Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Stronger, Harder, Give Me More!/Violet Tendencies

After my attempts at brief returns to porn resulting in failure (such as the disaster I experienced courtesy of Treasure Island Media), I'm becoming more and more settled with the idea of sticking to continuing my segue into mainstream entertainment without making a rest stop into porn at all. For as I said in a past post, lately I'm seeing too many porn producers are earning the negative stigma assocaited with the adult industry.

It is for this reason that I am glad to say that I do have upcoming acting projects coming my way. For one there is "Stronger, Harder, Give Me More!" which will put me once again under the direction of Marc Briatack, and following a script written by James Sexton, the same pair who were behind "Fu Manchu's Weapon Of Evil". I'm looking quite forward to that because while I had no lines in "Fu Manchu's Weapon Of Evil", in "Stronger, Harder, Give Me More!", I'll be a bit of a flamboyant smart-ass. As my loyal readers already know from reading this blog, being a smart-ass won't take much acting, but being flamboyant however, will.

In the meantime, I'd like to talk about my stint as an extra in the upcoming film by Casper Andreas, "Violet Tendencies".  I was there all day. It was daylight when we started shooting, and late in the night by the time I was done. I was there so long because I was opening myself up to every possibility to be seen. In fact, I was the shirtless bartender in one scene. I have yet to see the finished product, so I have no idea how much more beyond the little glimpse you see of me in the trailer is  in the actual movie.

One thing that I know will make many of you jealous is to know that the benefit to playing the shirtless bartender, and what was helping to keep me warm as the night air was getting quite cool was the great view I had of Marcus Patrick's backside while dancing on a go-go box for the scene.

After so many times of being an extra in the past before and during my porn days, I thing I do remember is that the best way to be seen is by being near the stars of the movie. And I did have that luxury by being near Mindy Cohn, Jesse Archer, and Casper Andreas at some point, so look for me.  

Now , if the lines I heard at the shoot combined with the funny ones in the trailer is any indication of how good this movie turned out being, then we're all in for a good time.

So as both of these films help to continue my post-porn travels, I must say that the road ahead is looking better all the time.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Ugly Truth Of Racism Seen As Part Of OUR Scene?

After visiting the website, I've come to see that it was just like so many other gay sites - highlighting the superficial, and being too little about addressing the mental and emotional bonds that should exist in bringing us closer together as a community, but don't. Because of this, on OURsceneTV's Facebook fan page, I posted this comment last Sunday:

If you really want to be about "OUR scene", then when are you going to start talking about issues that we need to correct with the gay community? Because we as a whole have no right to ask the goverrnment to treat us better when by ways of acts such as racism, the gay community is its own worst enemy. Put the strereotypical gay talk of fashion on the side for once, and deal with things of REAL DEPTH, because that is a MUCH NEEDED discussion for "OUR scene".

To my surprise, I got this response:

Hi Tre - OURsceneTV is committed to reporting and promoting discussion about the broad spectrum of LGBT issues that our community faces every day. While we often use our Facebook to sample pop culture, we strive for our homepage to be our soapbox. Take a look at and we hope you'll find some of what you're looking for. And by all means - we always want to hear from our viewers which issues they want addressed - but we need your help! Thanks!

While I may have been surprised by a response, what didn't surprise me was how placating it was on the defensive attitude they presented in their closing. That led me to give this reply:

I would not have made the comment if I didn't want this issue addressed. Racism in the gay community is a major reason for why there is no togetherness in the battle for gay rights. I have brought this point up quite a few times on my blog. And you are not the 1st show or site that I have tried bringing this to the attention of. The problem is NO ONE SEEMS TO HAVE THE BALLS AND DEPTH OF CHARACTER TO TALK ABOUT IT. And it is this collective cowardice of media outlets that has caused my frustration.

Your Stonewall 2.0 section is well intended, but with sooooo many gay sites catering to the superficial, your homepage does no different with the Stonewall 2.0 being so small a section on your home page, it is too easy to miss. For those are the things we need to take pride in if we are to talk about gay pride. NOT fashion..NOT beauty...NOT the next hot vacation spot.

