Thursday, December 31, 2015

Leading The Stud To Sex Toys at Kiiroo

I recently wrote an article for the blog of the sex toy company, Kiiroo. The article was about introducing sex toys into the bedroom. They already did it from a female perspective, so I was asked to address it from a male's.

While the photo might make it appear the article is for a straight sex partner, I made sure the article could easily work for a straight or gay sexual partnership. As well as whether the guy is the one toy use is suggested by, or suggested to. I hope you enjoy it.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Sex Party Etiquette: Choose Competitor or Connector

It is said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different outcome. Well, with many  of my tales of sex parties and backrooms often come out showing guys who are losers, you might think that I'm insane. Well trust me, I am by no means insane.

For yes, I do go into those sex parties and backrooms over and over again. However, I'm not expecting a different outcome. I'm hoping for a different outcome. So I'm going by the age-old adage of "hope for the best, but expect the worst". And what I'm hoping for is a sign that we are doing better to our own and more importantly, ourselves. But with sad thanks to the following incident, that has yet to happen.

I recently went to a bar and met a tall, well-built, light haired, bearded guy from Boston named Chris. We made out for a bit, then after a while we went and got a drink together. En route to getting a drink, he said that it was his first time in such a place, so he's never tipped a go-go boy before. So I helped lead the way to show him how simple it was in a non-condescending way. It something I've done in the past for males I was and was not making out with, as well as females. So it was no big deal to me. It was just my kindness to a visitor to NYC to undo the repression towards sex and male nudity that makes a go-go boy in a jockstrap a scary creature to touch.

When we started making out again, we got quite hot and heavy. And at one point, while me and Chris were face to face, a light-skinned Latino wearing a black Marvel baseball cap got behind him. I later discovered this Latino was a totally racist asshole. I've seen him before, and he never wants a Black guy touching him. Yet, he has the fuckfaced audacity to inject himself into my session with my fooling around with Chris. Turning my connection with Chris into a competition. So he obvious was going by the idea I've address before about White and light-complexioned people acting as if they sexual entitled to the playmate of a darker person.

Before this I thought Chris was pretty cool and decent. Chris' decency died when the Latino leaves and Chris asked me if he could go with him for a little bit. In response I told Chris, "If you go with him, you might as well stay gone."

At this point, if you find my response to be me overreacting, then you exude the selfishness that holds gay males from doing better for themselves. For my behavior towards Chris before this Latino came along deserved both respect and loyalty. And both were forsaken when it became obvious to Chris that the Latino who interrupted us didn't want me as part of the package, in spite of the fact that me and Chris were already deep in our fooling around.

For the code of etiquette in such a situation is that if 2 (or more) people are playing, if someone new interjects or is invited in, then they have to be willing to play with all parties there before his arrival in the group. And this Latino felt such a selfishness and sense of light entitlement that he presented himself as another selfish faggot never considering that code. In his selfishness, my pre-existence didn't matter.

That sense of loyalty I talking about is how I lost my virginity in a 5-man orgy, instead just with one person. It was because even then I had a sense of loyalty. I put myself in this situation with the 3 guys (who later found a 5th) I hung around long enough to connect with. And it would have been rude of me to have suddenly up and left them if someone else came along who was not into one of them. There were some who tried, but it wasn't happening. For that night, I was experimenting, too.

Experimenting...That and being 22 are the excuses Chris gave for what he did after I made him feel uncomfortable for making out with the Latino after we parted ways.

Now at 22, Chris has obviously kissed, obviously touched a half-naked male body, obviously rimmed a guy's ass, and probably fucked. NONE OF WHICH I had not done on the night I lost my virginity. So his excuse of his being "22, at The Cock, and experimenting" was bullshit. The truth is he was another to prove the point I expressed in "The Expendable Gay Male". A point of how he was "another faggot who like so many other gay males make it their Karma to grow old and lonely. A point that hit him drilled into Chris' head that he got to the point of screaming, "Get away from me!"

And the sadist in me sparked by his behavior made me walk away with a smile as I got my things to leave.

And if you're being quick to defend Chris' age, take note of this fact:

If you're old enough to use age as your "justification" for treating someone as expendable, then you are old enough to know it's not a right thing to do.

TAKE NOTE: His outburst was not a shock. It was in fact calculated. Because that's what my plan is when I write tales such as this, or call someone on their shit to their face. To cause the guilty to have an emotional implosion or explosion because they hate hearing the negative word(s) about what their bad behavior makes them.

And the word "faggot" definitely qualifies to describe people like both Chris and that Latino. And for those who have an issue with me calling Chris that, let me reiterate:

There are gay men, and there are faggots. In using sex to calculate the measure of a man, a man (gay, straight, or bi) uses the quality of the sex. Meanwhile, a faggot uses the quantity of sex. Chris was so set on getting a higher quantity of guys that he made himself oblivious to this other guy not wanting me in the picture, and disregarding that fact once it became obvious to him.

Some might say that I'm giving guys a way to defend themselves by telling my mode of attack. Well, that's the beauty of truth. Nature has made it that you can't build a defense against it. A facade of defense, but never an actual defense. When it's a harsh truth, its hurting is going to manifest itself in some kind of way. Hence why I said "implosion". For even if the guilty doesn't scream like Chris, the fact is that truth is chiseling away at his soul as to how right I was to be disappointed in him, and how right I was to call him out.

Whether it's a sex party, backroom, or one-night stand, like a long-term relationship, you are still dealing with a human being. Someone who has invested time in you. Therefore, if they have not disrespected you, they still deserve your respect and loyalty.

Sadly. stereotypical gay male rules tell us to forget this reality. And what it leads to are all of those lonely old males wanting to porn in spite of how degrading it is to the performers, buying prostitutes, and sitting in dark corners of the bar living vicariously through the young guys who are destined to wind up just like them. After all, misery does love company. So Chris was one of those students of faggotry that night. Well, since we have enough of it here in NYC, maybe Chris can take his back home with him to Boston. And that will be good riddance.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

When I Write A Sex Tale, I Want You....

When I write a sex tale, my intent with writing such detailed descriptions of the sex is (as I have said in promoting my posts) to make my audience horny. In addition to that, it is also a means to motivate readers to try the position that I play in the story when they thus far play the complete opposite in their own sex lives.

