitoring the bathroom making sure 1 guy went in at a time. There was one hot short muscular Latino that kept cruising me. Eventually, he got up the nerve to appraoch me, and I reciprocated (tell those 2 guys from Friday about how "reciprocating" is the keyword). He put on a condom ready to fuck me, and leaned against the wall. I was backing up onto his thick dick, when while someone was already in the bathroom someone was about to walk right past me, and go in. So me multi-tasking stopped the guy saying, "One at a time", while trying to slide onto the Latino's cock.

When one of the party-goers who was witness to my multi-tasking came out of the bathroom, he complimented me on my multi-tasking skills. Understandably, considering the circumstances, it was a compliment that we had a good laugh over.

Well, my multi-tasking while fucking were not planned experiments, but you have to admit, it's a great story about how I discovered that I could pull it off. I just hope I don't have to do that too many more times.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Taste For Chocolate...Your Dirty Little Secret

I am seeing more and more in the American gay community, White men in positions of power in the entertainment field where they can easily combat racism by being real with the public by showing the fact that away from their entertainment post...


Part what provoked my post "TO ALL NYC GAY NIGHTLIFE PROMOTERS..." is the fact that I know some of these promoters that while Black men are just a dot (if at all) existent in their go-go boy and staff roster, they are quick to taste the chocolate, be it white, semi-sweet, milk, or dark when they are away from their title of party promoter. I also know this to be true of some porn producers, directors, and actors as well. And I am here to tell you that whatever section of the entertainment field you're in, because you make your attraction to Blacks your "dirty little secret"...


Because you are catering to RACISM. Why should I not only as a Black man, but as a human being respect you while knowing such a thing about you?!

You can try giving the excuse of "that's what sells" all you want. Well Bitch, talk to your own asshole, because neither my face nor my hand want to hear it, as my whole body is too intellectually sound to tolerate that bullshit you are trying to sell to me.

Centuries after slavery, and decades after segregation, this country is STILL divided, especially in the gay community. And you party promoters, gay porn industry people, magazine owners and staffers, etc. have the power to bring us to where we should be, yet you let a delusion of what makes more money be what guides your decisions. Truth be told, catering to racism makes more money ONLY if the majority of products you produce cater to it.

So my question to the aforementioned people in power is, if you claim you're not a racist, yet you produce a racist product, then what does that make you? Don't bother answering, because I'll tell you. It makes you:

1) a bigger fool than the racists you're making a product for, because as one of my favorite self-created quotes states, "the follower of a fool is a bigger fool than the original"; and that makes you
2) a racist as well, because only a racist plays along with a racist's mindset. A REAL man is not a racist, therefore makes an OPEN stand against it for all the world to see. Therefore 1 and 2 makes you
3) a sell-out to humanity.

The guilt of such actions may very well explain the all-too-familiar stigma of drug and alcohol abuse that the gay entertainment scene is known for.

Just because I've been getting on those in power in gay entertainment with most of this post, that doesn't mean that those Whites not in a position of power are exonerated from my wrath. For there are a great many White "Avergae Joes" that I have encountered who take a liking to me and other men of color that gives birth to obvious sexual tension that may even lead to something more if they let it. HOWEVER, for the sake of appearances, they take with the safe bet of another White man to avoid ostracizing by so-called friends and/or family. Truth be told AGAIN, if your so-called friends and/or family were worth a damn, they would not care. But since you were dumb enough to cater to their insolence, you have now showed the same 3 aforementioned things about yourself that catering to racism says about those in power in gay entertainment.

In closing, I'd like to respond to the comments I received on Facebook from Brian Mills and Corey Corey in response to "TO ALL NYC GAY NIGHTLIFE PROMOTERS..." saying how I should name the names of guilty parties. I did respond there, but let me respond here in more detail as to why I feel no need to do so. In my posts (past and present) addressing the flaws in the gay porn industry, I was dealing with people who calling out their racist products by name (including those produced here on the East Coast), is the closest I can get to addressing them and their troublesome ways since I was unable to look them in the eye, and let them face me with their guilt by looking me in mine, because practically all the guilty parties wouldn't dare face me. So their becoming irate was the closest I could come to metaphorically make these (mostly doped-up, some Botox-faced) chicken shits look me in the eye after the fact.

In nightlife however, some of these guilty parties have hugged me, kissed me, offered to suck, fuck and/or be fucked by me and/or some of my Black friends. Until now, they have never known the depths of my feelings of disrespect for their very existence, once I came to realize that they live a life where a tryst with us would be considered their "dirty little secret". And not because of our positions, but because of the color of our darker skin.