Now did I lie? How many gay media outlets do you know that tackle the issue of racism within the American gay community? Have you seen it on Logo, or in the Advocate, in Out Magazine, or on Q Talk? I haven't, and if I'm wrong, PLEASE show me proof of my being wrong. Also, if you look at their OURsceneTV's homepage, the Stonewall 2.0 that OURsceneTV speaks of is so far down on the page that you have to scroll down to see it, AND it's small. If they were really going to be about tackling things that matter in regards to what really makes gay pride, then even a mediocre web designer could have placed that Stonewall 2.0 in a place where it's visible when you initally log on to the website.

Look at this picture.
Sadly, with this many White Americans in one room, you will get one who is as racially sensitive as Victor Hoff of MOC Blog, while the rest will hear my plight, say they understand, then sweep it under the rug so they can go back catering to the superficiality that brings them their popularity, instead of giving depth of humanity a real try as a source of popularity.

This sweeping under the rug of the issue of racism by so many gay media outlets has me on the verge of saying what I'm sure many non-White and racially sensitive White gays' actions are saying at this point, and justifiably so....

"Fuck your hypocritical, racial insensitivity and your Marriage Equality Rallies!

AND fuck your hypocritcal, racial insensitivity and your NOH8 campaigns!

Because you have a some nerve talking about "No Hate" when you never show love for your fellow man of another color by sweeping the issue of racism under the rug when  it is what most likely weakens your strength in numbers."

I don't won't to be one of those people, but ignoring this issue is getting me there fast.

With all that said, I close with this message to OURsceneTV and other gay media outlets:

Until I see a change in media outlets where this issue is addressed, don't look for me to stand beside you. And I'm sure many other non-Whites and racially sensitive Whites will agree. Take this time to take a good look at yourself, and realize that if I can have this much passion in my words because you have made yourself my enemy by letting superficial matters dominate your coverage, IMAGINE how well that passion will serve you when you do right by addressing more humane matters like combating racism so we can cure the American gay community of it. For such passion will serve you better by making myself, and the many others with passion like mine....your allies.

Think about it....

Friday, April 23, 2010

Deeper Than I Thought

Early this week, I got invited to an orgy. All hot guys and hot action. At one point, I wound up being in a 3-way with 2 of those hot guys. I was on all fours sucking on one, while the other was playing with me from behind. The guy playing with me from behind had fucked me a little bit earlier, but this time it felt different. While he was playing with me, he kept saying things about me to the host like, "Wow, he really taking it in!", and "It's still going in!" 

I thought to myself, "What the fuck is he talking about? His dick isn't that big."

Then the guy came around to my right, near the guy I was giving a blowjob to. What was weird about this? I could still feel something in my ass. With that surprise, I asked, "What's in my ass?!"

The guy replied, "A dildo. And it's really in there."

I often said that I don't like dildos. Even as recent as last Friday's post, "Tre Xavier - Go F*cks Himself", with me saying how that was the probably the last time I would ever play with a dildo full-on, even in private. Which just gives further proof why in some instances, you should just never say "never".

After those numerous times I claimed a disdain for dildos, you know when I reached back that I was ready to yank that thing out of me. Well, that wouldn't have been wise, because I reached back to discover that not only was it a dildo, but it was one of those long 2-headed dildos.

I wasn't then and (maybe to some's surprise) still not angry about it. Because no one in the room knew about my claim to dislike dildos, so it wasn't like it was forced upon me. It was a group of us all playing around, and at the moment, I was the bottom in the room. Anyway, after this discovery, I got up and went to the bathroom to take it out.

When I got in the bathroom, I had to see for myself just how "really in there" this dildo was. I held my finger at the point of it right up to my asshole, and slowly pulled it out from there. When I looked to see how much was inside me, while I'm a lousy judge of length by looking, I can guarantee you that dildo was more than a foot deep inside me. I don't know how much more, but it was more than a foot.

The reason this surprised me is because when asked what the longest dick I've ever been fucked by, I've always said about 11", and I always figured that was my limit. Well, what a surprise! I'm deeper than I thought.

HOWEVER, that does not mean I have any intention of putting it to the test on a regular basis. After all, I still has a reputation to uphold for having a tight hole that is a doorway to a warm embracing inside.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Write That Down #16

Before giving him his walking papers, I have told practically every guy I've ever dated (including most recently Aandré) in some way, shape, or form,

"You will never find another ME. You will never find as great a level of depth in thinking and caring as you have by being with me, and in my circle, for I expect either near, the same, or beyond that great level from my family and friends. You may find someone to create the illusion, but by the time you see it's not the real that I was and still will be, you'll be in too deep. So you screwing this up now is you being the murderer...of your own soul."