One reason many tops don't want to try bottoming is because the image porn and other writers have made it seem that bottoming to is a role that is so submissive and emasculating to a degrading level.  For as I have repeatedly said, porn is a gay male's first teacher of sexual interaction 90+% of the time. So I try to write bottoming as a role without porn's imposed limitation. TherI try to write bottoming the way I live it ----as an act that can be submissive, aggressive, equal amounts of both, or a little of one and a lot of the other. With the ability for a change-up even occurring during one sex session. And whatever the case, one's self-respect and manhood remain intact. Thereby letting a top reading it see the great variety of additional optional sensations he's denying himself by not bottoming.

When I tell of my sexual escapades as a top, I am once again trying to undo the damage taught by porn. I want to show that topping does not mean you degrade your bottom as we see on porn sites like and TitanMedia videos. Also, especially as a Black male, I'm even more conscious about making my writing undo the damage many Black gay male tops have taken from porn, which they don't seem to realize is the reason why they have a revolving door of White asses to top, but never really being taken serious as a human being deserving of monogamy or a primary love. Instead, they're seen only as being the hashtag #BBC (Big Black Cock) - stick for their hole. So I make sure to show in my writing the humanity that I show my bottoms. When you read my sex tales, I don't want you to see images in the vein of angry-sex-to-punish-whites-for-slavery as portrayed over the years by Diesel Washington and Bobby Blake, or the absolute soullessness of Supreme. And these porn actors might not like me talking about them, but the fact remains that they, like I, must own the bad representation of Black males that they played, and many Black males are following that bad example today. Especially in their interracial sexual encounters.

In short, in the 2 previous paragraphs, one goal with my writing is that I'm looking to motivate all gay males to be a community of flip-fuckers. For unless there's a pre-existing medical condition, we as males have the tools (dick & ass) to play both roles. So why not make use of them, and spend forever exploring the pleasure to be found from both. I believe it's another way for sex to never get old.

This is another reason why I give such detailed descriptions of the sex in my tales as a top. For from my experience, many total bottoms says they have tried to top, but it didn't feel good to them. When I hear that, I always wonder how many of those bottoms tried topping a bottom who using poppers, or a size-queen who never did kegels to maintain their tightness. If either or both is the case, then that bottom tried topping with someone with a loose hole that didn't match up to the sensation from the tight grip of their hand. If certain circumstances and mindsets are the case, it's no wonder it didn't feel good. Also, keep in mind that bottoms have no responsibility of having an erection unless they need to achieve a cumshot for a porn scene. Therefore, regardless of what they say, they are total bottoms taught by circumstance.

I know many writers will tell you to not seem judgmental of an act when writing. Well, I don't live by the rules of this age that says "Say nothing", because that rule is what has so many having lousy sex. And it's not going to begin to stop until someone tries to educated people that certain behaviors are wrong to yourself, and disrespectful to your partner. Now, I may be just a blogger (at the moment), but I feel if just one person is inspired by my honesty in a sex tales of how wrong some of these allotted behaviors are, then my writing is entertaining AND educating.

With that said, it's impossible for me to stay silent when something is being done wrong, especially when it comes to a subject I love ----SEX. For one overall goal with my writing is to inspire good mental and emotional health during sex. That has not thus far, nor will it ever be achieved by one or more parties taking a huff of poppers, snorting cocaine, being drunk, popping pills, etc. So you will not read of me inciting such acts. You will instead read of me condemning them. Hoping to inspire you to leave those things behind before, during, and after sex, so you can have the best sex possible.

Now, haters are going to hate. And I know I have a sex life that many envy. Truth be told, that's on them. In any case, I've made my writing motivations more obvious, maybe those whose quick-to-judge attitudes make them believe my tales are for me to brag and nothing more will be enlightened to how I actually use my gift of writing about my sexual prowess as a means to better sex lives.

Friday, November 13, 2015

These Herbal Male Enhancements Keep Me UP!

I have a confession to make....

I have a sweet tooth. Always have, and I have yet to grow out of it. So in a candy store, I want to sample everything, and if I like it, eat it to completion.

The same can be said about me at a sex party. For when I go to a sex party, the hot guys there are my candy. So at a sex party or bar backroom,....Yes, I'm like a kid in a candy store.

However, to sample everything and "eat" to completion takes more than what even a guy with my high sex drive can handle, regardless of his age. So for that, guys like us need a little boost to keep up our libido's demand to sample so many hot bodies. That's why if you see me at a sex party, I've most likely popped a male enhancement pill beforehand.

Now, besides Viagra and Cialis, which require a prescription, there are many herbal male enhancement supplements out there that don't require a prescription and are not FDA approved. I have tried quite a few of those herbal supplements. Many do nothing. So I decided to let you in on my top 3 choices of those that do actually work.

Black Storm - Let's get this one out of the way. For I won't say that they work as fast, or as long as it says on the box, but they do work. Also, unlike the other enhancement pills I'm suggesting, I do advise that with this one, to take the entire pill. Lastly, like most male enhancement pills, these will weaken with alcohol consumption. I don't drink much alcohol, even at a bar. But even with the small amount I drank, I felt the pill weakening. My 1st experiment was with 1/2 a pill like I do with all of the others I'm recommending in this post, and my light drinking killed the effects. With a whole pill, it took a little longer, but it still weakened it effects. So while I can recommend Black Storm as a pill that works, it's not one of my favorites. In fact, of those that I know to work, it is my least favorite.

Super Hard - With these I recommend that if you have no pre-existing condition like erectile
dysfunction, then you should take only 1/2 of a pill. While all these types of pills have varying times as to when they take effect, my suggestion is always 1 - 2 hours prior so that it's good within your system. My experience with Super Hard has had me feeling it start within a half-hour.

Super Hard pills give the promise that they unlike most male enhancement pills that they do not weaken with alcohol consumption. And this is something I have found to be true. This will be gbreat news to those who are heavier drinkers than me.

V20Max -  What I have to say about V20Max is pretty much the same as what I said about Super Hard pills with the exception of a couple of things.

For one, V20Max is a capsule, and not a tablet like the aforementioned. So while it's not the best taste in the world, I personally have taken the capsule apart, and put half of the capsule's ingredients under my tongue. For I was told quite a few years ago that heart patients do this with their medications to make them get in the system faster. So I do the same with any medication I take and male enhancers as well.

