Thursday, March 28, 2013 Bio

The host of the parties writes a newsletter in which he features fun stuff to do in NYC, and on the web. The newsletter also features a NYC artist every month, and this coming month,....
 ....I will be that artist.

With graciously accepting this honor, I was asked to write a bio telling his newsletter readers about myself. A task I very much welcomed. For so far, all many of them know of me is the fact that I wrote the blog post, "My Sex Drive At Hard Drive", since it is featured on the website. Besides that, according to my blog stats, his readers don't know much else about me for many of them don't venture beyond that single blog post.

It is always hard to write bios, especially if you're some degree humble. For when you are some degree humble, you always question your greatness, accomplishments, and notoriety. So writing a bio puts one in the position to realize what they have or have not done. Sometimes surprising ourselves to learn we've actually have done more than we initially realized.

When I told my Mom about this feature, she pointed out saying, "Who better to ask to write it? Because even though your blog makes you seem like an open book, you're one person that nobody knows you (and what you've done) like you."

With that in mind, this is the bio I presented:

If LeNair Xavier isn’t a familiar name to you, it should be. Perhaps you know him from his former porn persona, “Tré Xavier”. Regardless of whether you know him or not, LeNair even as “Tré Xaver” proved early on that he is way more than a hot bod and a pretty face.

For during his time in porn, he used his blog, “L’s X-Ray Vision” to fight the blatant racism of the industry. So whatever changes you see, it was probably LeNair’s words inspiring reaction from others that made it so. Even if the change was short lived on websites because that particular site did too little, too late for the racist following to be undone. And take note, this was, and still is without public support from other porn actors, past and present.

However, that was then, and this is now. And since LeNair left the gay porn industry in 2009, besides making more obvious his talents as a singer, dancer, artist, and poet through his YouTube channel, he is growing broader in his fight for the underdog. For now through his blog, poetry, and discussion moderating, things like sexism, ageism, drugs abuse & alcoholism in the gay community are now added to the list of things he fights against.  His goal is to make clear that contrary to how the media makes things appear, that White and light-complexioned teens and 20-somethings are not the only signs of beauty and intellect in our community. And his words in whatever form he chooses to address an issue proves that his darker skin maintained by healthy behavior (and not because “Black don’t crack”) makes him just as physically, emotionally, and more importantly mentally fit to represent our community as he approaches the age of 42.

Do take note, the male pride and bruised egos of the bosses of these studios, magazines, channels, and nightlife will never admit to LeNair being right. Hence why they have never hired him, and probably never will when they start to bend. But LeNair champions on as a sexual pioneer to undo the sexual repression of our society. For it is why he himself did not admit to his predominately gay bisexuality or even become sexually active until he was nearing 31. And he does not want that chain to continue.

So what you see of him at a sex event is LeNair making up for lost time, and proving a point best said by George Michael in his 80’s hit, “I Want Your Sex”….

Sex is natural - sex is good
Not everybody does it
But everybody should ;-)

Monday, March 25, 2013

Birthday Sex Wishlist

Be the man single, partnered, married, young, old, straight, gay, or bisexual, I don't know a sexually active man alive that when his birthday comes around, who doesn't have at least a little hope for some birthday sex. I must say that in many ways, I don't consider myself to be the typical male. Well, in my hopes for birthday sex,....I AM. Where I continue to not be typical is exactly what type of sex is on my wishlist.
With that in mind, here are a few possibilities of what kinds of birthday sex I wouldn't mind having:
1) When I started writing this list, the thought of me finally getting that double-penetration I've been asking for a few years now was #1. Now, although that has since happened, as the details will be told live on stage at Spill! on March 26th, I still wouldn't mind doing it again.
2) International gangbang. For the list of guys I've bottomed for can make up a Gay U.N. But I would love to make taking that many nationalities all in one session be my gangbang bottoming debut.
3) Maybe I'll get one hot guy that I've been lusting after for the longest to say, "Surprise! When the clock strikes 2:57 AM (the time I was born), I'm going to be banging your ass so hard you'll hear bells."

If you're wondering why all of my birthday sex wishlist requests have me as a bottom, when I clearly have video proof of me being versatile, the answer is quite simple.