To make such a statement may seem quite arrogant of me, but the truth is that I can back it up. By all that I stand for, and all that I write about here on this blog, that deep thinking and caring is made more than a little evident.

And the fact of how they are murderer's of their own soul has come true. I have been on outings where I saw someone I dated, and I know they saw me, so all of the sudden they put on a big show of affection with their new guy. Or be they partnered or solo, they avoid even exchanging a glance. One guy from my past, Danny did this to me once on the PATH train. I was sitting in a perfect diagonal to his left, and he looked everywhere EXCEPT his left, as if there was a wall pressing hard up against the left side of his head.

These guys can't look at me because they know that I was right, and they are now in chains to someone so stereotypical,....someone so common,....someone who NOT ME.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tré Xavier - Go F*cks Himself

I'm sure many people that I've written about (especially in the porn industry like Michael Lucas, Tyson Cane and more recently Diesel Washington) have wanted to tell me to go fuck myself. Well from the title of this entry, you would think that today is their lucky day.

After all that time unaware of my sexual orientation, once I realized the dominating gay part of me, one thing I knew for sure was that my asshole wanted to wrap itself tightly around a cock. And my ass seemed to have the same rule about a dildo as my brain does about people....


I've had this dildo in my possession since before I got into the industry, which means it is over 5 years old. That explains one reason why the cock seems smaller because it was years before I became as versatile as I am now, so the muscle has now grown from it being exercised in some hungry holes. The other reason to explain the size is the fact being that I was starting to go limp when the mold was hardening.

I originally bought this mold kit, "Clone-A-Willy" out of curiousity and to teach myself how to be pleasured by a dildo. Once it was in my possession however, the curiousity was all I had. Because each time I tried pleasuring myself with it, the constant thought of how it was a dildo made from MY cock, and not someone else's ran through my mind and made the fun I could have with it practically impossible.

Recently, I was cleaning old things out of my closet, and came across the dildo. It then hit me, a way to make it fun would be to ride it for the sake of voyeurs' entertainment. So with my aforementioned rule about "the real deal" still in my mind, the reason I'm able to ignore that rule is because I'm letting my exhibitionist spirit guide me more so than usual on this occasion. So enjoy it now, because this show is something that I doubt will ever happen again....even in private, so it can only be in your fantasies. That is unless you find a way to make it really, REALLY, REALLY SEXY for me.

Well until you can do that, get off on this....

I'm sure it's not the fucking of myself that my enemies want, but it definitely schools them on showing a real exhibitionist doing their thing ;-)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

MACT/NY Turns 30!

Come June of this year, Men of All Colors Together/New York will turn 30 years old. As some of you may know that I have been a part of some of their functions over time. In fact, just last year they sponsored me in a Q & A session. You should know by now that I don't put my name behind anyone or anything that I don't feel strongly about what they stand for. And such is the case as to why I stand behind MACT/NY.

This post is written with great disappointment in my heart. Not towards MACT/NY by any means, but New York City itself. For I've been to enough MACT/NY meetings at the LGBT Center to know that for a city as big as New York with such a big gay population, that there are way too few members, and how not enough of those too few members are in their 20's.

It brings to mind once again the question I say that we need to keep asking ourselves as a whole....WHAT HAVE WE BECOME?

Has New York City once known to be where gays of all colors and backgrounds came to and embraced each other, now become a mecca for separatism? I fear the answer is YES, as the proof is in the porn produced here where it takes a recession to get Black models hired, gay televsion, films, and music video made here in NYC, and practically every party plastered in Next Magazine. All actions of all these mediums speak as if the gay community is back in the 1960's saying to people of color, "This is a our White world, and you are a pion. So we'll take your money, but if you colored folks want fun or some representation, you're on your own."

This distresses me because I'm a native New Yorker. I grew up knowing that should I come out in any degree gay that I could come to Manhattan and be embraced. Not only as a gay man, but as a gay Black man. And when I came to terms with my orientation in 2002, New York City showed itself to be all those great things I imagined.

So what happened? Why is it now that just 8 years later, the racial climate that was progressing with the rest of American society has taken a step backwards to where non-Whites (unless light-complexioned) are made to feel that "since they not light, they ain't right"? Why is it that as the fight for gay rights wages on, this younger generation of gay males leaving their narrow-minded bigoted hick towns are making the racism born from that narrow-mindedness and bigotry part of the luggage they packed to come to NYC, while their gay forefathers had the good sense to leave it behind?