Also, V20Max is so powerful that I found that 1/2 a pill was still kickin' in my system for 2 to 3 days after taking it. With that said, as stated earlier, I naturally have a high sex drive. So it's safe to conclude that since I'm picky about a connection with my playmates, either:
a) my porn collection got a good workout for the next 2 or 3 days after taking that a capsule of V20Max;
b) I got a lot of work done to keep my mind off of sex, or;
c) I started some great erotic poetry as my means to get off.
I'll leave it up to your imagination to figure out which one, or which combo, I chose. In this case, I won't jerk or work and tell.

Before I conclude, as instructed on most of these products, if you take a heart medication, you should not try any of these without a doctor's OK.

With that all of that said, by now I'm sure you're wondering why I haven't mentioned the blue pills that no one knows the name of because of the Chinese writing all over the box. The reason I can't include them in my assessment is because the one encounter I had with using them is one that I cannot tell you if they worked or not. For the person who gave it to me, was using poppers, which led to me having a massive headache. One that could have actually killed me. Because poppers or a whole enhancement pill can individually give one a headache, but what I didn't know at the time was that poppers combined with male enhancement pills can be a more dangerous combination since it lowers your blood pressure to a level that's can be lethal.

This brings me to where I must conclude leaving you with a choice....When you have sex, be it at a sex party, bar backroom, or the comfort of someone's home, which do you prefer during sex?

A hard cock to keep pleasing yourself and your partner/playmate, or a loose hole that can be lethal to your partner/playmate (and yourself) if either of you have taken an enhancement pill beknownst or unbeknownst to each other?

Well, considering how huffing on poppers is the inhalation of fumes from chemicals that taken in their regular form can kill you, I don't know about you, but I'm sticking with the former of having a hard dick. Hence why if you see me at a sex party, bar backroom, or group sex scenario, how will you find me?...

With a hard dick and smile.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Getting Off To The WORST STROKER EVER!!!

The first time I tried Palm-Tec SE Vol. 19 Stroker, the picture on the right (with my cum running down the side) was the end result. However, the backstory to what it took to make that happen will make anything near that end result a shock.

For the 1st time I tried Palm-Tec SE Vol. 19 Stroker, it hurt to get in. Primarily due to the fact that this "toy" takes the term "choking the chicken" a bit too fuckin' literal!

By the entry way of the toy being too damn tight!

Now, I have repeatedly admitted that I don't have the thickest dick in the world, but nor is it the thinnest. So if I say that after my 1st try to get in it that my dick was imprinted with lines from the neck to the point that my cock looked like a dark brown Michelin Man, then you know we have a problem.

So what made me shoot such a load were my putting on a good porno, and the knobs inside past the entry neck rubbing against my dick.
And to make up for the agony my dick suffered from the toy's neck, I kept thrusting all the way to the very end of the toy that has a hole to create suction. Hence why when I came, me not always being a shooter, shot a cumload that shot up like a volcano.

Knowing I was going to try again, I left a bottle of body oil in the neck of the toy for 24 hours. The end result?...My dick still comes out with rings on it. Only this time, it is a less intense-looking brown Michelin Man.

With my Nude Dude Review, I make it a point that if I'm not stripping down to, not necessarily dropping trou, but at the least undoing my pants, then the toy is not worth making a video for. Proof of that is how in my 3 Nude Dude Reviews thus far, 2 of them have made me conclude with me covering my privates with the featured toy, and the other with me stripped down to a pair of skimpy underwear.

So now you're probably wondering: If I got off with this toy, then why am I not giving it the same treatment? It's because those 3 toys got me off by their own merit. Besides the obvious need for lube, I didn't need an outside product to make the toy workable or enjoyable. Such was not the case with the Palm-Tec SE Vol. 19 Stroker. As I stated twice earlier, I needed a hard bottle to sit in its neck for an elongated length of time just so I could get my cock into the toy. Followed by me ((not using, but) needing a bullet vibrator in the hole to distract how my cock was still being choked. So based on its own merit, if I did a Nude Dude Review of Palm-Tec SE Vol. 19 Stroker, It would end with me being probably too clothed for your taste.

With all that said, I made an effort to get a video out of this toy to prove a point...How even if it's a poorly made toy, you can sometimes still make it work.

Inside Palm-Tec Vol. 19 Stroker powered by XTube

Friday, October 30, 2015

Upside-Down Heart Ass

This one guy was making eyes with me from a distance at a bar. At first, I tried to avoid eye contact because I thought he was someone else. A drug addicted someone else from my past. Later on, he stood next to me at the bar to order a drink. This was the point where I realized that he wasn't who I dreaded him being. So I could now proceed further with seeing where this attraction would go.

In my usual observation to bar backrooms, I saw him. As I continued further, I saw him make out with a couple of guys, but this fat guy was the one who was about to have sex with him.

The fat guy was huffing on poppers. And like all guys dumb enough to use poppers as a crutch, once his dick got hard enough to enter him, in just a few thrusts, his dick started going limp. So he would fall out of the guy, then jerk himself to get hard so he could get back in the bottom. But this one time, it took so long that the fat guy backed up and out. This allowed the bottom to turn to me. Inviting me to do what our looks earlier showed we wanted....It was now my turn to fuck his ass. And I felt this was not a time to fuck bareback. For the thought of letting my precious cock touch the remnants of that poppered-up, limp-dick fucktard that was in him before me disgusted me. For this I say, thank goodness for condoms.

When the other guy had him, I could see the bottom's ass from a profile angle. This time, I could get the best view possible. From being behind him while thrusting in and out of him. So he stood up to turn my way, then once in front of me, he bent over again awaiting my hard cock's entry.

Just as my dick as starting to go soft from watching the popper-addict's struggle, this guy putting his ass in front of me was like taking a grade of Viagra that kicked into your system in less than 10 seconds, as opposed to the herbal supplement I recommend that take 20 - 45 minutes. Once I started sliding into him, he gave out a pleasure moan. I'm sure he moaned so loud because my dick was totally hard from the moment I entered him, and stayed that way, unlike the preceding top. And the moan intensified with each initial thrust. And like when a cowboy kicks the side of his horse to make it go faster, a squeeze of his sphincter and/or ass tunnel around my cock made me thrust even harder. To the point that even over the music, I could still hear the body slaps of my groin to his ass. And I'm sure he moaned so loud because my dick was totally hard and going in deep.