While being a bottom is more physical preparation, being a top is more physical work. And it's my birthday damnit! So my plan is that whatever fucking I do, I just want to take that ass-pounding like a man in whatever position I wind up in, with my only physical labor being taking a deep breath to take in that dick(s), and using the muscles of my ass tunnel to squeeze out the man-milk. With all other physical labor involved in sex, the top will be servicing me, the birthday boy.

Now, I don't really expect you to provide anything on my birthday sex wishlist. However, you can still make me happy by donating to my participation in this year's AIDS Walk New York. THAT would be a birthday present helping many.
And that item on my overall birthday wishlist will continue to stand until the big day, May 19th.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Nude! SPuRG! Spill!

I have quite the busy week ahead of me. In a good & fun way though. For after my guest spot on "The Gates of WiL", check this out!

I've entered my name to be a contestant in Daniel Nardicio's Mr. Nude York contest. This will be the 2nd contest and this is my 2nd time entering. I came pretty close to winning last year. So with enough of you guys cheering me on, I can avoid becoming the Susan Lucci of this contest as I represent the mix of age, beauty, and ethnic colors that make NYC a sexy city. And since it is a Mr. Nude York contest,....YES, me and all other contestants will be NUDE.

The contest is at midnight, so get there early to cheer me on, and enjoy the 5 naked go-go after the contest. And there is a $15 cover, but with all the naked hot bods you're getting, I think you might find it worth it.

Daniel Nardicio's Mr. Nude York Contest
takes place at
The Cock
29 2nd Avenue
(between East 1st & 2nd Streets),
March 21 - 22 @ 11 PM - 4 AM

After whatever mischief I'll probably getting into Thursday going into Friday, I wonder if I'll have the energy to get into more mischief come Friday going into Saturday. You see, the guys at are throwing a party to kick-off Black Party weekend that I'm quite likely to attend.

There is a $20 charge to get in, but it is open to all. With that being the case, plus it being Black Party Weekend, you might find yourself walking into an international sexfest....I think keeping that thought in mind, just might be the recharge I need to appear.

Paddles NYC
250 West 26th Street
March 22 - 23 @ 9 PM - 3 AM

After a couple of days of rest, I'm back doing something else I do well....storytelling. For I was invited to appear at the monthly storytelling event, "Spill! True Stories of Queer Sex, Desire, and Romance" on Tuesday, March 26th. This will be different than my past storytelling outings like at Red Umbrella Diaries, and most recently at Titillating Tongues. For this time I won't be reading from anything. This time, I will be actually on stage telling a story as I recall it. So it's like me writing a blog post minus the keyboard, LIVE. So since I'm obviously very articulate, that won't be a problem. But if I word something wrong, which is the concern that usually causes delays in my blog postings,...well, we'll just simply have to roll with it. And that's the beauty of a live show.

So I hope you'll come out to my home borough of Brooklyn. And did I forget to mention that it's FREE? See you there.

Spill! True Stories of Queer Sex, Desire, and Romance
Public Assembly
70 North 6th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
March 26th @ 8 PM - 10 PM

In the meantime of all of this, and until the GREAT day, please feel free to at anytime make a donation to my participation in AIDS Walk NY. Thank you.

Friday, March 15, 2013

30+, The Gay Death? UPDATED

The animated gif above was made to show my pride in how come March 31st of this year, I will turn 42 years old. An age that American society, even more so gay culture treats as if I should have keeled over and died 12 years ago once I hit 30.

And that is why the topic on
"The Gates of WiL",
was entitled, "Kill Yourself After This Many"
with me returning as a guest via Skype. 

Not to toot my own horn, but who better to prove this idea wrong? Me, whose life really began AFTER the age of 30. I won't rehash here how or why it happened that way, or how and why it continues to get better. Those are reasons you need to watch for.

So for whatever reason you missed us, or you just want a recap, you can watch the video below, or go to, and even download the episode if you so choose to.

I hope I did you those of you 30+ guys proud.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Finally Busted Nut!

CONFESSION:  I shoot a load at least once a day, from either sex or jerking off, but usually from jerking off. So with the last time of me cumming being at a ManMeatNYC party from topping a guy, imagine the build up. For I was so busy thereafter with writing posts and editing my promo video for "Kiss....The Rainbow", that I hadn't cum for 2.5 days. No jerk before work of the morning wood, or beat before I sleep on those nights. And that's a lot when you normally shoot at least one load a day. It makes you paranoid, and fear the onset of blue balls.