Men of All Colors Together/NY is a product of those gay forefathers. It challenges those actions within the New York gay community by making it clear that we can only progress TOGETHER, YOUNG AND OLD, BLACK AND WHITE, AND EVERYONE IN BETWEEN. So to all the gay magazine editors, TV producers, porn directors, party promoters, etc. who claim they know we must band together to get equal rights for gays, but show extreme hypocrisy by practicing racism and separatism....MACT/NY is an organization whose standards YOU need to adopt.

It is these standards that make me proud to be associated with MACT/NY, and why I plan on being a part of their next get together this Friday night as the explore the past 30 years of MACT/NY and discuss plans for the future. If you care to join me, here's the info:
MACT/NY turns 30!
April 16th
@The LGBT Center
208 West 13th Street, NYC
8 - 10 PM
Suggested donation: $5

I actually hope for the day that we are so unified amongst our-gay-selves regardless of color, ethnicity, and nationality that the need for MACT/NY and its brother chapthers across the nation are no more. But for now, as we need and love you....


Friday, April 9, 2010

From Skin Tight to WOOF! Night

This past Saturday, I went to check out the the spandex party, Skin Tight. I had fun running into a friend from Porno Bingo, and one of the hotties who works at the Baña Pool Party, who for some reason seemed more enticing in a spandex body suit at this party than he does wearing Speedos at Baña. Either way he was wearing too much for my taste, but that's another blog entry.

While I did have fun, I have to admit that there were very few Black guys there. After my last time at this party, I figured this and how covered in spandex mostly everyone else is would be the case, so I decided to come representin'. I did this by wearing something showing enough skin that it would bring so much hot chocolate brown into the room that the beauty of darker colored skin could not be denied.

It turns out that the New York Times was there as well to do a piece about Skin Tight for their style section with  a proposed publishing date of April 11th or 15th. They took some pictures that inlcuded me, but I'm sure the bulge in my tights would be considered too risque for NY Times readers....Or maybe not. We'll see.

I had so much fun Saturday, that while I initially planned to go out Sunday, I changed my mind, and stayed home. Which is good, because Monday brought a thrill not to be ignored.

Monday night, after a long abscence partly because of the Aandre drama, I returned to hanging out at Mike Dreyden's WOOF! The go-go boys for the night were Michael Xavior ( no relation) and Ricky Perez. The invite for the evening said that they were "back by popular demand". Well, ladies and gentlemen, I can see why.

During one of the raffles of the evening, I actually won. I won a DVD of the movie, "Bears In Paradise" featuring Rusty McCann who was there at WOOF! After winning, he offered to sign my DVD. After signing the cover, we had a little make out session on the other side of the pillar Mike Dreyden was standing in front of while doing the raffle. So no one saw this HOT turning point for me, because I have never made out with a bear. That is until now ;-)

Getting back to Michael Xavior and Ricky Perez, they did indivual shows first. When Ricky got up there my main goal was to get a picture of his ass, because he has one that should be molded to make a flesh-fell pillow out of. Then Michael went up for his solo show. I went to tip him, and he was drenched in sweat, which is just how I like a man when he's working. Then he gave me a hug putting that sweat all on me----no complaints here. So if you recall my post, "Getting Out The Kinks: Step To Me - WET!", then you know I was sporting major wood after being given some of Michael's sweat to wear.

Next Michael and Ricky put a show on together was so HOT, that it was no wonder they were asked to return. And I got pictures to prove it in this slideshow. They were playing 80's music so I chose George Michael's "I Want Your Sex Part 1 & 2" as background music for time and content. So watch it this 1st time to get off....

Now watch it again, by downloading it HERE for larger and better quality, and tell me how I am as a video editor....

....and to get off again, and again, and again, and again ;-)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sex Party Etiquette: UN-dress Appropriately

In my treks to sex parties, there's one thing that has always bugged me. While this doesn't pertain to those who go to leather sex parties, I find myself turned off by what you some guys are wearing when they get undressed.