The way his ass looked when he bent over, with the sides curving nicely outward starting from his waist, going out until the lines reaches near the bottom, then they come towards each other, finally meeting by a slight turn inward ----what many call a "pear-shape". But being the deep-thinker that I am, I saw something different, and I saw it for a reason. I saw an object that was a perfect fit into that space, saying something about his mindset. In this guy's case, I saw an upside down heart.
A heart usually symbolizes love. Maybe in the case of this guy, it was symbolizing his heart turned upside down by someone he was once involved with. Or maybe, for no recent circumstances, the upside-down heart I saw was saying nothing romantic at all. I began to feel that maybe regardless of his relationship status, that upside-down heart showed how he was about the opposite of love. And when it comes to sex, the opposite of love is not necessarily hate...In some ways, and to some degree, it's LUST.

And his lust for me practically never got denied. For that previously mentioned time was not our only go-around. We had a few. Each time, it was the same position of him bending over, but felt so good at the moment that it didn't get old. What was getting old was how his white shirt kept coming down over his ass with my every thrust. So I kept pulling the shirt up so it wouldn't block the view of the upside-down heart I imagined could fit on that shapely ass of his.

The last fuck resulted from him walking around seeing me after another fuck-round, coming over to kiss me, and when I felt his ass during that kiss, my Aries aggression kicked in. I grabbed him by the hand, took him into a corner, we passionately kissed, then he bent over so we could fuck again. This was the final time because this fuck plus all previous ones led this one to result in a cum and energy draining orgasm.

Regrettably, we didn't exchange numbers. Because as you can see from my drawing above, I can't get that ass out of my head just yet. And a smile comes across my face each time I think of it. So I see no problem with having another go-around....Or a few.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

From Daddy Issues To Cyber-Lynching

In various Facebook posts, I've talked about how some gay males daddy issues are manifested by sexualizing those daddy issues by persuing guys old enough to be their father. I have also said that I would be honest as to how I have my own daddy issues, male abandonment issues, namely. and that I would come forward and address those issues in greater detail. Telling how they came to manifest themselves in my own relationships.

Be it Danny, Toby, or most recently, Douglas Sanders, if it seemed that my talking about them bordered on obsession, there's a reason for it.
It's because unlike the other unnamed guys that I've been involved with, those aforementioned guys were failures because they did to me what my father did to my Mom.

They all laid the groundwork for something great to happen out of our time together, and when it became time to man-up, and up the ante on the directions our words, actions, and time spent together was heading, ...they bailed.

Danny laid the groundwork when he took my phone number at The (now thankfully closed) Roxy and called me a day or 2 later in the wee hours of the morning after he got off from work. Toby laid the groundwork when he propositioned me, didn't follow through, so he got rejected by me, but when given another chance, stepped his game up and didn't start following through by proving to be a self-destructive trouble-making drunk. And Douglas laid the groundwork when he invited me to attend his church, cooked for me the day before, let me spend the night in his bed that night and the night after going to his church, then after 4 months of wasting my time on my dime backpedaled because of his religious hypocrisy. Such actions should make it more understandable as to how I see my father's cowardice, therefore giving birth to the hatred I feel for these guys after giving so much of my emotional, mental, and creative self to them.

My cyber-lynching of these guys is how my daddy issues have manifested themselves. Now, these are not the only guys I've been involved with. I have blog posts and poems proving there are other guys. However, what made me part ways with those unnamed guys just warranted a poem or two (like "You Can Say Never"), or to be lumped into being the motivations for my vlog, "10 Reasons Why I Am Single".

I don't know how much (or if at all) Danny or Toby have improved from being the emotional cripples they were when I was involved with them. I do know that Douglas has not changed. And it should have made my latest tale of him disturbing to us all. For this crystal meth-smoking, popper-fried brained, sexually racist emotionally cripple coward of life is now allowed to officiate weddings and even worst...give people counseling???!!! All because the predominately black church in St, Andrews' Church's basement, Rivers NY is a fucked up enough dysfunction-enabling group to ordain him a minister, Like I said of them before, they're quick to take money, but if they were really on the up-and-up, Douglas would not have been ordained without getting extensive counseling himself to which my latest tale of him would not have been allowed. For that reason, it's a scary thought how many lives might be put in such self-loathing hands. And putting people on notice of that is what I am doing with those memory flashes of anger.

Now, some of the more stereotypical snarky gays reading this are probably saying, "That's why you can't keep no man. 'Cuz when things go wrong, you're go talk about 'em. So nobody wants to be bothered with you."

Well, what should I do? Stay quiet and enable their ignorance. When putting them on blast might be the wake-up call to make them straighten up and fly right. Plus, I've said it before, that if he is confident enough with the goodness of his heart, he will take that chance.

Now, while it's an odd time to revert back to my porn career, but a good example lies there...

I had a heated email exchange once with Chris Steele of Jet Set Men about his lack of Black male porn actors. Chris Steele, referring to my calling out Tyson Cane on his numerous displays of social ineptitude tried to say that I would have probably talked about him like I did Tyson Cane. And my response to him was that if Tyson Cane didn't disrespect me and my scene partners, there would be nothing bad to say. And I told Chris Steele that I would have nothing bad to say about him if he had done me right. Proof that I'm a man of my word on that is my continued friendship with Ben Marksman,...the director of my last porno, "All Out Assault" - who hired me even after reading numerous disparaging blog posts of mine about various porn actors and directors. If he wasn't confident in his own goodness, that hiring would not have happened, and that friendship would not be still continuing.

My point is that the same goes for any guy involving themselves with me. If he is truly confident and not misled of his worthwhile ethics by someone (like family, friends, job, or church group), then he will stand by all of his actions, instead of running from them. So even if things still go south, we can part ways with me respecting him, as I have actually had some amicable parting of the ways with some guys.

But how can I respectfully part ways with someone who relies on modern technology to drag out their cowardice by texting instead of accepting my invitation to actually talk the way Danny, Toby, and Douglas did? Or how can you respectfully part ways with someone whose cowardice (drawn out for any length of time) reminds me of that of my father?