Now, that I am putting the truth of my emotions out there, this is me saying to them - The next time we're face to face...LOOK ME IN MY EYES THEN!!!!


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Portrait of The Stereotypical Escort

I recently created an account to the website, As often as I've heard of this website, I never created an account for it until now. Mainly because I don't really do online hook-ups. In fact, it's been years. And I was quickly losing faith in this one as I have with all the others, as I found myself being hit on by guys who either were too much older than me and looked it, or they were my age, but looked much older than me. Then one day, a surprise happened. I saw an email telling me I was "fucking hot" and it included a phone number. I put the cursor on the name, and the thumbnail that popped up was a slim young good-looking White guy with a huge cock. I clicked on the name for closer inspection to find I that what I saw in that tiny thumbnail was true.

His profile said that he was in gay porn, and I knew he was because of the Jet Set Men symbol on his pics. With my disdain for the racism at Jet Set Men, I didn't know exactly who he was, so I went to the website to investigate, and I found out he was Jason White.

I sent Jason a text message, prepared to not get an answer because I don't take for granted that everyone has text messaging. So I was prepared to take the more intimate method and actually call him. That turned out not being necessary, because not too long after he texted back. We exchange messages, then eventually talked on the phone. We disucssed what we like sexually, and talked about getting together. We considered a group thing, then he seem to really want to focus on me, so he decided 1-on-1 was better, and I went along.

Mind you, it's been years since I last planned to hook-up via the internet. But Jason intrigued me, because he was a rare find in a young person in New York City lately - a White American who seems racially open, and being that he was in porn, had I knew him then, he would have been another example I could have used for my blog post, He's Not Anti-Black, He Just Plays So On TV as Jet Set Men has stuck him with all White scene partners in every movie he's been in for them, yet here Jason showing he has a taste for chocolate by lusting for me.

When I tried to make plans to hook-up, Jason said he like to play it by ear, because he never knows what going to happen, such as a client calling. When he said a client calling, I then realized that he was an escort. I have had friends who are escorts, but the reason they're my friends is because they don't fit the negative stereotype. As this story progress, you will see that Jason White does fit that negative stereotype.

We made plans to meet that Friday night. I told him that I had to go meet a friend first. So his advice was to give him a call after meeting with my friend, and see if he's free. I did that, and he said he was, so I made my way home to The Bronx all the way from the Gramercy section of Manhattan. When I got home, I texted Jason to tell him I was home. I knew something was up when I got a text in reply that along with "Kool" was asking me what was I into. If you recall, we went over that in our 1st conversation. Now, someone in their 20's should not be that forgetful, especially regarding the details of a hook-up partner. If he is any good as an escort, he wouldn't need to ask me again. And if he did, a client wouldn't tolerate it, so a red flag was going off already. But it gets worst.

He then asks me if I was interested in a 4-way. Now, didn't we originally decide on a 1-on-1 at his urging? This instablility was bugging me as I have dealt with it, (if not sexually , then in another form) with former suitors. Then I was asked if I "partied", and I said, "No". Next, he asked for my screenname of dudesnude, which he should have known, espcially since it's my name just minus a space between the 1st and last name. I did give it to him, then after that, I never heard another word from him for the rest of the night.

I tried texting and calling numerous times within a 2-hour period which means ending around 1:45 AM . Filling my time with mudane things to do because it was my understanding that I was supposed to be entertaining a guest in my home.

The next day, about 3:45 PM, I texted him with this message:

Thanks 4 last night. Wait...that's right, you were 2 tweaked out elsewhere for that. That's OK. The public will know about you and your clients soon enough.

This definitely sent him, as it would any escort into a panic. Especially when you say the phrase "the public will know about...your clients". What I will reveal about his clients is nothing you can't already figure out for yourselves. Plain and simply, that anyone who requests his services as an escort are either paying for his drug habit by hiring him or buying the drugs and doing them with him. So anyone you know who is a client of his, if you didn't know that about your friend before, you do now. And it was my pleasure to enlighten you :-)

You see, when you cross me, I am one sadistic son of a bitch - to put it mildly. Maybe he should have asked Chris Steele at Jet Set Men about me.

Anyway, what is the excuse I was given? ----That his phone was locked.