One big time turn-off are boxers. Not boxer-briefs, but boxers, because I came here to have sex with a man, not my dad. If you showed up wearing boxers to keep your balls cool so you could have a big load to show off, then it's better that you just check the boxers as well and walk around totally naked. OR have a more fitting form of underwear to walk around in. And if you're that uptight about your body, then stay home. In short, save your boxers for your boyfriend or husband. But for casual sex like that at a sex party, work your bikinis, thongs, jockstraps, boxer-briefs, and briefs.

I must add that in regards to briefs, we are supposed to grown men here, so leave the age-old classice in kiddie draws known as "tighty whities" at home.

Speaking of kiddie draws, I am also so fuckin' turned off by seeing any guy who wears Ginch Gonch or Ed Hardy, because at 1st glance, the prints on them remind me of the underwear I wore as a kid back in elementary school. Now, if by any chance I would try to recapture my youth, I am not sick enough to go so far that I want to incite kiddie fantasies. So if that's what you think is cute to wear to a sex party, think again.

While some guys don't know how to be undressed properly for a sex party, others can't even get undressed properly.

What is the deal with guys who fuck still wearing their underwear by pulling it just below their balls or ass, or stretching them out by wearing them like chains between their ankles?

Your underwear is expensive, I get it. I don't wear cheap underwear to a sex party myself. But I'm not such a Chelsea queen about my expensive underwear like this guy from the NY Jock Party. Practically everytime he fucks, he's still wearing his underwear. At least I take my underwear and wrap them around like an armband or ankle bracelet. Be a man for goodness sakes. After all, it is called NY Jock Party, not Clothes Whore Jock Party.

Some Black guys and wiggas, the issue of getting undressed inappropriately for a sex party also means YOU.

I'm going to say this one time in a tone you understand.

Why do you some Black guys and wiggas do this? Are you so damn stupid that you cater to the narrow-minded White assholes who live for the thug fantasy? Try playing a fantasy worth playing. Let them have one of where they are having sex with a REAL MAN. Because thugs (be they straight, gay, or bi) are not men, they're faggots, and unworthy of dick or ass EXCEPT by another faggot. Now, while I'm not one to consider someone my brother just because of skin color, these niggers and wiggers who can't seem to take their hat off at a sex party are definitely NOT my brothers.

You see, be it a relationship, tryst, or a sex party....I fuck my brothers. And not in the incestuous sense, for I am not lowering myself to the level of Bel Ami's Peters Twins.

When I first started going to sex parties, I would let these things pass. But now, not so much, because I've come to realize that these fools are easily replaced by someone with enough sense to know how to UNdress appropriately for a sex party.

So bottom line, when you going to be fucking at a sex party, walk in there and have this plan....GET NAKED!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Clarified Stand On Barebacking

About 2 months ago, in Write That Down #11, I got into a debate with Chris Stansfield over how I feel the stand on barebacking should be a matter of choice, and not people being to be judgemental of barebacking as some are. At one point in this debate, I said that it is unnatural to have a barrier between a man and his partner. I want to write this post to further clarify my motivation to say that.

When I made that statement, I was initially thinking of it from the perspective of the man who wears the condom. However, the fact is that this is a feeling that I'm sure his partner, be that partner male or female, feels very much the same way on some level on consciousness. Proof being not only gays who do barebacking, but also the number of straight pairings everyday that result in unplanned pregnancies.

I had to address this because I personally felt my statement and explanation wasn't in depth enough, and left too much room for misconception of what my motivations for making that statement are, and why I feel some who challenge it are wrong to do so. With that misconception, I'm sure some are eager to paint me as someone ready to scream from the roooftops, "Throw your condoms away and everybody fuck raw!"

THAT IS NOT WHAT I MEANT BY ANY MEANS. Proof being the constant supply of condoms I keep in my bedroom, and dip into and use on an overwhelming majority of my sexscapades.

I still stand by my original statement of how having a barrier between you and your sexual partner is unnatural, BUT I am well aware that because of the times we live in that a barrier must be taken into consideration. For I do believe HIV/AIDS is unnatural as well, and (at least for now) it may very well need to be thwarted by unnatural means like condom usage. But with sex being such a private matter, that does not change the human right to choose, or give others using the "exhausting of the health care system" excuse the right to try taking our right to choose away.

What I find amazing is how a good number of people I know who are so quick to try using the "exhausting the health care system" excuse in order to crucifying those who practice barebacking have the audacity to be smokers.

