Sunday, December 14, 2008

DAMN! Dumb Dubbya Ducked!

I wanted my post from yesterday to linger in your minds a bit before concluding my latest blog series, but this just couldn't wait.

Did you see the news about an Iraqi journalist hurling his shoes at (at long fuckin' last) soon-to be ex-President George W. "Dumbo-eared mother-fuckin'" Bush.

The reason I celebrate this is because writers and journalists are expected to show no emotion, like they're Vulcans from "Star Trek". And this outstanding individual did show some emotion towards George W., who is someone I find to be a deplorable human being. In fact, it sickens me to have to refer to him as being a human being considering all the lives lost, still hanging in the balance, and coming undone with him as Commander-in-Chief.

So what this Iraqi journalist taking a stand was him breaking the rules for the greater good, which reminds me of the criticism I recently received for a blog post of mine, where I didn't follow the general "ethics' discretion, and boundaries" as I was lectured about. And as I said to this person giving me this lecture (who I was defending, but have yet to receive any words of appreciation for it), that those ethics, discretion, and boundaries have done nothing for American society overall. And this journalist's outburst shows he feels the same about those journalism ethics, discretion, and boundaries holding back the progress of his country.

These concepts of "don't name names" or "be totally unbiased" at some point makes writers and journalists lose their humanity if they continue to follow them when a situation has reached beyond the boiling point. And George W. Bush's incompetence as President has more than done that for our nation and the world. So while I was lectured about learning the ethics, discretion, and boundaries, from this journalist, ALL writers and journalist should learn about the overspill of emotions that playing robot and following those rules too long can lead to.

This is why I take the stands that I do. I don't want silencing my emotions to drive me this enraged. While I applaud this journalist, I also feel sorry for the fact that he got pushed this far. And any writer who doesn't understand to some degree that being the reason I am as vocal as I am shouldn't be calling himself/herself human.

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