Now am I really suppose to believe this? Let's say that he was telling the truth that his phone was locked as he was installing something on it. If such was the case, then (1)an update should have come FROM HIM CONTACTING ME, not me contacting him, AND (2)so late in the afternoon? If their phone was to somehow lock, any respectable escort needs their phone so much that they would not wait so late in the afternoon after their phone locks to go to their carrier's store and get the problem corrected. This is where the stereotypical behavior of an escort comes in, because if I was a client, he would have moved heaven and earth to let me know what was going on, even if it meant going old school and using a pay phone. But his stereotypical escorting behavior makes it clear that the value of my time as a human being is not worth respecting. Why? ....Because $$$ were not attached to my name or my being.

This is the kind of thinking that causes violence against sex workers. An escort tactless enough to makes it obvious to the client that they are merely a meal ticket, so the client in return treats the escort like a piece of meat. And what do you do to a piece of meat when you're done with it? You throw it away. And some clients do that in the literal sense.

Not all escorts behave this way with such a double standard of treating clients and non-paying people differently, but behavior of the stereotypical ones like Jason White cause harm to those who treat every one, client or not, with the same degree of courtesy and humanity. Like I said, over time, I've had friends who have and still are escorts, and I don't think of them as any less of a worthwhile existence. It is just that like in any other profession, there are those who keep bad stigmas alive. And Jason White does that for escorts.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Review Tools Getting Me WET®

In my last post, a video review of the bisexual porn, "Bi Now, Gay Later", I took it as an opportunity to also review something else. I used it as a chance to review another new lube from WET® that I was given called, WET® Naturals.

Like I said in that last post, I was out quite late, so while I would have loved to just sit there and watched that movie from beginning to end, I knew once I got home that Scene 1 was all I was going to get through. For watching the movie was meant to be a great finale to a fun night which included standing next to hot bare asses and cocks in Urge's Ass Contest. Now you know that besides the movie, I had other sexual tension to release.

I used the WET® Naturals™ Silky Supreme™ first. I pulled back my foreskin, and let the lube run down my dick like a clear lava running down a volcano. I started stroking, and because the scene was so FUCKIN' HOT I had to pace myself so that I wouldn't shoot my load before the scene was done. The WET® Naturals™ was lasting me the whole time. And once I shot my load, I wiped off, and did like most men do when they bust a nut - I called it a night and went to sleep.

I woke up about 4 hours later with morning wood thinking about how I wanted to see the rest of that movie. So I turned on the DVD, and started jerking off. In the midst of my jerking off, I realized something - I never put on any lube. The fact is that there was no need to just yet, because the lube from those 4 hours ago was still a tad moist on my cock, even after wiping my load off my dick. So I worked it until I had I felt the need for more. That's when I tried the other WET® Naturals™ that was given to me, Beautifully Bare™. And I'm glad to say that over the next 4 1/2 hours of watching the next 4 scenes of that movie, I was able to enjoy it using so little lube that if it wasn't for the seal being broken by me, you would never know that the bottle was used, because it still looks practically untouched.

I did get a chance to use it with someone. I was with a hot European stroking my dick with the lube to prepare my anxious cock for curing it's need to be embraced by his hole. He was a little hesitant to give me a blowjob after seeing me put the lube on my cock. I told him there was no taste to it, and I'm sure the fact that the lube is odorless contributed to alleviating it of that common complaint. And I was hoping that while I didn't taste it myself that I wasn't lying. As it turned out, I wasn't, because he sucked my cock a good number of times with the lube on it to add to my prepping to enter his hot ass. After we flip-fucked like rabbits, he told me that he liked the lube because it really did have no taste. This was funny because it seemed like an awkward conversation that you see in television commercials but don't think they would ever happen in real life. Well, it has now, but the good part about it is how that lube we were talking about helped get us to shoot our loads over the hot-fuck we found each other to be.

Besides taste, another complaint I often hear about lubes are allergic reactions. And WET® Naturals™ is hypoallergenic, so that may be a good thing to know for those with such complaints. As you can see, all these qualities of it contributed to my having a good time with it. Maybe it can contribute that same small bit to your good time, too....alone or with a "friend(s)".

Friday, January 15, 2010

Video Review: Bi Now, Gay Later

Last week, I went to a porn shop and saw a DVD with one of my favorite pornstars on the cover - Denis Reed, whose post I wrote about him is still getting a load of hits so long after it's original date. The name of the DVD was "Bi Now, Gay Later".

It's been so long since I bought a DVD that I didn't know how to react. And it was a bisexual porn, so I could get off on seeing Denis doing both a guy and a girl, and unlike most of the stuff he's done for the Eromaxx websites, it's not an orgy so there's more time to focus on him. I picked up the DVD, and looked on the backcover to find out that he was in not just 1, not 2, but 3 out of the 5 scenes on the DVD. Good thing I was wearing my long trenchcoat in this NY winter weather, or else everyone would have saw the hard-on growing in my pants from seeing the screenshots on the cover.