The answer is you can't respectfully part ways with them. Especially, when their behavior mimics that of a bad parent. Thereby making it all too understandable why one like myself is pushed to such extreme to vent as I have been over these guys. For even if you move on, as I have, will never forget.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Getting Out The Kinks: I ♥ Daddies

Don't let the title fool you! I do not have a thing for older guys old enough to be my father. While I did grow up with an absentee father, I have not sexualized that void by making myself available only to older guys. I'll address my personal manifestation from my absentee father in another post. Anyway, when I say that I love daddies, I'm talking about hot guys who have had sex with a woman, with the result being him fathering a child.

When I think about how:
  • He put his bare cock inside her,
  • Therefore, her bare flesh rubbed against his dick
  • So then 2 bare natural tools for sex rubbed against each other
  • To the point that they caused him to orgasm and shoot out cum
  • And the sperm in that cum swam inside her body
  • All to create a child
....It is all such a turn-on that it makes me want a shot at it.

Now, before the condom police try getting on my case, if you don't know by now my position on bareback sex, then take note of the pic on the right of this blog about "CHOICE". With that said, I'm man enough to deal with the results that might happen (or may already have happened) as a result of taking this kink all the way. I'm sure many guys feel the same way. Plus, with the recent more public knowledge of Truvada as PrEP, I'm sure many are taking advantage, whether I say to or not.

After all, the real purpose of semen is to be the male's addition to the process of pro-creation. It's just that us sexual nature geeks who happen to be gay have something else about males to enjoy. It may also explain why when gay males have bareback sex, they often refer to the top cumming in the bottom as "breeding". I personally hate that term because while it is the same act, I associate "breeding" more with animals, and not humans. Plus, I love the word "cum". And not just the word "cum", but also all of its properties. Its feel, Its taste. Its smell. I love the smell so much that if a guy cums on me, definitely if we're at my place, I'll sleep with his jizz on me. At his place, it's up to him.

This brings us back to the aforementioned bullet list of sequences in straight sex. Each bullet on that list can have a pronoun or name of a body part replaced to instead refer to anal sex with a gay/bi male, except for the creation of a child. We males can't do that, and are happier for it. That doesn't mean that finding pleasure in the instinct of cum being for pro-creation isn't in us males. For those of us who partake of a man shooting his jizz inside us do so out of loving the thought that like in sex with a woman, his sperm - a part of him is alive and remains inside us after he pulls out. A fact a raw top's ego is boosted by.

Don't think this kink means I'm recanting my stance against recruiting straight guys. I'm not. I know that the only way this kink can come to fruition is for me to be with a father who is an out & proud bisexual, or a guy who came to realize he was gay/bi after becoming a father. With guys who as far as I know who are totally straight, my respect of nature will only allow this kink of mine to live in fantasies.

With all of that said, if you're wondering if I have ever had the opportunity to have bareback sex with someone who was a father by natural means,...not only is the answer YES. But you may have seen me already have hot sex with him....
It's my playmate from "Why It's WE Fuck".

His revelation that he was a father was one he made to me soon after we first hooked-up. Now, in that video, you can clearly see a condom. But a few hook-ups later, he did shoot that fathering load into my ass. With me tightening around his cock during his orgasm to get out every last drop of his cum. But this time, instead of filling a condom with sperm-rich semen....For a time, his ejaculation filled me with a bunch of his "Mini-Me's".

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sexual White Entitlement - A Tale of 2 Pities

I wrote the above post on Facebook on August 31, 2015. It was after numerous instances over the years of seeing the behavior mentioned in that post perpetrated by White guys. Behavior that is so out of hand that during a trip to the backroom of a bar that very night, I saw 3 instances of sexual White entitlement. With me as the target of 2 of those instances...2 PITIFUL instances. And here they are:

Pity #1
I was at an underwear party observing some backroom action. The guys in the action were hot, and they both seemed to like the buffet of men. For while their main focus was each other, they each allowed others in. One of them however allowed more guys in than the other, and I became one of those "more guys". With that being the case, I stuck around. Actually, I kind of had no choice because part of how I became that "more" was by the more inclusive hottie grabbing hold of my hard dick every now and then.

Suddenly, this White guy comes over from my left, and tries to literally repeatedly bump me out of the way. In response, I solidified my weight. The fact that I weigh only 145 lbs, and he outweighed me by at least 30 lbs., and still wasn't able to move me shows just how strong I am. Since I wasn't so desperate, I could have easily let him please his social ineptitude and desperation, but since I'm all about studying people, I wanted to see how far he would go. He would not let up. I, one of the only 2 Black guys there (and smaller of the 2) possessed the spot he was willing to challenge someone for, while more convenient ones were possessed by other Whites. Never mind the fact that if he got pass me, the guy he was gunning to suck on had his back to him. So once I finally got tired of making him a test dummy for my observations, I let him through. Now, you didn't think this violation of my personal space and prize that is my body would go unpunished, did you? Hence why as soon as he dropped to the floor to suck like a savage on the guy who was occasionally fondling me, I made everyone laugh at him when I said for all to hear while shaking my head, "Desperation ain't cute."

A bit later, I could feel some eyes on me. It turned out being Mr. Desperation. Taking so long to get his thoughts together that I forgot all about him. I didn't even notice when he got up off the floor until he awakened me to his presence saying, "You said desperation ain't cute. Well, neither is cockblocking."

This proves his delusional sense of entitlement. For when is it "cockblocking" when someone stands their ground against you because you're not your target's boyfriend, and you're pushing that someone to get to that target? So I replied, "Me, cockblocking?! Bitch, your socially inept, desperate ass shoved me!"

So to that, his childish retort was, "You know what? Your ass stinks."

Like I said, childish. And not only childish, but also dishonest. For if my ass did stink. How would he know. He was nowhere near it. As I said before, he busted into the area totally from my left. When I responded out loud with this recall of his desperate entry, he shut up. However, from that point on, if looks could kill, someone would have died, but it wouldn't have been me. Because I could care less of his attempt at intimidation, which with his sense of sexual White entitlement only angered him more.

In addition to that, my calling him out in front of all the guys there made it so that even if he wasn't consciously aware, the only ones who would play with him after that were those just as desperate as him, if not more so. The problem is while misery usually loves company, desperate people don't want another desperate person as their 1st choice. They initially want someone unlike themselves - someone confident enough in what they have to offer to show freedom of choice. But my exchange with him snatched that phony mask of self-confidence off his face, then crushed it. And the sadist I become when you overstep your bounds enjoyed every second of the hell my honest words put him in.

