Friday, December 5, 2008

Lovin' Sex Party Lustin'

As you've seen from my postings of this blog that I've been to a good number of sex parties since my years out . Cum Monkey, All Male Party, Hot Jocks Party, and most recently NY Jock Party. Knowing that, some may wonder what do I find so appealing about sex parties. I once briefly dated a guy who was a counselor went into psychology mode saying that because of my 1st sexual experience being an orgy that I was automatically drawn to a group sex scenario.

That's sheer psycho-babbling generalization, because I was into orgies before I lost my virginity. Back then, I was buying mostly straight pornos, most of them by Sunshine Films with the themes of what? Orgies and sex parties.

I think my being drawn to sex parties stems from my seeing that America is so sexually repressed that I greatly enjoy seeing a group of people in a sexually-free environment. It is America's repressive rules about sex being broken as a pleasing sight live and in the flesh - pun most certainly intended.

While I usually enjoy the sex parties I attend, there are instances that I'm sure everyone has encountered like what I'm about to describe. There was a guy there who seemed like he just had to have me. I thought maybe he knew who I was. I however, wanted no parts of him, mainly because he reminded me of a larger version of Tyson Cane. And based on my past posts about my feelings towards him, there was no way I would have let that guy's cock in me. I felt it was kind of me to allow him to touch me, but that was as far as I would go without reciprocating the touch. I've seen other patrons when they're not interested won't allow that much. BUT at one point, my kindness was clearly taken advantage of. I was bent over wanting a guy I was fooling around with named Steve to enter me while I sucked off another, and I felt a cock entering my hole thinking it was the one I was fooling around with. But something made me stop and turn around, and I was extremely annoyed to find that it was the Tyson Cane look-alike trying to enter me. I felt that as many times as I ignored his advances before this incident, he should have got the point that I wasn't going to willingly be fucked by him. So from that point on, no matter who I was fooling with, I turned myself away from his touch.

The rest of the night was exactly what I love about a sex party. So thanks to the stud I hooked up with and recommended the NY Jock Party, where a hot guy with a hot bod is a requirement. I was pleased to see hot guy after hot guy fucking and making me want to fuck them or the hot guy near me. You see, I believe there are 3 levels of how sex happens at a sex party. They either 1) just have sex (can you say boring?); 2) fuck; or 3) FUUUUCK . One big muscular guy fucked me, and was a little rough with me. I guess he got that rare occasion when a big guy trying to put my aggressive bottoming self in line actually turns me on. Then there was the aforementiond hottie named Steve who was a little taller than me, and he FUUUUCKED me. I hope to see the muscular guy the next time I go there, but Steve got my email address and phone number, so I definitely hope to make plans for a more drawn out performance.

Well until then, I guess I'll go to Bana Pool Party tonight and gawk at hot guys in swim trunks and bikinis. And if any of those aforementioned hot prospects get an encore, maybe I'll kiss, fuck, and tell. Or - maybe I won't.


  1. What on earth were you thinking, letting someone who you're not attracted to touch you? That's a green signal to proceed!

  2. Well, I was to some degree assuming that he might have realized "Tre Xavier" is at the party, so here's his chance to get close. So with that in mind, although I was not on the clock as performer "Tre Xavier" at the time, I was trying to accomodate some degree of whatever fantasy he might have had. And a touch should have been enough, especially when I never flashed so much as a grin in his direction EVER. If I had grinned or smiled, THEN it would have most definitely been a green signal saying "proceed". But like his look-alike, Tyson Cane, he's obviously void of something mentally where he just doesn't get it.

  3. It's funny that you describe him as a bigger Tyson Cane; in some of his movies, possibly the later ones, he was distinctly chubby. There's one in which he's verging on fat. Maybe you could describe him as "Tyson Cane when he was fat" instead of a bigger Tyson Cane lol lol lol


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