I also saw that the cast also included some other hotties I've come to know. Such as David White, who has an amazing ass, and is another model that I downloaded from, which is where I discovered the Peter Twins. The cast also features a scene with Oliver Strelly, who I've gotten off on in quite a few straight porn flicks.

Feeling this was going to be a HOT skin-flick, I still left it alone. But the thought stayed in my mind all week long, so the other night, I went back to that store, and pick it up. Now, I had to find out if it was a good thing I did, because it turned out being the last copy on the shelf.

Knowing I was going to see so many hot guys fucking other guys and girls, I couldn't wait to put this movie on when I got home.

I went out that night, so I knew I would look at the entire thing in one sitting. But I had to view and bust a nut to at least one scene before going to bed, or else I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep. So I chose the scene that drove me to buy the movie the most - Denis Reed fucking David White and Sabrina.

It turns out that this was the last scene, and as far as I'm concerned, they saved the best for last. Each scene Denis Reed fucks in makes the movie for me, but Scene 5 is where he gets the most sweaty. And there is nothing I like more when I seeing people fuck than to see a top drenched in sweat, and passing that drench onto his partner(s). I was glad to finally see David White have sex, as I've only been able to imagine him doing so when I watch him pop-up and do a dance routine on my desktop from my VirtuaGuyHD program showing off that ever-so-fuckable and squeezable ass. I would have loved to see him and Denis tag-team Sabrina, so I could get a look at his nice uncut cock sliding in and out of a hole. Here, he is a bottom for Denis Reed, but that's a personal disappointment. Outside of that, this scene was in a word - perfection.

I next ventured to Scene 2 to see Oliver Strelly fuck some male ass, as I've always imagined him fucking mine when I see him in straight porn. This scene would have been perfect as well, but I HATE to see women with strap-on dildoes. Especially in a bisexual porno, because if a guy wants to suck a dick or have his ass fucked, there's a guy with a hard cock standing right there with the natural equipment to give that guy what he wants. Seeing a woman with a strap-on comes off as her having penis envy, and that plus the man accomodating that envy is a turn-off for me. So for the sake of my giving this scene any kind of high rating, the scene was saved by Oliver Strelly's intense pounding of Max Bozman's ass and Jess's pussy, and them responding accordingly. So I still had an intense orgasm jerking off to watching this scene. Not as intense as any of Denis Reed's scenes, but still intense.

The reason for that last sentence is because Scene 4 is another scene where I only wanted to fuck the bottom because of his plump ass. His enthusiasm however was too pretend in my opinion, and that's probably because the top (unlike Denis Reed and Oliver Strelly) fucked with no passion. And that passion usually drives the passion of the top's sex partner(s), which thereby makes the scene. So the chemistry between all of the actors in Scene 4 was not there to the point that the way I came was not by watching this scene, but by going back to the end of the scene I started from - Scene 5.

Few movies are so good that you want to have sex with practically the entire cast. For that reason, this movie is now one of my favorites, because I wanted to take in Denis Reed's raw uncut cock in each scene he was featured in, along with that of Oliver Strelly, and with the exception of Scenes 2 and 4, I wanted to fuck the women's pussies with their pussy juice raining on my dick and have my cock engulfed in the warmth of being inside each guy's ass. Also, the stacking of the woman and guy getting fucked in each scene was a big plus in my book.

5 loads of cum in less than 10 hours! It would have been much less than 10 hours if I didn't need to get a few hours sleep after watching Scene 5 immediately after returning home. So I guess you're wondering how do I rate this movie.

If I was to start regularly doing porno reviews, I think I would use a 5-star rating since I've always liked the number 5, and also the 1st movie I'm reviewing has 5 scenes. So basing my rating on the intensity of the orgasm I got from watching each scene, if it wasn't for Scene 2's display of penis envy and Scene 4 making me need help from another scene to make me cum , my rating would be higher - but I'll close by rating "Bi Now, Gay Later" ----- 3.8 out of 5 stars.


While you're doing promotions for Martin Luther King, Jr. Weekend, as you hire your LIGHT bartenders and LIGHT go-go boys to please your WHITE racist pig patrons and take their WHITE money, you make it quite obvious that you either have no clue of what Martin Luther King, Jr. stood and died for, or your monetary greed makes you not care. Maybe that's why you shorten the name down to the initials "MLK" - to lessen the importance in your mind of the man's accomplishments.