Pity #2
Later on in the night, a White couple I saw walk in earlier came to that backroom area. I wasn't sure, but I thought when they walked into the bar that they were checking me out. When they came to the backroom, it was confirmed. For while one was sucking off another guy, the other was sucking on a brown-haired White guy and after seeing me from his side-eye, simultaneously reached into my jockstrap to start sucking on my dick. So he was sucking on me and the White guy. I touched on the other cocksuckee, and he was non-responsive. So I left him alone. Since he obviously didn't want to share (especially with me), he left in a huff. With him gone, once my cocksucker's partner saw he had me, that partner took a break from the cock he was sucking to give my cock a double-teamed suck.

As this progressed, I eventually went down on both of them, and the cocksucking went back and forth between the 3 of us. Then the partner who was joined in last went to the seats across from us to play with guys over there, which was less than 5 feet away, while me and his partner kept playing.

Then the brown-haired White guy came back interrupting us. He was trying to get my playmate to come with him. This is when  the racism driving attitudes of sexual White entitlement make the guilty step on the toes of another White guy. For when dealing with a couple, you have to first acknowledge their dynamic and play rules. I could obviously see that this couple had the rules of being able to play separately, but stay in the same area. So while his partner was playing a few feet away, I knew my playmate wasn't going anywhere. And I'm not such a narcissistic bastard that I felt it was out of obligation to me. I was well aware that it was out of obligation to his partner. His obligation to his partner just happened to work to my advantage...and that White guy's bruised ego.

Too bad that White guy (who came back a number of times) was so self-involved, and full of such a false sense of sexual entitlement that he never realized he was overstepping. Overstepping that even though he did not succeed, Karma will bite him hard in the ass (and maybe his dick) for trying so many times out of sheer undeserving arrogance.

The cause of these instances lie in the pages of gay media rags, gay porn, gay nightlife and the magazines and websites promoting all of them. And it's not just Whites who can be found with such a false sense of their sex appeal and their worth to the ccommunity. Some ligh-complexioned Latinos and tall, dark-skinned, gym-bodied Black males - in short, those epitomized in gay media as the best of each ethnicity, tend to also exhibit these traits. But it's more seen in Whites. Proof of this is seen by how many of the complaints we have about our community can be seen in those sources parading the aforementioned as the best there is. But who runs those sources? Mainly racist White males, who if they claim to like people of color at all are more quick to fetishize them. And who are the other people of color who should be speaking on this issue staying quiet to appease? Their fellow sellout people of color, and...racist White males.

That's why people like me are their worst nightmare. For my responses (in words and actions) like in the aforementioned incidents bring them back to the reality that they know, but don't want to face about themselves...In sex appeal, or wisdom, they are NOT the best there is.

Well, you're welcome racist White bitches. Now, keep your hands off my conquests! Because trying to steal mine only shows that contrary to the racist White gay media hype, you're actually not good enough, therefore not man enough to get your own.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Chancing Sex Beyond The Preference

If you open your mouth or exercise actions to show that you feel a certain color or ethnicity could not possibly have someone you find sexually attractive, then you are practicing sexual racism.

Now, if you open your mouth or exercise actions to show that you find all colors and ethnicities beautiful, but maybe drawn to one more than the others, then that is sexual preference.

However, while the latter of those 2 shows better character, there maybe a degree of racism fueling one's preference. Hence why this argument of the difference between "racism" and "preference" keeps waging on. I will be the first to admit that based on the racism I have felt towards Black males because of so many bad instances done by them since my birth, I ask myself every time I turn down a Black guy's advances if it's from that racism. Or is my preference for guys my color and lighter from an honest place. Well, I must honestly say that some of the past advances in person and online that I turned down from Black guys were done with that prejudice in my heart.

So what gives me the right to point a "Shame On You" finger at some of you readers?...The fact that I'm admitting my mistake, and took enough of a look at myself to correct it, and fight it when circumstances put it on the verge of resurfacing. That's why now, my turning down the advances of Blacks come more from an honest place. Now, the same ineptitude in social skills that has caused my turning down of Whites causes me to turn down Blacks, instead of that plus color. Hence how the following story came about....

At this sex party, every Black guy so far had done the same thing that has prevented me from finding a sexy Black male to play with for so long. Breaking a rule I have repeatedly said in posts about sex party etiquette---Sure he would look at me, but instead of waiting for me to return a glance, he would grab either my arm, but usually my ass. Either way, it was bad form. And had happened so often that I thought I was near crossing Black guys off as possible prospects for playmates, therefore never as boyfriends, and therefore never as a husband. Mind you, I was never specifically looking for a Black male, or any male of any specific color. When I go to a sex party, I always look for a connection, not about horniness, but a mutual lust for each other. This observation of color/ethnicity is an after thought that comes when I tally up the various colors and ethnicities I have spent my time with, and why such is the case.

I had some fun during the night. Then later during the last couple of hours of the party, just as I was on the verge of calling it a night, this Black guy walked pass me and stopped. Because of his dark skin, and the extremely dim light, I could hardly see him, which frustrated me. Because the vibe I felt was that he was not like every Black guy before him. He was someone I would enjoy. For starters, he followed my rule of sex party etiquette by waiting for my return glance before making a physical move.

For after he stopped, I looked back at him, and in spite of my apprehension about trusting that vibe, I did what I hadn't done to any other Black guy during the course of the night. I let him get closer, and reciprocated his advances. He touched on my chest. I touched on his. He had a nice chiseled chest, then my hands went down his torso to feel his six-pack abs. By this time, his hands had already went down my torso, did a fondle of my dick and balls, and finally stationed on massaging my ass.

We then started kissing. Each second got more passionate. To the point that he lifted my right leg to his side, then I wrapped it around his muscular left thigh. He took that as an opportunity to take my left leg so I would wrap it around his right thigh. So I was now wrapped around him, and we continued kissing. We were almost near the walkway of the area, so he picked me up and put my back up against the wall as we continued making out. We then knew that this much making out at a sex party made us having sex becoming a must. He wanted my ass, and I badly wanted his cock. And whatever position we fucked in, I needed to be able to feel that body. So if he didn't make it that way, I was determined to maneuver the situation that we did not end up doing doggy style.