What is my point?
The point is before going on your witch-hunt, ask yourself how many cancer patients may have gotten cancer because their lungs couldn't handle exposure to (even tiny remnants of) the cigarette and cigar smoke floating in the air? How many cancer fund-raisers are created to combat the so-called strain put on the health care system because of what YOU smokers are doing? I'm not saying that barebacking is a better practice than smoking or vice versa, but I am saying that you need to stop your preaching, and put your "shame-on-you" finger away, and unless you have pointed it at yourself FIRST. THEN you have every right to preach and chastize others. So until then, I see no reason for this constant battle to keep going on.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I suspect such hypocrisy is the case of a former pornstar who I still see in social settings who told me after 4 years of showing me some degree of support to stop sending him my emails. This after I made known my supporting the right to choose with barebacking by posting "Write That Down #11" and the video "Tre Xavier with Lucky Irish" that followed. This being a coincidence is highly unlikely when you take into account of how he doesn't share my feelings on barebacking. Out of respect for his feelings, I never sent him emails about either of those posts, but he's also known for being a control freak which furthers my suspicions. In fact, he once provoked an email war between us by taking a motherly "Shame-on-you" tone in an email showing no appreciation for a post I wrote in his defense.

There's another level of hypocrisy that must be addressed. The worst kind actually. People acting so indignant towards those who have sex without a condom, YET they themselves have in the past, or are presently not in monogamous relationships, but having sex without a condom. It's the ago old trick of using those brave enough to be forthcoming as a distraction so no one finds out the guilty pleasure that you hide either behind your present closed doors or as a dark time in your past. Like the many politcians who have passed anti-gay legislation, but are gay themselves, I bet these anti-barebacking finger-pointers are no better in their sex practices. Even if one feels that their sex without a condom was a mistake, it doesn't justify a "holier-than-thou" attitude where you hide the truth about your own actions.

So in closing, I hope this shows that my statement was for all those that want to shake the "Shame On You" finger at people who have sex without a condom, that instead of taking the "holier than thou" attitude, try understanding nature first. Understand how nature can makes us forget in the throws of passion. Understand how nature makes us hesitant about using that barrier no matter what times we live in and what knowledge we have accumulated, because of the intense degree of intimacy involved in sex. THEN you may have a better understanding of why people bareback without being so judgemental.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

F*** and Load

Initially, my plan was to either have a cock in my ass, or my dick in a hot ass when the clock struck 2:57 AM on March 31st, the time I was born. However, those plans changed because I got so much out of Monday going into Tuesday.

I was online at a cruising site and I got an email. It was from Tom D, the hottie I fisted and flip-fucked in "Tre Xavier - F**king By Request" He is on my buddy list, so I know if we're online simultaneously. With that in mind, I have tried getting together a couple of times since, but to no avail. So much to no avail that I started to not even consider it anymore. So his email simply saying, "sup?" was a nice surprise.

In response to that email, while I wanted to say, "Now that I see it's you, my cock is what's up." Instead I got into small talk. He told me he was horny and that he wished I lived closer. We actually don't live that far from each other. It's the lousy service of the subway in this area that makes it take forever and a day to get to him. Because in response I told him I can be out the door in 30 min, and I was, but I didn't get to his place until close to 90 mintues after sending that message.

He told me beforehand that someone else may be there, and there was when I arrived. And I was totally Ok with the company, but he got a call and had to leave unexpectdly. Then another guy arrived to join us. I was unsure of his background, but he was light-skinned and had an accent. We started fooling around with the 3 of us. Tom D sucked the other guy with his ass in the air, and the sight of Tom D's ass made me need to dive in, and eat him out. The other guy started fucking Tom D doggy-style while Tom D sucked my dick. Tom D's ass is always a hot sight. Even though this guy wasn't pounding him, seeing Tom D's ass cheeks squeeze in with each inward movement from the guy along with the sensation of Tom D's great blowjob made my dick hard. Tom D took my dick to try getting double-penetrated. Maybe because of my own craving to get DP'd, I focused too much on it to the point that I became too soft to go inside of Tom D.  He started sucking my cock again, and I got hard again fast, then he put my cock in him and started riding me. Then we changed positions and I fucked him doggy-style.