Because of Dr. Martin Lujther King, Jr.'s accomplishments, we are supposed to be 40+ years past the civil rights movement, yet many of you are making the NYC gay club scene show the gay community to be behind those 40+ years by segregating us. I am tired of having a Black/Latino night at a club being one of the few places I feel welcomed. If we were all at the right place mentally, there would be no need for those Blatino party nights.

I know those of you who are members of the guilty party are saying that you've never said such a thing about having a light-complexioned staff to cater to White racist pigs to take their White money. Well action speaks louder than words, and while you may not have said the words, the action of your hiring practices and who you are obviously catering to speaks volumes. Because while every non-White from Asian, Indian, and medium to dark complexioned Black and Latino, etc. you see at your events are probably there by living in denial of what I'm saying, if they face the truth, they will know that you're not taking a minority's money because you really want us there. If you did, we would see some representation in your staff, and kindness from your patrons. So the only reason our presence is tolerated is because it is viewed as mere happenstance.

This is New York City, which is supposed to be a mecca for all ethnicities and cultures. And Dr. Martiin Luther King, Jr. died at the hands of people afraid to see our entire nation become that mecca. NYC Gay Nightlife Promoters, your hiring practices and patrons you knowingly cater to show that you are no better than those people who hoped for, and saw to the death of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. It is the year 2010, don't you think it's about time you showed otherwise? Because while you're telling yourself White is what sells ---- in the year 2010, besides more money, you can also make alot more love with unity, than you can with separatism.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Peters Twins' Sickness Kills Fantasy Joy

I think I've stayed quiet long enough on my reaction to the news of the Bel Ami twins, Elijah and Milo Peters doing a scene with them having sex with each other. Especially since my post about my fantasy about being tag-teamed by them has gotten more hits since that news and video came out, and I did say that I would have a problem if such a scene ever happened, as I wouldn't even indulge myself in a fantasy of being double-penetrated by them.

I am going to be totally honest, like many out of curiosity, I have watched the scene. I went to a site and downloaded it for free and saw it for myself.

Did you really think I was going to be dumb enough for pay for this scene of depravity? Now, while it is a scene of depravity, I'm not going to be a hypocrite, and say that I was not aroused by it, because initially I was. But as I kept reminding myself of how it is such a taboo, because IT IS INCEST, which is a sickness, the scene became less appealing.

Even with that in mind, it is still like a car wreck ---- a tragic occurence that you can't look away from. For even though I haven't watched it since that 1st download, I have yet to delete the file from my hard drive. Maybe it's serving as a reminder of the obscene extremes porn producers are going to because they refuse to further explore natural territory that is right in front of them, like color diversity. Like the one shot deal Bel Ami gave Kimani Arenas with "Flings 2". I'm sure there are more men of color out there who are willing to do a scene for them.


I believe that maybe not all, but a good portion of gay men who favor this scene are the sick minds who practice the stereotypical gay behavior of narcissism by going after someone who looks so much like themselves as I described in my quote for Write That Down #6. With that in mind, I leave them and the Peters twins to their mental illness.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Safer-Sex Reality, Barebacking Fantasy

Those of you who follow me on Twitter or are friends of mine on Facebook may recall seeing this recent update:

New Year's resolution for my blog - stop hiding the TRUE raunch of my fantasies to be politically correct with the world's reality.

I'm going to use this blog post to explain what I meant by that, and I'm sure some of you are not going to like it. And to many of you who don't, I'll say right now that for most of you, it's out of sheer hypocrisy that you won't like it.

What I meant by saying that I was going to "stop hiding the TRUE raunch of my fantasies" is the fact that while for real life encounters, I advise safer-sex practices, my fantasies however are mostly bareback. So I have decided to show that in my writings here. When I speak of a real-life encounter, I will tell of my safer-sex practices with all the raunch before, during and after the fact (from every dick I licked, to every hole I poked, to every cheek I squeeze, etc.) but when I tell of a fantasy, I will tell of all the raunch my imagination can muster which may include barebacking in that fantasy.

Some of you may ask why I am making this change. It is because I have been feeling like one of the types of people I hate most when I write my fantasies for you - a hypocrite. Because even with HIV and STDs being the reality that they are in our lives, the fact is that our fantasies is a way to escape that. It is a natural gift for us to escape that harsh fact. So for the new year, I decided, WE ARE ALL ADULTS HERE, so why put reins on my fantasies, which thereby makes you put reins of yours, when because it's a fantasy, you don't necessarily need to. And if you feel people need to, then that is your hypocrisy and/or a clear sign of YOUR mental shrotcoming where you can't separate a fantasy in your head from the reality of what you need to do for yourself in the real world.