He carried me to this weird apparatus in the club. It slanted downward. He put me down on my back with my head directed towards the floor. There was a little step on it that he got on, and as his silhouette hovered over me, I prepped my ass for his entry, because his cock couldn't get in me fast enough. Although because of my earlier encounters with Black guys that night, in parties past, and online, who imitated the most known Blacks in gay porn, who are the worst representation of us, I wondered if I was jumping the gun in wanting him inside me so bad. But I trusted my instinct about the initial vibe, relaxed my tight hole, and let him in.

He slowly put his cock inside me, and the further inside he went, the more my nerves tingled with pleasure. And once he was all the way in and started thrusting, I started touching his body. Feeling the build up of sweat on his chest, abs, and flexing-from-thrusting round ass made my nerves tingle more than I thought possible. So I didn't feel like I was the White boy in every porn scene I've ever come across with Bobby Blake, Diesel Washington, Cutler X, and the like - with a Black male's dick as the fist, and my body as the punching bag using sex to take out some historical rage towards slavery times. This made every thrust of his cock into my ass lessen my fear that my vibe about him was wrong. In fact, because of being rid of that fear, I don't know how many times I yelled "Holy fuck!!!!" as he pounded away at me. But the other patrons sure knew. For I noticed that with each of my yells of "Holy fuck!!!!", more guys came over. Making me see more and more silhouettes over my playmate's shoulder, instead of the part of the club I saw when I was first put on that apparatus.

By the time he orgasmed in my ass, all of his actions made sex with him not be about finally having sex with a Black male. It was about having great sex with a well-mannered, civilized man. It ended up being the best sex I had all night. To which I basked in it for a bit, then got my clothes and went home.

I don't know where my head was as to why I didn't get his number. Because he definitely has a dick I should call upon when I want to be a hungry power bottom. After all, he liked taking my ass, but what makes me want replays is because my vibe was right. Even though his look and body fit the gay media-induced mold of what constitutes as a "beautiful Black man", his actions didn't play the porn-induced concept of an overly aggressive Black male. For he wasn't about holding me down and making me a total submissive, and forbidding me to touch his ass. He also had no problem with letting me show my hunger by me using my ass to grind on and squeeze his cock.

My point in all of this is that breaking away from what you call "your preference" doesn't hurt if the vibe is right. And NEVER let your friends, gay media, or porn dictate it to you (like they probably have so far). Let your heart, mind, body, and soul guide you to that connection. Be that connection for a night, or for life.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Poppers?!...We Don't Need No Stinkin' Poppers!

When you bottom, do you want to be the best bottom,...or do you want to just be mediocre, or worse?

Well, if you're doing poppers, then you are definitely the latter. And I make no apologies for calling you as such.

The use of poppers has become an epidemic in the gay community. To the point that it is hard to find someone man enough to make the act of sex itself be the only high. And while porn was a failure in inspiring many other negatives in gay male sexual behavior, at one time, it was a place to look for a sign of hope. Well, I must inform you that this is now another thing to add to porn's failures. For now the use of poppers has been making its way into porn.

My 1st sight of this repulsion was seeing Tim Kruger allow poppers into a scene for his TimTales site. And most recently, I saw it in a Treasure Island Media scene I came across from "Fuck Holes 3" where the bottom Ryan Cummings was such a pathetic slave to poppers that he wore his bottle of poppers as a necklace. It's sad seeing the number of gay males who have lessened their manhood because they are following the lead of such weaklings. Which in turn makes them an even greater weakling. For the follower of a fool is a greater fool than the original.

Adding to my annoyance is my awareness of how popper-users are putting their sex partners lives in jeopardy. For since I was doing porn, porn actors are encouraged to take male enhancement pills, like Viagra and the like. And I'm sure those pills are being taken for play at sex parties. This makes way for the problem of how male enhancement pills and poppers are a combo that can lower your blood pressure to dangerous levels. So it's weak and selfish play on the part of the person using poppers, and irresponsible porn production for a porn producer/director to allow this. But from Treasure Island Media, this is not the first time I've seen such irresponsibility. So moving on...

This problem would not exist if more gay males were told how taking in dick successfully requires 3 simple things:
  1. LUBE. Make your hole and his cock nice, wet, and slick;
  2. REAL DESIRE to have that person inside you, and;
  3. A DEEP BREATH during a top's entry. For the rectum is a suction tube, and breathing in deeply while your top is entering you helps to suck him into you. 
Well, due to the lack of seeing my tips practiced, and after purchasing and receiving dildos in a variety of sizes since I started my day job, I decided what better way to prove why I have a right to my annoyance than to show myself taking on some big dicks popper-free. Even better with dildos being those dicks because for many of us, a dildo is more difficult to take in than an actual penis. So if I can get through 3 increasingly large dildos without a single huff of poppers, then it proves that those of you who use poppers have no excuse.

So if you're using poppers, then you have fallen prey to a lie. The use of poppers is nothing more than a means to get high.

Sad compared to how my high during sex doesn't involve any manufactured harmful chemicals. Because for me, sex is the high. That high being the entire road building from mouth to mouth, then skin to skin, sweat to sweat, my dick to his ass, and/or his dick to my ass ----THOSE ARE THE THINGS that make my high during sex. And this post and video is to urge others to do the same.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Boss of My Body/The Symphony from Sex

Dear Gay Porn Producers/Directors,

The message in this poem is for you. Especially if I have had the displeasure of working with you, or corresponding with you about working with you...

Normally, after I read a poem and do a striptease in the middle of it, I dash off the stage right after the poem. Not this time. This time, after reading "Boss of My Body", I stuck around to do another poem.

A poem about how often the best music to play during sex is the sound of sex itself....
"The Symphony from Sex".

These videos just go to show that you never know what you're going to get out of me when I take to the stage. ;-)

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Anal Misbehave With An Ina Wave?

When I'm given a sex toy made for a female-bodied person as a gift from a vendor, I try my best to find a use for it. Such was the case with the last toy I reviewed in my "Nude Dude Review", Jimmy Jane's Iconic Rabbit 2. And the same holds true for the toy I'm reviewing here, LELO's Ina Wave.