We took a break. During that break, another guy came by to join us. He was Black and muscular. I have mentioned in the past my overcoming my racism against other Black men. Well, this put it to the ultimate test. For those of you that may have seen some of my profiles, may noitce that in some, I've made it a note that I'm more drawn to complexions lighter than my own, because my artistic eye is drawn to the color contrast. But I make it a point to say that I don't totally write off guys who are darker than myself. And this guy who was about a shade darker than myself, was such a case. Because the more he undressed, the hotter he got. That is until I saw the massively thick cock he was sporting. I thought, "Well this is Tom D's party, so that's ALL HIS. When Tom D starting riding this guy's cock, my thought showed itself to be I thought.

Because after Tom D rode on this guy's cock for a bit, then Tom D wanted me to ride this monster cock saying to me, "Sit on it.".

My initial reaction stayed in my head, because it was the Bed-Stuy ghetto boy in me. Which translates to meaning that I was about to show a lack of composure, as the thought of that huge dick entering me had me on the verge of saying, "Sit on THAT?! ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MUTHA FUCKIN' MIND?!!!!!"

This initial thought shouldn't be a surprise, because I do have a reputation to uphold of having a tight hole, and anything that seems to threaten taking that away from me freaks me out....ALOT.

However, being how Aries like myself are so often welcoming to a challenge, I went for it thinking of it as an opportunity to see if I could really take that double penetration I still have yet to have the pleasure of getting. Yes, his dick was just that thick, and that picture of it just outside of Tom D's ass doesn't do it the justice it deserves. After all that fear, someway, somehow, I managed to take it in. and rode it hard for a good while. So maybe I can do away with that other fear of not being able to take being double penetrated as well. So Thanks Tom D.

But it didn't stop there.

We went at it long enough for him to put me on my back, and put that log of a cock back in me, and proceeded in fucking me missionary, while Tom D was getting fucked by the other guy who came while fucking him. And this was my heaven on earth, because I love being in a room full of sex with practically all rules of American sexual repression thrown out the window. Hence my continuing search for the best sex party.

After another break, the Black guy fucked Tom D again and came. After that, him and the other guy left, leaving me alone with Tom D who all night wanted very much to return the favor and fuck my ass. We stayed together for quite awhile. Naked, chatting, me sucking his cock, and massaging his bubble butt which always made me hard and need to dip into his hole again. I dipped in enough times that I experienced something I never had before. With my final dip, I found myself having 2 mini-orgasms, then pulling out to jerk-off, having my "Big O".

While Tom D wanted to fuck my ass all night, I very much wanted him to, and I was determined to make it happen. First off was of course by getting him hard, and with my tight hole, that means "like a rock". So I killed 2 birds with 1 stone. The stone being the goal of getting him hard, and while the 1st bird down was showing how much I love tasting that pink head on his uncut cock,

the 2nd bird was showing off my oral skills.

Well once I accomplsihed my goal, I started riding his dick. He does have a roommate and his bed can become quite noisy, especially the way I ride the cock when I really like the dick that's in my ass. Because I've said it before and I'll say it again, unless you're a bottom who is a sad-ass size queen, then you know like I do -----you get the best fuck by having a guy who is some degree of versatile being a top. He then fucked my ass doggy-style. His fuck guided me to lay on my stomach, then he turned me on to my back. The entire time practicing restraint of how much I wanted to say out of my mouth about my enjoy all of this. We took a break. By this time, it was so early enough in the morning that his roommate was getting ready for work. Once I heard his roommate leave, we did it all over again. But this time, free of both, verbal restraint, and the phyiscal restraint I was using to tone down the squeaky bed.

We never went to sleep, and while he went off to work that day, I was grateful for my unemployment because I was able to go home and get some sleep.

As much as I enjoyed the sex, I still left there with a fantasy in my mind. That fantasy is of how much I wish our great sexual chemistry and Tom D's intense drilling of my hole resulted in him spraying a big load all on and in my ass. So the "F***" in the title doesn't stand for "Fist" this time. This time it stands for the usual - "FUCK". So in short, the title stands for, what I want from Tom D....a good "Fuck & Load".

Well, a man can dream.....BUT must he dream?

Friday, April 2, 2010

In Lust With....Sexy Alexi

For the past couple of weeks, I've been having a guy pop up on my computer screeen with a nice stiff dick to put in my ass, and a hot ass to grope while getting that stiff dick stretching my tight hole. There are many gorgeous men to choose from fantasizing about with such traits, but for right now, that hottie's name is Alexi.