Before anyone is tries to compare what I'm about to do with this blog to making barebacking porn, you need to check yourself here. Because the fantasies I present here are written word. In barebacking porn, actors are people who are actually put through the task of barebacking by a director's orders. By my doing a written word fantasy, you could put a disclaimer that says, "No humans were put at risk during the making of this fantasy". And if you try saying that my writing may influence people to bareback, then I'll go back to what I said earlier, WE ARE ALL ADULTS HERE, and this blog is made for adult reading. Therefore, if I say the tale that I'm telling is a fantasy, it is then the adult reader's responsibility to him/herself to take it as such, and because of the reality of our lives that are HIV and other STDs, practice safer-sex in the real world for the sake of keeping their negative status, and not spreading it to others should they be positive.

What I have stated here by no means changes my support of barebacking porn's existence. I will admit that I often considered doing barebacking porn myself should I be able to do it with someone I knew well enough. While I do have such people in my life, I decided not to because I entered the porn industry with the intention of being symbolic of someone who has newly discovered their sexuality and is proud of it, and making fans questioning their orientation see my content and do the same for themselves. With that in mind, plus knowing this blog helped to create that fanbase, I knew that some fans would follow me to whatever genre of porn I moved on to, the same way many of you have followed me out of porn, so I didn't feel it was a good move as a sexual role model to go from one porn genre (condom-porn) that requires little explanation, to another genre (barebacking) where the behind-the-scenes details would be so much more complicated (at least for me) to explain to my fans that I've always been so open and honest with as to why I made that transition, thereby sending a mixed message to fans. Especially younger ones who are not aware of all the joys and (even more kept secret) the dangers that  may come with displaying your sexuality. If I was to make such a move now, it would be a different story. But such a thing has yet to happen, nor is it in the works. So I'll address that matter IF it should ever happen.

With this new year, I plan on being more real than you already know me to be. And that allows you to be more real with yourself. Are you ready for this? I hope you are, as I promise to make this year the most sexy, thrilling, compelling, and enlightening one yet.

Friday, January 8, 2010

New Year, New Top Fucker

One of my 1st new post of 2009 was New Year, New Cocksucker where I went into detail about my improved oral skills the new year seemed to have brought me. Well this new year of 2010 seems to have brought me some improved skills as a top.

As you may know from a previous post, I rang in the new year at the Baña Pool Party. I was wondering who I was lusting after at the last one was going to make a return appearance at this one. As far as the hot staff goes, I was not disappointed that while helping to set up, who walks in but Jake Havoc who was bartending. The theme of the party was Fire and Ice, and some people wore costumes. Jake was one of them, and he wanted me to help him with his by connecting the back to his jockstrap, just like the guy is doing in the picture. Now, why would I turn down the opportunity to be anywhere near that bare ass, and by doing the task asked of me, possibly graze Jake's bare skin? So I gladly and quickly obliged, while fighting off the temptation to kiss each ass cheek and lick his hole since my face wasn't that far away.

I was working clothes-check, and during a point when it was slow, Jake came by during his break from bartending. He sat on a chair, and I sat on his lap. This immediately made me hard, and from the looks of that bikini I was wearing, you can figure that my cock was not going to stay contained if it continued to grow. And it did continue to grow. Jake started playing with me, and I started playing with Jake. This gave me a lot to play with because Jake is a BIG guy, in a way that reminds me of the French guy from "French Kiss, Big Bliss?". During this frolicking, a party-goer came over ready to leave, and since I'm someone who can quickly mentally morph into whatever I need to be, I immediately jumped up ready to do my job. Remember now I said I can quickly mentally morph, not physically. So the funny part of the story is that when I jumped up to greet the patron and assist him, my erect cock was pointing out between the 2 red lines of my bikini greeting the patron as well. The patron didn't seem surprised, and there was no need for him to be. Especially since he was kind of cute, so had he got to me before Jake, he could have been the inspiration for my erection.

There are more tales I could tell about Baña that night. But from here on, I'm going to use the same rule for the rest of that night at Baña as they use for Las Vegas by saying, "Whatever happens at Baña, stays at Baña." Besides if you've ever been, and knowing the lust-bucket I am, I challenge you to use your imagination.

New Year's Day (or Night, rather) I went to the sex party, Olympus. I sometimes help out at the party, mainly by monitoring the bathroom. So if you ever stop by and see me, say "Hello" FIRST, before trying to get physical. To do the reverse order is disrespectful of my personal space, especially while I'm working.