This video is the result of me finally being done enough that I could peacefully beat off and bust a nut. So I set us my HD webcam, and put on a show. And in 6 minutes I cut to the chase giving you ass & body close-ups, dry-humping, jerking off, dick growth, cumshot, cum-eating, and cum-stained abs. Meanwhile, websites are charging you stupid amounts of money to see a whole bunch of overly drawn-out jerk-offs.

Enjoy playing voyeur to my much-needed quick beat of my meat. ;-)

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Come See Me - Kiss....The Rainbow

To explain the above video,

SEXUAL RACISM is a big problem in the gay community. It is the reason why the most known parties in gay nightlife here and other major cities across the country are staffed with White or light-complexioned Latinos. It's why Blacks are exiled to create their own parties in these multi-ethnic and multi-cultural meccas.  It's why gay media,be they porn, magazines, or websites like Out, Instinct, and now The Underwear Expert put Whites and light-complexioned Latinos front and center so much that that is all we've come to know as a sign of sex and beauty. In fact, Out Magazine just had a list of Top 10 Eligible Bachelors, and the supposed votes led to there not being a single medium to dark-complexion in the bunch. It is because these media sources have ordained that these shades, colors, and ethnicities is what we are supposed to look for in our search for beauty and sex appeal. And this in turns causes those shades, colors, and ethnic groups ostracized to practice the same foolishness in retaliation.

We all may have a preference, but sadly the many naive amongst us are led to override our natural openness because of a culturally-ordained belief force-fed to us that certain looks, colors, etc. are "The Rule" of what type of mate you are to seek, for a night or for life. And seeking any other type is a sign of self-destructive behavior, or societal suicide, if you will. That's why we see so many online profiles saying "  only" with a snobbish tone. Those are the ones complying to the racist status quo of whatever group they follow, and not out of natural preference. For with true preference, one would say it's just a preference, but have enough decency to not totally dismiss any other color, shade, or ethnic group. For that dismissal is the snobbish tone I mentioned.

Now, what does that dismissal profit you? For now, a revolving bedroom door of the same color scheme coming in and out as long as your youthful looks remain intact. Followed by after losing those looks, if you can afford one, a prostitute from your local bar or website. Oh sure, that's a sign of a happy life....And it's Karma giving your racist ass exactly what you deserve - phony companion for the phony love you decided to embrace.   

This is a topic I have addressed numerous times before, but what inspired me to write this poem is the fact that in my entire 7 years of blogging, I've seen myself and other Blacks addressing this issue as being unjustly labeled by White-dominated gay media as suffering from ABMS (Angry Black Man Syndrome). Yet, Whites have been allowed to write about racism on website like the Huffington Post. However, when a Black writes about racism, it's delegated to their "Black Voices" section. Quite unfair when 1) these Whites writing such posts are seeing the racism they're speaking of from the outside looking in, and 2) such separatism in reporting makes the reality of racism reported from those living it like us Blacks get ignored by the White or light-complexioned person whose racial insensitivity needs to be undone by learning that lesson.  

So as I got back on the horse of writing poetry, I decided to live by what I said in a recent Facebook update when re-posting my poem, "Run From The Fun":

PRIDE makes your actions say, "Fuck those bitches", and push forward.

And it is my pride that guided me to writing this poem. For the same way that status update told how a lack of self-pride leads to drug and alcohol abuse, the same lack of pride is why non-Whites (mainly Blacks) have allowed themselves to fear being labeled as "angry" in addressing racism. So they refrain from publicly addressing the racism (sexual or otherwise) in not just the gay community, but American society overall.

Well, "Kiss....The Rainbow" is me saying, "Fuck those bitches!", and pushing forward.

For the truth needs to be told. And when my youthful looks fade, I have no intention of being that lonely old man sitting in the corner of a bar trying to buy some young & cute companion. So this poem I'll be debuting at The Rainbow Book Fair's poetry salon, Come Hear! is my declaration that I'm not letting some media or so-called "friends" limit what color or nationality my significant other should be. This poem is my declaration that I am making myself available to kiss the entire skin rainbow from light to dark, and everything in between as long as they mentally stimulate me enough to give my mind and body for a night, and adding my heart and soul with the one with whom it becomes for life.

If you are in New York City come April 13th, I hope you'll be there to support me, and show your openness in feeling the same.

When I know within the exact hour of the fair I'll be presenting, I will let you know. Thank you.

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