When it comes to using a toy anally, whether it's meant for the anus or not, the key thing that helps it to get a high grade from me is whether or not I can orgasm with it inside me. Because while I have said in a past blog post that the Aneros toys helped me become able to orgasm while being anally penetrated, me orgasming with anything inside me (be it a finger, penis, or sex toy) is still uncommon. Primarily due to the fact that I rarely masturbate with toys, especially anal ones.

Just like Jimmy Jane's Iconic Rabbit 2 had the feature of its shaft rotating that caught my interest, and in the end (no pun intended) felt great, the same can be said for the Ina Wave's WaveMotion feature. The WaveMotion is the back and forth you see in the video below.

With the WaveMotion feature, I was expecting it to feel like a huge finger doing a slow tap to massage my prostate. Well, I was wrong. Instead, it felt like someone was actually fucking me. As if I had a lover giving me slow thrusts in and out of my ass, and stroking my prostate with every thrust.

If you have an erection while this is happening, like I did, then the part meant to stimulate a woman's clitoris will instead vibrate against the perineum (or taint, as it's commonly called), which can be an additional turn-on. For as I pointed out in my last "Nude Dude Review" video, the penis extends into the body. So additional stimulation to the penis can be achieved by playing with the taint with the clitoral stimulator.

NOTE: There are other vibration modes on the Ina Wave that don't use the WaveMotion feature. It's just the WaveMotion feature was of primary interest to me as to whether or not it was worth recommending for use as an anal toy.

Other features that I feel should be of interest to you about the Ina Wave is that it is:

  • Rechargeable, so there's no need to worry about batteries. And you get about 2 hours of use out of it when it's fully charged;
  • Made of silicone, which makes it non-porous. Therefore, there's no risk of it holding bacteria when you clean it;
  • Cleaning is quite easy. For all you need to clean an Ina Wave is the spraying of a good toy cleaner, or to be more cost efficient, you can use a body-safe soap and some water;
  • Waterproof. So there's no need for concern about washing it, or having fun in the shower with it.

You might be wondering why I didn't review this as a "Nude Dude Review" video. It's because my last review was of a rabbit vibrator as an anal toy. So I didn't want to seem repetitious.However, once I discovered how well it can be used as an anal toy, I did want to get the word out. With that being the case, I decided to write a review instead. So look at it this way, you now have a 2nd rabbit vibrator originally meant for women that can be used anally, and more specifically, anally on a male-bodied person. Thereby bettering by breaking the gender rules some toys are made under.

But I'm not going to leave you hanging. As a parting gift, I'm leaving you with a possibly familiar pic to show how naked I would be if this was a video, 
Take care. ;-)

Saturday, August 1, 2015

It Was HOT When Tré Xavier Fucked_____

After all of the mostly negative things I've said about the gay porn industry, it should not be a surprise that for someone to ask me which scene was my favorite during a fuck session of all times is someone not thinking with a clear mind. When that did happen. I simply answered with the truth - I don't have one favorite. I like a number of them equally, but for different reasons. It was a quick honest answer meant to move on to better topics and actions.

However, I do know that is a burning question for some of you, So in much better spirits, I decided to make a video compilation showing clips from my favorite scenes, and write out for you why they're my favorite. So in order of production date:

1) Oh Boy! Escorts 2 - If you're new to my blog, then you probably don't know a fact that I long told about that scene. The fact that my scene partner was my 1st time ever having sex with a Black man. What makes this scene a favorite is that it help to undo some of my racism towards Black males. Racism born out of the trauma of me being harassed by Black males throughout my youth and in the workplace in my adulthood. For unlike Double R in "Love of The Fuck 4", my scene partner in "Oh Boy! Escorts 2", Joseph Nash (who later used the name "Paris") was a total gentleman.

Also, sex with Joseph Nash for that scene is what taught me how stupid the industry was for its racism in casting. For I'm sure men of color like myself were overlooked by studios like Falcon, Dominic Ford, etc. because they felt the sex in ethnic porn was different (or less great) than the sex they were making. When truth be told, ethnic porn is just as fucked up in its scenarios and inciting of ignorant, self-loathing sexual behavior as ALL of the White mainstream porn studios.

2) 69 Fuck Street - This was a favorite because with it, I set out what I wanted to accomplish in my porn career. And it was only my 2nd movie.

My goal in porn was to show that Black males can be with Whites, Latinos, Asians, etc, and be bottoms, instead of the overly aggressive tops that every studio was shoving down our throats. Hence why you have White guys young and old, stupidly looking to be throttled if they decide to have sex with a Black guy, but meanwhile look for passion and compassion when they get with a White guy. So what more could I ask for in that 5-man orgy scene to be the only Black guy in the room, and one of the 2 bottoms. And speaking of being one of the 2 bottoms, another thing making this scene a favorite was being able to 69 kiss my main pornstar-crush at the time, Jason Dean.

Lastly, making that scene a favorite it was with Private studios, which was always one of my favorite porn studios even before their brief stint in gay porn. To explain why I always list the studio as Private Man-Size/Dark Alley Media, it's because Man-Size was Private's gay line of porn and Dark Alley Media (before they went bareback) was a subsidiary on the production.

3) The Interview - The explanation of how this is a favorite is simple, and has already been told in "The Great Gotten From Gotti". So the short explanation is Favian Gotti was the best on-camera sex I ever had.

4) All Out Assault - This might be my #1 favorite. For multiple factors made it the scene where everything was done right on the production end. Me and my scene partner, Taino were put together because we chose each other. Plus, I knew weeks in advance of this pairing. It wasn't a pairing sprung on me a day before, or as soon as I walked in the door like most of my scenes. And in those weeks prior, me and Taino had a phone conversation telling each other our likes and dislikes so that the scene would go smoothly. The funny fact about that phone conversation is that I was walking through the (no longer existing) clothing store, Daffy's in Downtown Manhattan at the time. So I was trying to be mindful of my language and walk out of earshot of people.

Everything going so well is what restored my hope in the industry, and made me keep my name alive as "Tré Xavier" But I realized over 95% o f porn directors are not as humane as Ben Marksman. Hence why me and Ben are still friends today. In fact, he is the only person that I met through the industry that I still maintain a good connection with.

So now you know my favorite scenes from my porn days and why. I hope they gave you good memories of great fantasies. Whatever the case, I am more so appreciative of you accepting my manhood blossoming because I left the industry. Thank you.

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