Anyway, during one of my breaks, I went downstairs and saw someone who is a friend of a former fuck-buddy. I went to say "Hi", while he was talking to these 2 White guys. One of the White guys kept looking me up and down, and because of the racial climate that I've complained about here in NYC in recent years, while I feel I'm confident in my being a good-looking man, I'm not sure how many White American males are aware of that fact. So even though the friend of my former fuck-buddy is Black as well, I didn't know if this White guy was looking me up and down to say about me, "Wow! He's fuckin' hot", or was it to say, "Who the fuck is this nigger, and why is he standing by me?! I'm already humoring one. Must I humor another?"

The friend of my former fuck-buddy then introduced us, and it turns out the 2 White guys were actually European, so I was put a tad at ease about his being racially open. They soon went to go play, leaving me and my former fuck-buddy's friend to talk for a bit. After our chat, I went back in the play area to find the European who was giving me a look getting sucked off. I decided to investigate that once-over look from earlier, so while he was getting sucked off, I stood next to him. When he looked up and saw me, he immediately grabbed me. He started feeling me up, grabbing my ass, and playing with my hole. While I don't usually like my hole fingered, I was in such a good mood, probably because of the new year, I actually started riding his finger.

Well, I guess this confirms that his gaze was to say about me, "Wow! He's fuckin' hot!", instead of the nasty alternative.

After that guy was done sucking him off, the European continued playing with me. He took me over to the bed, he sat down, and then I started sucking him off. And it was a long cock to suck. He moaned so loud a crowd formed around us, then he asked me, "Do you want to ride my dick?"

I whispered with a smile, "Yeah".

He then laid down on the bed, as I straddled him letting his long cock slide into me. Then I started riding it. It felt sooo good. Feeling that dick inside my cock-craving hole, plus looking at his amazing body made the sex so good already. And just when I thought it couldn't get any better, he suddenly started to stand up while holding me trying to stay inside me, then he put me on my back, and started fucking me missionary - HARD! He was pumping me fast and furious ramming his cock deep inside me, while I was rubbing his smooth skin and grabbing his hot flexing ass. And I was quite loud about how much I liked it. So loud that I'm sure the guys on the 2nd floor of the loft heard me. My body was pretty relaxed, but not relaxed enough to take in all of his cock. So I quickly relaxed myself to make that possible. And it made him come shortly after, with me using my hole to squeeze every last drop of cum out of his dick.

I had about 5 guys total - 2 more as a bottom which included a hot guy sweating so much that his whole body (including his ass) was drenched and made me wet as well, just how I like it, while the others were as a top, with one guy's ass being so sweet that I fucked it every chance I got. Now, besides him, it just seemed that every guy I topped LOVED my dick. Every guy I fucked moaned so loud to every sensation from my cock's entry, to the passion I slammed into their plump asses, and begging for more. And really, I'm not being a braggart. I've topped at sex parties before, but I've never seen so many guys wanting a turn at me topping them after witnessing me with someone else. So figure that I must be starting off 2010 with some kind of improved skill as a top that's getting alot of people wanting a taste.

So I don't know how many condoms and WET® lube packets I went through over my New Year's weekend, but you know what? Somebody should be giving me an endorsement deal. Because as many condom and lube wrappers I left lying around, if by some off chance you either didn't know, or seemed to have forgotten some condom and lube companies' names before New Year's----if you were celebrating near me, I may have refreshed your memory.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Write That Down #10

This is not out of arrogance, but I know that I am a beautiful MAN 1st, then a beautiful BLACK MAN 2nd. So when I sound off about being irked by the racism from White gay nightlife promoters, porn and other media producers, and their patrons, it's not because I need to get re-assured of that beauty. God does that for me everyday he allows me to wake up. It's because their lack of  Black staffers shows how so many White Americans are still threatened by the fact of how light is not always right, because dark can be lovely, too.

Between a friend's recent exchange with a NYC party promoter, and part of my experience during my lust-filled post slated for tomorrow, I felt this needed to be said. I hope it inspires many Blacks who are in doubt about their beauty because of those narrow-minds, to doubt it no more.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Write That Down #9

After so many blog posts about what's wrong with the American gay porn industry, namely the racism and ageism, there came a time where I needed to make a choice. I could either (a)play bobble-head doll, and act as if these problems don't exist, (b)continue fighting for change by way of my writing to round up the many people who agree with me, or (c)realize that I had better things and enough talent to do more with my life. So I chose to practice what I preach with all the times I've said in blog posts of how "it's only porn", and decided on choice (c).