I have the program VirtuaGuyHD installed on my computer. I've mentioned this site before in my post about my lust for Denis Reed. I am not a recurring member to the site, and haven't looked back in months, so I recently decided to see what's new. What I found might have been there all along, but somehow I missed it. This blond Russian with a fine phyisque, ice blue eyes, and an uncut cock. I saw his preview pics and had to download one of his shows so he could pop up on my computer screen at various times. Then I downloaded another, so now I have 2 shows and 2 photo collections of him. And I made my settings be that he pops up on my screen about to get naked or already naked, and it's a joy to see everytime.

Sometimes he's exercising naked. Other times he jerks his big dick, and I love watching an uncut man rub his foreskin on the extra-sensitive head of his cock. My favorite however is when he turns his back to the camera and he does a thrusting motion, because it gives me an idea of what his great ass would look like if he was to let my tight hole grip his cock as he pumps up a cumload to spray on various parts of me like my ass, chest, and maybe give me a taste of his cum's saltiness in my mouth.

Those shows of him exercising inspired me to make this wallpaper. If you've seen my Flickr account, then you've seen my skills at doing this before.

It's one thing to imagine what he looks like fucking because of his thrusting motion in a solo show, but what I would like to see is him actually in action. So if any one knows where I can find a video of Alexi fucking, be it straight, gay, or bisexual porn - direct me to it. I just want to see this hottie fill someone's hungry hole with his sweet meat. Sure I'll be jealous that it isn't me, but it is a fantasy, so I'll get over it soon enough.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

He Was Dumb As A Bucket of Rocks @ Eastern Bloc

How appropriate for April Fool's Day....a tale about a fool.

For the 1st time since he start this party, I went to check out my friend, Ernie Cote's party, Spunknik over at Eastern Bloc. There was supposed to be a Hot Body Contest hosted by Bianca Del Rio, so I was eager to see who entered. There were some cute guys. But one guy's cuteness diminished a bit when he showed how he was actually dumb as a bucket of rocks.

There were about 4 contestants all together. One contestant decided to make his 1st move to do a back-flip off of the little stage in this small bar. He was successful. He then did his dance on the stripper pole in the middle of the bar. Then the next contestant went up. When all the contestants were brought back up to choose a winner, when this one was re-introduced, his friends started chanting "Back-flip! Back-flip! Back-flip!"

I thought it was a  bad idea the 1st time he did it, but if he took that chance again, he was certified to be, in the words of Red Forman of "That 70's Show", "A DUMB-ASS!" Well, he proceeded to prepare to jump.

Simulataneously, I saw out of the corner of my eye, 2 guys come out of the bathroom. With my feeling of how disgusting I find sex in public restrooms to be, I thought, "Oh, here's 2 more dumb-asses.".

Remember, Eastern Bloc is a small space. So it wasn't far for these 2 guys to walk before being in front of the little stage. Then it happened....

The contestant tried his back-flip, and crashed into one of the guys coming out of the bathroom. So 2 dumb-asses collided, and the contestant went down with his face to the floor.

OK, so he looked around to see if he had enough room. Big deal! The fact remains, like I said more than once, Eastern Bloc is a small space. And what was on the line for the contestants to win?.....A bar tab.

Yes, you read correct - A BAR TAB. So this fool did a backflip in a bar small enough that he easily could (and did) bump into someone, wound up with his face to the floor and  a chipped tooth - ALL FOR A FUCKIN' BAR TAB. I might try that for at least $100 cash, but a bar tab, when the amount of the bar tab was never even specified?! If he's willing to take such a risk for a bar tab, then I think an AA sponsor should have been on stand-by for this guy, even if he stuck around long enough to get the prize.

And you would think since where the 2 guy met was right in front of me, that I would tried to stop it. Well, there was too much stupidity from both sides to make me think that far. You would also think that I would have some degree of sympathy for the contestant and his chipped tooth, but I don't. Because he's supposed to be a grown ass man, and he was an idiot listening to his buddies chanting for him to do a backflip. Common sense in an adult would make the equations, "Small bar = limited space. Therefore following friends chanting stupidity = I'm even more stupid than my friends."

Since I take such pride in my intellect, I never allow others to convince me to do stupid things. When I make mistakes, they are blunders born from ONLY my own lapse in judgement.

So the main idea of this story is....loving alcohol and stupid friends makes you do some stupid shit.

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