Monday, March 9, 2015

Inside Noches Latinas Pussy

I've played with enough sex toys on camera to show my gayness. On my XTube channel, you've seen me do things like fuck a Fleshlight and fuck myself with a Clone-A-Willy dildo.

Well, since I do define myself as a predominately gay bisexual, I felt you should see me with at least one toy to show my sexual admiration for a female's vagina. So I went to work one day, and chose a masturbating sleeve made like a vagina, but not molded from a female porn performer. That idea led me to the Doc Johnson Noches Latinas Pocket Pussy.

I don't play porn during sex. However, being the self-proclaimed sexual geek that I am, if I really wanted porn playing while I have sex, it would be of all that I couldn't see. Primarily, my dick inside my partner, or my partner's dick inside of me, and I'd get turned on by seeing each other's responses of our bodies coming together. With that in mind, like my farewell to Fleshjack and some of my other recent videos on XTube, I decided that I should shoot my getting some (fake) pussy from the inside.

(NOTE: I am aware that when it comes to the real action that the sound is out of sync. Numerous attempts were made to correct this to no avail)

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