My making that choice doesn't change my acknowledging the problems still being there. It's the reason I still advise the non-racist public to send their message by boycotting the purchase of American gay porn. Now, if you find a site that gives you a nice free download of American gay porn, have at it. But delete it when you're done, because another scene or movie with just as many homogenized White guys or Blacks guys as thugs is bound to come along soon after. So there's no need to clutter your computer's hard drive with so much of the same thing. Hence why my latest statement for my "Write That Down" label is:

American gay porn is NOT worth buying. With all the racism and ageism displayed in it, all it's good for is 1 free download, 1 jerk-off, and 1 deletion.

Now, should I return to American gay porn in any capacity, that will be a clear sign that an American gay porn movie has come along where this thought should not be applied to.
Lastly, I will close by saying that due to their recent unions with Cocky Boys and Corbin Fisher, Bel-Ami is quickly becoming a European company I'm about to advise the same action on.

Friday, January 1, 2010

First Black Sex Party

Last night, I went to the Milk Chocolate NYC party. They're open to all races, with the majority of attendees being Black, so to try something new, that had a pre-party that was "Bruthas-only", then the regular members came in after 9 PM.

I got there after 8 o'clock, and I walked into one of the rooms, and saw these 3 guys making out. I stood nearby, to see if I would get invited to join in. I turns out I was. And boy, was I. One guy was giving a blowjob, while the other 2 started groping me.  One tall, light-complexion and fit, the other was muscular and darker like my color or a tad darker. The lighther one started making out with me, I started feeling his ass (I cannot resist a grope of the ass), then he put me in front of him. That's when the muscular guy got a piece of me. The muscular guy and I started kissing. I started feeling his muscles as he grabbed my ass. With all them muscles I knew that if he fucked me, I had better get a good pounding or I was going to be quite disappointed. But he didn't get to me just yet.

The lighter one got a condom, and bent me over on the bed. I lubed up my tight hole, so he could glide in easy. He started fucking me, and while he was getting his cock sucked, the muscular guy was cheering him on. In those instances, that usually turns into a situation where if the guy cheering hasn't shot a load yet, then he wants a turn. And that's exactly what happened.

The lighter guy stops, and I raised my head for about a minute to brace myself for the muscular guy's longer and thicker cock. And remember, I said if he didn't put those muscles to work that I would be quite disappointed. Well, I'm here to inform you that he did not.

The muscular guy first fucked me doggy-style like the lighter & toned guy did, then he put me further on the bed, to put me on my stomach. The room was dimly lit, but I could see the shadows of the voyeurs closing in because the sounds of that muscular groin slamming into into my bubble ass caught their attention. Then he turned me on my side with one of my legs resting on his shoulder. Then I was able to see how the loud slaps of groing-to-ass made guys walking pass the room start coming in to watch. He changed my position again to having me completely on my back. You know I love that, as I played with his nipples which he loved, and I reached to feel his muscular ass flex as he slammed into mine. He then picked me up off the bed. Still with his cock inside me, and proceeded to fuck me standing up, as I held him around his neck. It looked like something that should have been in a movie, but sadly it wasn't. And this started in less than 15 minutes after my arrival.

This guy was my type of fuck. A guy that made me write "Porn Directors, Get Thee To A Sex Party". He saw the ass he wanted to plow, and once he got it, he didn't give a damn about how he plowed it, or who saw him plow it. No inhibitions! I LOVE IT! After all, it is a sex party.

I had anal sex with only 3 people that night. The 2 from the tag-team, and a reunion with a big Russian from my past when the regular members were let in, who ended up fucking me twice - and like a savage, just like old times. But before that reunion and since at the party, I did have some oral with a few of the other Black guys there.

I was apprenhensive about going to this party, because I feel this type of environment usually contributes to separatism. Unfortunately, based on what I recently experienced at another party that I used to frequent (and is supposed to be open to all), at least for now, I fear a few environments like this may be needed. Because at this other party I used to frequent, I saw Blacks so often turned away and/or ignored by Whites that they were practically forced to play with other Blacks (or else they got no play at all), and Asians were reduced to only fluffers and wallflowers, showing racism and separatism in the gay community here to be all too real.

This was a new frontier for me. It wasn't Black men shoved down my throat like in some of the movies I've done. This was me putting myself in the position to be sexual with other Black men of my own free will. It was my call to say, "I like that face, and that body, and I want a piece of it". You know they say hindsight is 20/20. I didn't think about the fact that they were other Black men, nor did I realize I was disproving any of the beliefs that I was still racist against other Black men until after the party. And while I'm not one for single race scenarios in a propagated melting pot like NYC, I was happy enough with the outcome that I'm looking forward to another helping should one come about.

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